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What Can I Give My Dog For Skin Allergies

Natural Remedies For Dog Allergies

6 Best Home Remedies for Dog Skin Allergies (All-natural)

You’ve seen symptoms like intense itchiness, sneezing, and irritated skin, and your vet has confirmed it’s an allergic reaction. What do you do next?

If the problem isn’t necessarily severe enough to warrant medication, you can ask your vet about natural remedies or DIY solutions. Once you have the go-ahead from a vet, you can try some of the following home remedies for dog allergies:

How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Allergic To His Food

Tummy trouble: Allergies may cause gastrointestinal issues, such as gas, vomiting, and diarrhea. Swollen face: You may see swelling in your dogs lips, eyelids, or ear flaps. Chronic ear or paw infections: Repeated infections in your dogs ear or paws may be a sign of a food sensitivity, not a food allergy.

# 6 Licorice For Your Dogs Allergies

Licorice is an easy to find herb. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine have used licorice as a harmonizer for allergy patients for thousands of years. In traditional Chinese medicine , licorice tonifies the spleen, benefits the Qi, moistens the lung stops coughing, clears heat, detoxifies Fire Poison and soothes spasms .

A study of a substance in licorice called glycyrrhizic acid showed that it has a codeine-like effect. Licorice can also relieve inflammation in the digestive tract and helps remove mucus from the respiratory tract. Just what the doctor ordered for allergy sufferers!

Giving Licorice To DogsTilford and Wulff recommend working with your vet. This is because dosage varies widely, depending on your dogs condition. But they suggest starting with 12 to 20 drops per 20 lbs of body weight twice daily, using a low alcohol licorice extract. If youre using a tea, triple that dose.

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For Fleas Consider A Dog Flea Allergy Treatment

Keeping your dog free of fleas and other pests can make a huge difference to your dogs quality of life, and your own. Spot-on treatments can help keep fleas at bay, and to kill any fleas currently on your dog, or there are pills available that you can give to your dog to kill any fleas living on it.

There are also a number of soothing anti-flea shampoos available that will remove fleas and soothe the skin all in one go.

Natural Solutions For Dog Anxiety

Buy dog itching skin relief

As natural and holistic remedies are becoming more and more popular, the same holds true for canines. Both Dr. Coates and holistic veterinarian Dr. Laurie Coger recommend always going to your vet first so they can diagnose the root cause of the stress and rule out a more serious medical or behavioral issue.

Once your vet has confirmed that its not a health issue, these natural stress remedies for pets could be precisely what your pet needs to return to his normal, happy self.

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So What Can I Give My Dog For Allergies

Tackling your dogs allergy will depend on the type and severity. The best place to start is usually with a trip to the vet to pinpoint the root cause of your pups discomfort.

Skin allergies tend to be the easiest to identify. Symptoms are usually localized, and theyre typically traced back to a single cause: fleas. Along with a standard allergy test and a blood test, your vet will want to rule out flea allergies before digging deeper.

Meanwhile, where food allergies are concerned, your vet will probably recommend putting your dog on an elimination diet where food allergies are concerned. This means dropping certain foods and ingredients from your pets diet for 6-8 weeks . Only then should you slowly reintroduce those foods one at a time to see how your dog reacts.

But what can you give your dog to reduce allergy symptoms?

The good news is, with environmental allergies, there are several things you can use to help your four-legged friend find some relief. Online and over-the-counter medications, products, and supplements make treating your dog for allergies at home easy and effective. These include:

  • Probiotic supplements

Lets take a look at each of these in a little more detail.

1. Probiotic Supplements

Giving your pup a probiotic supplement is a great way to reduce the symptoms of allergies as they present themselves and keep allergic reactions at bay going forward.

2. Antihistamines

3. Hypoallergenic Shampoos

4. Natural Remedies

Why Cant Dogs Eat Turkey

Bones from birds such as turkey, chicken, and duck are fragile and splinter easily, especially when cooked. Feeding these to your dog can cause severe issues, as they are often known to splinter in either the throat or in the digestive tract, which can lead to serious pain and bleeding for your dog.

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How Can I Treat My Dogs Skin Allergy At Home

You can use shampoos and products to help keep your pups skin moisturized and free of allergens. Using an oatmeal bath or other product to help soothe itchy skin can help allergy symptoms. You can also try dietary supplements and remove allergens from your dogs environment. Remember to check with your vet before using any new products on your dog.

What Are The Signs Of Allergies In Dogs

How to treat dog allergies

Your dog may exhibit a range of telltale symptoms, including itching and scratching especially when its excessive or in moist, red, flaky-looking skin. Once you notice these signs, its time to act and find a proper solution to the problem.

Sometimes dogs will also experience runny noses, droopy eyes, or suffer canine ear infections. The dogs ears may itch and produce a foul-smelling liquid. Some dogs may itch at the base of their tale or along their back, although its typically observed in dogs with flea allergies.

