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How To Keep Skin Young

Slather Your Skin With Supplements

3 SIMPLE Skincare Tips to Keep your Skin Looking YOUNG and YOUTHFUL without Plastic Surgery

If your main query is how to stay looking young, there’s a surface-level answer for you: The body’s largest organ the skin shows the signs of aging more than any other body part. “The most important preventive measure you can take against the sun is to build up your antioxidant levels and maintain adequate levels of vitamins A, C, D, and E,” says Jennifer Landa, M.D., chief medical officer of BodyLogicMD. “Eating lots of brightly colored organic fruits and vegetables also boosts levels of these vitamins. These powerful vitamins work like natural sunscreen for the body, aiding in the prevention of skin aging and skin cancer,” she explains.

Retinol, a type of vitamin A , is considered the most effective over-the-counter treatment to smooth the skin and prevent wrinkles, says David Colbert, M.D., founder of the New York Dermatology Group in New York City. Retinols cause the skin to gently peel, revealing a silkier, rosier, and more supple layer. Another beneficial ingredient is alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that naturally occurs in the body, notes Dr. Perricone. “Alpha lipoic acid is a wonderful anti-aging mechanism,” he says. It has been shown to reduce fine lines, improve skin texture, tighten pores, and give skin a general radiance.

Ways To Look A Decade Younger

Aging is the one guarantee in life that awaits us all. It is a natural process that we all must go through, but often times it can claim the confidence of many men and women who want to look as young as they once did.

When it comes to the signs of old age, there are a few major ways we begin to show them:

Keeping all of these very important parts of the body in mind when trying to look younger is essential to getting the results you are looking for.

In this guide, I will address 17 Tips for Looking Ten Years Younger that you can begin using on a daily basis. Whether in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, or beyond, these anti-aging secrets will help you to stay looking and feeling younger than your age.

Let’s dive right in!

Using Drying Soap Can Accentuate Wrinkles

Your grandparents may swear by the simple cleanser, but bars of soap often contain harsh detergents that strip skin of natural oils. Though dry skin doesnt directly cause wrinkles, it makes them more noticeable, Glaser says. And dry skin protect itself from allergens and irritants like bacteria and viruses. Nino notes thats because your skin barrier isnt as strong when skin is dehydrated.

Your choice of soap is especially important if your skin is on the sensitive side. If you’re a person with sensitive skin or have eczema or rosacea, then yes, the soap you use is going to have an effect, Nino says.

Skin solution Use a hydrating cleanser. The American Academy of Dermatology says to look for the words gentle and moisturizing on the label. Be sure to also avoid using deodorant soap or products that contain potentially skin-dehydrating ingredients such as alcohol, fragrance, retinoids, or alpha hydroxy acid, advises the Mayo Clinic. Follow up your face washing with a moisturizer that contains antioxidants, such as vitamin C, Nino says.

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How To Look Younger At 30 For Men

As you say goodbye to your 20s, this is often where the signs of aging start to make an appearance. Early skin care and prevention is always so much better than a reactive approach so if you can, start early. Your skin will thank you for it later.

The main area to focus on in your 20s is preventing wrinkles. If you can manage this and tackle it now, you are far more likely to have smoother skin for years to come.

Work and family can be stressful. Your career is important and youre working hard. When youre stressed its easy to scrunch up your face. If this happens regularly, its possible that youll develop a habit of wearing a frown. A frown creases your skin and lays the foundations for forehead wrinkles, brow wrinkles and eye wrinkles. Prevent this from happening by taking regular breaks throughout the day to reset your face. Turns out deep breathing and mindfulness arent only good for your mental health, theyre great for helping relax your entire face too.

Getting started early with an anti-aging cream for men that contains Vitamin E is a great way to nourish your skin to keep it looking healthy.

How Serum Helps Your Skin

10 Tips on How to Keep Skin Youthful and Healthy!

Using a serum is a must for every skin that is prone to aging.

Serums are different from moisturizers: they can penetrate deeper into the skin and boost the regeneration of skin cells together with the production of collagen and elastin.

Therefore, this type of cosmetic products can prevent and diminish the visibility of wrinkles, uneven texture, and fine lines. Besides, depending on the type of serum, it may balance the sebum production, additionally moisturize, or brighten the skin.

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How Can I Keep My Skin Looking Young

Having young-looking skin always feels good. Whether youre 20 or 60, you want to have smooth, wrinkle-free, and blemish-free skin. While the state of our skin is often heavily influenced by genetics, there are a few things you can do to help keep your skin looking as young and beautiful as possible.

Ii Hair Tips To Look Younger Than Your Age

7. Avoid Over Styling You Hair

You may love straightening or curling your hair or using too many products. But at a certain age, you need to stop doing it as it can damage the cuticles and make your hair appear dull and more prone to breakage. Also, avoid over-washing your hair as it can strip away its natural oils and make its look dry and lifeless.

