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Best Dollar General Skin Care Products

Tips For Shopping At Dollar Tree In


Last but not least, Ive got some tips for you to consider when shopping at the Dollar Tree.

Many of these tips apply to shopping in-person, but some of them are also useful if you shop at

Dont Hesitate To Use Coupons

Dollar Tree accepts manufacturer coupons, so you can end up paying less than $1 per item. For example, lets say you find a Dove $0.50 off shampoo coupon online. If your local Dollar Tree carries Dove, you can get a bottle for only $0.50!

You Can Buy Dollar Tree Items In Bulk Online

If you want to buy beauty items in bulk, order them from the Dollar Tree website. Keep in mind that there are minimum quantities that vary depending on what youre buying.

For example, Sassy+Chic Professional Blender Sponges require a minimum order of 24 . Other items like L.A. Colors 6-Color Expressions Eyeshadow Palettes require a minimum order of 45 items .

Read the weekly ad before you shop

You can view the Dollar Tree weekly circular online before you head to the store. I often read it so I can do a quick price comparison on featured items.

Make a list before you start shopping

I know it sounds kind of trivial to make a list of $1 items, but its incredibly easy to impulse buy at Dollar Tree. A tube of lipstick here, a bottle of perfume theresuddenly youre spending $15 more than you meant to! Make a list and stick to it.

Do the math to see if youre getting a good deal

Sunglasses And Reading Glasses

Sunglasses are a practical accessory to have on hand, but that doesnt mean they cant be stylish! The same is true for reading glasses.

For several years now, Ive been buying my sunglasses at Dollar Tree. I do this for two main reasons. One is because they honestly have a fashionable collection available.

Two is because I dont have to worry about a big monetary loss if they break or get lost. Here are some of the options I see frequently available along with specific items listed on Dollar Trees website:

  • Adult fashion sunglasses
  • Soft polyester carrying cases
  • Designer Hard-Shell Faux Leather Eyeglass Carrying Cases
  • Small eyeglass/sunglass repair kits

While this list seems fairly small, the inventory at my local store is actually fairly diverse. There are a few dozen options available for adult sunglasses as well as reading glasses.

As I mentioned above, the sunglasses are actually quite stylish and similar that what youd see at Target.

The only difference is that Dollar Tree charges $1, but you may pay $10 to $15 for them at Target or elsewhere.

Invest In A Humidifier

In addition to what you put on your skin and in your body, there is something you can add to your home to make sure your skin stays hydrated. A humidifier will release water vapor or steam into the air to keep moisture levels at an all time high.

“When our environment is at a healthy humidity level of 40-60 percent, we don’t lose moisture through the skin via transepidermal water loss,” says Engelman. She suggests running a humidifier year round because it will keep your home at an optimal level of humidity and leave your skin radiant and hydrated.

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$30 Worth of Beauty Products to Shop at Dollar General

Moving on to my eyebrows, I opted for Brow Defining Pencil in Ash Brown and was surprised to find it was warmer and darker than the usual “ash” shade. And the formula is much creamier than I’m used to getting from an eyebrow pencil, which made it a little challenging to get the precision and realistic-looking fill-in I was hoping for. Luckily, the spoolie attached to the end helped diffuse everything for a more natural finish.

As gorgeous as Believe Beauty’s eye shadow palettes are, I was drawn to the Glimmer Pots Gel to Powder Eyeshadow, largely because I love a shadow you can easily apply with your finger and call it a day after a single color. I went with the shade Girl Talk, a shimmering copper with mauve undertones that bounces when you tap it. It glides on so easily and lets you leave a sheer wash of color on your lids or build a more intense look but either way, it’s luminous.

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Dollar General: 5 High

If youre feeling the strain of inflation when it comes to buying beauty products and home decor items, you might be searching for alternatives. You could wait for a sale or a coupon to come along, or you could swing by Dollar General a store that is known for its affordable prices.

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While you might think of Dollar General as a place to quickly pick up items like cereal or crayons, the store has much more to offer.

Dollar General is taking budget-friendly shopping to another level by offering a variety of high-quality, yet budget-friendly items for their customers, said Trae Bodge, smart shopping expert at TrueTrae. At select stores, you can find fresh produce and healthy snacks, as well as high-quality and affordable health and beauty products.

Here are five high-quality items to buy now at Dollar General.

Types Of Beauty Products To Buy At Dollar Tree

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Ever since I was a little kid, Dollar Tree has been one of my favorite stores to shop at. My parents took us there around Christmas, gave us each about $20, and let us pick out small gifts for our family members.

