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How To Get Smooth Skin On Face

Or Physically Exfoliate With A Konjac Sponge

7 MUST DO tips for textured skin. Do these things for smooth skin| Dr Dray

“You dont need aggressive exfoliation to get rid of dry skin. In fact, over-exfoliating can make it worse!” warns Lortscher. “A gentle way to physically exfoliate your skin is with a konjac sponge, made from fibers of the root of the Asian konjac plant. The sponges may be used to cleanse the face, either with plain water or combined with a small amount of any facial cleanser. They have a mild exfoliating effect, yet are typically soft, and gentle on the skin.”

In terms of when and where to use a Konjac sponge, Lortscher says, “Although commonly paired with a cleanser to exfoliate the face, it can be used in the shower to exfoliate rough flaky parts of your body.”

Chemically Exfoliate With Aha

AHAs are nothing new when it comes to practicing smart skincare. Lortscher explains why: “Exfoliation with AHAs can help trigger the skins natural renewal process, revealing new younger skin cells and helping your skin look healthier. AHAs can help promote a more even skin tone and may result in improved skin texture. AHA may also help reduce hyperpigmentation. AHAs can cause photosensitivity, so it is recommended to use them in the PM only and use sunscreen in the morning. Start just once weekly, gradually increasing the frequency as tolerated.”

He notes, “While AHAs are primarily used on the face, they can also be used on the body in the form of an AHA body lotion.” His AHA product recommendations include Pixi Glow Tonic , Derma-E Overnight Peel , Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner , First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads , and Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum .

How To Get Smooth Skin

From shower tips to daily moisturizing, weâll show you how to get visibly softer and more radiant skin.

As the weather warms up, youâre probably looking forward to shrugging off sweaters and getting into beachwear. If you notice that your skin is dry, rough, or missing a radiant glow, use the following tips to get smooth skin that youâll feel confident showing off!

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Ii Face Saving Remedies 3 Daily Tips To Apply For Smooth Face Skin

1. Avoid sun

To get smooth facial skin, you also need to protect your facial skin from the sun. You had better wear sun protective clothing such as wide-brimmed hat when you go out. You also apply the proper sunscreen with water-resistant and sweat-proof to protect your skin.

Besides, you should avoid contact with direct sunlight, particularly in the afternoon or in summer.

2. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Another tip which can help you to get smooth facial skin is to maintain a healthy diet. You should eat more foods containing vitamins D, B1, B6, A and C. As you know, vitamins A and C can help to prevent skin spotting. Thus, you can see your facial skin become smoother when you eat more foods with these vitamins every day. For example, you can drink carrot juice, apple juice or orange juice every day.

3. Keep A Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is also a good solution to get smooth facial skin. You should:

  • Take exercises regularly
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and beer
  • Drink more water, at least 2 liters per day

In addition, you are able to have more foods with omega-3 fatty acids such as fish oil, olive oil, seafood, soybean, and so on.

In addition, if you want to know more about home remedies for skin problems, please go to our main Skin Care page. If you have any question, or you know other natural home remedies for smooth face skin, please leave them below.


Include Vitamin C In Your Routine

How To Get Smooth Supple Skin On Your Face

Topical Vitamin C can help your skin in a variety of ways. It has been used to treat a variety of skin textures and body conditions for thousands of years. The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C can help prevent acne breakouts, lowering the likelihood of scarring.

Vitamin C also promotes the production of collagen. This delays the onset of aging. Moreover, incorporating vitamin C can also help with oily skin, dry skin, uneven skin, premature skin aging, sensitive skin, clogged pores, flaky skin, and dead skin cells.

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How Often Should You Use Aquaphor

If your skin is compatible with Aquaphor, then you can use it regularly as part of your skincare routine. Depending on your skin and the climate you are in, some people might choose to use the Aquaphor sparingly as needed.

Some only use it when their skin feels dry because of the colder months and lack of humidity. It acts like an additional booster to moisturize the skin in such times when their usual moisturizers may feel like its not enough.

Those who have really dry skin have found relief in using it regularly to make sure that their skin is adequately moisturized. Just remember that although Aquaphor works well as a moisturizer, the results may not show themselves overnight, depending on the current condition of your skin.

If you want to see clear improvements when it comes to your skin moisturization, it is best to use Aquaphor regularly. It is a good yet affordable drugstore moisturizing product that you can easily purchase almost anywhere.

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What Are The Methods Of Deep Exfoliation For Skin Smoothing

  • Chemical Peeling: Chemical peeling is one of the best methods for skin smoothing. It helps tighten the skin, maintain the tone, brighten the skin, and minimize the age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. There are different types of chemical peels, such as glycolic peel, lactic peel, pigment balancing peel, vitamin C peel, and revitalization peel each of which has different actions. Some people can notice improvement even in a single peel-off procedure.

  • Microdermabrasion and Dermabrasion: Microdermabrasion uses a fine abrasive tool or a cream containing abrasive particles which renew the skin cells. It aids in the removal of the top layers of the skin and can be used on the face, neck, and body. Dermabrasion is a skin-resurfacing procedure that acts deeper on the skin and it is not recommended for all skin types.