8. Try Biotin Supplements

If you are dealing with hair thinning, you can try taking biotin supplements. You can also add biotin-rich foods to your daily diet. These include eggs, almonds, cheese, spinach, sweet potato, salmon, beef, and sunflower seeds .

9. Pick A Hairstyle That Makes You Look Younger

Avoid hairstyles that pull your hair away from your face. Instead, go for face-framing hairstyles. If you have shorter hair, you can go for a fringe or bangs to frame your face and make it look more youthful. Consult a stylist to figure out what styles will suit your face. You can go for a cropped cut, a chin-length bob, or a layered cut with bangs.

10. Color Your Hair

Coloring your hair can take years off your appearance! Choose the right hair color according to your natural hair color. If you have blonde or red hair, add some warm tones to it. If you are a brunette, go for caramel highlights. If you have black hair, then its best to talk to the stylist as picking a hair color for black hair is tricky. However, you may try chestnut brown or mocha.

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Iii How To Feel Younger As You Get Older

I wanted to add this section because I feel that as we get older, many people pay so much attention to worrying about the physical signs of aging and fighting them, that we forget about one of the most important parts of the aging process – our minds.

The following tips will help you to feel younger in old age, which can directly translate to your appearance, and the way other people interact with you on a daily basis. I believe that it is equally important to maintain a youthful mind as we get older as it is to maintain healthy diet and exercise.

How To Keep Your Skin Looking Young Without Significant Downtime

How to keep your skin looking young – skincare over 50! Dermatologist recommendations

March 19, 2019 by Lindsey Wiley

What are your limitations for recovering from cosmetic procedures? Do you work? Do you have a special event coming? Is there any reason in the near future you wouldnt want someone to see you if you had a black eye? Yes, when youre looking for how to keep your skin looking young, you can come across a lot of options that require significant recovery time. After all, most of us dont want to face the world with a swollen face or black eye. But did you know you have options with little to no downtime?At Epiphany, weve found that you dont always need a long recovery to keep your skin looking young. Heres how to keep your skin looking young without significant downtime.

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How To Keep Your Skin Young: Tips & Tricks

Posted on July 12, 2017

If youre looking for tips and natural ways to keep your skin young, then this post is just for you. Find out more about signs of healthy skin, factors that keep it young, and tips to avoid premature skin aging.

To begin with, its important to first understand that collagen – is a type of protein which maintains the elasticity and holds the skin together. This is what determines its firmness. The reason behind young and supple skin is that the skin is able to regenerate itself by producing collagen. But, with advancing aging, this production slows down.

A lot of factors like exposure to sun and unhealthy food habits can also damage the collagen. But, dont worry because there are ways to reverse the process of skin aging or at least slow it down.

Take Care Of Your Gut

Research shows that underlying gut health issues can manifest on the skin in many ways, from blemishes to flushing. The connection even has a name: the gut-skin axis. Overall gut health is nuanced and complex, and it’s important for everyone to take the time to learn how to care for and nourish your own unique gut flora. However, for the purpose of this article, here’s a general guideline: Anything that’s not healthy for your gut can lead to gut microbial imbalance and trigger oxidative stress and inflammatory processes, not just in the gut, but throughout the body. Over time, left unchecked, these imbalances can also manifest as skin issues. Also, see: Here’s why you should heal your gut if you want clear skin.

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Restore Volume And Fill Wrinkles With Fillers

One of the frustrating problems with aging is that we tend to lose fat and volume in our faces and gain it everywhere else. Women start this process earlier than men. And that is unfair. Those who work out a lot to stay healthy, especially those who perform a strenuous aerobic exercise such as runners, lose the most. And that is really not fair.

You start to see hollowing under the eyes, flattening of the cheeks, and loss of volume in the lips. All of this contributes to an aging, tired and haggard appearance. In addition, smile and lipstick lines start to become more prominent and permanent. The answer is to use dermal and subcutaneous fillers to plump up lips, restore volume to deflated cheeks, and fill the hollowing under the eyes and lines around the mouth.

The localized fillers Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero usually last a year, Juvederm Voluma lasts around two years. Sculptra lasts around three years. However, all of the fillers stimulate your body to make its own replacement collagen, so some of the results are usually permanent.

How To Keep Skin Young Naturally

Skin Care Advice to Keep Your Skin Healthy &  Young!

Yes, lemon is an excellent remedy for the youthful skin.

How to use?

