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Exfoliator For Dry Sensitive Skin

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes

Face scrub/exfoliating mask for dry sensitive skin.

Even people with sensitive skin can cut down on their routine with Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes. … Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes is created with Cotton Extract to soften your skin , Rice … Extract to moisturize and Aloe to soothe , each natural towelette is soft and gentle.⢠…

Pca Skin Rebalance 482g

More than just a lightweight moisturiser, PCA Skin ReBalance restores and defends. … just a lightweight moisturiser, PCA Skin ReBalance restores and defends. Your … skin is quicker to bounce back … … free Ideal for both sensitive skin types , and skin that has been sensitised and is irritated due to exposure to the environment or chemical peels. An excellent choice for skin that has been recently …

  • A toning spritz that’s clarifying, balancing and purifying – perfect for sensitive and problematic skin…. support to protect the skin from environmental aggressors.Supports skin barrier function and helps to repair damaged skin.Calms sensitive , irritated , inflamed and intolerant skin.Non-comedogenic.Spritz format for a …


  • What To Look For In An Exfoliator For Sensitive Skin

    There are two types of exfoliators: chemical and physical. Dr. Peredo says to opt for chemical exfoliators for sensitive skin as theyre less abrasive than physical versions and penetrate deeper into the skin without friction. However, if you must use a physical exfoliator, look for products that contain jojoba esters or beads for a gentler option. They are round and smooth so will not scratch the skin and will instead buff away dead skin cells, she shares.

    In terms of ingredients, seek out formulas that contain PHAs or polyhydroxy acids. It is much milder and less irritating than AHAs and BHAs, she shares. For plant-powered actives, Peredo says to look for fruit enzymes like papain/papaya and pineapple. She also suggests avoiding physical methods like brushes and to not over-exfoliate. Over-exfoliation can weaken your skins protective barrier, especially if you regularly use strong actives, she says. Start off slowly, incorporating an exfoliant into your routine once a week in the evenings and gradually increase to a few nights per week.

    Now that you have all the expert info, we present 15 derm-approved exfoliators along with our personal favorites that are safe and gentle enough for sensitive and reactive skin types.

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    Best Overall: Drunk Elephant Tlc Sukari Babyfacial

    • Formulation of AHA and BHA blend for gentle exfoliation

    • Free of essential oils, silicones, and fragrance

    • pH level of 3.5

    • May be too strong for particularly sensitive skin

    Drunk Elephant is known for its focus on clean formulationsproducts free of essential oils, alcohols, silicones, and other ingredients that can cause skin issueswhich is one of the reasons why it’s our top pick when shopping for an exfoliator.

    T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial is a mask treatment thats packed with a blend of 25 percent alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs and 2 percent beta hydroxy acid or BHA that exfoliate and resurface skin for a smoother, brighter appearance. It can help minimize the look of pores, fine lines, acne, and wrinkles while delivering brightening benefits for a more even and baby-soft complexion.

    The brand recommends using the treatment once weekly, applying the mask to clean skin and leaving it on for 20 minutes. And while its formulated with all skin types in mind, the potent ingredients can be too strong for some with sensitive skin, so its important to do a patch test or start slow with usage, especially if you already have redness or sensitized areas.

    Key Ingredients: AHA blend , BHA , chickpea flour | Usage: Leave-on mask , use once weekly | Scent: Fragrance-free

    Bioderma Hydrabio Starter Kit For Dehydrated Skin

    The 11 Best Drugstore Exfoliators That Dermatologists Love

    All of your Bioderma Hydrabio favorites now available in this handy little kit. … respecting the natural balance of the skin. The ultra-gentle micelles help capture fatty molecules such … dehydrated and sensitive skin types. This deeply hydrating range is designed to restore the skin’s cellular activity …


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    Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel

    Reveal a smoother and brighter complexion with the Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel. … granule-free exfoliating mask uses fruit enzymes to hydrate , soften , and refresh skin whilst treating sensitive skin types gently.Key benefits of Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel:Ultra skin exfoliant to smooth …


    Scrubs For Ingrown Hairs On Legs

    Unfortunately ingrown hairs get the best of us. But if youre prone to getting them, a mild exfoliator can do the trick. In fact, body scrubs can help unclog your hair follicles, which may be getting blocked by a build-up of dead skin cells. Exfoliating can help clear your skin, so you can say goodbye to those annoying ingrown hairs!

