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Best Skin Care Products For 12 Year Olds

Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Moisturizer

My 12 year old skincare routine ð§ð?¼â?âï¸?|Vlogs by Victoria

This overnight moisturizer is a good choice for dry skin that is not prone to acne. The creamy texture provides lasting hydration for dry and irritated skin. The plant and vitamin-derived antioxidants lock in the skin’s natural hydration elements, leaving the complexion soft and radiant. The use of this moisturizer is the perfect end to your nighttime skincare routine.

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A Skincare Routine For Tweens

Dear Amalah,

Long, looooooong-time reader here, hoping youll be willing to go a little old-school Advice Smackdown for me. I have boy/girl twins who are the same age as your oldest child, Noah, and well, puberty is happening all over the place. Including their faces.

I really, really want to get them both set up with good, proper skincare routines and teach them how to take care of their skin, since nobody really did that for me. But considering how long it took me to figure out what works/doesnt work for my own skin , Im not really sure what to recommend for 12 year olds. I dont want them using anything too harsh or expensive, but its definitely time for them to move past using whatever soap or body wash they happen to grab in the shower.

For what its worth, my husband and I have skin that leans towards the normal/dry side, but both definitely struggled with acne/clogged pores during our teen years. He doesnt remember using anything other than bar soap and maybe some astringent and I remember spending way too much money on anything and everything that promised clear skin and then just using a ton of cover-up makeup. Im definitely noticing some white bumps and oily shine on my kids faces so I assume theyre both going to have to deal with some crappy hormonal skin as well.



Your question could not have been timed any better, because were dealing with the exact same thing. So I have thoughts. Many thoughts!

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Choose The Right Products

Use a gentle cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen to take care of your skin. If you have dry skin, choose a non-soapy formula and salicylic acid for oily skin.

Choose moisturizer that is oil-in-water based or gel-based to make your skin grease-free. You can also opt for sunscreen – preferably aqua or gel-based ones.

The Best Teenage Skincare Products For 2021 Are:

Willa Skincare Natural Products for Girls Launched by Mom and Tween ...
  • Best overall Wow You! Ready, Set, Glow mini kit: £24.30,
  • Best for makeup removal Bioderma Sebium H2O Micellar Water: £11,
  • Best for minimum effort T-Zone Apple Cider Biodegradable Toning Pads 60s: £6.49,
  • Best affordable brand Q+A Peppermint Daily Cleanser: £7.50,
  • Best gadget BeGlow PURA: Skinsense Sonic Cleansing Brush: £109,
  • Best for emergencies Patchology Breakout Box: £18,
  • Best after late nights Essence Hello, Good Stuff! Depuff Eye Serum: £3.29,
  • Best for older teens Workout Day Nutrition & Defence Natural Moisturiser: £39,
  • Best for younger teens Florence by Mills Low-Key calming Peel Off Face Mask: £22,
  • Best natural product Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm: £12.99,
  • Best for acne Salcura Antiac Acne Clearing Active Liquid Spray: £16.99,
  • Best gender neutral range Ecooking Clay Mask: £26,
  • Best British brand Mallows Coconut Mud Mask: £2.95,
  • Best for all skin types Bye Bye Blemish Vitamin C Exfoliating Gel: £6.99,
  • Best new product Tolpa sebio 3-enzymes face scrub: £6.66,
  • Best TikTok sensation Bad Habit Chill Out Adaptogen Hydrating Mist: £17,

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Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser

This daily facial cleanser creates a soothing foam that removes oil and goes deep into pores without negating the natural protective elements of the skin. Specially formulated for use on normal to oily skin, this product contains three essential ceramides to deliver deep cleansing action. The hyaluronic acid in the cleanser adds moisture to the skin so that it does not become dry. The niacinamide then works to reduce possible irritation. This value-driven cleanser should be a staple in your arsenal of acne-fighting treatments.

Endocrine Disruptors Personal Care Products And Hormonesoh My

The problem of endocrine disruptors in personal care products is pretty well established by now. Ingredients like parabens and phthalates are commonly found in things like lotions, cleansers, shampoos, scrubs, cosmetics, feminine care products, and more.

These chemicals are hormone disruptors, which means they can mimic estrogen or other hormones in the body, disrupting natural hormone function and leading to downstream effects like breast cancer and other reproductive and developmental issues.

Anyone and everyone can potentially be affected by endocrine disruptors, but of course, healthy hormone function is extra important during those pubescent years!

And unfortunately, endocrine disruptors are not the only ingredients of concern to watch out for. In addition to parabens, here are the toxic chemicals that are most commonly used in skincare products:

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% Pure Coconut Oil Cleansing Milk

If your teenager has dry skin from being outdoors or loads of sports, than this is the gentle and natural cleanser he or she will need! This cleanser is made with coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut water and vanilla bean and is nourishing and gentle on young skin.