I remember how exciting it was to find hidden gems, and I still go to the Dollar Tree on a regular basis. When I visit, I usually make a beeline towards the beauty section.

Its easy to dismiss the thought of shopping at a $1 store if youre not familiar with the inventory. You may be surprised to learn that Dollar Tree is a gold mine when it comes to beauty products.

From makeup brushes to charcoal face masks, Ive found tons of truly great items there. This post features 15 different types of beauty products you can find at the Dollar Tree. View the list below to see what items you should stock up on.

  • Salon-style spray bottles

These are just some of the numerous hair accessories that you can find at Dollar Tree. Theyve usually got a pretty good assortment of colors, sizes, and styles, too.

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Compare The Private Label Brands To Name Brands


When shopping at Family Dollar and Dollar General, take a look at their private label brands. At Family Dollar, be sure to compare the Modesa and Family Wellness brands to their corresponding name brands, which you will often find at twice the price. Dollar General has two beauty, hair and skincare private label brands: Studio Selection and Believe Beauty. Both are worth a look.

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Drugstore Makeup Primers To Add To Your Cart Like Y

If you have yet to be introduced to the magical world of primer, allow us to lead the way: Its the key to flawless makeup application and instantly upgrades even mediocre foundation formulas. Whether youre into the glowy look or want one with a matte finish, theres a makeup primer on the market for you. Primers create blurred, perfect-looking skin by filling in pores and fine lines and allowin…

Acne And Blackhead Treatments

If you deal with blackheads or acne, you know that keeping up a good skincare regimen is important. As someone with persistent blackheads, I frequently look for new and effective treatments.

I mentioned a charcoal face mask above, but Dollar Tree has so much more than that. There are several acne and blackhead treatments available there. The Dollar Tree website lists these items, to name a few:

  • Oil-Free Acne Wash
  • Benzoyl peroxide acne treatment
  • Assured Hydrogen Peroxide, Spritzer Bottles

Out of all of these items, Im a huge fan of the Assured 100% Witch Hazel Solution and the Assured Hydrogen Peroxide Spritzer Bottles.

I alternate using these products as toners, and they work incredibly well. The Charcoal Face Wash is also a great value Biore has a charcoal wash thats $6 or more for one bottle.

If youre struggling to clear up blemished skin, give Dollar Tree options a try.

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Makeup Brushes And Remover Wipes

I definitely always buy my makeup wipes at the Dollar Tree. I used to buy the 25-count Olay ones for $4-5, but the wipes at Dollar Tree are $1 for 30. And I like them way more! They have a few different varieties to choose from, including collagen, retinol, acne, and more.

Other makeup-related items you can pick up at the dollar store are:

Luxe Beauty Care Retinol Skin Cream

acne stop face mask in 2020

Serum isn’t the onlyretinoid product you can get for a buck. There’s also a skin cream by Luxe Beauty Care, an anti-aging creamthat uses a base ofshea butterbut has retinol as its active ingredient. You get a 1.7 ounce jar for your dollar, and all the reviews on Dollar Tree’s website are either four or five stars.

One Dollar Tree shopper said that after using the cream, “My skin is firmer. It’s probably taken years off my appearance,” while another admitted, “I tried this on a whim, ‘Hey, it’s a dollar.’ And omg. My skin loves it!,” going on to say, “I’ve tried so many creams as my skin has changed in my 40s and this is the only thing I’ve found that works well for me.” Yet another review was from someone with severe eczema and rosacea, who said they saw real improvement after only a few days: “I apply it and the bottle of Double strength Retinol Night Repair Serum before bed and wake up looking and feeling so much better! My skin is brighter and softer. There is no cure for Eczema or Rosacea but this product definitely helps.”

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Worst Things To Buy At Dollar Stores

These discount retailers stock plenty of bargains, but not all of the merchandise is worth the buck, especially since Dollar Trees price increase.

A dollar is a dollar until its $1.25. Dollar Trees recent price increase most items formerly $1 are now $1.25 – means its time to take a look at the value youre getting at dollar stores.

If you find yourself filling your basket with dollar-store buys that you never use because the quality is poor or the brand is unfamiliar, then youre simply wasting money.

We recently revisited Dollar Tree stores, where everything sells for around $1.25 or less, in central Virginia . We wanted another look at what was on the shelves. We were careful to compare prices and packaging of those items with prices and packaging at other retailers, a key step to successful dollar-store shopping. We also talked to shopping experts for their guidance.