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    How To Exfoliate Sensitive Skin Naturally: 8 Amazing Ingredients And How To Use Them

    Like all skin types, sensitive skin benefits from exfoliation. However, since sensitive skin is also much more prone to irritation, it requires an exfoliator that is gentle and nourishing/soothing. So, in this article were going to dive into how to exfoliate sensitive skin naturally, including:

    • Which ingredients to use.
    • Ingredients to avoid on sensitive skin.
    • How often to exfoliate sensitive skin.
    • Recipes you can try.

    Lancme Advanced Genifique Sensitive Serum 20ml

    THE BEST EXFOLIATORS- An expert guide to exfoliation.. Revealing the best drugstore exfoliator #skin

    Lancôme Advanced Genifique Sensitive Serum is a soothing serum that treats dryness, redness, itching and roughness. … Treats dryness , redness , itching and roughnessDesigned to be used as a one-month treatment on sensitive skinContains potent antioxidants Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid , in a soothing probiotic baseSoothes , calms …

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    Dont Exfoliate Too Often

    More is not better when it comes to exfoliating your skin. Rouleau says an exfoliating toner, for instance, should only be used four to five days a week. Its important to understand that all skin types require protective cells on the surface to keep it functioning in a healthy way, she says. Constantly stripping off layers of invisible skin cells is destructive to the integrity of the skin.

    If you do over-exfoliate and damage your skin barrier, Rouleau says to take a break from all exfoliants for two weeks. Once your skin is feeling repaired you can begin to slowly reintroduce them into your routine.

    As far as at-home exfoliating treatments like face masks or beauty tools, its best to spread out use. According to Rabach, you should really only be using these every one or two weeks depending on what your skin can tolerate.

    Studies referenced:

    Del Rosso, J. . Retinoid-Induced Flaring in Patients with Acne Vulgaris: Does It Really Exist? The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology.

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    Whats In Exfoliating Products For Sensitive Skin

    The second most important factor would be the formula you are using: steer clear of any harsh scrubs with rough granules, as these will just aggravate your skin more. Instead, look for formulas containing super nourishing creams. Here are our top 3 picks for exfoliating scrubs that work wonders for sensitive skin types.

  • Try out this scrub with a 97% all natural formula that is friendly towards all skin types: that means sensitive skin as well! You and your skin will love it!
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    The Science Behind Exfoliation

    Skin cell turnover a repetitive process that happens approximately every 28 days occurs when the living cells from the lowest epidermis layer gradually move up to the skins top layer. A healthy renewal cycle is essential for an even, spotless glowing complexion, yet the renewal process slows down with age.

    There are two types of exfoliants: physical and chemical. While the former is the gritty, scrub-like formula you may be more familiar with , chemical exfoliators dissolve dead skin cells versus sweeping them away.

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    Best Scrub: Skinceuticals Micro Exfoliating Scrub

    5 Best Budget Exfoliators For Sensitive Skin // Talonted Lex ...

    Also available at Dermstore

    What We Love: It is gentle enough to use two to three times a week for most skin types.

    What We Don’t Love: The rough and gritty texture makes it too abrasive for dry and sensitive skin.

    If you prefer a true scrub over an exfoliating wash, then this Skinceuticals product is worth adding to your wishlist, as it is generally well tolerated by most skin types. Plus, contains skin softening glycerin as a main ingredient, Dr. Saedi says.

    “Tiny microbeads gently clear away dull, dead skin cells, giving you a smoother glow, and allowing the key ingredients in your other skincare products to be absorbed more fully,” she explains. “I love that it contains glycerin to help keep your skin feeling hydrated and soft. Plus, it’s gentle enough to use two to three times a week!”

