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Why Do I Have Tiny Red Dots On My Skin

Pinpoint Red Dots On Skin

Why those tiny bumps ARENT fungal acne!

Those pinpoint red spots on the skin can occur for a variety of reasons. In many cases, red spots or bumps arent a sign of a major problem they could be caused by a simple rash or bug bite. Other times, red spots could be a sign of a more serious issue.Acne is an extremely common skin condition that can range from mild to severe. The condition usually presents itself as skin bumps that can often become red or swollen. Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition that causes pinpoint red dots on skin as a result of inflammation. Rashes from eczema may have red bumps that ooze or crust.Heat rash is a result of sweat trapped in clogged pores and appears as itchy small red dots on skin that can also feel tingly. This is a common condition in hot, humid weather and usually goes away once the skin temperature has cooled.Skin cancer, from melanoma to basal cell carcinoma, may also appear as pinpoint red spots, scaly plaques or moles on the skin. This is why it is very crucial to know when to see a doctor. See the list below for some general guidelines and be sure to always consult a doctor if you are suspicious or unsure about any bump or spot on your body.

Red Dots On Legs Due To Psoriasis

This condition usually occurs when the production of skin cells rises beyond the normal level. The most common type of psoriasis is plaque psoriasis, which develops alongside dry, itchy red patches on peoples skin including legs and it is usually accompanied by scaly and silver-white spots. Some other symptoms of psoriasis may have symptoms such as cracked, dry skin, stiff, swollen joints, itching and burning.

Some other conditions that can influence the occurrence of psoriasis condition include injuries, infections, stress, cold weather, smoking and some medications. Actually these conditions can influence the body`s T cells to erroneously attack healthy skin cells rather than the infections

Remember this is a problem of the immune system and it cannot be eradicated completely but there are many therapies available to manage it.

Causes And Treatments For Small Red Itchy Bumps

There are multiple conditions that can cause red itchy bumps. Below are some of the common ones that you should have some knowledge about.

1. Hives

Groups of red welts that sting, itch, and burn on the skin of varying sizes are popularly known as hives. Hives can last for a few minutes or up to several days. Extreme temperatures, allergic reactions, and bacterial infections are the main causes of hives.


Identifying and eliminating the trigger is the best way to treat hives however it may not be the easiest task. You may also find that your doctor prescribes antihistamines to relieve the symptoms.

There are several things you can do to treat the hives while you are waiting for them to disappear. Applying a cool compress or a wet cloth, lowering the temperature in the room you are working or sleeping in, and wearing clothes that fit loosely will help relieve the symptoms.

2. Bug Bite or Sting

Other small red itchy bumps may be caused by insect bites. There are times that the bumps may also be accompanied by small blisters if you have sensitive skin. Large blisters may also form on the lower legs or shin.



  • Insects such as bees may leave a stinger behind scrape the stinger off with a blunt object.
  • Use soap and water to thoroughly wash the wound.
  • Gently apply ice for a few minutes.
  • If needed, take a pain reliever.


  • Take a pain reliever if needed.
  • Apply a small amount of hydrocortisone cream.

Attached ticks

3. Folliculitis

Clear Up Folliculitis

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Why Do I Have Pinpoint Red Dots On Skin

The appearance of red dots on the skin can be very alarming and can be due to a variety of reasons. Some reasons are rather harmless whilst some reasons are fairly serious and require medical attention. These dots may vary in appearance and can be due to allergies, inflammation or infections. When the cause of the red dots is broken blood vessels under the skin, it is medically termed petechia. Petechia is easily distinguishable from erythema by applying pressure onto the area. If there blanching with pressure, then it is most likely erythema.

Mosquito And Insect Bites

A Photo Guide To All the Random

Causes: Some rashes result from insect bites including those from mosquitoes, spiders, ants, fleas, flies, and wasps. Following the insect bite is an allergic reaction in the form of a swollen, itchy bump.

Treatments: In most cases, rashes resulting from a mild allergic reaction to insect bites can go away on its own. However, you may need to take a trip to the emergency room or your general practitioner in the case of a more severe reaction. A doctor will prescribe a topical cream in these cases.

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How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris

Although there’s no cure for KP, at-home strategies can help minimize symptoms. To tackle these bumps, Dr. Nagler suggests cleansing with a gentle, non-abrasive soap. We like Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Body Wash, which is fragrance-free and contains soothing ingredients like aloe vera.

Next, exfoliation can help “unplug” those built-up dead skin cells so the bumps can heal. Dr. Shamban recommends looking for products that contain chemical exfoliators such as glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acids , while Dr. Nagler prefers products with lactic or salicylic acid.

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with anything from DermaDoctor’s KP Duty line, a range of products specifically formulated to fight keratosis pilaris. The brand’s KP Duty Body Scrub contains glycolic and lactic acids to slough away dead skin right in the shower.

