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Loose Skin Removal Surgery Cost

Who Is A Candidate For Excess Skin Removal Surgery

ConsumerWatch: Loose Skin Removal Surgery

Plastic surgeons perform excess skin removal procedures. Your doctor will conduct a physical exam and other assessments to determine if surgery is right for you.

In general, you may be a good candidate for excess skin removal surgery if you:

  • Maintain your goal weight for at least six months following major weight loss.
  • Commit to a healthy lifestyle to help keep off the lost pounds.
  • Dont smoke or use other tobacco products. Smoking slows wound healing and can increase the risk of surgical complications.
  • Are in generally good health, without any significant medical problems that might make surgery too risky.
  • Have realistic expectations about what the procedures can accomplish.

Empower Yourself With Knowledge

If you are considering this important surgery please explore the links on the left to learn more. If you have more questions about whether Body Contouring after Weight Loss in Toronto/Mississauga is for you, please contact us at to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Lista, Dr. Ahmad or Dr. Austin.

Whats The Recovery Like

Before you go home from your operation, your surgeon will place dressings against the incisions to help ease swelling. They may also insert a tube to help drain excess blood and fluids from the area. Youll need to make a follow-up appointment to have your surgeon remove these items.

Like other cosmetic surgeries, thigh lifts are considered major procedures and youll need to take time off work to recover.

Youll likely experience pain, bruising, and swelling for a few days after the procedure. You should notice more contour to your thighs right away, but you wont see full results for several months.

Any worsening pain or the onset of bleeding through sutures or dressings should be addressed with your doctor right away. You should also see your doctor if you experience:

  • wound separation
  • numbness

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When Does Excess Skin Occur

Often, excess skin on the body occurs when you have lost a lot of weight, especially if youre older. If you carried a lot of weight for several years before having success with weight loss, your skin may not tighten back into place. Loose skin from losing weight can occur in many places on your body: around the abdomen, under the arms, along the thighs, and around your back are some of the most common areas we see excess skin.

Aging is another contributor. Skin has a lot of elasticity, which allows it to go back into place after being stretched, just like a rubber band. However, over time, your skin will lose its elasticity. Just like the rubber band, it will begin to stretch out or sag. Were most used to seeing the effects of loss of elasticity in the face, jawline and the neck, which all tend to show the impact of aging. Skin in other parts of the body loses elasticity, too, which means it can stretch and sag.

Pregnancy is another known cause of loose skin, particularly around the abdomen and in the breasts. Many women opt for aMommy makeover to tone up areas that have lost their firmness due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Tummy Tuck Cost Factors

Laser Tummy Tuck

Two significant cost factors that can make the cost of one patients procedure vary from anothers are:

Amount of Skin Removed While some patients will only need a small amount of excess skin removed to get them to a flat belly, others, especially those who have lost a significant amount of weight, have a great deal more skin that needs to be removed.

Use of Liposuction The the primary purpose of a tummy tuck is to remove skin, rather than fat, removing fat is often a part of it, and the degree of liposuction needed can vary from patient to patient.

The good news is that, believe it or not, cost rarely determines whether or not patients receive plastic surgery. Patients who ask How much is a tummy tuck? are often surprised to learn that the price is significantly less than expected. Thats not all, Beverly Hills Physicians is happy to work with patients on a budget to find a plan that will put their tummy tuck cost well within reach.

Of course, if youre interested in obtaining a tummy tuck, that likely means you are dealing with unpleasant folds of loose skin that can follow a rapid and large weight loss, such as following childbirth or weight loss surgery. Tummy tucks can sometimes deal with folds of skin that may be so large that they are actually physically uncomfortable.

To get started, or to learn more about the tummy tuck, please call us at the number above or contact us online for a free initial consultation.

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Work With Your Insurance Company

Find out your summary of benefits and coverage to understand if youve met your deductible or out-of-pocket maximum, and if your insurance will pay for all or a portion of the surgery. Have the correct insurance code for your surgical procedure handy so theres no confusion about the procedure youre asking about.

Can I Combine Multiple Surgeries

After weight loss surgeries can remove excess skin, resulting in a tighter and firmer appearance. In order to minimize the risks of complications, many surgeons recommend grouping certain treatments together, such as the lower or upper body. Below, you’ll find examples of how a surgeon may group certain surgeries.

