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What Can I Use For Dry Skin

Tip : Use A Humidifier

The Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin & Winter Weather | Skincare with @Susan Yara

If you live in a low humidity area, or harsh seasonal humidity, consider purchasing a humidifier to add moisture into the air and your skin. “When itâs dry in the environment, the moisture on your skin can evaporate in the air. Humidifiers are great for soothing cracked or itchy skin,â says Dr. Besnoff.

Zero In On A Nighttime Routine

Every night before bed, Marchbein recommends sticking to a routine that will ensure healthy skin come morning. After your face serum and moisturizer, apply a gentle eye cream to the under eyes and lids, like Kiehls avocado treatment. For extra protection, coat the area with Aquaphor. The product will seal in the cream and prevent against redness and eczema, both of which are common during this time of year.

While the heat from an evening shower may feel phenomenal on a chilly day, Marchbein advises to limit rinse time to five minutes or less and to use warmnot hotwater, which only adds to surface dehydration. And instead of irritating soap bars or harsh body washes, pick up a creamy cleanser, like Doves gentle formula. Within 60 seconds of , she says, apply a thick body moisturizer. Look for something with mineral oil, lanolin, or ceramides, she explains, to help skin hold on to moisture throughout the night.

As a last step, Marchbein urges patients to coat hands with a thick moisturizer, like CeraVe, and dab Aquaphor on cuticles and lips before hitting the sheets. And for those who are feeling overly dry, a hydrating sheet mask may be a good idea once a week at bedtime. Stay away from anything with charcoal or clay, she warns, citing calming yet hard-working products should contain plenty of hyaluronic acid. Heres to healthy, hydrated, and happy skin through spring.

Does Your Cat Have Dry Skin

Before finding out if your cat has dry skin, its best to understand what it is first. Dry skin, or cat dandruff, is a condition that affects the dermal health. Cats with dry skin are characterized by flaky, dryness, and itchiness. For reasons not yet known, dandruff in cats is relatively common.

Dandruff on cats will look a lot like human dandruff. Its mostly dead or damaged skin scaling off, usually due to dryness. Although its a nuisance for cats, this disorder isnt usually a serious issue.

However, it should not go ignored by cat owners. If a cat is scratching excessively, it can harm their skin and lead to further damage like open sores and skin infections.

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Vitamin Or Mineral Deficiencies

If youre not getting enough of certain vitamins or minerals, that may be causing your dry skin. Make sure you get plenty:

If you suspect youre not getting enough, you may want to take a supplement for dry skin. However, always talk with a doctor before adding supplements to your diet.

Before you start switching up your products, there are several simple things you can try to ease dryness. Most are basic lifestyle changes that can be used together to alleviate your symptoms.

Why Do Dogs Get Dry Skin

Stop Complaining About Your Dry Skin and Use This Lotion

The two most common reasons for dry skin in dogs are allergies and parasites. When it comes to parched skin, make sure you keep an eye on every aspect of your pets lifestyle. While a dogs dry skin could merely be the result of one too many baths, it could also signify a much larger issue.

A dogs skin may become dry if it is exposed to an allergen. Canines get allergies just like people do, and a reaction to food, the environment, or seasonal allergens can result in dry, itchy, or flaky skin.

Some typical allergens include pollen, dust, feathers, grass, animal dander, and grain. One of the first lines of defense when sheltering your pet from dry skin is to limit or avoid these irritants. If you know your dog reacts poorly to a large amount of pollen, try reducing their exposure when Spring comes around.

Another common allergen is flea saliva, which causes a reaction known as flea allergy dermatitis. The most common skin disorder in American dogs, flea allergy dermatitis often occurs in the summer. The disorder can be treated with insecticides or possibly home remedies, though you should first consult with a vet for an accurate diagnosis.

Other causes of dry skin are different parasites, infections, excessive bathing, poor diet, and systemic disorders.





Red Skin



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Milk Powder Face Pack

Mice studies show that milk consumption can improve dry skin conditions . Hence, the phospholipids in milk powder may moisturize dry skin on topical application.

You Will Need

What You Need To Do

  • Mix the milk powder with honey and turmeric powder.
  • Add water to adjust the consistency and mix well.
  • Apply the paste to your face. If you feel that the dry skin problem is localized only to some areas, you can apply it just on those parts.
  • Allow the paste to dry up completely before washing it off.
  • How Often Should You Do This

    Do this 2 times a week.

    When To Contact A Dermatologist About Dry Skin

    Once dry skin becomes uncomfortable or youre not able to treat it on your own, its time to contact a dermatologist. They can help you figure out the cause of your dry skin. This may include environmental factors or skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

    Your dermatologist can also work with you to develop a treatment plan, which may include over-the-counter or prescription products.

