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How To Reduce Melanin In Skin

What Are The Benefits Of Melanin

5 TIPS TO REDUCE EXCESS MELANIN | Reduce Melanin in Body Permanently-Dr.Divya Sharma|Doctors’ Circle

Notable melanin benefits include:

  • Protection from UV rays. Melanin protects your skin by absorbing harmful rays, including UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light.
  • Protection against reactive oxygen species . Reactive oxygen species are byproducts of your bodys cell processes. When ROS accumulate in your cells, they can lead to stress, premature aging and health concerns such as diabetes and cancer. Melanin scavenges for ROS, boosting antioxidants and eliminating free radicals.

Studies also suggest that melanin may aid in immune system support and the reduction of inflammation in your body. More research is necessary to determine the full extent of these benefits.

How Can I Reduce Melanin In My Body Naturally

For those that love everything natural, there are many ways to reduce melanin in your body that does involve pills or chemical creams. Some of these naturals ways include:

  • Potato Mask. Due to antioxidant properties of potato juice and present enzymes, they are perfect for reducing melanin. Typically, applied topically in the form of paste or juice are very common.
  • Tomato Mask. Tomatoes contain essential vitamins and antioxidants. They also stimulate the growth of new cells that promote anti-ageing. Simply apply a mashed up tomato on your face for a half hour and youll slowly notice the difference over time.
  • Aloe Vera. Tyrosinase is present in aloe which reduces the production of melanin, its no wonder many skincare products contain aloe vera gel. Applying aloe vera gel on your skin and leaving it for about 30mins a day over time will make a significant difference on your skin.
  • Avocado. Avocado contains glutathione. Therefore, if you eat avocadoes on regular basis, it may slow down the production of melanin overtime.
  • Tips To Reduce Excess Melanin In Skin Permanently

    Remember a time, not too long ago, when lurid skin treatments became the talk of the town? Be it vampire facials and caviar body treatment or bird poo facials and leech therapy, quirky skincare treatments have always had a major moment. And, no brownie points for guessing why Nothing compares to a natural glow that radiates from inside out. Needless to say, great skin buoys your confidence and amps up ones self-esteem. But, while youre on the quest for that preternatural glow, ever wondered whats the real barrier between you and the skin of your dreams? Well, heres the answer: Its excess pigmentation. The presence of excessive Melanin in the body gives more colour or a darker appearance to the skin.

    Sure, you can slather on a volley of skin repair products or root through drastic procedures that can help get rid of melanin content. But, if you are genuinely concerned about your skins health above just temporary results then it is highly suggested that you must get to the root of the matter-melanin. Over the counter creams spell danger and are often accompanied by side-effects such as dryness, irritation, redness and itchiness.

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    Moringa Is Thought To Have The Following Properties:

    • lowering weight gain
    • assisting in the reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure
    • help the body convert fats into energy by reducing inflammation.
    • increase energy levels and reduce fatigue

    In short, If youre wondering how to eat moringa powder, the best option is to make moringa tea. Its packed with nutrients and can be made in just a few minutes at home.

    Take one to two cups of water and put it in a pan. Bring it to a boil with some moringa powder. Strain the mixture and drink it as tea in the morning.

    Moringa, like all supplements, is not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration , therefore there may be issues regarding purity or quality. Above all, its critical to know whether the producers claims are true, whether the product is safe to use, and what potential adverse effects there might be.

    There is a lot of recent research to back up the benefits mentioned above, albeit many of the studies are still in the early stages of development or the tests were conducted on animals rather than humans, so there is still much more work to be done.

    Does Hydrogen Peroxide Reduce Melanin

    Chloasma Melanin Purifying Cream Remove Dark Spot Blemishes Face Skin ...

    Hydrogen peroxide is also commonly used to reduce melanin because it is an oxidizing agent. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to whiten teeth, nails and even lighten your hair. When applied to your skin it also have a potential to remove scars, discoloration and blemishes.