100% Pure is a certified natural skincare company that also has organic makeup, hair care and body products. All the cosmetics are coloured with vegetable pigments and all containers are made in post recycled plastic or glass and the labels are printed with biodegradable soy ink.


Eltamd Uv Shield Sunscreen Broad

my 13 year old skincare routine |Vlogs by Victoria

This oil-free sunscreen is a good choice for use on the face. The premium product boasts a mineral-based zinc oxide formula supported by dermatologists. The SPF rating of 45 gives you confidence in total protection for your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. The lightweight product will not clog pores, making it an ideal selection for those with oily skin. The product is suitable for use under makeup or worn alone.

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What Experts Truly Think

Choudhury says that by following a daily routine that incorporates a gentle cleanser and moisturizer without harsh chemicals and staying on top of adequate sun protection parents can help their child develop an even stronger skin barrier as they mature.

So, if you want to stick to the basics, a cleanser, moisturizer and chemical-free SPF is what’s needed.

Cosmetic formulator Teeneke Barresi suggests that when a child is between six and nine years old, it’s a perfect time to start reinforcing good skin care habits.

She recommends introducing a gentle facial cleanser and toner to balance the skin’s pH, as well as a lightweight lotion.

Between ages 10 and 13, a skin and body care routine becomes even more important, as this age range is also when puberty begins. And with a changing body, skin changes as well.

When To See A Dermatologist For Acne

If breakouts leave scars or dont respond to a regular routine of gentle cleansing, exfoliation and spot treatment, a consultation with a dermatologist might be in order, said Gohara. Some people need something stronger to manage their acne, like an oral antibiotic, she said.

And teens shouldnt get discouraged. Though acne can be really annoying, 99.9% of cases are curable, according to Gohara.

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What To Look For In Non

The good news is that some research shows that consciously avoiding these types of chemicals can make a differenceand relatively quickly! A 2016 University of California Berkeley study of 100 adolescent Latina girls showed that switching to non-toxic personal care products for just three days lowered the levels of many of these endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in the girls urine.

What this means is that choosing safer products can make a difference. Here are some things to look out for when shopping for products:

Nip + Fab Teen Skin Fix

Recommended Skin Care Routine For 40 Year Olds

This teen focused range was conceived to tackle those dreaded unwanted blemishes and breakouts with powerful ingredients such as Wasabi Extract and Salicylic Acid which penetrate deep into pores to remove impurities. Especially suitable for blemish prone and problematic skin, this range is fantastic for giving teens a fresh, shine free complexion and a sense of control over their skin.

  • WHAT WE LOVE:We particularly like the day and night Teen Skin Fix Pore Blaster Washes – helpful for instilling a good twice-daily routine.
  • IDEAL FOR: 11 years+
  • WHERE TO BUY: Available from Nip + Fab

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Best Bug Spray: Green Goo Bugs Be Gone

DEET-free Green Goo Bugs Be Gone uses lemongrass, peppermint, and lavender essential oils to repel insects. After testing, one parent told us they’ll keep a bottle in the house, the car, and the diaper bag all summer.

High-quality yet bargain-priced is just the thing. Hello Bello Plant-Based Baby Wipes are made with 99 percent water and a touch of organic aloe and chamomile extract. Nice!

How To Take Care Of Teenage Skin

While the teenage years bring about a host of skincare challenges, equipping yourself with the knowledge and tools to fight the acne battle head-on will help in your clear skin endeavors. Following this five-step process will put on the path to a radiant complexion:

1. Cleanse – The cardinal rule of proper skincare at all stages of life is to follow a thorough cleansing routine. A well formulated cleanser will deliver the best results in the fight against blemishes. You should aim to wash your face twice per day. It is especially important to follow a good cleansing routine if you wear makeup.

2. Exfoliate – Now is a good time to get in the habit of using an exfoliating product. There is a myriad of exfoliants on the market. The key to clear skin success is to choose the right product for your specific skin type. An exfoliant works by stripping away dead skin cells to reveal a fresher layer of skin in its wake. This process will prevent pores from becoming clogged. Exfoliating is a preventative measure that will deter teenage acne from taking hold.

3. Use Spot Treatment – Despite your best intentions with preventative treatments, it is inevitable that you will experience breakouts as a teenager. When this happens, you will want to go straight to the proven spot treatments in order to reduce the inflammation and redness. As the most common spot treatment available, benzoyl peroxide is often cited as one of the best acne treatments for teens.

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Facial Washes For Normal Teenage Skin:

1. Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

This cleanser has a papaya and grapefruit formula that is gentle on the skin. Although the brand suggests it is suitable for all skin types, experts recommend it for normal and oily skin types. It also hydrates the skin, removes impurities, and can be used twice daily.

2. Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

If you have normal or very oily skin, the Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser is a good option. It’s alcohol, paraben, and oil-free and good for everyday use.

3. Lakmé Blush & Glow

If you’re looking for a gentle face wash, the Lakmé Blush and Glow is a nice choice. It is a light gel formula that contains strawberries, which act as an antioxidant.

Some Of The Most Common Skin Types Are:

My 11 year old’s skincare routine!
  • combination

People with normal skin have a smooth, even, and radiant complexion and tend to have minimal skin issues and breakouts. Normal skin is not particularly sensitive and has barely visible pores. People with normal skin should use gentle, non-irritating products to take care of their tween skin.

Dry skin tends to crack, peel, and become irritated more quickly than other skin types. It can also be itchy and dull with red patches. The best way to care for dry tween skin is by using gentle products and making sure to moisturize.

People with oily skin typically have a shiny complexion. Oily skin types are more prone to breakouts, blackheads, blemishes, and enlarged pores. It is often caused by puberty and hormones, which often affect tween skin. To treat oily skin, use non-irritating products, and make sure you dont pop any blemishes.

Combination skin can have normal, dry, and oily skin all in one. Your forehead may be oily while you get dry patches on your cheeks, or your nose could be dry while the rest of your skin is normal. People with combination skin can be more prone to blackheads and breakouts. Skincare for tweens with this skin type includes gentle products.

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Best Cream: Tubby Todd Bath Co Dream Cream

Packed with greensaloe, avocado, and cucumberTubby Todd Bath Co Dream Cream lives up to its name with a rich, nongreasy feel that absorbs easily. Said a mom of kids ages 4 and 7, “I noticed smoother skin almost immediately.”

> > When it comes to your baby’s skin, don’t discount the importance of breathability. Huggies Special Delivery diapers feature a 100% breathable outer cover, which allows for airflow to help keep your baby’s skin dry and healthy.

Sponsored by Huggies

Best Facials For Teenagers In Hong Kong

Glow Spa The Skeynador Teenagers Facial offers gentle cleansing and exfoliation, $780 for 45 minutes. Address: 8th Floor Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong. WhatsApp: +852 9680 2107.

The Skin Gym Facial for teenagers under 18 years for $880. Address: The Centrium, 21st Floor, Room 6, 60 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong. WhatsApp: +852 6271 8005.

Perfect Skin Surgery Centre Offers professional guidance for children and teenage skin. Including acne facials. Address: 17/F, 36 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong.

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Best Foaming: Clinique Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam

Courtesy of Clinique

  • Some may not like foam texture

Foaming face washes arent everyones favorite, but theyre great for tween and teen skin because they cleanse quickly and effectively and rinse away with little effort and no leftover residue.

Reviewers especially love Cliniques Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam because its non-irritating, good for sensitive skin, and abides by the Clinique Clean Philosophy: no parabens, phthalates, or fragrance. This super-soft foam feels like velvet on your skin and is made for dry or combination skin types. For happy skin, try it with the rest of Cliniques best-selling skincare routine.

Price at time of publish: $23

Am Clarifying Jelly Cleanser Jaya Beauty

How to Wear Natural Makeup for 12â14 Year Olds: 11 Steps

Gently awakening and purifying sleepy skin, this plant-based formula dissolves grime and decongests pores, while supporting the skins delicate microbiome . The 100% naturally derived fragrance has been developed to help tween skin feel positive and energised ready for the day ahead.

Great for acne-prone tween skin, Oy! is 93% certified organic, making it delicate on skin while effectively reducing inflammation and killing spot-causing bacteria.

Put spots to bed with this overnight gel from BeBarefaced. Unlike many spot gels that dry out skin, BeBareface speeds up the spot-healing process with gentle aloe vera to minimise swelling and soothe irritation.

Pretty much a 2-in-1 treatment, this cleaner gently helps to dissolve makeup and grime while also resorting skin with its natural moisturising and hydrating qualities.

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Facial Washes For Oily And Combination Teenage Skin:

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

The Body Shop offers a lot of different types of skincare and body care products that are great for teen skin. Among the most popular and relevant ones is the the Tea Tree Skin cleanser for oily skin. It’s vegan and has tea tree oil, which is a great ingredient for oily and acne-prone skin. It gently cleanses the skin and helps reduce excess oil and blemishes. You can use it daily but make sure to use moisturize afterwards.

2. Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser

If you have oily or combination skin and you’re looking for a daily cleanser, try the Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser from Clean & Clear. It helps clear excess oil and impurities and it also removes makeup. It’s oil-free so it’s good if you have oily skin. It also aims to not be too over-drying.

3. Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

Charcoal is known for its ability to remove impurities and excess oils from the skin. So, if you’re looking for a daily facial wash for your oily or combination skin, you can try the Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. It’s also vegan and cruelty, paraben, and oil-free.


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