Physical exfoliation can help, too. In a previous interview with Health, New York City-based dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, recommended a Clarisonic Brush to gently soften skin unfortunately, Clarisonic went out of business.

You can find amazing alternates that work just as well on Amazon, like this Olay Regenerist Facial Cleansing Brush. For an even more affordable option, try a simple loofah sponge. “My experience has shown me that the best treatment is exfoliating with a loofah,” said Dr. Shamban.

Why Are There Red Dots On My Skin

Our skin is sensitive and prone to breakouts, bumps, and marks of all types, but weve all asked ourselves the same question at one point or another: Why are there red dots on my skin? Red spots on the skin are one of the most common medical complaints, and these markings can be attributed to a variety of causes. Usually, these blemishes are harmless and will go away on their own, but its important to know when a red dot on your skin is a cause for concern. Learn about the common causes behind red dots on your skin and make sure you know how to manage these blemishes when they come up.

After seeing a red mark on their skin, most assume theyre dealing with a pimple or some type of acne breakout. Acne Vulgaris is a common skin condition that affects tens of millions of people in the United States each year. This localized skin inflammation arises when the skin secretes too much sebum within the oil glands. This oily substance combines with dead skin cells and bacteria, resulting in painful, red bumps directly on or below the skins surface.

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Causes Of Red Spots On Legs

Changes in your skin can be worrisome, especially if your symptoms include itchiness, discomfort, or pain.

And while red spots on your legs could be due to things like mild acne or a simple heat rash, other possible causes may warrant medical attention.

In this article, Ill describe 12 possible causes of red spots on legs as well as treatment options and when to see a doctor. If youve developed a mild skin rash on your legs and you have no other symptoms, its OK to wait a few days to see if the rash will go away on its own.

However, if the spots persist for a few days, spread, become painful or infected, or if you develop any additional symptoms, contact your healthcare provider.

They can diagnose the rash and recommend the appropriate treatment plan.

What To Expect At Your Office Visit

Why Red Spots on My Skin Dr.Berg on Skin Red Spots Causes & Remedies

Your provider will examine you and ask questions about the bleeding, such as:

  • Have you recently had an injury or accident?
  • Have you been ill lately?
  • Have you had radiation therapy or chemotherapy?
  • What other medical treatments have you had?
  • Do you take aspirin more than once a week?
  • Do you take Coumadin, heparin, or other “blood thinners” ?
  • Has the bleeding occurred repeatedly?
  • Have you always had a tendency to bleed into the skin?
  • Did the bleeding start in infancy ?
  • Did it start with surgery or when you had a tooth pulled?

The following diagnostic tests may be performed:

Ecchymoses Skin spots – red Pinpoint red spots on the skin Petechiae Purpura

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When To See A Healthcare Provider

Determining whether the red spots on your skin will require a visit to your provider will depend on the appearance and severity of the rash, your medical history, and any underlying conditions you have.

In general, red flag symptoms along with red spots on your skin include:

  • Severe pain or swelling
  • Pus oozing from the rash

If you have red spots on your skin and “red flag symptoms,” seek medical care right away.

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Have you ever searched the internet for whats that rash? You may have been looking for yourself, your child or a friend.

Chances are youve had a rash or two in your lifetime. What is a rash? A rash is a temporary flare-up on the skin. It usually appears as red spots or reddening. It can sometimes be dry, scaly or itchy.

Your skin is actually covered in trillions of bugs, these are called microorganisms and together they make up your skin microbiome. When they are balanced and happy so is your skin. Rash conditions like eczema and dermatitis are caused when your skin microbiome is out of balance. Find out more about your skin microbiome by listening to our podcast: My Amazing Body.

There are many types of rashes, including eczema, hives, and heat rash. Some rashes can be temporary, or they might be a chronic condition. Sometimes rashes can be a sign of a serious illness, like measles, so its important you seek medical advice if you are concerned about a rash.

Weve listed some common rashes, their symptoms and how you can treat them. The rashes we mention usually occur on your face and sometimes other parts of the body. If youve got a rash downstairs it could be a symptom of an STI and we recommend you talk with your GP or get a sexual health check.

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How To Prevent Tiny Red Spots On Skin

Here are a few tips to help prevent tiny red spots on the skin.

  • Avoid lifting or straining activities: Lifting weights or straining during bowel movements can increase internal pressure, which may damage blood vessels and cause bleeding and tiny red spots.
  • Foods to eat and avoid: Itâs a good idea to limit foods that thin the blood, such as garlic and onions. Also, avoid all processed and refined foods with sugar and saturated fats. Opt for fresh foods such as berries, cherries, plums, and tomatoes. These foods are high in antioxidants and will help increase platelet levels.

Improve skin health: Try applying avocado oil or walnut oil on the skin to improve its elasticity and texture, and to help prevent outbreaks of petechiae.