    To try this skin lightening method, use a cotton pad to apply a thin layer of peroxide to the area of your skin you want to lighten. Let it sit for 5-10 mins, and then rinse with warm water. Overtime, you may notice your skin clearer and lighter. However, if you do this treatment more than 2-3 times a week, your skin may appear very dry. So, do not over-use this treatment.

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    Soothing Dry Heels Or Elbows

    Another baby oil benefit you might not have considered is its ability to instantly soothe areas of extremely dry skin on your baby, like heels, elbows or knees. For especially dehydrated skin, try applying to damp skin after a shower or bath to really lock in that moisture. It also works beautifully for softening hard or dry cuticles once your little oneâs nails start to grow.

    When To See A Healthcare Provider

    See your doctor if you have an area of hyperpigmentation that is not going away with treatment from over-the-counter products. Prescription-strength formulas can give you the same ingredients, like retinoids, at stronger doses.

    Talk with your provider if you have other symptoms that could signal the presence of a body-wide condition that is causing hyperpigmentation, such as Addison’s disease or a vitamin deficiency. Finally, if the dark area includes a mole or freckle with a concerning shape or pain, talk to your doctor about screening for skin cancer or other dermatological problems.

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    How To Reduce Melanin Production

    Different Ways To Reduce Melanin

    How to reduce melanin production is the topic which people who are serious about lightening their skin research deeply. Since melanin is correlated with the color of your skin. On that note, we have to understand what melanin is and how it can effect your skin color.

    Types Of Melanin In Your Skin

    How to reduce melanin production in skin naturally
    • Eumelanin, which is a brown or black pigment
    • Pheomelanin, which is a reddish-yellow pigment

    The variations in the concentrations of these two types of melanin pigments determine your natural skin tone.

    To an extent, your skin needs melanin as a protection shield against ultraviolet radiation from the sun. In scenarios like overexposure to UV radiation that cause cellular DNA damage, your skin starts to produce additional melanin to prevent further damage to DNA . This natural defensive mechanism of your skin is called melanogenesis which results in tanning or darkening of the skin in certain regions, says Dr. Zeel Gandhi, Chief Ayurvedic Doctor at Vedix.

    While no tan is permanent, sometimes your skin may take months to recover and get back its natural skin tone. Hence, you may try different treatments mentioned in this article to detan your skin rapidly by reducing excessive melanin production in your skin.

    Recent studies found that individuals with darker skin tone have a lower risk of getting skin cancer .

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    A Healthy Way To Reduce Melanin: Seabright Moisturizer For Hyperpigmentation

    Reduce melanin naturally with Seafloras scientific discovery in unique kelp bioactives, that treat and prevent hyperpigmentation.

    Seafloras new skin brightening formula is the result of 4 years of development working with the National Research Council of Canada. Seabright Moisturizer has a potent combination of unique kelp bioactives. The result effectively suppresses the enzyme responsible for hyperpigmentation. These potent marine bioactives create the most powerful skin brightening solution to date!

    Skin colouration is largely due to the presence of melanin pigment. Production of melanin is largely controlled by the tyrosinase enzyme. Skin brightening agents work by inhibiting this enzyme.

    Scientific testing conducted for Seaflora Skincare by NRC Natural Health Products Laboratory.

    Kojic Acid and Arbutin are known brightening agents. They were used to compare to Seafloras seaweeds and Organic Seaweed Elixir.


    • Seafloras seaweed ingredients show strong tyrosinase inhibition compared to Kojic Acid and Arbutin controls
    • Seafloras seaweed ingredients show higher inhibitory effect at lower concentrations compared to Kojic Acid and Arbutin
    • Kojic Acid and Arbutin need higher concentrations to be effective

    Seaflora has strategically combined the unique skin brightening capability of our bioactive kelp complex with effective natural brightening ingredients to work on the different cellular mechanisms that cause hyperpigmentation.

