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Lipstick Colour For Dark Skin

Mac Cremesheen Lipsticks $1750 Each

Lipstick Shades For Dark & Dusky Indian Skin Tones | Glamrs Makeup Tips

The MAC Cremesheen Lipstick line features a huge array of colors in a buttery soft, smooth texture that lasts all day. Within 5 hours of wear, it doesnt begin to flake or be uncomfortable, the formula is still smooth and hydrating.

The unfortunate feature of a moisturizing lipstick is that when you do need to reapply, you will have to build your color up to the level of vivacity you originally applied it at. The color will eventually fade out earlier than MAC lipsticks would, but rebuilding the color is easy, comfortable and even good for your lips thanks to the formula.

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How To Choose Lipstick Based On Your Undertone

Sadly, theres no formula for finding the perfect shade of lipstick: Youll have to try a bunch to find the right shade. But you can use your undertone as a guide: Try swatching a bunch of shades of one color on the inside of your arm, and noticing how the different undertones look against your skin.

  • 1.For warm tones: If you have warm or yellow undertones or olive skin, look for a shade of lipstick in corresponding warm colors: Orangey-red, brick-red, and terra-cotta will enhance your skin.
  • 2.For blue or pink tones: The best complement to cool skin tones with blue or pink undertones is a lipstick that also has cool undertones: namely, blue-ish and purple shades. Try a bright cherry red that veers more blue than orange berry shades like cranberry or a deep plum.
  • 3.For neutral tones: Neutral undertones work with a wide range of shades. If you have a neutral skin tone or arent sure what your undertones are, try mauve shades for medium skin, pinky tones for fair skin, and berry shades for darker skin.

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The Best Nude Lipsticks For Dark Skin Tones

Rihannas Fenty Beauty was founded on inclusion and choice, so its no surprise that dark-skinned beauties can find a lip colour worth their time here. This one is mattifying and has a long-lasting, true pigment. Top with a Fenty gloss for a smudged, softer finish.

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Uncuffed

Another celebrity beauty line, Selena Gomezs Rare Beauty has a creamy formulation in a range of colours suited to deeper skin tones, but we particularly like Thrilling for its rich, chocolatey hue.

Rare Beauty Lip Soufflé Matte Lip Cream in Thrilling

Natasha Denonas I Need a Nude collection was formulated to help women of all skin tones find the nudes they needtry the 4B Naya, which has warm undertones, or the 5B Nati for an even deeper, coppery hue.

Natasha Denona I Need a Nude Lipstick in 4B Naya

With a hydrating formula and a hybrid formulation, Nars Cream Lipstick glides on, and is saturated enough to retain its true colour on melanated lips.

Nars Cream Lipstick in Tonka

Matte doesnt have to mean drying. Huda Beautys Last Night hue has staying power, but is also plush and hydrating. Plus, its ombre-toned case looks ever so chic in a shelfie.

Huda Beauty Power Bullet Matte Lipstick
M.A.C. Matte Lipstick in Taupe

A paler hue than some of our other options, this Charlotte Tilbury formulation has a golden warmth to itplay it up by lining your lips with a deeper lipliner for a two-tone effect.

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Mac Viva Glam I Lipstick

Red always provides a bit of va-va-voom when applied correctly and in the ideal shade. Viva Glam I is the ideal shade of rich, bright red MAC lipstick for medium-toned skin. Every penny from this popular MAC lipstick shade is given to charity so you can look good and feel good on the inside and out. Hurry up to pick one of the best MAC lipsticks online at or Nordstrom!

Know Which Shades Work With Your Undertone

Your undertone will significantly affect which shades of lipstick look best on you. To find a shade that works with your undertone, try focusing on similar hues. In general, ladies with cool undertones will look best with cool shades of lipsticks, such as those with blue or purple tones and classic reds. Ladies with warm undertones, on the other hand, will better suit warm shades, such as peach and orange-toned lipsticks. If your undertone is neutral, such as with an olive complexion, youll be lucky enough to look great with both warm and cool colors.

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Best Mac Lipsticks For Olive Skin

Olive skin is the glorious neutral of skin tones that can make it easy to find a shade that looks nice, but a glamorously transformative shade can be a bit more difficult to find. Pinks and mauves look good on olive skin, but reds can really add the wow factor that everyone wants from a good lipstick. These are six of the best MAC lipsticks for olive skin tones, some of which work nice on other skin tones, too.

