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How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin On Chest

Diffuse Legs With Makeup


One of the pet spring peeves of women 50-plus with sun damage is the spotty, veiny state of our legs. For many, this can make going bare-legged an issue and limit clothing choices to pants or midi-length skirts and dresses. For a way out of this dilemma without going the self-tanner route, try a water- and sweat-resistant makeup like the Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish , Bondi Sands Glo Matte Cream One Day Tan or Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Body Sauce Body Luminizing Tint that tint legs like a BB cream to blend and blur all issues. These products are much easier to use than total coverage makeup, and the results are more authentic-looking when you compare legs to other exposed skin, such as arms and décolletage . Plus, you can wash them off at night.

Ipl Or Bbl Photofacial

IPL or BBL is an innovative light treatment that penetrates the epidermis and targets the cells that produce melanin in the skin. It is a versatile treatment that has been found particularly beneficial in removing unwanted hairs, and in treating skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation due to harsh sun exposure and aging.

Although frequently used as a facial treatment, IPL or BBL Photofacial can also be used on the neck, chest, hands, shoulders, legs, underarms, or bikini area.

How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin

Endless days of fun in the sun are good for the soul but can take a toll on your skin. Long summer days spent lounging in the rays are often associated with sun-kissed skin. Fast forward 15 years and the results of those carefree hours of unprotected beach days are presented as sun damaged skin most prominently on your face, arms, neck and chest.

This is because the sun that we love to bask in for its warmth and excellent source of vitamin D also gives off ultraviolet light that is harmful to skin and causes sunburn. Over time, exposure to these rays can lead to dark spots, wrinkles and other problem areas. The result of this visible damage to your appearance is that it can make you look older than you are. Dermatologists refer to this phenomenon as photoageing and claim that UV exposure is responsible for up to 80% of your skins ageing.

The first and most important step in repairing sun-damaged skin is to prevent any further harm. Dermatologists recommend a good broad-spectrum sunscreen with significant UV protection . In addition, some products provide additional blue light and pollution protection. But what can we do about existing damage? Is there a way to repair some of the damage? While it may not be possible to erase all signs of damage, experts have shone a UV-free light on some possible steps to take for these common conditions:

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Avoid The Sun When Possible

A small dose of sunshine is an excellent way to boost your mood and increase vitamin D levels. But too much sun exposure can damage your skin and increase your risk of skin cancer.

Before heading outdoors, plan activities that allow you to stay in the shade. This way, you can enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the full extent of the suns UV rays. Also, be sure to apply sunscreen to your décolletage for extra protection.

Additionally, try to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the

Where Do I Have The Most Sun Damage

5 Ways to Treat Sunspots on Your Chest

Keep a close eye on your face, arms, legs, hands, scalp, ears, neck, and chest. These are our most exposed areas.

Especially in our younger years, we often forget about the importance of wearing hats and applying sunscreen to our ears, chest, hands and neck. As a result, we often see more sun damage than we expected in these areas as we age.

The neck is an easy place to forget when it comes to sun protection, but it is also one of the harder places to reverse the damage. So help yourself now by using sunscreen there to avoid problems later. The chest is another common concern, especially among women, that shows a lot of the damaging effects of too much sun many years later.From now on, take special care to prevent sun damage in these areas. Wear sunscreen and protective clothing especially for long days in the sun. Also, stay on the lookout for damaged skin. If you see persistent redness and freckles, you know you need to start taking extra measures to reverse sun damage.

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Getting Rid Of Sun Damage On Your Chest Involves A Routine

Hopefully weve given you not just some of our products to try to help reduce sun damage on your chest but rather provide a full routine that if you stick with it should help lessen redness, blotchy skin and spots. There are a lot of invasive medical procedures that weve intentionally left out for various reasons because you need a routine that you can stick to and that you can afford. Going to the doctors office over and over again to get a laser procedure or some kind of painful skin peel is not in your best interest in our opinion. Some work, some do not, and we wanted to steer you away from the rabbit hole with some simple things you can do yourself.

How To Care For Your Dcolletage

Because your décolletage is often exposed to the sun, its prone to skin cancer and early signs of aging, according to Dr. Michael T. Romano, FAAD, a CareMount Medical dermatologist.

Although UV radiation from the sun is the main risk factor for skin damage on the chest and neck, Romano says other factors such as genetic predisposition, the natural aging process, and pollution can also affect the appearance of your décolletage.

Here are 10 key ways to take care of the skin on your décolletage, according to the skin care experts.

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Dr Robin Evans Replies With7 Sun

1. Always See A Dermatologist First

I may seem biased , but I believe that a board-certified dermatologist should always look at any spot before its treated. Spa and medical spa staff don’t have the expertise to determine if a spot is potentially cancerous. You don’t know either no matter how much internet research you’ve done. Its just not worth the risk! But dont worry, most sun spots are just damaged skin pigmentation. However, they do get worse with each new UV exposure. A commitment to routine sunscreen application keeps things from getting worse!

