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Colored Tattoos On Dark Skin

Lioness Tattoo With Flowers

Reclaiming Color Tattoos For Dark Skin | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

This tattoo shows a lion drawn in white ink and flowers inked in vibrant red and green leaves. The tattoo is created in incredible detail using small dots to ink the lion.

The lion represents bravery, strength and wisdom. They are also often depicted as a symbol of majesty and power. The lion is called the king of the jungle or the king of the beasts and is considered the only big cat with such a diverse social structure. Lions are only second to tigers in size and strength. This tattoo is done on the leg, and it is a good idea to have one if you are a fan of these majestic felines.

Does Dark Skin Scar More Easily Than Lighter Skin

Darker skin types are more susceptible to keloids. However, people with darker skin types are just as likely to scar from improper aftercare and tattoo application as other skin types. We have had more clients who work with tattoo artists who arent skilled at working with people with darker skin say that the artist takes a heavy-handed approach that has a higher likelihood of causing scarring!

Avoid Overworking The Tattoo

Contrary to popular belief, dark skin is not harder to tattoo than pale skin and this myth is founded on racism. An artist who is overworking your skin or telling you that your tattoo needs to be lined with bolder lines because of your complexion is not willing to have the patience or understanding needed to work with your skin.

Overworking the skin could lead to healing difficulties and scarring. Dermatologist Dr. Joyce I. Imahiyerobo-Ip states that although individuals with darker skin tones have more fibroblasts which creates more collagen in the wounded skin at the site of a tattoo, major damage or keloid scarring is more likely caused by improper tattooing techniques.

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There Are Inks Specifically Made For Dark Skin

We had heard this years ago and Im sure you might have at some point, but it just isnt true. Tattoo ink is tattoo ink. There is no magical ink that will work better on your darker skin than others and if an artist tells you that, remove yourself from that place. You can always call a manufacturer to find out what their pigments are made of but as far as a skin color specific ink, you find it.

These are some common things that you should know about tattooing on dark skin. Whether or not your artist claims they know what they are doing, take your time. Make sure you do your research and ask around because you deserve to have a beautiful tattoo that stands the test of time just like anybody else. Just because your skin is dark doesnt mean you dont get to enjoy the process as well.

If you follow these rules for tattooing dark skin, you should end up ok. Many are going to claim they know what they are doing. There are a lot of factors to think about so dont take a tattoo artist at face value. On the other hand, if you are having a hard time finding an artist that can complete your tattoo, let us know. The team at Tattoo SEO has years of experience in matching up customers with tattoo artists. We want to make sure you dream tattoo comes true so reach out!

Skin Colored Tattoos To Cover Scars

30 Beautiful Tattoos On Dark Skin

Jennifer has an art background, and while she was pursuing her degree she supported herself as a part-time tattoo artist and designer.

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Maybe you had to get stitches in your forehead when you ran into that cupboard door or you have a haggard-looking gash that cuts straight through your eyebrow. Maybe you needed a lifesaving surgery and have the scar to prove it. Whatever the case, scar camouflage can help.

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Think About How Your Tattoo Will Age

Its also important to think about how your tattoo will age.

Tattoos on dark skin fade over time. Aging and exposure to sun can also erode the tattoos color.

Because of this, artists strongly encourage people to look for photos of tattoos on healed dark skin tones versus photos taken moments after the tattoo is completed.

Follow artists who highlight tattoos on dark skin, like Black Artistry 101 and Dark Skin Tattoo Tips. You wont just find beautiful tattoos youll find tattoo artists of all backgrounds whose quality work is artfully immaculate.

Given the nuances of dark skin tones and undertones, experts suggest erring on the side of simplicity with your tattoos size and details.

There has to be space between the lines, Spooner says. The thing that works about tattoos is contrast. Otherwise, from a distance, it just looks like a blob.

Contrast can be color or line weight and texture.

Tiny writing or too much detail without enough spacing can often work against medium to dark skin. The darker your skin, the less likely tiny details will show.

Colors that complement dark skin better tend to be warmer. Consider shades off:

  • bright green

The right combination of colors should be customized to your skin tone and undertones. For example, green can work if someone already has yellow or golden undertones. Ask your tattoo artist to help you figure out whats best for you.

Blues and purples can look especially muddy on dark skin.

  • Keep it clean.
  • What To Know About Tattoos On Dark Skin According To The Pros

    • Getting a tattoo requires thought and preparation.
    • You’ll especially want to find an experienced tattoo artist if you have Black or Brown skin.
    • Whether you want a color tattoo or traditional black ink, here’s what to know about getting a tattoo on dark skin.

    There’s quite a process that goes into getting a tattoo. Once you’ve actually made up your mind to get one, you then have to think of a design and placement, find a reputable parlor, and schedule the actual appointment. For Black and Brown people, there is one additional aspect to consider: whether the artist is well-versed in tattooing dark skin.