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing: In this method, a beam of light is focused on the skin to improve the skin tone and texture, and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps in treating redness and pigmentation. It increases collagen production and also eliminates unwanted hair and scars.

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Skin Care For Glowing Skin

Many people start working towards healthy-looking skin with skin care products. This can feel complicated, as there are many companies that claim their products will help someone achieve glowing skin.

However, the Academy of American Dermatology states that skin care does not have to be complex or expensive. Many people benefit from a simple routine that consists of cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection.

Stock Up On Vitamin C

This is How to SHAVE Your Face for Clear Smooth Skin

With a myriad of vitamin C-infused serums and moisturizers on the market today, theres no excuse for not taking advantage of this powerful antioxidant in your skincare routine. Vitamin C helps improve the skins texture by repairing and defending the skin from environmental damage while reducing pigmentation, scar tissue and age spots. Incorporating vitamin C into your skincare routine now, will help keep your skin young, fresh and soft in the future!

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What Natural Products Can I Use To Soften The Skin

When it comes to achieving baby-soft and smooth skin on your face, not all cleansers and moisturizers are made equal.

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and vitamin C are the holy grail of a brighter appearance and can help you glow from the inside out.

Here are some products that will allow you to naturally clarify and revive dull skin:

Using Daily Cleansing Techniques

  • 1Wash your face twice daily. Keeping your face clean is the best way to ensure that your face is free of pimples and other imperfections. Wash your face once in the morning and once at night as well as any time your face is sweaty.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Academy of DermatologyProfessional organization made of over 20,000 certified dermatologistsGo to source
  • For example, it is a good idea to wash your face before and after a workout or after you have been doing physical labor. Try keeping some cleansing wipes in your gym bag or purse that you can use to wipe off your makeup and cleanse your skin.
  • Wet your face with lukewarm water to start. You can simply bend over a sink and splash some lukewarm water on your face.
  • 2Use your fingertips to apply gentle cleanser. It is best to wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Apply a small amount of the cleanser to your hands and use your hands and fingertips to massage the cleanser into your skin.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Academy of DermatologyProfessional organization made of over 20,000 certified dermatologistsGo to source
  • Make sure that you close your eyes to avoid getting cleanser in them.
  • If you prefer to use a cloth, use a gentle cotton washcloth to massage the cleanser into your skin. Avoid scrubbing because this can irritate your skin.
  • After you have completely removed the cleanser, turn the water to cool and splash your face with it.
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    Talk To Your Dermatologist If Your Skin Is Often Rough Irritated Or Itchy

    Unfortunately, some people develop skin conditions that simple home remedies alone cannot fix. If you try all of the above and still struggle to achieve smooth skin, a dermatologist can do a thorough evaluation to see what other factors are at play.Knowing how to get smooth skin is only the start of the process. Finding what works best for your skin can take some trial and error. Itâs important to follow through with each solution for several weeks before determining if you notice a change.

    Sweat It Out With Regular Exercise

    Smooth skin is totally achievable â it just takes a little work

    So youre already eating more veggies and sleeping better, but your journey to a healthier lifestyle and smoother skin wont be complete without adding regular exercise to your routine. Exercise induces more blood volume to be pumped through the vessels of the face, leading to more micronutrients and healing properties to the facial skin, says Dr. Guanche. It also helps reduce inflammation, regulate skin-significant hormones and prevent free radical damage. Plus, sweating is also a great way to purge pores of debris!

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    Sleeping With Aquaphor On Your Face

    Aquaphor can be used on the face overnight to help keep it moisturized, a process known as slugging. The barrier Aquaphor creates over the skin locks in any moisture that is present, but Aquaphor does not hydrate on its own. This healing barrier is the main reason why people use Aquaphor overnight on their faces.

    Additionally, people may choose to use Aquaphor on their face while they sleep to help with a face rash. If the face rash is dry, Aquaphor could help because of its moisture-sealing properties.

    Some use it when they have insect bites or other minor cuts and burns. It could help with mild discomfort as it helps prevent drying out the skin while it heals.

    The barrier Aquaphor creates over the skin locks in any moisture that is present, but Aquaphor does not hydrate on its own.

    Moisturize With Hyaluronic Acid

    Not all moisturizers are created equal. Choose one that meets your needs and complements your lifestyle. Is your skin super dry and topical cream moisturizers just don’t cut it? Opt for a serum or oil that penetrates the skin deeper for extra moisture. MacGregor advises, “Look for and test out moisturizers that contain a mix of moisturizers to do all the things your skin needs to feel moisturized’. Ceramides and squalene are lipid replacements while humectants draw water into the skin and plump it up. You dont need the fanciest moisturizer, just the right mix for you.”