2. Try A Home Remedy

It’s possible that some at-home remedies like apple cider vinegar or lemon might help fade sun spots a tiny bit, but improvement will likely be very minimal.

3. Use a Topical Lightening Agent

The best topical lightening agent is hydroquinone, which we formulate in our office. This prescription strength topical cream, called Melaquin, has been around for decades, but there are some safety concerns. Hydroquinone should be used for a limited time period and only on small areas of the skin. Hydroquinone should never be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

4. Add Chemical Peels To The Mix

5. IPL Treatment Is Quick & Thorough

6. Go Long With Vitamin C Serums

If time is not an issue, a topical vitamin C serum can be beneficial as well.

7. Topicals Are Not A Magic Bullet

Ready to get the best treatment for sun-damaged skin?

Has it been a while since you’ve had an annual skin exam?

Are All The Different Types Of Sunscreens Safe For Me To Use

Conceal Sun Damaged Skin On Your Arms | Legs | Chest With Makeup! – fabulous50s

Yes. There are 2 types of sunscreens: organic and inorganic . They are both safe and they both protect you from sun damage, just in different ways. The level of protection provided by both types of sunscreens depends on their SPF. Recent studies have looked at the absorption of organic sunscreens into the skin, but no harmful effects have been seen. If absorption into the skin is a concern you have, you can use inorganic sunscreens, which have Titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide as their ingredients. As always, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

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Stop New Sun Damage On Your Chest

Preventing sun damage on your chest is easier than reversing it. Research has shown that 80% of your skins aging is because of UV exposure so prevention is key. With that being said you may have guessed that our very first step is to stop the bleeding so to speak, or in this case stop new sun damage from forming on this overly sensitive area of skin. The reason why most women show more signs of sun damage in the chest area is precisely that, its extremely delicate skin that youve most likely overlooked for years. Most women neglect this area until they notice a problem. You likely have a skincare routine for your face but not your chest area. Dont feel bad, this is very common and why Lola Collective was formed as we went through this same awakening prior to creating our Time to Glow Collection.

Use Neck Cream Nightly

I repeat. Use neck cream. Prevention is everything so if youre using neck cream , youre creating an environment of moisture and firming action ingredient deep within the skin to keep it looking and acting healthy. The key to having good skin is simply to give plenty of tender loving care and this includes the décolleté region. I have all of my clients use Intensive Firming Neck Creme every night. Its so good.

Regardless of how much or how little time you spend in the sun, EVERYONE should ALWAYS get a yearly skin cancer screening with a dermatologist. You never know whats brewing deep within the skin that can ultimately take your life. Its a serious business.

Lastly, its far easier and less expensive to PREVENT damage from the sun than it is to repair it. Dont neglect your neck and chest. After all, its an extension of your face.

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What Sun Damage Looks Like On The Chest

Lets start from the beginning. What does sun damage actually look like, and how do you know if you have signs of sun damage on your chest? For better or worse, the signs of sun damage tend to be similar in different areas of the skin whether on your face or your chest and décolletage, sun damage is likely to cause symptoms like wrinkles, loss of skin density and elasticity, and pigmentation changes .

These signs can be particularly visible on your chest, given that this is a wide, exposed area that tends to take the brunt of sun exposure not only when you sunbathe, but also just when you walk around without sunscreen. As such, it isnt uncommon for many peoplemostly womento notice that the skin of their chest looks thin and wrinkled, with an almost crepey appearance.

If this sounds like you, there are some options to help you try and reverse this sun damage. If youre willing to try aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, lasers, fillers, and chemical peels may be good options if youd rather stick to skincare, keep reading.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Onion Juice

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

It sounds like a crazy combination, and one that we may not have considered otherwise, but apple cider vinegar and onion juice, mixed together and applied to the skin, have natural, skin-lightening properties.

These can help reduce the formation of those dark, discolored sun/age spots on the face and décolleté. Although you may smell a little funky, the results will be worth it. To get started:

  • Chop, blend, or process an onion into the smallest bits possible
  • Mix the onion juice with an equal amount of apple cider vinegar
  • Using a cotton swab, apply a small amount to the sun-damaged area and leave on for 30 minutes
  • Used as a skin remedy once each day, you can expect to see skin-lightening results in two or three weeks. Additionally, to speed up the process, you may want to try mixing one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a mug full of water and drinking the mixture twice daily for one month.

    The drink will not only improve your age spots but will provide a healthy, young glow and boost natural energy levels. Talk about looking and feeling younger!

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    Eighty Percent Of Visible Aging Is Caused By The Sun

    Going outside to enjoy a bright day and blue skies isnt the only time to shield yourself from the suns rays, but its one of the most critical times to do so. After all, how often do you usually go outside? Likely once a day.