Other signs of allergies include sneezing, vomiting, or diarrhea in your pet dogs due to an allergic reaction. Dogs may also lick themselves obsessively as well as chew their paws. Sometimes our canine friends may even snore due to allergies as a result of inflammation in their sinuses and in the throat.

Last but not least, dogs suffering from any kind of secondary bacterial or yeast infection may experience hair loss accompanied by crusty-looking skin.

Allergies can develop at any time in a dogs life and there is no way to make them immune to allergens.

Geneticists believe that some dog breeds are more susceptible than others, but it really depends on the dogs immune system, eating habits, and the environment they live in.

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What Should I Feed My Dog

With allergies, it can sometimes be a struggle finding a food that is just right for your dog. All dogs are different so it can be a challenge to find the perfect recipe. Knowing exactly what your dog is allergic to will be the most helpful way to choose a correct diet. If you are ever unsure about what to feed, we recommend consulting your veterinarian. In some severe cases, your pet may need to be placed on a prescription diet.

If you are interested in a Wholesomes diet for your dog that has allergies, but want some extra help deciding which recipe to choose, please send us a message! Our team of experts would love to help you make the right decision about your fur babies meal!

Does Your Dog Really Need Lamb Bison And Other ‘hypoallergenic’ Dog Food Proteins

In order to identify what is the best dog food for dogs with food allergies you must first understand what are food allergies and what causes them.

Many different terms are used to describe abnormal reactions to food. The terms allergy and hypersensitivity describe an immunologic reaction to food allergens and requires previous exposure to the allergen to bring about symptoms. In contrast, a food intolerance does not involve the immune system and can occur with the first exposure to a certain food. Both reactions produce similar symptoms and may be difficult to tell apart without veterinary guidance.

In fact, according to Dr. Adam Patterson, clinical assistant professor and Chief of Dermatology at the Texas A& M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences Small Animal Clinic, Food allergies in dogs present themselves quite differently than food allergies in humans. For instance, a person who is allergic to shellfish may experience throat swelling and possibly a critical or fatal reaction, but in dogs, the allergy is expressed through the skin and seen most often as itch.

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How Do You Treat Canine Skin Allergies

To help your dog feel better, you’ll want to uncover the initial cause of the allergic reaction. For example, while topical anti-itching creams may offer some relief from red and irritated areas, it’s not a long-term fix. Maintaining a dog’s healthy skin requires avoiding irritating allergens altogether.

What Do I Do Next

Dog Allergy Pill Prescription

Now that youve hunted down your ingredients, its time to mix them together to make the perfect oatmeal bath shampoo for your pampered pooch. Heres how to do that:

  • Use your food processor, blender or coffee grinder to process or blend your oats on the highest setting, until the powder is fine and consistent.
  • Test your powder by stirring 1 tablespoon of your powder into a glass of warm water. Are the oats ground fine enough to absorb water?
  • If water is easily absorbed and the liquid appears milky and feels smooth, youve blended long enough.
  • If the liquid does not look milky, grind the oats to an even finer consistency and test again. Repeat the process until youve got a fine, milky solution that feels silky.
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    Is Chicken Good For Dogs With Allergies

    Chicken is a great option for dogs as its easily-digestible and offers high levels of Omega 6s which are good for the skin & coat. Try our chicken formula Chicken, Brown Rice, & Pumpkin. If your dog has a chicken allergy or you want to rotate proteins, our Salmon, Brown Rice & Sweet Potato Recipe is a great choice.

    Types Of Dog Allergies

    Generally, allergies in dogs are categorized into three groups: environmental allergies, food allergies, and flea allergies.

    Environmental allergies, sometimes called seasonal allergies, involve allergic reactions to things like pollen, mold, dirt, or dust. In other words, things dogs come across in their environment, perhaps seasonally.

    Food allergies are also relatively common, affecting about 10% of all dogs. When a dog has a food allergy, the immune system is reacting to an allergen thats an ingredient in their dog food. Beef, chicken, dairy, soy, and wheat are common offenders.

    Last but not least is flea allergy dermatitis . A dog with FAD reacts to a protein in flea saliva, which causes intense itchy skin and excessive scratching.

    Whether it’s environmental or related to a dietary ingredient or a flea infestation, your dog’s allergies will cause some noticeable symptoms. Symptoms of environmental allergies include:

    Talk to your vet if you notice these symptoms of allergies. Your dog may need to undergo allergy testing so that treatment can start. Here’s the good news: Dog allergies are treatable.

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    Home Remedies For Dog Allergies Start With Change

    If your dog suffers from allergies, your first port of call should always be to eliminate the allergens as much as possible. This could mean keeping an extra clean house to avoid house dust mites or switching to a hypoallergenic dog food diet.

    Sometimes relatively small lifestyle changes can make a big difference to you and your dog.

    Ways To Help Your Itchy Dog With Allergies

    Allergies in Dogs: Top 5 Remedies to Stop the Itching

    Nehru Sulejmanovski / EyeEm

    Redness, scratching, and chewing are all signs of skin problems in dogs. Allergies are a common cause of skin problem in dogs. Fortunately, there are several ways to manage itching and allergies in dogs. Sometimes you can do certain things at home to prevent or ease mild itching while in other cases, you will need to consult with your veterinarian. Failure to manage your dog’s allergies can lead to other issues, such as hair loss, skin infections, and severe discomfort. Here are the best ways to manage allergies in dogs.

