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Jennifer Lopez Skin Care Line

In My Opinion The Eye Cream Was The Closest Thing To A Miracle Product In Jlo Beauty’s Range

Jennifer Lopez Says It’s OLIVE OIL, Not BOTOX & Then Launches Skincare Line….

I noticed the skin under my eyes looking smoother and blurred immediately after using it, and felt an instant tightening feeling.

After using it for a week under my eyes and on my forehead, I also noticed my dark circles becoming less prominent and a strong frown line disappearing.

It is pricey, but after seeing these results, I might be tempted to splurge every once in a while.

She’s Used Spf Daily Since She Was A Teen

JLo has been applying sun protection to her skin literally since she started dancing as a fly girl. “I’ve been using sunscreen since I was about 18 years old as a moisturizer,” Jennifer told WH in a Zoom interview. One dermatologist she visited around that time shared this sunscreen tip with her, while another just suggested Botox, and she went with the sunscreen recommendation instead. “That is one of the biggest, biggest secrets I can tell everybody that they do not take seriously enough, because every single day our skin goes through not just sun damage, but environmental damage. And just having a sunscreen on every day will make the difference,” JLo said.

Jlo Posts Confessional Video Revealing Her Skincare Routine For Late Night Shoots

Dont mind us, were just grabbing a pen and paper to write down Jennifer Lopezs secret to glowing skin.

On Monday, the actress posted a skincare tutorial on IG, detailing how she achieves fresh, radiant skin during nighttime shoots. In the video, J.Lo is rocking a cozy, white robe while drinking from a bedazzled cup with the phrase The Mother written in bold, black text on the front .

The 52-year-old actress revealed she has been feeling run down from the late hours of shooting, which have taken a toll on her skin. To make her skin feel rejuvenated, Lopez shared that she’s been using JLo Glow Serum. The beauty product comes from her skincare line, JLo Beauty.

Lopez proceeded to lather the product all over her face, neck and ears. Look at my skin. It has cleared up, it is glowy, it is luminescent, she said while admiring her face in the mirror.

In the video caption, the Second Act alum couldnt help but rave about the beauty product. When Im moved by something I just have to share it! she wrote. That JLo Glow Serum is my secret sauce for that limitless glow, even while filming nights for weeks straight on location far away! This serum works for all skin types and can seriously revive skin back to SUPERSTAR status.

These products make me so happy, she said in the video. Im ready to conquer the world.

Thanks for the reccos, Jennifer!

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/7 She’s Been Considering One For Decades

Releasing a skincare line has been a dream Jennifer Lopez has had for a long time now. It’s about time the A-list star had finally made her dreams a reality, especially since everyone raves about her glowing skin. She explained to Harper’s Bazaar,

“I’ve been thinking about doing a skincare line probably for the past 20 years…You just kind of have to wait for the right time.”

The 52 year-old is known for aging backwards making her number one asked question from fans being what her skincare routine is. After working on the brand for three years, JLo believes she and her team have perfected the skincare products. Her new skincare line claims to offer everyone the opportunity to achieve the JLo glow and is a line to have an eye out for.

Jlo Beauty That Blockbuster Wonder Cream

We Tried Jennifer Lopez

PROS: Elanas favorite product from the launch, this rich, dense moisturizer is infused with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, cottonseed oil and honey extract. It could be a big win for those with very dry skin, especially during the colder fall and winter months.

CONS: Those with oily skin might find this cream a bit heavy for everyday use.

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Jennifer Lopez Wears Spf Every Single Day

Sunscreen is easy to write off for being uncomfortable or tedious, but the fact of the matter is that everyone with great skin swears by it, Lopez included. Its just about finding the right formula for you, whether thats a high-end formula that melts into your skin or moisture infused with UV protection.

Ive never been one to take a lot of sun, which is why my skin has maintained itself, she told Us Weekly for the outlets January 2018 issue. That said, however, the beauty icon doesnt always shy away from sunlight. I like sunbathing like everybody else when I go on vacation, she told POPSUGAR Beauty in December 2020. Its not something I over-abuse, but thats why a big part was the sunscreen.

A dermatologist told me at a very young age to use sunscreen, and I was like, What do I need sunscreen for? I live in New York. But the truth is, that was a big part of why I was able to stay youthful-looking because I used it as my moisturizer every single day. It helped me protect myself from the elements, and enough people dont understand that such a big part of staying youthful looking is using sunscreen every day.