How To Choose Bright Lipstick

Best Affordable Nude Lipsticks For Dusky Skin Tones Ft. Asli Alex | Nykaa

Bright colors can be easier to choose than the perfect nude. But with so many options, its easier to feel overwhelmed at the makeup counter. If youre totally new to finding a flattering bright, here are some pointers:

  • 1. Finish really changes the effect of a bright lip. Sheer formulas are fresh and youthful, a saturated satin or cream finish looks classic, and a matte lip looks very modern and adds strength.
  • 2. Choose a color based on your preferences: Cooler tones are often brighter, while warmer tones offer a softer look.
  • 3. Remember: The sheerer the lip color, the more forgiving and versatile it will be. One way to make a bright lipstick work for you is to sheer it out with lip balm.

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Lakme Burgundy Lush 9 To 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip Cheek Colour:

This is such a fabulous product. It can be applied both on cheeks and lips. This is an amazing nude colour. The colour is dark enough to cover the pigmentation on the lips. The colour is rich dark brown which has red undertones in it. It has a matte finish which looks extremely classy and such a fab office wear lipstick.

Lipstick For Medium Skin

Medium skin tones tend to tan easily and generally do not burn. They also arent usually sensitive. If this sounds like your skin, consider trying rose, mauve, and berry shades. In particular, brown-mauve makes a lovely choice, and beige with soft pink is an excellent nude shade for this skin tone. For those with medium skin and a cool undertone, pinks and cranberry shades can make a complementary choice. For an evening look, you can also try wine-colored lipsticks. If your undertone is warm, on the other hand, give orange-based reds, tangerines, and even copper and bronze shades a try. You may be surprised by just how lovely one of these shades looks on you.

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Mac Cremesheen Lipstick In Brave Red

Brave Red is one of the ubiquitous MAC lipstick shades that look amazing on several skin tones making it one of the best selling MAC lipsticks, but the effect on olive skin tones is the astounding in its own right and more than worthy of mention.

Depending on how you choose to do the rest of your makeup, this shade can work for everything from a casual day out to a stunning evening look. The cremesheen lipstick formula provides a semi-glossy finish on this yellow-toned and rich red color, and the coverage starts at medium and can easily build up. This color is available at Nordstrom and MACs online store here.

A Guide To The Best Everyday Lip Colors For Brown Skin

6 Gorgeous Shades of Lipsticks for Dark Skin

Whether its frosted pastels, deep violets, or electric oranges, trendy lip colors can be fun to play with on the right occasion. However, its the everyday lipstick shades – the ones that closely match and enhance the natural color of your lips – that are the perennial favorites. Both versatile and complementary, these are the colors meant for ladies to carry around in their purse on the daily.

Here at Mented, we know the ins and outs of what makes the best lipstick for dark skin tones, so we created lipstick colors for brown skin of all shades. We want to share some of our expertise on makeup for women of color with you – check out this guide on everyday lipstick for brown skin and all dark skin tones.

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Mac Matte Lipstick In Diva

Diva is THAT shade of MAC lipsticks for the paler skinned lovers of lipstick. Everyone wants a dramatic, stand out shade, and Diva is the dramatic, ultra-pigmented, intense shade of red-blended burgundy lipstick designed to catch eyes and flatter paler skin tones. This is the wow factor color and is easy to apply and stays well all day. This best selling MAC lipstick is also available online on and Nordstrom.

Mac Lustre Lipstick In Capricious

A deep rosy tinted plum works wonders against pale skin. The color is soft but wont wash even the palest face out. The color is visible, builds up from a sheer hint of promising color to a nice medium coverage providing MAC lipstick that is ideally pigmented for a stunning color. The formula is moisturizing and ideally suited for long wear. One of the best MAC lipsticks, this soft color can be picked up from MAC Cosmetics online store or Nordstrom as well!

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Everyday Lipstick Shades Besides Nude

The hunt for an everyday lip color doesnt start and end with nudes. Deeper and brighter shades can have a place as a stand-in when you want a work-appropriate, go-to color. Selecting these shades is much like choosing a nude lipstick: consider the dominant shade of the lip color and how it compares to your skin tone and undertone.