    As popular as body art is among all people, there are still so many myths out there surrounding the process of tattooing on deeper skin tones and whether or not doing so is more difficult. It is not uncommon for Black or Brown people to browse through a tattoo artist’s portfolio and not see clients with skin tones similar to theirs, leading to the question of why. Add in additional factors like wanting a color tattoo, and it can feel like the pool of artists who can execute a vision shrinks.

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    What To Know About Color Tattoos On Dark Skin

    Alongside skin types, you’ll want to find an artist who’s considerate of the colors of the tattoo when designing the final piece. “It can take a while to learn which colors will be the most flattering to use on different complexions. Even gray tones show up differently,” Layne says. Lumpini agrees, adding: “I try to use a lot of black and contrast to make the different colors pop and stand out.”

    Lastly, always note that getting a color tattoo may require a less-is-more approach to the design. “Keep in mind that when you get color tattoos that you may need touch-ups in the future,” Lumpini says. “Don’t do too much of the tattoo in one session, particularly if you have sensitive skin, and make sure everything fully heals before working on more.”

    Getting The Best Results

    Dark Skinned People Get Color Tattoos

    So you’re staring at that scar on your forehead again and wondering if permanent makeup might be for you. There are a few things that you’ll need to consider to get the best results.

    • The scarred area needs to be healed. Most clinics note that the scar should be older than 9-12 months. Additionally, the color within the scar should have been the same for a while now. If it is still changing, then it’s not completely healed.
    • Scars without edges or that are hard to see the borders of typically work the best. For those that have a dark edge or border, tattooing can actually magnify the problem.
    • You’ll also want to examine the texture and appearance of the scar. Is it smooth? Then it might work well. If it is bumpy or textured, like a keloid scar, then permanent tattooing might not lead to the results you are hoping for.
    • Tanning will darken your skin. Just like your scar doesn’t tan, neither will your tattooed skin. Therefore, this might not be the best treatment for those that frequently tan.
    • It is pivotal to understand that tattooing the skin will not renew it to its original state it will hide the blemish, but your expectations must be realistic about the treatment before going into the chair. Additionally, you must understand that most treatments will take multiple sessions to truly hide the blemish. As with all tattoos, these tattoos might fade and require touch up sessions as well.

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    Seriously Though Do Not Scratch Your Tattoo

    We dont mean to harp on you or try to be your mother but the part in the healing process about not scratching that itch its important! You are going to through the process. Everyone does, and everyone deals with the itching. It is imperative you scratch this tattoo, or you could really end up messing it up. Then you just wasted all your time. Trust in the process. It will look great if you follow the rules.

    Color Tattoos On Dark Skin

    Do color tattoos show up on dark skin? Learn more in this article about colorful tattoo tips from your removal experts.

    Many people get tattoos removed because they no longer like what the tattoo represents. Some clients find that the choice to remove a tattoo stems from aesthetic factors. Tattoos look and age differently depending on the specific color of ink used and the persons skin tone. Some age gracefully others, not so much.

    This depends in part on the artists level of skill in working with your particular skin tone. Unfortunately, most of the tattoo advice given today is geared toward people with lighter complexions, leaving those who have darker skin tones with faded tattoos. Therefore, numerous people with darker skin choose to remove their tattoos because they no longer look the same.

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    Things To Consider When Choosing A Tattoo For Dark Skin

    The first thing to consider when getting a tattoo for dark skin is to make sure your artist has experience working with a range of black and brown skin tones. The technique and application process required to adequately tattoo darker skin tones differs a bit from lighter skin tones and takes practice to perfect. You will want to work with an artist who knows how to best compliment your skins unique undertones while delivering bold, clean results. To determine which artist is right for you, browse through their portfolio to see prior experience in working with your particular shade.

    Africa tattoo by Jade Chanel #JadeChanel#africa#sternumtattoo#floral#plants#illustrative#Linework#tattoosondarkskin#darkskintattoos

    If you are looking for a place to gain inspiration for tattoos on dark skin, or to find a suitable artist to work with, check out Ink the Diaspora. This page features high-quality tattoos on a variety of darker skin tones, while also acting as a platform to help create visibility for minorities within the tattoo community.

    Cherub tattoo by Samantha Robles aka tattoos by cake #SamanthaRobles#tattoosbycake#cherubs#babyangels#angels#sternumtattoo#illustrative#tattoosondarkskin#darkskintattoos

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    Best Color Tattoo On Black Skin Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

    xenotropos:  ubiquitous

    Here are some of the best color tattoo on black skin ideas that you might wanna explore. It is a list of awesome color tattoo photos and designs that you need to check out!

    A tattoo is said to be a lifelong commitment that one should not be careless about.