    Exfoliant Type: PhysicalSkin Type: Dry, Normal, Oily and CombinationSize: 5 oz.

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    Disciple Dreamy Skin Retinyl Oil 20ml

    Live the dream with the DISCIPLE Dreamy Skin Retinyl Oil, a nighttime oil that encourages skin regeneration while you sleep…. Retinyl Oil recommended for?A far gentler form of retinyl , the Dreamy Skin is most recommended for those wanting to experience the benefits of retinyl but have sensitive skin. All skin types can use this product , but …

    Best Overall: Zo Skin Health Dual Action Scrub

    Also available at ZO Skin Health

    What We Love: It is non-abrasive and well-tolerated by all skin types.

    What We Don’t Love: It is more expensive than other facial exfoliators on our list

    Yes, this scrub exfoliant may be more expensive than other products on our list, but hear me out it truly is an investment your skin will thank you for. After all, not only is it suitable for all skin types, but because it is also non abrasive. The scrubby particles t won’t scratch or pierce your skin as you use it.

    “This is the ideal chemical and physical scrub for all skin types,” says board-certified dermatologist Carin Litani, M.D. “The chemical exfoliants blend the deep pore decongesting salicylic acid with the more gentle, superficial brightening and resurfacing lactic acid. The physical exfoliant consists of non-abrasive and environmentally friendly wax beads. And, above all, this scrub contains antioxidants.What’s not to love?”

    Exfoliant Type: Physical and ChemicalSkin Type: All Size: 4 fl o.z.

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    Grown Alchemist Enzyme Facial Exfoliant 75ml

    Formulated for sensitive skin types, the Grown Alchemist Enzyme Exfoliant is a gentle and granule-free exfoliator that smooths the appearance of fine lines while gently dissolving dead skin cells…. Amino Complex 75mlThis Grown Alchemist exfoliant is a natural enzymatic exfoliator , increasing cell renewal … this exfoliant will renew the appearance of skin tone and texture without compromising sensitive skin.What are …

    Best For Brightening: Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

    Exfoliator for Sensitive Skin? Ceramine Botanical Peeling Gel Review

    Also available at

    What We Love: It dissolves dead skin cells with pomegranate enzymes, willow bark, white clay, and grapefruit.

    What We Don’t Love: It has a strong scent which can be a turn-off to those who prefer unscented products.

    Another physical and chemical exfoliating duo, this cleanser is the perfect pick-me-up for combatting dullness and dryness with each wash. Not only is it practically foolproof to use, but it really provides a deep clean to the skin, making it an ideal second step in any double cleansing routine.

    Other perks? This cleanser also gets a thumbs up from skin pros like Thornton. “This cleanser uses both physical and chemical exfoliators to brighten the skin,” she says. “Ingredients such as pomegranate enzymes and willow bark dissolve dead skin, while clay and grapefruit refine pores. Plus, it smells lovely and is cruelty-free!”

    Exfoliant Type: Physical and ChemicalSkin Type: Dry and CombinationSize: 1.7 oz.

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    How Do You Exfoliate

    As per above, youll want to be kind to your face when exfoliating. That means prepping your skin under hot water and then gently applying the product in a circular motion. The coarser elements of an exfoliator are specifically designed to get shot of dead skin, so there’s no need to scrub away as though you’re trying to sand down a wooden bench. So long as you’re thorough in your application, your skin will be best prepared for a close shave and you’ll reduce any likelihood of ingrown hairs in the process.

    What Are The Best Ingredients To Look For In A Facial Exfoliant

    • Lactic acid is gentle so its great for dry or sensitive skin
    • Citric and Malic acids can help thicken your skin so are good if you have sun damage

    Whats more, facial exfoliants come in the form of cleansers or facial scrubs, so you can select the formula based on your prefernce. When you use an exfoliator for the face, the finer, granular ones are better because they are not as harsh and wont cause skin abrasions, Peredo recommends.