    Local Sooke client Testimonial:

    Undergoing A Laser Procedure

  • 1Visit a dermatologist for a consultation about laser treatment. A targeted laser treatment is the most common and effective procedure to reduce melanin. Its especially useful because a dermatologist can specifically focus on dark patches without bleaching all your skin. If youd like this treatment, then contact a professional dermatologist for a consultation. The dermatologist will then bring you in to determine if you’re a good candidate for laser treatment.XTrustworthy SourceNational Health Service Public healthcare system of the UKGo to source
  • Dermatologists typically use lasers on people with dark patches or blotches on their skin. If you want to lighten larger areas, then they’ll probably use a cream or peel instead.
  • Only visit a licensed and certified dermatologist for a laser treatment. Some cosmetic clinics might offer the treatment, but they may not use the best techniques or equipment.
  • Your insurance may or may not cover the treatment, so keep the cost in mind.
  • Signs of a negative reaction include excessive redness, swelling, burning, and itching. Let your dermatologist know right away if you experience these side effects.
  • If you do have a negative reaction to the laser, then your dermatologist can recommend other lightening techniques.
  • The treatment might feel a bit prickly or hot, but you shouldnt feel pain. Let the dermatologist know right away if the treatment hurts you.
  • Dont pick at any scabs that form. This could cause a scar.
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    Types Of Temporary Skin Disorders

    When it comes to temporary skin diseases, there are several available treatments. Few can be cured at home with over-the-counter medications or home remedies. If skin disease symptoms persist or become severe, it may be necessary to see a doctor. However, some common temporary skin diseases are easier to manage than permanent skin disorders.

    Side Effects Of Moringa

    Here are 5 vitamins that can help to reduce melanin in skin by eating ...

    Anyone thinking about using moringa should talk to their doctor first. Moringa is not suggested for pregnant women since it may have anti-fertility properties. There have been extremely few documented side effects. People should carefully read the extracted label and adhere to the dosing guidelines.

    The following are some of the drugs to be wary of:

    Thyroid disorders are treated with levothyroxine. Moringa leaf compounds may help with thyroid function, however, they should not be used in conjunction with other thyroid medications.

    Any drugs that the liver may be able to break down: Moringa extract may hasten this process, which could result in a variety of adverse effects or difficulties.

    Diabetes drugs: Diabetes meds work by lowering blood sugar levels, which moringa does as well. Its critical to keep blood sugar levels from dropping too low.

    High blood pressure medication: Moringa has been demonstrated to reduce blood pressure. Therefore, if you take moringa with other blood pressure medications, your blood pressure may drop too low.

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    What Is Baby Oil Used For Uses Benefits & More

    Often talked about as something of a âmiracle oilâ, baby oil is one of the most versatile skincare and baby products around, with a bottle or two found in most bathroom cabinets. And its uses span beyond what you might expect, too. Here are a few baby oil uses your little one might benefit from.

    Introduction On How To Reduce Melanin Production In 3 Months

    The presence of melanin in our skin causes pigmentation on our skin, hair, and eyes. It is an integral part of our bodies that also acts as a defensive barrier against the sun. Melanin production in every individual differs on account of genetics, diet, skincare routine, and geographic location.

    Hyperpigmentation from melanin is a common cause among individuals living near the equator and around tropical areas.

    There are ways on how to reduce melanin’ concentration in your skin within 3 months by implementing some dietary and lifestyle changes, and also a new skincare routine.

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    Sunscreen And Sun Exposure

    The purpose of melanin is to protect your skin from sun damage. When youre exposed to the sun, your skin creates even more melanin.

    Wearing sunscreen will limit this process. Sunscreen protects the skin from UV rays, which slow down your melanin production.

    According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the best sunscreen is:

    • SPF 30 or higher
    • water-resistant

    Sunscreen doesnt block 100 percent of the suns UV rays. To further limit how much melanin your skin makes, you should also:

    • limit your sun exposure

    However, a more recent 2012 study determined aloe vera doesnt have these effects.

    Though the research is conflicting, users of aloe vera gel say it helps lighten skin.

    Lemon juice

    People also use lemon juice to reduce skin pigmentation. This may be due to its high vitamin C content. According to a 2017 article in Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology , vitamin C can reduce tyrosinase activity, which prevents the formation of melanin.

    Despite its potential anti-pigmentation effect, lemon juice can be harsh on the skin. Use only when diluted and avoid the sun after use.