The following tips may help you prevent the infections that cause petechiae.

  • Donât share personal items, utensils, or glasses.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Practice safe sex.
  • Use insect sprays that contain DEET if you are going to a wooded area. Wearing long sleeves is also advised.
  • Clean counter tops on a regular basis.

Small Red Dots On Skin: Not Itchy Pinpoint Tiny Campbell De Morgan Spots Get Rid Treatment

Canary Tales: May 2012

A sudden appearance of red pinpoint bumps on the surface of the skin can be alarming and disturbing to the patient. These small dots may crop up anywhere on the body, including the face, stomach, legs, and hands and even on the chest. These bumps can be a symptom of a serious medical condition therefore it is very important to understand why they occur and how they can be treated.

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Red Bumps Trace Your Steps

Outbreaks of itchy red skin bumps are very common and have many different causes. If youre experiencing outbreaks, there are a couple of things you should consider before talking to a doctor. Having these things in mind will help the doctor make a more accurate diagnosis.

Itchy Red Bumps What is the cause?

Recent Contact?

First of all, you should think about anything unusual youve come into contact with recently. This list can include both natural materials and artificial ones . Then you should check to see if anything on that list stands out to you: maybe you ate a fruit that you dont normally eat, or used a new soap that you just bought. If something jumps out, its likely that you have allergy related hives.

A remote doctor can confirm a case of allergy related hives in just a few minutes . After getting your case diagnosed, you should ask your primary doctor about getting a blood allergy test. The blood allergy test can look at your sensitivity to hundreds of different allergens and give you a full picture of your allergies. You can use that information to avoid outbreaks in the future.

Disease of Infection?

If your rash doesnt seem related to an outside source, the next most likely cause is a disease or infection. Infection related rashes are easy to spot because they normally come with other symptoms. They also usually appear after contact with an infected person.

Noticed something similar? Try our FREE Skin Image Search today and get peace of mind

Tips To Care For Red Spots On Face

  • Use salicylic or glycolic acid-based skincare products. These ingredients help to gently exfoliate the topmost layer of your skin and reduce redness.
  • Moisturise the area at least twice a day to keep your skin calm and hydrated.
  • If you have dry skin, ensure that you use a facial oil in your daily night-time skincare routine to wake up to smoother, softer and calmer skin.

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Have You Noticed Red Dots Suddenly Appearing On Your Skin

Or maybe a single red dot, and you wonder how long its been there on your skin?

Could melanoma skin cancer first appear as a red dot, or is a red little spot on the skin usually harmless?

I have the answers, because I asked these questions to Dr. Oanh Lauring, MD, founder of Lauring Dermatology in Nottingham, MD.

Many people notice dots on their skin, and these skin dots or spots appear to be red.

This article is about red dots or spots on the skin, rather than red bumps or blemish-like spots.

Red dots on the skin can appear in many different ways.

One way is the appearance of pinpoint size specks. Lets talk about these first.

The closer you examine your skin, the more of these tiny specks you may discover.

Some can be a little larger, like the size that a ball point pen would make, and then even larger yet, like 1-2 millimeters, even up to three mm.

A cherry angioma. Shutterstock/dba87

Upon close inspection, you realize that these red dots arent necessarily dot shaped, but can be erratically shaped, as small as they are.

They may also appear a dark red, a bit off-red or a dark pink.

Some people have loads of these all over their body .

These are called cherry angiomas and are completely harmless .

They are blood vessels above the surface of the skin, come with age , and will never become a problem.

More angiomas.Shutterstock/Timonina

Red Spots On Different Skin Tones

Little Bumps on Your Face & How to Get Rid of Them

Red spots may not look the same on different skin tones. For example, acne can look red on lighter skin tones but look like dark spots on darker skin tones.

Research has also shown that because medical textbooks often lack diverse skin examples when they teach about skin conditions, providers may have a harder time identifying them. Talk with your dermatologist or healthcare provider about how they diagnose and treat conditions with various skin tones.

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Red Spots On Skin Not Itchy

Today, we go over some of the most common causes of non-itchy red spots on the skin. A non-itchy spot may go against the usual rash or outbreak but there are a wide range of common causes for these spots.Numerously, non-itchy small red dots on skin can be caused by the same thing as an itchy one. You have to be aware of the potential triggers, and put in place an arrangement to meet with your doctor if you come across anything suspicious.

Tips For Acne Skin Care

Severe acne can significantly affect a personâs self-esteem and quality of life. While OTC and prescription strength medications can help treat and prevent acne breakouts, there are several ways in which people can manage their acne symptoms at home. These include:

  • washing the face gently twice a day
  • avoiding excessive washing or exfoliating of the face
  • applying an oil-free moisturizer daily
  • wearing a noncomedogenic sunscreen

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