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Best Electric Razor For Sensitive Skin

Brori Electric Razor For Women

Best Electric Shaver in 2022 (Top 5 Razors For Men With Normal & Sensitive Skin)


  • Low Noise Close Shaving < < 3 high-performance high-speed razor-sharp blades, help you easily and quietly shave or trim any unwanted hair on arms, legs, back, armpits and intimate bikini lines without any residue
  • Hypoallergenic Painless to Use < < Adopts advanced 3D floating foil and hypo-allergenic stainless steel blade, gliding gently along your body curves & contours without irritation worries on sensitive skin
  • Wet & Dry Safe to Use < < IPX7 100% whole body washable, plus with detachable shaving heads and long enough cleaning brush make this body razor easy to clean and safe to use even in a bath or shower
  • LED Light for Blind Spots Illumination < < Unique built-in illumination light reveals even the finest hair to make sure you a thorough hair removal experience
  • USB Quick Recharging & Cordless Operation < < brori cordless razor supports 60 minutes of cordless shaving and 2 ways of fast USB charging via charging stand or directly connecting to power source. Any problem or inquires for your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via Amazon email to get a 100% satisfactory solution.

Top 10 Best Electric Razors For Sensitive Skin

September 11, 2021 by john

Anyone who has ever looked around in the department of best electric razors for sensitive skin in an electronics retailer, or an online store will have noticed: There are countless electric shavers in the market.

Choosing a particular product is not always easy, especially if you are spoiled for choice. For this reason, we have put together a Top 10 list of the best Electric Shavers 2018. So you can orient yourself and decide on the device that best suits your skin type and beard growth.

Some shavers are great for a close shave and others are for shaving as gently as possible. Which one will you choose? Lets find out!

Which razor you ultimately choose is a very personal decision. To be honest, there is not really the best electric razors for sensitive skin I can recommend.

Because what suits the one is perhaps inappropriate for the other.

There are many factors to consider before making a purchase decision. These include the general appearance of a razor, its features, style, design, and comfort. For that reason, it will not be an easy decision. Our top 10 list takes a look at the best electric razors for sensitive skin available in terms of razor performance and comfort. This list will help you find the best electric razors for sensitive skin .

Now lets not waste any more time and take a look at our top 10 list of the best electric razors for sensitive skin in 2018.

How Much Do The Best Electric Razors Cost

When it comes to picking a shaver, there can be a surprising amount of options, from the many different types of blades to cleaning features. Here are some things to consider that can help you narrow down your search.

Budget is a key factor in your decision. Prices range drastically from entry-level models at $30 to mid-level offerings at $100 $200 and the highest-end devices coming in at over $300. If youre switching from disposable, even the cheapest electric razors can seem expensive. But over the long term, an electric razor can offer good value as they are built to last.

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Philips Norelco Shaver 3800 Rechargeable Wet & Dry Shaver With Pop

  • Enjoy a clean shave that follows your face’s contours with 5-directional pivot, flex and floating movements. The head reaches your face at the ideal angle and adjusts to the curves of your face and neck, creating smooth contact with your skin.
  • 60 minutes of cordless shaving from a 1-hour charge Shave for up to 60 minutes on a 1-hour charge – that’s about 20 shaves – with the powerful Li-ion battery. A 5-minute quick charge gives enough power for one shave. Operates in cordless mode only.
  • Pop-up trimmer for mustache and sideburns. Ideal for maintaining your mustache and trimming your sideburns. Includes: Electric shaver, travel pouch, charging stand power cord and protective cap.
  • Get a convenient dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with gel or foam, even in the shower
  • With ComfortCut blades, you get a clean shave that’s comfortable on your skin. Rounded caps shield 27 self-sharpening blades to gently cut hair just above skin level and help the shaver glide smoothly over your skin.

Braun Series 9 9370cc: Best Electric Razor For Men

Top 10 Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin of 2020

If we could take one electric razor onto a desert island with us , the Braun Series 9 9370cc would be it. Braun describes it as the world’s most efficient shaver, and while that sounds like a bold claim, there’s actually more to it than that. In fact, our top pick for the best electric razor is packing a whole arsenal of features to ensure a great shave.

For example, Braun’s patented SyncroSonic technology checks the density of your beard no fewer than 160 times per minute. Why? So that it can deliver the right amount of power at the right time to ensure an effective, even shave. And the Series 9 can be very powerful when it wants to be, managing up to 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute.

Its power is matched only by its agility with independently flexible cutting elements mounted on a multi-directional pivoting head, the Series 9 9370cc electric razor glides across facial contours like an Olympic gymnast. And with a skin guard, an LED display and a Clean and Charge Station also included, this electric razor surely warrants a perfect 10. Simply the best electric razor money can buy today.