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Jennifer Lopez Launches An Exquisite Skincare Line

JLo Beauty, a high-performance line of skincare rooted in seriously sexy science and founded by world-renowned entertainer Jennifer Lopez, announces its first category expansion with the highly anticipated launch of body care. Introducing JLo Body, a clinically backed line of high-performance skincare for the body that delivers visible results and limitless confidence.

For me, its all about feeling confident in your skin, no matter what, says Lopez, We give all this care and attention to the skin on our face, but we sometimes neglect the body. It was important to me to create a skincare routine for the body to address its specific and unique needs. Its all the power and science behind JLo Beauty now for body.

Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm is the first clinically tested formula to launch under the JLo Body franchise as requested by JLo Beautys ageless consumers who were looking to upgrade their bodycare with new textures and active ingredients that deliver powerful results. Inspired by the most iconic booty, JLo Beauty Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm is proven to firm skins appearance, help improve skin elasticity, and fade the appearance of stretch marks in targeted areas like the booty, hips and thighs with a blend of powerful active ingredients like invigorating Guarana Seed Extract and Pink Pepperslim.

JLo Beauty Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm is available now on

*Based on a clinical study of 34 women, ranging from 27 to 63

Supplements Are Key For Her Skin

JLo Beauty: My Review of Jennifer Lopez’s Anti-Aging Skincare Products | #SKINCARE with @Susan Yara

In JLo’s opinion, you can’t have great, ageless skin and hair if you don’t treat beauty as part of your internal health. That means including a vitamin or supplement in your daily beauty routine. “It’s the inflammation that causes the problem,” she told WH. Her new supplement uses the same olive complex that’s in the rest of her JLo Beauty line to pack hair and skin cells with nourishing healthy fats. “Our philosophy is we’ve been attacking from the inside out,” JLo said.

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/7 Its Formulation Was A Process

She took a lot of time in creating the perfect formulation for each product. JLo wanted to ensure she tested as many samples of her product formulations to make sure it was

perfect. She told ETOnline,

“…it took 26 different formulations to get the That JLo Glow Multitasking Serum just right.”

She also said it took a while to perfectly formulate the products because she wanted each product to deliver her iconic glow to a top tier standard.

Jlo Beauty That Jlo Glow Multitasking Serum

PROS: The packaging is stunning. Both Page Six Style editor Elana and Page Sixs senior news reporter Eileen experienced subtle tightening effects after applying this product, though not much in the way of immediate hydration.

CONS: At $118 for 1.5 fluid ounces, this stuff is expensive, and Eileen noticed some slight redness and irritation after using it for the first time. Similarly sensitive-skinned Elana did not, but was a bit bummed that retinol arguably the gold standard when it comes to anti-aging skincare wasnt among its list of ingredients. Could a separate JLo Beauty retinol be coming down the line?

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Jlo Beauty That Big Screen Broad Spectrum Spf 30 Moisturizer

PROS: Unlike the heavy-duty Wonder Cream, this sunscreen-slash-moisturizer has a lightweight, whipped consistency that makes it a better fit for daytime wear. Eileen named it as one of her favorites from the line, while Elana found that it performed well both alone and under makeup.

CONS: None.

PROS: Eileen loved this cleaners consistency and subtle scent, while Elana appreciated how gentle and non-stripping the sulfate-free formula was especially considering it also removed makeup well.

CONS: None, besides the high price point.

Days In My Skin Looked Pretty Good But I Still Wasn’t Sold On The Line

We Tried Jennifer Lopez

There’s no doubt that my skin became softer and brighter after using JLo Beauty for 10 days. I also noticed my frown lines and under-eye bags becoming slightly less prominent.

Still, the results weren’t too drastic. I was breaking out, my skin tone remained uneven, and the redness I continued to experience was unpredictable.

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She Loves A Sheet Mask

Before a big event, JLo can be seen pampering with a mask on her face . “It just makes me feel like I’ve gone to get a facial or something,” she said. But, she admits, “they always are very gooey and they kind of slide off your face” which is why she designed a “multitasking” plumping and firming mask with ear loops to stay put on your face instead of sliding. “It’s like a little mini facelift in a mask,” JLo said.

Selena Gomez Found The Perfect Your

And it is: JLo Beauty That Big Screen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizer helps shield skin from UV damage, while also keeping skin supple with hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

“When you take off , honestly, you have a baby face. It’s tightening. It’s glowy. It’s a special thing. We should charge $10,000 for these masks!” Lopez tells Allure. She created a custom two-piece design to make sure the sheet mask doesn’t slide off your face so your skin can soak up all of its radiance-boosting ingredients, like rice sake ferment and olive oil.