  • Squeeze out the lemon juice and apply it on your skin
  • Let it dry and then wash off with warm water


  • Prepare a face mask by adding lemon juice to an equal quantity of honey
  • Apply it on your face
  • Let it dry and then wash off with warm water


Lemon has remarkable properties that flush out toxins from your body. It is a natural bleaching agent that removes dark spots and blemishes from your skin. Further, it contains an abundant amount of vitamin C that combats the damaging free radicals responsible for skin aging.


If the direct application of lemon juice irritates your skin, then dilute it by adding an equal amount of water.

Foods to eat

What you eat reflects on your skin. For a healthy and youthful skin incorporate a healthy diet rich in essential nutrients. It is necessary to keep skin looking young. Here are the foods that you must eat for a more youthful looking skin:

  • After a minute or two strain the tea and enjoy your healthy green tea


Green tea is rich in antioxidants which make it great for your skin. The antioxidants present in it fight the free radicals that promote skin aging. Thus, it works from within to give you a healthy and beautiful skin.


Green tea has some amount of caffeine in it too. Hence you must not consume it in excess.

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Bite Into A Superfruit

There’s a good reason for the hype around pomegranates. Pomegranate juice has been found to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, possibly delay the onset of atherosclerosis, and potentially help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease researchers believe it may also help prevent some forms of cancer from starting or progressing. Pomegranates can also protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays.

Another promising superfruit is the goji berry, a fruit native to the Asian continent which is considered to be an abundant source of carotenoids, a beneficial type of antioxidant. This little nutritional powerhouse also contains more iron than spinach 18 amino acids calcium magnesium zinc selenium and vitamins B1, B2, B6, and E, according to Dr. Perricone. The goji berry stimulates the release of human growth hormone, a natural substance in the body that improves your ability to sleep, helps you look younger, reduces fat, improves memory, boosts libido, and enhances the immune system, he says.

What to do:Snack on a handful of dried goji berries throughout the day. Buy ones from Tibet if possible because they have high serum levels, advises Dr. Perricone. In addition, drink pomegranate juice. Not a fan of the flavor? Buy it in concentrate and add a tablespoonful daily to kefir , suggests Dr. Perricone.

Try The Mediterranean Diet

In addition to supporting heart health, reducing the risk of cancer, and preventing cognitive decline, the Mediterranean diet may help protect your telomeres, DNA sequences that sit at the ends of chromosomes and protect them from damage, according to a 2014 study published in the BMJ. Telomere length is considered a biomarker of aging: Shorter telomeres are linked with a lower life expectancy and increased risk of developing chronic disease. While telomere length typically decreases with age, this shortening can be sped up by oxidative stress and inflammation, according to the researchers.

Sticking to a Mediterranean diet, however, may help fend off that damage. The BMJ study of more than 4,600 healthy, middle-aged and older women found that greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet was “significantly associated” with longer telomeres. One potential reason: The primary foods involved in the Mediterranean diet i.e. fruits, vegetables, and nuts are known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, meaning they may protect against the oxidative stress and inflammation that can cause telomere shortening, per the researchers.

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How Does Hydration Affect Skin

Healthy epidermis has about 20% water. But when this ideal percentage drops below 10%, the skin may become dehydrated. And this condition is a prerequisite for the appearance of aging signs.

By hydrating yourself from inside, meaning to drink about 6-8 glasses of water per day, you can give your skin the water it needs to prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. As a result, it can become stronger, more flexible, elastic, and supple.

Tip #5 For Healthy Skin: Shave With Care

Night Skincare Routine To Keep Skin Young | Anti- Ageing Secrets For GLOWING SKIN

People shave to make their skin smooth and hairless, but this can irritate the skin, especially if it is thin, dry and sensitive.

For a smooth shave the Mayo Clinic experts advise that you shave after a warm bath or shower to soften the hair, dont shave dry skin, use a clean, sharp razor, and shave in the direction of hair growth.

Make sure you rinse well afterwards with warm water to remove soap and dead cells.

If your skin is irritated after shaving dont use an alcohol based lotion even if it feels cool, it will make the irritation worse because it dries the skin out.

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Get Ready For Your Close

Hollywood lives by it: Changing the lighting can change the way you look. Fluorescent lighting can make skin tone appear more red or yellow, while incandescent lighting softens colors and imperfections. Use mirrors with varied lighting to view your skin and makeup under different conditions. That way you won’t look overdone or sallow as lighting changes. Go more dramatic at night, when lighting is lower.

Dont Neglect Your Eyes

Crows feet, under-eye bags, and dark circles are all tell-tale signs of aging skin. Even if you have young skin, lack of sleep can cause you to look older than you actually are. Thats why its important to use an eye cream that tackles these concerns from the get-go, like the LOréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Eye Treatment. This eye cream is formulated with Pro-Retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid to visibly reduce wrinkles, de-puff, and brighten the eye area.

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