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    Studies On Cbd And Allergies

    In a groundbreaking 2007 study, the authors found that the ECS is linked to allergic contact dermatitis, which is a medical term for skin reactions in animals. Researchers concluded that certain cannabinoids can fight allergic reactions. According to one of the teams members, These results demonstrate a protective role of the endocannabinoid system in contact allergy in the skin and suggest a target for therapeutic intervention.

    Later, a 2012 study on dogs with atopic dermatitis showed that CBD could relieve the symptoms. CBD oil improved the appearance of the dogs skin on top of reducing redness, dryness, and itchiness .

    CBD has been touted as a powerful anti-inflammatory since 2009 when cannabinoids have been proposed as novel anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Another 2009 study found that CBD-impaired activation of T-cells is associated with increased allergic reactions. By blocking this activation, cannabinoids are able to mitigate the antibody response and help lessen allergy symptoms.

    Terpenes can also be useful in relieving allergies. In a 2014 study, researchers found that alpha-pinene, one of the predominant terpenes in cannabis, may also be able to help reduce antibody levels .

    How To Help Dog Allergies

    Since allergies in dogs are relatively common, there are many ways you can treat dog allergies at home without going to see your vet. However, if your dog’s condition worsens despite your efforts, you may consider dog allergy medicine.

    Keep in mind that medicine will bring unwanted side effects, so I usually recommend natural remedies.

    Dog allergies are also referred to as dog skin allergies since they often result in skin irritation. Keep reading to find out which remedies work exceptionally well for skin irritation!

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    How To Bathe Your Dog

    • Total Time: 30 mins

    Bathing your dog is a regular grooming practice that will keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy, and remove dirt, parasites, or other elements that can get stuck in the fur. While dogs don’t need daily bathing, their fur, environment, and other factors can impact how often to bathe them. Speak to your vet to know how often your dog should be washed.

    Food Solutions For Dogs With Allergies

    Which Are The Best Natural Remedies For Dog Allergies?

    When it comes to food for your dog with allergies, you have two options: limited ingredient food or hypoallergenic food.

    Limited Ingredient Food

    Diets with fewer components can make it easier to tell which specific ingredient your pup is allergic to. Once you figure it out, you can feed your dog a diet with limited ingredients to ensure they are avoiding the allergen. Limited ingredient foods come in a wide range of flavors and styles and you can find one tailored to your pupâs specific needs.

    Hypoallergenic Food

    Hypoallergenic dog food diets use unique protein sources that are generally not recognized by your dogâs antibodies as being antigens, meaning they wonât cause a reaction. Many hypoallergenic foods use proteins that have been âsplitâ into their basic amino acid building blocks, rendering the original allergen virtually âinvisibleâ to your petâs immune system. Hydrolyzed soy protein is a good example of a protein that could be found in hypoallergenic food.

    In some cases, your vet may need to write you a prescription for hypoallergenic food.

    Many are made using proteins that have been chemically split into their basic amino acid building blocks which can make the original allergen virtually invisible to your pets immune system.

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    Figuring Out The Problem

    In order for you to fix the problem, you have to figure it out first! You can begin by determining the types of allergies and what their causes are. This way, you can effectively find the solution and apply it accordingly.

    There are various ways to classify and diagnose allergies. Here are some of them:

    • Allergens: This includes food and flea allergies.
    • Route to the body: This pertains to the route that the allergen takes to enter the body. It includes food, inhalant, and skin contact allergies.
    • Time taken to have an immune reaction: This includes immediate-type hypersensitivity, which is also commonly referred to as shock or anaphylaxis. It also includes delayed-type hypersensitivity.
    • Inherited forms: These are seasonal or atopic allergies.
    • Clinical signs: These include allergic bronchitis and allergic dermatitis.

    Can My Dog Be Allergic To Potatoes

    When the immune system responds forcefully to a perceived threat, in this case, potatoes, an allergic reaction occurs. Potatoes are a common canine allergen due to the preponderance of allergen types that are contained within the potato, and they are frequently used as a carbohydrate source in foods and treats.

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    Dog Skin Allergy Treatment

    Based on her results, they formulated a customized solution that I would then give her at home on a regular basis. This enabled her immune system to cope with the allergens. This is known as immunotherapy or desensitization – more on that below.

    Immunotherapy is the closest thing to a cure for allergies, however, it does take time to really work. Typically between 3-6 months for the treatment to start working and a full year to see maximum results. You can read more about allergy vaccines here.

    But the good news is, dogs can be on this treatment long-term without adverse side effects. It even works out cheaper than the constant vet visits and medication required to treat allergy symptoms in the short term. The Veterinary Dermatologist also gave me a whole treatment plan to address her symptoms in the short-term whilst waiting for the allergy shots to kick in.


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