It’s no secret that J.Lo is the embodiment of glamour, but she is also a regular person . “I wear tons of makeup and I like to be able to wash it off at the end of the day because, honestly, my favorite face is my face with no makeup. And I always love to discover her at the end of the day again,” says Lopez. “That’s the J.Lo at home, you know a bun in the hair, only these products on my face. And that’s it. I’m just like everybody else when I’m at home. I want to feel good.”

JLo Beauty That Hit Single Gel Cream Cleanser, $38

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Jlo Beauty Has Some Good Products But I’m Not Sure The Brand Is Better Than Anything That’s Already On The Market

JLo Beauty says most of its products deliver instant results, but those just weren’t there in my experience.

Sure, the glow on my skin was nice, and I appreciated the extra hydration during the winter, but I’d rather not irritate my skin and spend hundreds of dollars to achieve that simple shine.

I wanted to love JLo Beauty, and I’m disappointed that its products didn’t all work for me. That said, there still might be a product or two for you in the range.

Representatives for JLo Beauty did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author.

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Jennifer Lopez Never Sleeps In Her Makeup

Jlo Beauty Skincare Review | Is it worth it??

No matter how much the Selena alum wants to call it a day and head to bed, she never abandons her nightly cleansing routine. I never go to bed without taking my makeup off, night creams to keep my skin hydrated, Lopez told People in 2016.

And we should all be taking notes from Lopez when it comes to her consistent sleeping schedule. Ideally, I would love to get nine or 10 hours of sleep, Lopez told InStyle in 2016. But either way, I always make sure I get at least eight.

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The Brand’s That Blockbuster Moisturizer Is A Close Second

In the winter, you can never go wrong with a thick moisturizer and I found this one to be perfect for the chilly time of year. I saw a noticeable difference in the hydration of my skin after using this consistently, and it was nice to wake up with smooth skin that was still slightly glowing hours later.

My only big issue with this cream is its $58 price tag. If JLo Beauty ever releases a smaller size for a cheaper price, I’ll be sure to buy it for colder months.

What Are Some Alternatives To Jlo Beauty

If youre looking for skincare products to address the signs of aging, we recommend Carrot & Stick. Carrot & Stick maximizes the use of powerful ingredients and minimizes the use of superficial ones, resulting in advanced skincare solutions that help promote healthy, more youthful-looking skin.




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I Tried Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Line The Results Left Me Speechless

If there’s one thing Jennifer Lopez is known for other than her iconic contributions to the music, film and fashion world it’s her famous glowing skin. Beauty lovers everywhere talk about it, dream about it and, of course, want to know the secret to getting it! That includes me, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when the triple threat dropped her very own skin care collection.

The JLo Beauty line features a wide range of products, including a cleanser, serum, SPF moisturizer, AHA + BHA exfoliator, complexion booster, eye cream, sheet mask and a hydrating “wonder” face cream. The brand claims that the formula’s magic ingredient is its proprietary olive complex, which stems from a skin care family tradition passed down from Lopez’s mother.

Honestly, I fell in love with this collection before I even touched a single product, all because of its sleek and luxurious-looking packaging. The bottles have a rose gold finish, and each jar is encased in shiny clear acrylic.

Since I don’t have an expert glam team at my beck and call to give me that “Jenny from the Block” look, I had to get my hands on a few of these products and try them for myself. The results left me speechless and my skin radiant.

Jennifer Lopez Launches Skin Care Line

Jlo Beauty Products Price / We Tried Jennifer Lopez S Skin Care Line ...

Posted by Georgina Caldwell | Jan 11, 2021 | North America, Products, Wellness, Wellness Marketing, Wellness Products |

THE WHAT? Jennifer Lopez has announced the launch of her own beauty line, JLo Beauty. The range is described as a luxurious skin care collection, and was developed by Ascendant Beauty.

THE DETAILS The range is built around the singers own beauty philosophy, dubbed The Five Ss namely sleep, sunscreen, serum, supplements and sano . Formulated with Olive Complex, a four-part olive blend of squalene, fermented oil, extra virgin oil and leaf extract, the eight-piece collection comprises a cleaner, serum, mask, wonder cream, SPF30 moisturiser, eye cream, complexion booster and dietary supplement.

I want people to know that this is deeply meaningful for me, that its personal. Now I want to share what Ive learned with people everywhere. You want to know how I got my skin, how I look this way? This is how. This is how I live my life and its pretty simple, said Jennifer Lopez, Founder, JLo Beauty

THE WHY? Celebrity skin care is the new make-up and perfume. With a strong wellness lean , the range has been pitched to appeal to todays consumer.

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