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    Exfoliate With A Scrub

    “Exfoliation is my secret weapon to having great skin,” Vargas says. You can even make your own scrub at home by combining a cup of brown sugar, 1/4 cup coconut oil, and 1/4 cup honey. “The brown sugar is super soft on the skin but is just strong enough to really clean out your pores. I recommend exfoliating twice per week in summer and once a week for winter.” Coconut oil deeply moisturizes, and honey is a known antimicrobial, meaning it fights germs while also having the ability to help heal skin. Plus, these ingredients make an all-natural scrub. A win-win.

    For a non-DIY option, we love this brown sugar body exfoliator from Fresh, which is made with a blend of evening primrose, sweet almond, apricot kernel, and jojoba oils. You’ll be so distracted by the sweet scent you won’t even realize your dead skin is being scrubbed away.

    Key Ingredients

    Coconut oil, also known as lauric acid, is derived from coconuts. The lauric acid found in coconut oil can have antimicrobial properties, which can help kill bacteria on the skin and reduce inflammation. It is also known to help remove makeup, exfoliate the skin, and lock in moisture.

    Check Your Skin Products

    How can I stop dry skin?

    You may get dry patches on your face because youre sensitive or allergic to fragrances, dyes, or a chemical in the product. Stop using those products to see if that makes a difference.

    When youre shopping for cosmetics or skin products for dry skin, choose those that are labeled hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Products that contain retinoids or alcohol are especially drying, so avoid them in the winter.

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    Can Dry Skin Cause Acne

    While some may assume that youll only get acne when your skin is oily, thats actually not the case. Dry skin can also cause acne, as blemishes sometimes occur when there is general damage to the skin.

    To combat both dry skin and acne breakouts, consider continuing your skin care as usual but also applying a moisturizer thats targeted for acne-prone skin twice a day. Also avoid any chemicals, such as rubbing alcohol, as it can dry your skin out even more.

    What Are Dry Patches

    While dry patches can be categorized as a dozen specific conditions, board-certified dermatologist Flora Kim, MD, FAAD says, in general, dry patches on the face are localized areas where the skin is lacking in moisture. At times, these patches can also be inflamed and irritated, leaving us with no idea what to do to fix the situation .

    More From Women’s Health

    These dry patches can be a number of things like eczema, irritant or contact dermatitis, psoriasis, skin cancer, or bacterial or fungal infection, says Caren Campbell, MD, a San Francisco-based board-certified dermatologist. According to Campbell, one way to know if youre dealing with a common winter condition, eczema, or another type of dry patch is to consider the longevity and frequency of recurrence of your dry patches. Eczema is a chronic and recurring condition, while dry patches in isolation are likely due to circumstances or temporary triggers, she says.

    Related Story

    What do dry patches look like?

    Unfortunately, theres no cut and dry answer to this question because not all dry patches look the same. Dr. Kim says dry patches may be pink or red in color and feel crusty, scaly, flaky or itchy. The easiest way to point them out is to feel your skin. If there are small surface areas that are slightly raised or different in texture, like rough sandpaper, thats most likely a dry patch.

    What causes dry patches?

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    Quick And Easy Dry Skin Relievers

    Give your dry skin the moisture it craves.

    When you have flaky, itchy, dry skin, you want fast relief. Easing your dry skin isn’t just about what you put on it. It also depends on how you clean your skin, the air around you, and even your clothes.

    Try these six tips to soothe your dry skin.

    Truskin Vitamin C Serum

    Home Remedies for Dry Scalp: What Works Best and Why?

    This vitamin C formula has raked in thousands of Amazon review raves for its wallet-friendly price tag and the results it delivers. Besides a stable form of vitamin C, the formula includes hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, all teaming up to hydrate, retain water in the skin and soften rough patches. The liquid formula absorbs in no time and doesnt leave the skin sticky or tacky, pairing perfectly with your oil-based moisturizer to make a winning duo against dryness.

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    Treatment Of Dry Skin

    An important aspect of treatment is to identify and tackle any factors that may be contributing to the dry skin. Water alone can actually worsen the problem of dry skin by removing the normal, protective skin oils. Hot, soapy water depletes the natural skin oils to the greatest degree. Water followed by the application of a thick moisturizer, is of great benefit for dry skin.

    Can I Use Lip Balm In Place Of Other Makeup Products

    When it comes to versatile cosmetics, lip balm takes the cake. Not only can it provide the perfect tint for your lips and cheeks, but it can replace a variety of products you use in your daily makeup routine. After swiping lip balm over your cheekbones, you can use your finger or a clean brush to dab a bit onto your eye lids. You can start by smudging a small amount of balm for a lighter tint, or adding more to create a darker pop of color across your lids. If you already have your favorite shade of eye shadow, you can use a clear lip balm as a base to create a deeper color that will last longer. Now, eyes can be sensitive, and this might not be right for you. Please test a small area before applying everywhere.

    A clear lip balm is also great for shaping and taming brows, taking place of your brow gel. Other uses for your colorless balm include removing mascara smudges, or as a dewy highlighter across your cheekbones for a natural, glowing look.