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    Sodashi Gentle Repair White Clay Mask

    A soothing blend of Chamomile, Damask Rose, Calendula and Neroli help to soothe and reduce redness and inflammation in skin, revealing a healthy, calm complexion. … healthy , calm complexion. Key benefits of the Sodashi Gentle Repair White Clay Mask:Reduces rednessCools and calms skinStrengthens and repairs sensitive skinHelps to draw out impurities , and minimise pores …

    Lancer The Method: Polish

    The 10 Best Exfoliators for Sensitive Skin #GetRidOfWhiteheads ...

    The solution to dry skin is right here in this bottle of Lancer The Method: Polish. This daily polish is a skin resurfacing treatment.

    It includes pure minerals as well as pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes to gently and effectively remove surface debris and dull, dry surface cells.

    This product is a powerful anti-ageing exfoliator that uses natural minerals to sweep away skin debris. It also contains pumpkin enzymes for additional nourishing exfoliation, while the pomegranate enzymes revive your skin and hydrate it at the same time.

    Infused with Brown Sea Algae which is a source of alginic acid that helps to balance hydration in your skin.

    It also has a warming element to keep your dry skin balanced during the process and has a natural Lavender scent to complete your luxurious daily ritual.


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    Start Slow And Use Soothing Ingredients

    If your skins sensitive, the last thing you should do is reach for all of the exfoliating acids you can get your hands on. If youre breakout-prone and already have clogged pores, be aware that active ingredients like exfoliating acids or retinoids can cause an initial purging, says Rouleau.Purging is what can happen when a product usually one that contains the active ingredients Rouleau mentioned brings active blemishes to the surface as your skin cell turnover speeds up .

    So, if you plan on incorporating a chemical exfoliant into your daily routine, start slow. I would start once a week, says Dr. Morgan Rabach, MD, a dermatologist at LM Medical in New York City. And if that is too much with the rest of your regimen, start every two weeks and gently increase as tolerated.

    Rouleau says you should also look for products that have a balancing and soothing ingredient in the formula to help prevent irritation, like chamomile, sea whip extract, azulene, and white tea.

    If you prefer exfoliating with a face scrub, Rouleau recommends one with jojoba beads for a gentle option. At a microscopic level, jojoba beads are polished, round, and smooth, she says. This means they will buff away dead cells without scratching the skin.

    Face Exfoliators For Dry And Sensitive Skin

    The benefits of exfoliating the face are many, as previously mentioned it helps improve and even out your complexion, leaving you with glowing blemish-free skin. Plus, it also helps face moisturisers and serums penetrate your facial skin deeper, enhancing their effects.

    But compared to the skin on your body, your face is naturally more sensitive. As such, you should only use exfoliators designed to be used on the face.

    Oily or Combination Skin with Blemishes

    A common mistake people with blemishes or breakouts make is over-exfoliating the skin in the hope it will renew faster. This is not recommended scrubbing too aggressively may cause irritation, redness and even soreness. To exfoliate sensitive skin thats oily or blemish-prone, start exfoliating once a week with a scrub and introduce chemical exfoliators alongside the scrubs slowly, gradually using them up to three times a week alternating between the two products.

    Dry Facial Skin

    If your skin is dry and sensitive, over-exfoliating may deplete your skin of that all-important sebum, contributing to making it even drier. The best face exfoliators for dry skin are gentle and mild and designed to be used on your face. When exfoliating dry skin, make sure the products you use contain nourishing ingredients that keep your skin smooth but also moisturised. Start by using mild chemical exfoliants and then gradually introduce gentle facial scrubs up to twice a week.

    Facial Skin Conditions Like Eczema or Rosacea

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    Natural Exfoliants That Are Good For Sensitive Skin

    There are two types of natural exfoliants that can be used on sensitive skin: physical or manual exfoliants and chemical exfoliants . The chemical exfoliants are usually gentler and more effective because they dont require manual pressure and they also contain soothing ingredients that nourish the skin.

    Lets take a look at some of the natural exfoliants that you can use on sensitive skin as well as their benefits.


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