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Arc3 Vs Other Panasonic Models

Panasonic Shaver
14,000 2017

Another reason to buy the Arc3 is that this is the newest shaver Panasonic sells in North America. The pricey Arc5 LV95-S is actually a last-gen design in Japan it has been surpassed by the ES-LV9CX, but they didnt bring those models across the pacific. The Arc3 ES-LT3N-K uses up-to-date styling, and we think its an improvement over previous looks.

Compared to the $160 Braun Series 7, the Arc3s shave is definitely more aggressive. If you have sensitive follicles you might consider Brauns smoother shave worth the extra $80 over Panasonics close and efficient cut. Brauns Series 5, however, which is closer in price to the Arc3, is just buzzy and inefficient by comparison.

Cleaning the Arc3, even without Panasonics pricey optional stand, is a breeze. Panasonic designs their razors with a sonic vibration cleaning mode, which moves the cutting bar even faster than the normal shaving mode to help rinse and dry the parts more thoroughly.

Panasonic doesnt advocate using oil on their blades when you get them wet the way Braun does, but were curious to see how they stand up in long-term use. Getting the blades clean and drying them is definitely going to be the most important part of keeping them sharp, oil is most valuable with moving parts that you cant wash for fear of rust or electrical shorts.

Key takeaways:

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Shaver For Men

Panasonic Arc5 is a premium electric shaver that ensures a smooth and comfortable shave for men. It is included in our top picks due to its reliable performance. So let us take a look at its promising features.

Panasonic Arc5 is equipped with a unique five-blade mechanism that efficiently captures all hair types leaving behind a smooth shaving surface. It also features a powerful 1400 CPM motor capable of making 70000 cross-cuts each minute with pop-up trimmers for a quick and easy shave.

Arc5 also comes with an adjustable head specifically designed to reach every difficult area like chin and jawline to maintain natural skin contours. Its pop-up trimmer allows you to precisely trim sideburns or mustaches for a detailed and clean look.

Moreover, it features an active shave sensor that intelligently identifies beard hair density 220 times every second, with power adjustments 14 times per second.

Panasonic Arc5 is 100% waterproof. It enables you to use it in wet and dry conditions. Additionally, it includes a docking station that automatically charges and cleans your shaver hygienically for safe use. However, you can also manually clean it in detail by removing its faucet.

Lastly, Arc5 provides a battery backup of 40 minutes upon continuous usage. It displays battery percentage over a mini LCD display that helps you identify if it requires a charge or not.


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Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9: Best Electric Razor For A Wet Shave

All of the products in our best electric razors guide are waterproof shavers, but in our opinion none delivers a wet shave quite like the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9300. Philips call this premium-looking gadget their most advanced wet and dry electric shaver, and there are numerous compelling reasons to believe them.

Whether you want to shave with water, foam or nothing at all, this men’s electric razor will rise to the task. Self-sharpening V-Track Precision Blades collect hair in the optimal cutting position, resulting in a shave that’s up to 30% closer than some of its rivals. And with eight-directional ContourDetect technology on board, you won’t miss an inch.

Fancy having a bit of a pamper in the shower? The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9300 has three presets including a Sensitive mode that promises a slow raze. 50 minutes of battery life from a one hour charge should be more than enough to complete the job, no matter how much facial hair you’re dealing with.

Does It Come With Extra Accessories

Top 5 Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin [2022]

Several electric shavers come with accessories, such as trimmer attachments, cleaning brushes, cleaning stations, storage cases, and even charging stations.

Whether accessories are important to you is a matter of personal preference. For example, a shaver that includes a trimmer attachment makes it easier to trim difficult-to-reach areas, such as under the nose or behind the ears, which decreases the chances of irritation.

Additionally, a cleaning station can increase the longevity of both the shaver and the blades.

An important thing to keep in mind though is that an electric razor that comes with accessories is often more expensive.

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How Does A Foil Shaver Work

For all film razors, the blade is slightly lower and above it is a so-called shaving foil. This protects the skin from injury. With razors, the shaving surface is straight, these models are easy to handle and can perfectly translate all shaving movements. Even men with partial beards can work on the contours.

Philips Norelco Shaver 2300


For a reliably close shave, this best-selling Philips Norelco 2300 is a great pick. Its rotary blades actually sharpen themselves as they work, guaranteeing a certain level of quality control. The four-blade heads are flexible and automatically adjust to the contours of your face, including your neck. We like that its lightweight and fits comfortably in your hand and that its easy to clean just pop open the razor heads and rinse them thoroughly under running water. Its shaving time is decent, and the pop-up trimmer is useful for maintaining sideburns or a mustache.

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Expert Recommended Shaving Routine For Sensitive Skin

Invest in the right razors

As we grow older were probably getting into the gist that quality matters. And dont get me wrong. Quality is quality, pricey or not. Using quality razors that will take care of your needs and skin at the same time is a must.