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    How To Treat Men’s Dry Skin : Use A Sea Salt Body Scrub

    Salt has natural exfoliating properties to get rid of dry, flaky skin, as well as oils and impurities that cause acne. It can even make you look younger!

    Sea Salt Body Scrubs contain minerals such as calcium and magnesium that gently exfoliate your skin. These minerals also work to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and promote blood circulation.

    Skip Long Hot Showers Or Baths


    “Keep your showers short,” suggests Dr. Zeichner. “We may like long, hot showers, but our skin doesn’t. Keep showers to 10 minutes or less and use water around the same temperature as your heated pool would feel like in the summer.” Dr. Stevenson recommends doing this by focusing on the essential areas. “Just use soap for the face, armpits, groin and feet, unless visibly soiled, and then pat dry,” she says.

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    Hydrolatum Dry Skin Cream

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    How Can I Prevent Dry Skin

    You can prevent dry skin at home by:

    • Cleansing with a mild, fragrance-free, moisturizing non-soap cleanser.
    • Taking warm baths or showers.
    • Managing stress, which can aggravate eczema and other skin conditions that cause dry skin.
    • Minimizing sun exposure, which evaporates oils and moisture from your skin.
    • Moisturizing as soon as you finish bathing, while your skin is damp.
    • Patting your skin dry with a soft towel.
    • Preventing dehydration.
    • Stop smoking, as nicotine dries out your skin.
    • Using a humidifier to add moisture to your homes air.

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    What Can You Do About Dry Skin

    Here are some ways to combat dry skin that are effective if practiced consistently:

  • Use a humidifier in the winter. Set it to around 60%, a level that should be sufficient to replenish the top layer of the skin.
  • Limit yourself to one 5- to 10-minute bath or shower daily. If you bathe more than that, you may strip away much of the skin’s oily layer and cause it to lose moisture. Use lukewarm rather than hot water, which can wash away natural oils.
  • Minimize your use of soaps if necessary, choose moisturizing preparations such as Dove, Olay, and Basis, or consider soap-free cleansers like Cetaphil, Oilatum-AD, and Aquanil. Steer clear of deodorant soaps, perfumed soaps, and alcohol products, which can strip away natural oils.
  • To avoid damaging the skin, stay away from bath sponges, scrub brushes, and washcloths. If you don’t want to give them up altogether, be sure to use a light touch. For the same reason, pat or blot the skin when toweling dry.
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing or washing your hands. This helps plug the spaces between your skin cells and seal in moisture while your skin is still damp.
  • To reduce the greasy feel of petroleum jelly and thick creams, rub a small amount into your hands and then rub it over the affected areas until neither your hands nor the affected areas feel greasy.
  • Never, ever scratch. Most of the time, a moisturizer can control the itch. You can also use a cold pack or compress to relieve itchy spots.
  • Image: ablokhin/Getty Images

    Use A Dry Brush Or A Buff Puff

    7 Simple Skin Care Tips Everyone Can Use

    A daily dry-brushing ritual will help boost the circulation around your entire body, and the rough bristles will also work to dislodge any rough, dry skin cells clinging onto the surface of the legs.Not only that, but Vargas adds that “Dry brushing increases blood flow, which is healthy, but its main purpose is to stimulate collagen production which will help to thicken the skin and lessen the appearance of fat cells.”

    Pre-shower, sweep the skin brush in upwards motions. “Start at the tops of the feet and brush upward toward the heart. Dry brushing immediately increases circulation, so you will feel warmer when you are done,” she says. Don’t press too hardit should feel vigorous but not painful.

    Another physical exfoliator you can useas recommended by Ciraldois a body buff puff. Like a dry brush, a buff puff exfoliates away dry, dead skin for a smoother, brighter appearance. Try prepping your skin with it before shaving or going out into the sun.

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    Can Cbd Oil Help Dry Skin On Cats

    Youve probably heard of all the ways people are using CBD for themselves and their pets. Cannabinoids, like CBD, can interact with the endogenous endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short. Surprisingly, every mammal has an ECS, this includes us and our cats.

    Since CBD is non-toxic and nonpsychoactive its no surprise several companies have begun creating pet-specific CBD products. As its risen in popularity, CBD has helped countless people and pets calm nervousness, tension, discomfort, and it may even help with certain skin problems.

    Dry skin usually symbolizes that something is out of balance. CBD may promote homeostasis and possibly restore overall balance through interaction with the ECS. If you want to use CBD oil or a CBD topical make sure you do not apply it to any open wounds.

    One of the best ways to calm a cats skin with CBD is to add some to your cats daily diet. Ingesting CBD will allow the cannabinoids to interact with the ECS. Research suggests that the ECS plays a major role in skin health. If your cat is prone to dryness, adding CBD to the diet may help to keep the skin supple.

    As we discussed earlier, a natural home remedy for feline dandruff includes using a natural moisturizing agent. Since CBD oil acts as a natural moisturizer, it can help soothe your cats dry skin and reduce the chances of dandruff and long-term itchiness.


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