    After all, that ink is considered to be permanent and irreversible. Before you give over your money and the needle touches your skin, you must think about everything from the placement, the colors, the design, and, most importantly, the tattoo artist.

    You can express your color tattoo idea art in a way that best suits your taste. Read about some fascinating color ink tattoos on black skin and what color tattoo on black skin would be worked!

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    Finally If It’s Your First Tattoo What Should You Look For In An Artist

    ‘The relationship between the artist and yourself is so important for trust and satisfaction.Artists should be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns if there is no evidence of them working on darker skin tones. There is a lot of racism in the tattoo industry and taking that extra time with being sure about your artist and their capability is worth it. If you have any doubt, then its best to wait it out and find an artist that is open and respectful. Dont let anyone sway you about what you should or shouldnt get just be certain’ – Demi Colleen.

    ‘Find someone with a strong portfolio in the field of what youre looking to get.Different artists do different things. There are so many tattooists now, and seeing their work is easier than ever. Take the time to shop around based on skill and reputation, and be confident in your choice based on how you feel about their work… this is a quality based industry so you get what youre prepared to pay for, deal hunting is usually a road to regret and laser removal! You want your first tattoo to be an all round comfortable experience, so do your due diligence in researching before deciding to get something permanent on your body.’- Remee Bailey.

    Get To Know Your Skin

    Black and brown skin is rich in melanin, whether it runs light, deep, or in-between.

    Its important to understand how color will translate to your skins tones and undertones over time.

    People think, because they get this tattoo and its on white paper, that its gonna come out as well on darker skin, Gresham says. But it doesnt because its like having a tattoo under a tinted window.

    Gresham also points out that different parts of the body have different tones. This means tattoo artists need to know how to adapt to varying shades, depending on what body part theyre working on.

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    Tip #: Know Your Body And Your Tattoo Artist Before Getting Your Tattoo

    Dark skin tones may have a higher likelihood of developing keloids, which are an overgrowth of scar tissue that occurs around a wound. However, keloids most commonly result from an artists heavy-handed approach. An artist who understands how to tattoo dark skin effectively will likely avoid causing keloids to occur. If you know already that you are prone to keloids, then let your tattoo artist know in advance. Again, ask your tattoo artist if they have experience with dark skin tattoos, and check out their portfolio on Instagram. Be sure to ask for healed photos of tattoos theyve performed on dark skin, not just freshly-inked photos. This will allow you to see how the tattoos have aged over time.

    The right tattoo artist will be able to adjust the way they tattoo for the most optimal tattoo results. Tattoos and tattoo removals are for everyone, regardless of skin type or tone. However, the way we approach getting tattooed or removal should be individualized, as there is no one right way for everyone.

    What To Do After The Tattoo

    Tattooing On Dark Skin (Ft. Ryan Henry) | INKED

    Your tattoo journey doesnt stop once you leave the shop. In fact, after care is just as important as who actually does your tattoo. Proper aftercare aids in the healing process and can help prevent scarring and keep tattoo ink looking fresh for years. The key to aftercare is hydration and cleanliness, says Michaels, who also cautions that less is more. He recommends avoiding heavy ointments which can be too occlusive and trap bacteria. Instead, use fragrance-free antibacterial soap to clean the fresh tattoo and moisturize it with an unscented lotion or a natural oil like jojoba. Foster recommends oils rich in vitamin E to enrich the skin and natural moisturizers, like shea butter and coconut oil . And keep using them once the tattoo has healedmoisturized skin makes tattoos look fresher and healthier like putting wax on a car, he says.

    The Best Tattoo Care Products:
    Hustle Butter Deluxe Hustle Butter

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    The Best Tattoo Colors For Your Skin Tone

    Tattoos are hardly the taboo they used to be. Although they’ve been limited throughout history to military and specific cultures, they’re getting more and more common by the year. Everyone from celebrities like Pete Davidson whose tattoos often have social media in a tizzy to your next-door neighbor can have one, or at least have an idea for one they’d get in the future.

    A survey from Ipsos found about 30% of Americans had a minimum of one tattoo in 2019, and many had more than one. More than 90% of people with tattoos were satisfied with the design they’d chosen, although there are certainly some tattoo trends that haven’t aged well. Whether you’re interested in getting a trendy minimalist symbol or a classic design that will hold up to the test of time, there are plenty of factors to consider before making your final selection. However, there’s one factor you may not have thought about: skin tone.

    When you think about what you’re getting inked onto your body, you’ll need to consider the color of your skin first. Why? Well, skin tone can have a huge impact on the end result and how the colors will look once they’ve faded a little with time. Much like picking the perfect shade of lipstick or eyeshadow to compliment your natural features, the colors of your tattoo can either look great against your skin … or lackluster, depending on what you choose.


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