Dull blades will shave more than just what youre asking for. Theyll scrape away healthy skin layers too! Invest in a sharp, reliable blade that will last long. Make sure you dispose of or replace the blade as soon as it gets blunt.

Whether refillable or disposable, there are many superior razors in both categories that will serve as your trusty hair sword.

Be as gentle as your razor is brutal

When shaving, follow your hair direction. Dont get too peevish about stubbles sticking out. Go over them again whilst following the direction of your hair. Resist the temptation to get a clean cut by gliding once on the opposite.

You may think youve successfully achieved a smooth skin, but chances are the hair grows back twisted and inflamed. Worst case scenario, youll get cuts and painful ingrown hairs.

That happens even with the sharpest blade in hand. Contradicting the hair direction is like deliberately driving offroad with all the rocks and bumps when theres a conveniently paved highway just beside it.

Apply the lightest pressure with the razor as close as you can get, then glide. You shouldnt experience ingrown hairs with a gentle technique and if you do there is a simple solution- exfoliate.

Shave Strategically

Best Overall Rotary Electric Razor

Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin 2017: Full guidelines

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Foil Or Rotary Shaver Which One Is The Best Choice For Sensitive Skin

There are two types of electric shaver, the foil and the rotary. Knowing the difference between the two will help you pick out the best one for your needs.

Foil shavers are named that way because of the foil, a thin metal sheet with holes punched into it, which lets the hair through. Behind the foil are oscillating blades, also known as cutters, that cut the hair that goes through the foil.

Generally, foil shavers are gentler on the skin, and offer a close, precise shave. However, foil shavers are fairly noisy, and cant easily handle thick growths of hair.

Rotary shavers have independent, round shaving heads that handle long, thick hair easily. The round shaving heads are better at pivoting around your jawline and chin, and the operation of a rotary shaver is significantly quieter. However, rotary shavers are much rougher on the face and need careful operation if you have sensitive skin.

How We Chose The Best Razors For Sensitive Skin

Our goal was to provide a list of some of the greatest electric razors for sensitive skin that answer the call in a lot of categories, such as close shave, travel, battery life, head shaving, affordability, etc.

After testing a lot of razors, we categorize them into the above categories to make it easier for you to select the one that is more suitable for you.

In addition to that, we have also thoroughly checked the customer reviews in order to double-cross our findings.

Nevertheless, because of the variety of products on the market, there is also the possibility that we missed reviewing some other great ones. If you think that is the case, let us know in the comments section below.

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Motor Power And Speed

Opt for electric razors with high power and speed.

They are capable of capturing more hairs in one stroke. Then, these shavers are more efficient and take less time in shaving.

Moreover, you dont need to repeatedly run the shaving machine over your face. So, they decrease the redness, irritation, razor bumps, and rashes.

Fact! Men who use a powerful electric shaver reported its more gentle to their skin according to the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology survey.

Philips Series 9000 Prestige Edition: Best Electric Face Shaver

Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin (2022) â TOP 5 Best

Unless you happen to be wearing a fluorescent onesie, your face is the first thing people are going to notice when you walk into a room. Therefore it’s important that you look after it… And the Philips Series 9000 Prestige Edition is designed to help you do just that.

This top electric shaver for men was narrowly pipped to the best electric razor prize by the Braun Series 9. But its so kind to faces of all sizes, shapes and sensitivities, the Series 9000 Prestige Edition is a very close second.

NanoTech precision blades and multi-direction ContourDetect heads enable it to deliver what Philips describes as the world’s closest electric shave. A BeardAdapt Sensor checks the density of your hair 15 times a second, adapting the shaver accordingly.

SkinComfort rings, coated with anti-friction pigments, enable the Prestige Edition to glide across your skin like an ice dancer. And you can even personalize your shave by choosing from three different settings. Yes it’s one of the most expensive men’s waterproof shavers out there, but your face is worth it, right?

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Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Skin

We have another Schick product here for you which is their Hydro Silk one that has been specially designed for sensitive skin.

It has all the features you need if you are on the lookout for an affordable product that is great for your easily irritated skin. The blades are not only hypoallergenic in nature which means that they will not cause any allergic reactions but are also equipped with a moisture serum that contains nourishing shea butter to guard your skin against drying up and sharp blades that cause friction. Have a brief look at best razor for shaving legs, if you use this one time then you will surely use it again due to its performance.

The 5 blades are also ones that hug your skins natural contours easily and efficiently which means you will not feel any discomfort while it swipes away at your hair. Simultaneously the 5 blades cover more surface area and get the job done quicker.

All of this has been tested by dermatologists and approved for use. The ergonomic razor is the cherry on top of all these features as this is a very underrated thing. You need to be comfortable with a hand held device especially for longer uses. The handle is aqueous and soft to the touch which basically means it has a sturdy but soft rubber grip.


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