The upper body: Potential procedures that can be combined with after weight loss surgery include:

  • Liposuction

The lower body: After weight loss surgery may be integrated with procedures, such as:

  • Liposuction

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Am I A Candidate For After Weight Loss Surgery

The best individuals for skin removal and tightening surgery are those who are dealing with loose skin due to a massive weight loss or fluctuation. In most cases, this challenge is seen early on as the body gets smaller. If weight loss has caused stretched skin, after weight loss surgery at Hermosa Plastic Surgery can reduce the issue and secure the remaining tissue for a tighter and healthier appearance. Excess skin can also cause medical conditions. Disproportionally distributed weight or elongated skin can pull on the neck and shoulders causing pain and discomfort. Folds of skin on the abdomen or thighs may chronically have skin infections. The extra skin removal is not necessarily always a cosmetic issue. You may wish to combine several procedures as a candidate for after weight loss surgery, such as:

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Fat Transfer

It is recommended that you be near a healthy, maintained weight before having these procedures. If you are a post-bariatric surgery patient, Dr. Gallegos may want to consult with your surgeon or bariatric surgery team in your best interest. We want to make sure you receive the utmost care at Hermosa Plastic Surgery.

After Weight Loss Surgery Faq

âDance Momsâ Starâs Excess Skin Removal After Losing 127 Pounds

How much does after weight loss surgery cost?In your initial consultation, Dr. Gallegos will produce your custom treatment plan for your concerns. When your treatment plan is finalized, he can then estimate expenses, which will include fees for the facility, anesthesia, care before and after your surgery, and more. During the consultation appointment, we can discuss payment options and if you are going to try to submit this surgery to your insurance for coverage.

Can I use insurance to pay for my after weight loss surgery?Health insurance does not pay for the costs of elective surgery. Although, policies do vary and may cover you if excess skin is deemed a medical issue. If you are planning to submit a claim to your insurance company, please let Dr. Gallegos know in your initial consultation. He can give you the necessary paperwork and information to submit to your insurance company.

What will be included in my after weight loss surgery?You make that call. Common areas that are a part of this procedure are the stomach, butt, thighs, arms, breasts, and neck. In your initial consultation, Dr. Gallegos will evaluate your skin and talk to you in-depth about your concerns and goals. When this is done, he will give you his suggestions on what needs to be part of your surgery.

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What Is Recovery Like For Post

The magnitude of several combined post-weight loss body contouring procedures dictates that patients typically stay in the hospital for a day or more after the operation. Each individuals recovery is largely dependent on how many procedures are performed, the details of his or her surgical plan, and the unique rate at which healing takes place. During the consultation, Dr. Copeland can provide general estimates on how long you can expect to be absent from work and an overview of the various phases of recovery. While the recovery process for extensive post-weight loss body contouring can be challenging, the investment in time and effort pays off in a dramatically improved body shape. Additionally, health problems and inconveniences caused by excess skin are usually less of an issue.

Costs Of A Panniculectomy

A panniculectomy is far more expensive out of pocket, ranging from $8,000 to $15,000. This may not include other associated costs, such as anesthesia and hospital care.

Many medical insurance companies will cover a portion of this procedure. This is especially the case if your doctor thinks the panniculectomy is medically necessary.

Youll want to call your insurance company ahead of time to see how much theyll cover or if youll need to work with a specific surgeon.

Another consideration is the cost of taking time off work. It can take up to eight weeks to recover from this procedure.

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Am I A Good Candidate For After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss patients often realize the need for skin removal surgery when they start to experience:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Loose folds of skin around the abdomen
  • Hanging skin and fat pockets around the hips
  • Sagging skin and excessive wrinkling around the buttocks area
  • Hanging skin from the inner thigh to the knee area
  • Bat wings or loose skin on the underside of the arms
  • Turtle neck or loose skin around the neck

Many of these conditions are inevitable after any major weight loss because skin, when stretched for a long time, loses its elasticity and fails to shrink back as the body becomes smaller.

What To Expect Before And During Excess Skin Removal Surgery

Trying to treat loose skin with fat removal can lead to skin ...

Before getting excess skin removal surgery, youll receive recommendations from your doctor. Those recommendations may include not taking certain medications that increase the risk of bleeding such as NSAIDs, not taking vitamins or supplements, quitting smoking or tobacco, and getting blood work done.

Oftentimes, excess skin removal surgery happens in phases. This means that you may require more than one surgery. Particular excess skin removal procedures can happen at the same time, such as a tummy tuck in combination with a lower body lift. Surgery may be done at a hospital and you might have to stay overnight. Or, your surgery may be done at a surgical facility and youll be able to leave the same day. The location of your surgery and the length of stay all depend on the procedures youre getting.

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What Is Excess Skin Removal Surgery

Excess skin removal surgery involves various body contouring procedures which include lower and upper body lifts, thigh and buttock lift, panniculectomy, and more. These procedures are performed after major weight loss to target the extra skin folds on the body such as the legs, stomach, and arms. Eliminating extra skin after weight loss can improve your comfort and the way clothes fit on your body, as well as make exercising easier.