    But did you know that up to 80 percent of visible aging is caused by exposure to the suns ultraviolet rays? Not by aging itself. Not by stress, lack of sleep, or one too many glasses of wine on more weekdays than wed like to admit. Those fine lines and age spots? Theyre likely damage from the sun.

    youre not protecting against the sun, then no need to look for products to treat age spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation, as youre fighting a losing battle! Dr. David Lortscher

    We spoke to Dr. David Lortscher, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Curology, to get this ultimate guide on protecting yourself from those aging UV rays and reversing traces of sun damage from your face.

    For any age and time of the year, here are the rules to follow when fending off the effects of sun damage:

    Can I Reverse Sun Damage On Chest

    While you can treat the aesthetic effects of sun damage, you unfortunately cant reduce or reverse DNA damage caused by the sun, Dr. Bard says. Once DNA mutation has occurred due to UV irradiation, there is no way to undo that. The cell needs to be destroyed by an outside modality or by the body, she explains

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    Can I Use A Sunscreen With A Low Spf If I Don’t Burn Very Often

    If you were only trying to avoid sunburn, the answer would be “yes.” But protection from sunburn is not the most important reason for wearing sunscreen. You want to reduce damage from the sun. Your skin can be harmed by constant sun exposure, whether or not you see a burn. Remember, sunburn is an immediate reaction, but damage from the sun occurs over a lifetime. If you have had skin cancer or pre-cancer, you should use an SPF of 30 or higher.

    Get Ipl Laser Treatments

    Sun Damaged Chest Laser Treatment Before And After-Did It Work?

    Another in-office treatment that can help address sun damage is IPL. This stands for Intense Pulsed Light . These treatments are extremely effective for addressing discoloration and may even help improve capillary damage. IPL treatments use powerful flashes of light to emit energy that can penetrate below the skins surface. The heat breaks down pigment into tiny particles, which either rise to the surface as tiny scabs that fall off within a week or get carried away via the bodys lymphatic system.

    I get IPL treatments a few times a year to address my Poikiloderma. This is a condition in which blood vessels and brown discoloration appear on the sides of the neck just below the ear in big patches. As for the sun damage on my chest, it doesnt flare up too often. Its typically not something I pay much attention to, but writing this post reminds me that I really need to take better care of it!

    Note: while IPL can improve redness, vascular lasers may deliver better results. A fractionated laser treatment known as Fraxel triggers the skins wound-healing response to stimulate collagen. The downside is that there is more healing time involved.

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    One: Avoid Further Damage

    The first and the most important step on how to repair sun-damaged skin on chest is to prevent further damage. How to do this? This is actually super easy, all you need to do is to cover this sensitive area of the skin when going out in the morning.

    But if you wear a tank top or other clothing that leaves the chest area exposed to the sun, you must use good sunscreen with SPF 50+. Actually, Its best to wear sunscreen and also cover the area to help the skin heal faster.

    Studies showed that exposure to high amounts of UV rays is the main reason for 80% of skin aging signs.

    Plus, many women apply sunscreen to their faces and necks but neglect the chest area which is a super delicate area and can easily be affected by sun rays. So, dont forget to apply sunscreen to the area before going out!

    How Long To See Results

    As each treatment targets the skin differently as well as being able to penetrate to varying depths, results will vary for each client.

    With many of our treatments, results may be seen after one treatment, though it may take multiple treatments to achieve the desired results.

    Treatments such as laser resurfacing can take up to three months to see the full effect due to the amount of collagen production it stimulates.

    Skin peels take about two to three weeks to show full changes in the skin, however in most cases three to six treatments are usually required.

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    Using Remedies For Sun Damaged Skin

    Treating sun-damaged skin doesnt have to be a losing battleeven if you already show signs of built-up damage. The experts at SiO Beauty want to make the process simple, painless, and effective for you. Thats why weve worked day and night to formulate top-of-the-line, skin repairing and perfecting products using the same silicon that has been used and trusted by doctors, surgeons, and hospitals for more than three decades.

    Weve taken every precaution to ensure that SiO is safe. After all, you may have already spent a little too much time in the not-so-safe sun. Were here to help reduce the damage and revitalize youthful, radiant, and supple skin. Our products offer exceptionally safe and effective means to heal and normalize burned, wrinkled, and seemingly worn-out damage.

    An ounce of prevention in the form of sunscreen, hats, wraps, and other coverings goes a long way toward preventing the discolorations and wrinkles that come with sun exposure. But sometimes, you need an extra beauty remedy or two.

    Dont assume you have to turn to the needle, artificial fillers, or painful laser treatment. To help repair already sun-damaged skin, try the suggested remedies above and be sure to use SiO Beautys skin patches and complete 24-Hour System for accelerated results.

    Beautiful skin is achievable, despite the damage. Now go out and get it!


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