    Skin bleaching

    When you apply a skin bleaching product like hydroquinone, it decreases the number of melanocytes in your skin. This can result in lighter skin and a more even skin tone.

    Green tea

    Always Consult Your Doctor

    What Is Skin Lightening? – Reduce Darker Melanin Producing Cells

    Anyone who sees a change in skin pigmentation should see their dermatologist right away. A sudden area of skin getting lighter or darker can be a sign of something serious, which is why you will need to consult your physician.

    Your dermatologist can also recommend certain treatments and provide you with useful information and resources to help you.

    We at the Health Base also recommend that you visit the relevant health specialist if you believe there is anything at all amiss with your health.

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    Available Treatments For Melanin Reduction

    To reduce melanin for permanently whiter skin, you can opt for natural remedies, at-home treatments, or in-clinic treatments. All options vary significantly in terms of price and the time it takes for visible results. However, theyve all been proven effective. Choosing the best treatment option for you really depends on your budget and preferences, one of the top cream for this is Meladerm, check out of Meladerm review for more information.

    Ask A Dermatologist About High

    If topical solutions aren’t fixing the problem, you may want to talk to your dermatologist about more aggressive ways to banish discoloration, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or dermabrasion, or, per the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine, a laser resurfacing procedure. (Important note: If you have melasma, lasers are considered third-line treatments, as they have not been found to get rid of excess melanin production, according to a review published in March 2017 in the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology.

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    Is It Possible To Permanently Reduce Melanin Production

    Please dialHOTLINE for more information or register for an appointment HERE. Download MyVinmec app to make appointments faster and receive 15% off for consultation fee at the first appointment . MyVinmec app is also available and convenient for your bookings management andTelehealth service with Vinmec doctors all in one.

    What Are The Types Of Melanin In Our Body

    Reduce melanin production &  brighten the skin with this powerful ...

    Overall, three types of melanin in the body contribute color to different body parts. Lets take a look at them:

    • Eumelanin: There are two types of Eumelanin produced by melanocytes: brown-colored and black-colored. People with brown or black hair have different amounts of brown and black melanin.
    • Pheomelanin: This type of melanin provides colors to the pinkish parts of the body, such as lips or nails.
    • Neuromelanin: This type of melanin majorly controls the color of neurons.

    What purpose does melanin serve?

    Besides offering color to the skin, the skin pigment melanin in our body offers additional benefits to promote skin health. Following the benefits we should be aware of:

    Normally the skin starts secreting excess melanin in the body during certain conditions like pregnancy, prolonged exposure to UV rays, etc. Excess melanin production can prevent skin disorders such as Vitiligo, Albinism, Melasma, and other related skin disorders.

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    Natural Remedies To Reduce Melanin In Skin

    You do not know that these remedies will surely work, there is a belief that they could contribute to skincare in case of hyperpigmentation.

    Of course, to obtain an adequate, safe, and effective treatment, it is best to consult the dermatologist and, at the same time, maintain a good care routine that includes the application of sunscreen daily. Hyperpigmentation is a problem that, if treated early in the right way, with the help of a dermatologist, can be alleviated.

    Remedies are a popular suggestion that has no scientific validity and therefore, cannot guarantee good results. Always keep in mind that the use of sunscreen daily is essential. You must consult your doctor about the hydration products that would be best for you to use.


    • First, chop the half potato into four slices.
    • Then, rub the potato on the most affected and stained areas of the skin and leave it to act for fifteen minutes.
    • After the indicated time, wash with plenty of cold water.
    • Lemon juice and honey
    • 2 tablespoons of honey
    • 2 tablespoons of lemon


    • Mix both ingredients until obtaining a more or less homogeneous combination.
    • Apply this paste on the stained areas and massage circularly.
    • Let stand for twenty minutes and wash with plenty of warm water.
    • Never apply this remedy for the day, as it can stain the skin.
    • Vitamin E and Aloe Vera


    • 10 drops of vitamin E oil
    • 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel


    • Orange peel, milk, and honey


    • ½ glass of milk
    • 2 tablespoons of honey


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