What To Consider With Excess Skin Removal Surgery

If you want to get rid of loose skin and are interested in extra skin removal surgery, you should consider several aspects of this procedure. First, youll want to determine if you have completed your weight loss journey. You want to maintain your goal weight for a minimum of six months before choosing surgery. Gaining weight and losing it again will undo the effects of the procedure. Treatment for excess skin should happen after weight loss surgery if you had help dropping those unwanted pounds. The two procedures cannot be performed together.

Know where you want to have excess skin removed. Extra skin removal surgery isnt just one procedure but potentially multiple surgeries, depending on where you want the extra skin removed from.

Some common surgeries that fall under this broad heading include:

  • Tummy tuck, which removes excess skin around the abdomen and tightens weak muscles
  • Panniculectomy, which removes the excess skin under your belly button
  • Breast lift, which tightens the tissue in your breasts to keep them from sagging
  • Thigh lift, which helps create more definition along your thighs
  • Lower body lift, which removes the excess skin from the abdomen, thighs and hips
  • Arm lift, which removes the loose skin that hangs down from your arms
  • Facelift, which tightens skin around your jaw and neckline

Your doctor may recommend a combination of these surgical procedures as part of your surgery to remove excess skin.

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Important Things To Consider

In order to improve your chances of a successful surgery, its important that you know the risks. Risks can include infection or blood clots for example. Even though these things arent common in the general population they do happen from time to time with medical procedures like this one. Its also possible that anesthesia will have complications on its own and there might be scars left behind.

The doctor may require you to meet certain criteria before they even consider the surgery, such as maintaining a stable weight for up to 12 months.

How Long Is Recovery From After Weight Loss Surgery

Loose Skin Removal Surgery Surprise for Man Who Lost 170 Pounds

At home, you will need to care for the small tubes inserted near the incisions to help minimize swelling and drainage. You must wear the compression garments provided to limit swelling and speed up your recovery. For most patients, it takes about 2 4 weeks until you can resume everyday activities. Considering the complexity of the surgery, it may take longer. You will have many follow-up appointments so that Dr. Gallegos can check and document your progress. If you experience any signs of infection or have a question about your recovery, please call our office. You are not in this alone.

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Excess Skin Removal Surgery Overview

Body contouring surgery, also known as a skin removal surgical process, is often the most popular option chosen by those who have lost an excessive amount of weight. This surgery, for example, will do just that the surgeon will contour your body, focusing on the areas which need the most work. Contouring will require an incision to remove any excess skin and sutures to close any wounds. The procedure will be performed under a general anesthesia, and if more than one surgery is needed, it may be done in stages, rather than at once, to help reduce complications and allow you time to heal.

No matter how skilled the surgeon is, Everyday Health says you should expect to see scars.

What Are The Potential Risks To Be Aware Of

Before committing to a thigh lift, youll need to determine whether the results youre looking to achieve are worth the risk of side effects. While serious complications arent as common, you should discuss the following risks with your surgeon:

  • bleeding
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • heart or lung complications

Your risk for complications may increase if you smoke, get limited physical activity, or consume a diet high in processed foods.

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How Is Body Lift Surgery Performed

General anesthesia is required for a full or partial body lift. Dr. Killingsworth, Dr. Farber, and their plastic surgery team may perform lifts on the various parts of your body during one or multiple surgical appointments.

To the extent possible, the incisions will be placed in locations where scarring is the least obvious, such as low in the groin area, on the backside of the arm, and other inconspicuous locations. After the incision is made, your plastic surgeon removes small deposits of fat, pulls the skin tight, and trims the excess skin.

The Cost Of Skin Removal Surgery

Cost To Remove Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Just as tummy tucks andpanniculectomy are different types of procedures, there are varying costs for each. A tummy tuck, which isnt covered by medical insurance, averages $6,154, although that number often doesnt include fees for anesthesia or operating room facilities.

Although a panniculectomy is more expensive, its sometimes covered at least in part by insurance. The cost of a panniculectomyranges from $8,000 to $15,000, which may or may not include the surgeons fee, operating facility costs, charges for anesthesia, medical tests and prescription medications. Prices also vary depending on the type of skin removal surgery and the amount of skin, fat and tissue that needs to be removed.

The cost for skin removal in the United States is often based on the following factors:

  • Level of expertise: An aesthetic plastic surgeon can charge more than general plastic surgeons or dermatologists.
  • The degree of difficulty: Skin removal surgeries, such as those associated with liposuction, are cheaper than for those who need abdominal reconstruction, including individuals who lose weight from gastric bypass surgery.
  • Skin grafts: The fee may increase if you need a skin graft, which is a surgical procedure in which a piece of skin is transplanted from one area to another.

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