    Lortscher identifies hyaluronic acid , in particular, as being “a humectant in the outermost layer of the skin is known for its moisture-binding properties, which helps keep your skin looking plump and dewy.” He goes on to explain: “The natural aging process and exposure to environmental factors like UV radiation from the sun, tobacco smoke, and pollution causes a decrease in skins HA levels over time and can lead to dry and/or dehydrated skin. Incorporating HA into your routine can help your skin retain moisture. Most commonly, this comes in the form of topical creams, but hyaluronic acid supplements may also possibly encourage a smoother appearance to the skin according to some studies.”

    Lortscher adds, “Even though your face is likely to be exposed to environmental factors more frequently, the rest of your skin is also susceptible to dryness and dehydration as a result of lower HA levels.”

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    How To Get Smoother Skin Texture On Face

    Silky smooth skin texture is what everyone desires. Getting smoother skin texture may seem like a challenge and leave you feeling hopeless. Although there are some hereditary factors like large pores that are beyond your control, its still achievable. With a few changes in diet and skincare routine, you can change rough face skin texture to smoother skin texture in no time.

    What Causes Rough Face Skin Texture

    Environment – Factors such as heat, cold, pollen, pollution, and chemicals can all have a negative effect on the skin. It can cause dryness, flare-ups, and irritation leaving a rough face skin texture.

    Genetics – Conditions such as eczema, ichthyosis, keratosis pilaris, and psoriasis leaves you wondering how to smooth skin texture. These conditions cause the surface to be itchy or dry, leaving it flaky.

    Hormonal – Perimenopause, menopause, and the aging process contributes to the lack of smoothness. As we age, our body produces less collagen, which is needed for firmness and support. The skin doesnt turn over as quickly, leaving a build-up of dead skin resulting in dullness, uneven, and textured skin.

    Diet – Eating processed food, alcohol, and refined carbs can wreak havoc on your skin. An unhealthy diet can cause inflammation leaving the skin looking rough.

    Best Products to Smooth Skin Texture And How

    Polish What’s Bothering You

    how to make your face clean, clear & smooth | men’s skincare tips
  • Tackle cellulite. While totally normal, those lumps and bumps commonly found on the thighs and buttocks may be standing in the way of the smoother skin you want. If so, you can explore different options for minimizing their appearance, from temporary fixes to longer-lasting doctor’s office treatments.
  • Banish body breakouts. Acne breakouts can cause both bumps and scars on skin’s surface and are even prevalent on areas of the body like the back. Prevent and treat them with a dedicated regimen of skincare treatments and lifestyle tweaks.
  • Treat keratosis pilaris. Many people experience keratosis pilaris , small rash-like bumps that are common on areas like the backs of the arms. Address them with at-home KP treatment products or via a dermatologist with prescription or in-office treatments.
  • Solutions to Minimize Cellulite

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    Add Exfoliation Into Your Skincare Routine

    Exfoliation is an incredibly effective way to achieve smooth skin, and the results are often noticeable immediately.

    Exfoliating helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, residual makeup particles, and other environmental pollutants that build up naturally each day.

    Start by removing makeup and excess impurities using a gentle cleanser or wipe, like our 3-in-1 Hydrating Face, Hands & Body Wipes. These soothing wipes contain aloe vera and cucumber to refresh your skin, plus theyre gentle enough for everyday use!

    Once your skin is clean, its time to exfoliate. At Babo Botanicals, were all about natural beauty, so we recommend using a dry brush, exfoliating sponge, or a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells.

    This is where knowing your skin type comes in handy, as many ingredients found in exfoliating products can be harsh and drying, particularly on sensitive skin.

    Be sure to choose exfoliating products wisely to avoid irritation!

    The trick with any method of exfoliation is to avoid going overboard too much can cause irritation, excess oil production, and even dryness.

    The general consensus is to exfoliate up to three times per week, but be sure to take note of how your skin responds to exfoliation and adjust your routine accordingly.

    Smooth Skin Is Achievable

    Embarking on your smooth skin journey is less difficult than you think. By changing up your skincare routine to refocus on products that promote a healthy skin barrier, smooth skin is within reach.

    To further stack the odds in your favour, consider lifestyle adjustments. A healthy diet, effective stress management, and sufficient sleep is a wholistic approach that will help you get smooth skin easily.

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    Nail Down A Consistent Cleansing Routine

    The first step is to figure out a simple skin-care routine that you can stick to consistently, Dr. Hogan says. In general, a consistent, comprehensive at-home skin-care routine is key for smoother skin.

    For starters, that should include a cleanser to remove sweat, dirt, accumulated dead skin cells, and cosmetics, Dr. Hogan explains. In particular, she recommends Glytone Mild Gel Cleanser for the faceespecially for oilier skinand Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash for the rest of your body, both of which contain exfoliating glycolic acid to help remove all that gunk. Additionally, Angela Lamb, M.D., director of Westside Mount Sinai Dermatology Faculty Practice, tells SELF that she recommends Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash .

    However, the right cleanser for you will depend on your skin type and your other skin concerns. If you have dry or sensitive skin, for instance, you might find a moisturizing cream or oil cleanser works better for you. Or if you have oily skin, you might prefer a gel or foaming cleanser.


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