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Experience You Can Trust With Skin And Cancer Institute

Future Home of West Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center — Part 5!

At Skin And Cancer Institute, our team is driven by board-certified dermatologic surgeons who are skin cancer surgeons as well. From examinations of the skin to removal treatments and surgeries, cancerous tumors and lesions are effectively removed. Click here to learn about the various types of cancers which exist ranging from common to rare, yet dangerous.

Cosmetic Improvementsin Your 60’s

Plastic surgery and skin cancer treatment and removal are predominant services offered at Skin And Cancer Institute. Women in their 60s can benefit from a PDO Thread Lift and other facial rejuvenation procedures like injectables and fillers. Patients suffering from skin cancer can have healthy skin with procedures like Mohs surgery.

Facial Enhancements That Eliminate Loose Skin And Tighten The Face

We offer three cosmetic surgery procedures to the face: blepharoplasty, facelift and necklift all of which eliminate droopy skin while tightening it. The eyelid blepharoplasty surgery tightens saggy skin around either or both the upper and lower eyelids. A necklift or facelift seeks to eliminate loose skin from the neck and to tighten the face, shedding years off ones appearance.

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Is In Its Prime

Lip enhancement, fillers, and laser hair removal are popular services many opt to undergo in their 20s. Acne treatment, laser treatment, and other techniques to treat dryness, redness, pigmentation and more are available. We also offer hair removal treatments. With cutting edge lasers and techniques, our board-certified dermatologists and team of surgeons can address all cosmetic concerns.

What Are The Side Effects Of Botox

Valencia Dermatology And Laser Center

While Botox injections are generally safe, there are a few potential side effects that patients should be aware of. The most common side effects are temporary bruising, redness, or pain at the injection site. Overall, Botox is a safe and effective way to reduce wrinkles and achieve a more youthful appearance.

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Vibrant Skinin Your 30’s

In your 30s, you can enjoy rejuvenated skin with minor to major cosmetic touches. From scar treatment and tattoo removal, our team of expert dermatologists and surgeons is at your service. Facials, rejuvenation procedures, Botox, facial fillers, microneedling, and microdermabrasion are all popular procedures.

Rejuvenated Skinin Your 40’s

When a woman enters her 40s, many changes can occur both to the face as well as the body. Many of our female patients opt to undergo cosmetic treatments at this time. Cosmetic solutions are non-invasive and have minimal to no recovery time like with Botox or fillers like Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, and more.

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Medical Director Ilya Reyter Md

Dr. Ilya Reyter, the Medical Director of American Skin Institute, has been featured recently on multiple episodes of’s show Media Mayhem with Allison Hope Weiner.

Watch the videos below where Dr. Reyter discusses “Fixing Wrinkles In The Long Term:” Dr. Reyter discusses moisturizers and whether or not they reduce wrinkles over time. “Are Anti-Aging Serums Better Than Just Drinking Water?:” Dr Reyter gives insights on serums and whether drinking excess water provides additional skin benefits. “Big Trouble in Lil’ Kim’s Face:” Dr. Reyter analyzes Lil’ Kim’s facial structure and proportions, including cheek implants. “Madonna Desperately Seeking Face Filler with Dr. Ilya Reyter:” Dr. Reyter discusses Madonna and facial volume loss/restoration: “Lindsay Lohan’s Freaky Friday Face Aging with Dr. Ilya Reyter:” Dr. Reyter speaks about Lindsey Lohan and face aging.

What Are People Saying About Westwood Dermatology

The Future Home of West Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center

Here are some reviews from our users.

“Great experience- staff was efficient and friendly.I was very comfortable during my appointment. My questions/concerns were sufficiently addressed. Highly recommend!”

“The Staff is so nice. I was in and out. They are quick, efficient and professional. Dr. Nadia is warm, lovely and honest. I felt well taken care of.The key is to fill out your paperwork online at home when they send the confirmation email/text that way you can save yourself time and energy. That way you wont be upset upon arrival for something that was clearly provided for you to have a seamless experience.”

“I don’t understand what I did to this office to be treated this way! I have made two appointments with them in the past year, and despite my persistent efforts have yet to see a doctor. The first time, they cancelled the appointment because no doctors were going to be available on the day they made my appointment. OK, I rescheduled.For my second appointment I arrived early with all my paperwork completed online. After waiting minutes and listening to uncomfortable arguing between staff, I realized I had been forgotten/abandoned in the back office. Because I work for a living, I had to leave at some point to return to work. On my way out I mentioned to the receptionist I had to leave. When I got to the parking lot I got the receipt for my visit, I had already been charged!”

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Body Enhancements By Surgery For Women

Surgery on the body can include to the abdomens, buttocks, legs, thighs and arms. From liposuction to a tummy tuck, there are various options. These are popular choices for women post-partum or after pregnancy. Our surgeons perform procedures like liposuction to remove unwanted fat from the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. This can create definition, the appearance of tighter looking skin and a toned stomach.

Does Xeomin Have Side Effects

The vast majority of people who use Xeomin do not experience any adverse reactions. In fact, the most common side effect is simply temporary bruising at the injection site. While there is always the potential for side effects, its essential to keep in mind that Xeomin is generally very safe and well-tolerated by most people.

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How To Decide Between Botox And Xeomin

If youre considering getting Botox or Xeomin, youre not alone. These popular injectables are effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. But how do you know which one is right for you? Botox is the more well-known of the two injectables, and it has been on the market longer. However, Xeomin is quickly gaining popularity due to its similar wrinkle-reducing effects and typically slightly lower price tag.