One tip right off the bat: Pay attention to sizes and quantities. Manufacturers will often offer special versions of their products as they work to make a profit at the dollar stores fixed price point. For the consumer, this isnt necessarily a show stopper, but it does make comparisons to offerings at other retailers difficult. You need to keep a close eye on unit cost and even what those units are items? Ounces? Pounds?

Take a look at 17 of the worst things to buy at dollar stores, either because the price is high or the quality is low or, in some cases, both.

Hand Lotion And Sanitizer

Dollar Tree is my go-to place when I need modestly sized bottles of hand sanitizer and lotion for my bathroom and kitchen.

These seem like pretty basic items, but theyre essential for keeping my hands clean and smooth. Dollar Tree has a broad selection to choose from. Some of the available items include:

  • Natures Intent Scented Liquid Hand Wash
  • Dial Lemon Citrus Hand Soap With Moisturizer
  • Klar & Danver Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap
  • Jergens Extra Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap
  • Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap
  • Aerofoam Juicy Grapefruit Foaming Liquid Hand Wash
  • Assured Hand Sanitizer With Aloe
  • Assured Clear Instant Hand Sanitizer
  • Assured Travel-Sized Sanitizers
  • Fresh Scent Antibacterial Moist Wipes

Keeping your hands sanitary and super soft is easy with so many choices to consider. I personally pick the antibacterial soap, Assured Clear Hand Sanitizer, and the Assured Travel Hand Sanitizers.

The travel-size bottles come in a three-pack, so theyre perfect for carrying in my purse, makeup bag, and car. Explore the self-care section of your Dollar Tree to see whats available.

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Discount Baby Skin Products

Bath time for your baby should be an enjoyable experience for everyone, so avoid any stress by having all of the needed baby skin products ready. Prepare yourself by creating and filling a basic shopping list of baby bath supplies including:

  • Infant Tubs – Although a sink can be used, an infant tub may be more comfortable and offer more control over a squirming baby.
  • Baby Shampoo and Soaps – Have some gentle baby bath soap and shampoos on hand that can clean your child without drying out their skin.
  • Towels and Washcloths – Soft and absorbent, towels and washcloths are a basic need.
  • Skin Care – Have the necessary baby skin products including ointments and powders ready to keep your baby dry as well as diaper rash free.
  • Diapers – Once clean, be ready with a clean diaper. We have a selection of diapers, ointments and powders to keep you well supplied.

If you need discount baby supplies for the bath or any other time, visit Dollar General to find the baby skin care supplies you need at the prices you want

  • $5.50Out of Stock
  • $1.00Out of Stock
  • Oh Good Hair Skin & Nails Gummies $5

    Can I Build a DOLLAR TREE Skin Care Routine?

    If youve been wanting to add a supplement to your regimen that will boost the health of your hair, skin and nails, you can do so at a fraction of the cost of other big-name supplements. Bodge called Dollar Generals 40-count of Oh Good! Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies yummy vegan gummies for healthy skin and nails.

    These gummies provide high-potency biotin, and vitamins C and E, Bodge said. They are also free of potential allergens, like gluten, wheat and lactose.

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    Use Products That Won’t Further Dry Out Your Skin

    When you think about the products that will hydrate, your moisturizer most likely comes to mind. Yes, it is important to have an ultra-hydrating cream, but you need to think about everything you are using in your skincare routine, even your face wash and makeup remover.

    Getting rid of all the dirt and build up on our skin is necessary at any age, but when you’re older it’s even more crucial to pick products with ingredients that won’t strip away any moisture when helping you take off all that gunk.

    “I love Humphreys Witch Hazel Toner this brand is gentle on all skin types, plus its toners contain added ingredients like aloe, lavender, and rose to nourish while cleansing and balancing the skin,” says Engelman.

    If you haven’t already, it’s also time to add a hydrating serum into your routine to apply after cleansing and toning and before moisturizing. She recommends the Elizabeth Arden Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules Hydra-Plumping Serum which “strengthens the skin barrier and locks in moisture while visibly reducing the appearance of dryness and minor aging signs.” The serum is full of hyaluronic acid, an ingredient naturally found in skin, and ceramides, so it will moisturize without causing irritation.

    Five Deep Breaths Body Cream With Vanilla Rose $435

    If you want a body lotion packaged in what looks like a luxe tube and brings to mind products from a famous bath and body store, Five Deep Breaths is a good pick. Yet, instead of paying over $8 for 2.5 ounces of body lotion, youll pay less than $5 for 11.5 ounces of this vanilla rose body cream.

    This relaxing body lotion smells heavenly and feels fantastic, said Bodge It contains skin-nourishing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

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