Mac Lustre Lipstick In Syrup

Best Lipstick Shades For Medium Skin Tones Ft. Neha Desai | Nykaa

Syrup is a weightless, lip-nourishing MAC lipstick that looks beautiful on pale skin. The color pops without being too red or pink and has just the right touch of pearlized shine for pale skin. This MAC lipstick shade looks warm against the palest of complexions. Its available online at Nordstrom and MAC Cosmetics.

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We Asked Beauty Insiders Which Are The Best Lipstick Shades For Dark Skin And These Are Their Favourites

Youve trawled the beauty hauls, swatched countless lipsticks on the back of your hard, tried on shades virtually and rifled through your friends make-up bags for inspiration. Alas, youre nowhere near to finding your perfect one.

The experts agree that choosing a lipstick shade is no mean feat. Charlotte Falber, make-up artist from MACs Senior Pro Team, says the key to finding a good one lies in identifying your undertones. If you see red tones, go for a lipstick with a warmer undertone if you see a golden tone, go for one with a cooler undertone,” she says. Lips tend to be darker than youre actual skin, which means lipsticks often dont show true to colour, so I tend to put a titch of foundation on them to neutralise the colour before application”.

To help you find the right one for you, we asked a selection of beauty buffs to share theirs.

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Mac Matte Lipstick In Beatrix

For darker skin, Beatrix offers the deepest red with a hint of copper as a beautiful, full-coverage matte MAC lipstick. The color has depth and beauty that other reds just cannot pull off. The shade is rich and distinguishable on darker skin with a tint to it that accentuates the reddish tones. One of the best MAC lipsticks for dark skin tones, this deep shade also sells through MACs website.

Which Lipstick Shades For Dark Skin

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Mac Matte Lipstick In Chili

Orange undertones in MAC lipsticks look exceptionally good on dark skin. The orange undertones work beautifully with the warmth of darker skin through the mix using the right amounts of brown and red for a deep and rich color payoff. The matte finish provides no shine but the color is deep and smooth enough to allow for a quick gloss overlay if you want a shine finish. Get this gorgeous color from or Nordstrom!

Covergirl Queen Matte Lipstick Port Royale

“I love this color,” says Moore. “It’s a vampy, dark eggplant with great pigment. It has a sheen, but you can press a dark eye shadow on top to make its texture matte. From Tracee Ellis Ross to Lupita Nyong’o, this color works. Tip: I love pairing deep, vampy lipsticks like this with neutral to no eye shadows. If you really want to make a statement, pop a bit of gloss on the lid.”

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How To Determine Your Skin Undertone

Whether youre exceptionally pale or have very dark skin, undertones fall into three basic categories: warm, cool, and neutraland each of these has tones within it.

  • 1.Cool: bluish, red, or pink
  • 2.Neutral: a mixture of both warm and cool
  • 3.Warm: golden, peachy, or yellow

Need a little help finding your undertone? Check your tan.

If you have cool undertones:

  • 1. Lighter skin tones tan more rosy than golden.
  • 2. Light to medium skin tones tan more of a deep cinnamon.
  • 3. Deeper or richer skin tones tan more reddish.

If you have neutral undertones:

  • 1. The skin has no predominant shade.
  • 2. When in the sun, you can burn or tan.

If you have warm undertones:

  • 1. Lighter skin tones tan more peach.
  • 2. Light to medium skin tones tan more golden.
  • 3. Deeper or richer skin tones tan more caramel.

Nude Lipstick Shades For Tan Skin

Color Correction: STOP using ORANGE Lipstick! #FixitFriday | Jackie Aina

Were putting nude lipsticks first on our list because a nude, natural lipstick is the forever ruling queen of lipstick shades. Nude lipstick goes with any look at any time – from the office and errand-running to a nightclub or lunch with the in-laws. If you are ever in doubt about what color to put on your lips, you cant go wrong with a nude lip shade.

Whether you have lighter skin or medium skin, tanned ladies will want to grab nude shades with warm hues that play up their warm undertones. In other words, think of nude shades with touches of peach, brown or caramel in them, rather than shades heavier on pink, red or purple. These pinkish, red shades are best paired against cool skin tones that have blue undertones. Menteds nude shades Nude LaLa and Dope Taupe, for example, both have subtle orange notes that look stunning on ladies with tan skin. A nude, natural lip is truly color sensational.

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