Ultimately, the decision between Botox and Xeomin comes down to personal preference. Talk to your doctor about your goals and concerns to decide which injectable is right for you.

Plastic Surgery On The Face Body And Breasts

Miami Center for Cosmetic Dermatology â Dr. Deborah Longwill ...

Our plastic surgery procedures include enhancements to the body, breasts and face. Our Westwood practice has in-house board-certified plastic surgeons who can perform breast enhancement procedures like a breast lift, augmentation or reduction. Depending on certain factors and the patients health, more than oen surgery may be elected to be performed at the same time. For example, we often have patients who opt to undergo liposuction and a butt lift at the same time or tummy tuck and body contouring simultaneously.

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Skin And Cancer Institute Jobs

  • $70,398-$130,091 Per Year Show Salary Details
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  • Redondo Beach, CAEasy Apply27 d$41,803-$51,799 Per Year Show Salary Details
  • $40,070-$58,389 Per Year Show Salary Details
  • Lake Havasu City, AZEasy Apply30d+$43,115-$57,168 Per Year Show Salary Details
  • $35,693-$43,669 Per Year Show Salary Details
  • Redondo Beach, CAEasy Apply29 d$78,858-$134,550 Per Year Show Salary Details
  • $33,291-$48,137 Per Year Show Salary Details
  • $246,913-$400,000 Per Year Show Salary Details
  • $34,168-$50,745 Per Year Show Salary Details
  • $34,451-$49,503 Per Year Show Salary Details
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  • $79,243-$131,739 Per Year Show Salary Details

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Redondo Beach Skin & Cancer

At Skin And Cancer Institute, we offer our patients from Redondo Beach the latest cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, laser treatments, and body sculpting as well as skin cancer treatment for both men and women. We perform facial fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Bellofill, Belotero Balance, Xeomin, and Radiesse. We also perform Botox and a non-surgical method of fat removal from the chin called Kybella. Our practice has cutting egde lasers like the Fractional C02 laser. In addition, we offer our patients a variety of cosmetic skin services for the face and body.

Our team of board-certified dermatologists are also skin cancer surgeons equipped to remove moles, dangerous skin growths, pre-cancerous skin lesions and tumors.

Our practice also offers various plastic surgery procedures including a facelift, necklift, tummy tuck, brazilian butt lift, breast lift, breast augmentation and more. Contact our practice today to schedule your consultation.

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Breast Augmentation Breast Lift And Reduction

Breast augmentation surgery for a post-partum woman or mother can increase the cup size, create symmetry and proportion and even reposition the nipple if desired. Many of our patients are new moms who want a change to their post-partum body. Women and mothers who have breastfed or see many changes to their body or breasts may be interested in a breast lift or augmentation as well liposuction or tummy tuck. As a result of a pregnancy, or two, or three, the breasts can change and rapidly deflate over time due to hormonal changes and the effect of months or years of breastfeeding. Many of our patients are also interested in this procedure purely to alter the size of their breasts and and opt for a bigger cup size. During the procedure, the surgeon can make sure the breasts are proportional to one another and to the rest of the body, while considering other factors unique to each patient.

Breast reductions are a great choice for women with heavy and larger breasts who experience pain, discomfort or back pain as a result of the extra weight. If your breast size is causing unrest or disrupting other aspects of daily life, you should consult with our surgeons to learn if you qualify for a breast reduction procedure. Breast enhancement, lift or reduction can combat time, gravity and the appearance of sagging or deflated breasts.

Skin Cancer Removal & Treatment

Skin & Cancer Center of Scottsdale offers the best in cosmetic and medical dermatology

If you suspect you have dangerous growths or moles on your skin, come in to see a licensed dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon for diagnosis and a determination as to whether the growth is or can become malignant. Routine examinations are critical. We recommend patients be examined often and one is even more exposed to the sun than is typical, more routine examinations should be performed due to the sun damage that can result.

Skin cancer can grow early on and evolve from pre-cancerous lesions. Our office and surgeons routinely perform removal surgical excisions and offer other appropriate treatments depending on the type, size and nature of the tumor present. The location of the cancerous tumor is also taken into account. When the tumor is present on the face, we often opt for Mohs micrographic surgery to preserve as much healthy natural tissue as possible.

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Reviews About Westwood Dermatology

  • Miri O.November 20, 2021, 7:10 pmCommentAvoid at all costs. The new management is absolutely very unorganized and front office is rude. The do not honor the special offers they send out and have repeatedly turned my down on the day of due to a conflict in schedule for the past 6 months. During my last visit, after having me wait for over an hour, numbing my face and neck for about 40 minutes, the staff informed me that they cannot honor the special. DO NOT waste your time.0
  • Ann P.November 12, 2021, 3:35 amCommentIts hard to trust any advice they give you as they clearly see this place less as a care center and more as a place to maximize their profit. Theyll often suggest procedures that are not necessary and present them as absolutely critical to your health. Appointments can be delayed when they overbook patients. Whoever the woman is that Ive always seen tries to spend as little time as possible with you so she can get on to the next patient 0

What Is Botox

You may have heard of Botox, but what exactly is it? Botox is a type of neurotoxin that is injected into the skin. It can temporarily relax the muscles, resulting in a temporary reduction in wrinkles. While Botox is most commonly used to treat facial wrinkles, it can also be used to treat other conditions, such as excessive sweating under the arms, migraines, and muscle spasms. Botox results typically last for three to six months.

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