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A Full Range Of Products For Both Face & Body

Private Label Skin Care Florida Manufacturing Introduction video
  • Skin Types addressed in this collection: Normal / All Oily / Combination Mature / Anti-Aging Sensitive / Dry Ultra-Sensitive Environmentally Stressed Skin & Pollution Defense
  • Body Care: A full range of back bar Professional and Retail Body Care products
  • Naturals for Men: A boutique collection which offers Normal to Dry & Normal to Oily Skincare Products
  • Mens Body Care: Specialty Collection for the active Male
  • Mens Shaving: Features Pre-Shave, Shave and Post-Shave Products

Government Regulations And Safety Standards

Not all private label beauty products are produced domestically. In fact, the overseas production market is robust and often significantly cheaper than offerings available in the United States or other North American, Scandinavian, Oceanic, or European countries. Although it may be tempting to increase your profit margins by contracting with an overseas private label cosmetics company famous for low prices, their products may not adhere to the same standards for purity and other legal requirements that domestic private label producers are held to. Importing lower-quality products with questionable safety can leave you vulnerable to issues ranging from increased customer complaints to legal issues involving product safety.

Features Of The Rainforest Collection:

Natural & Organic source Botanical Extracts derived in-house by steam distillation

Natural & Organic Plant derived Oils and Butters

Free of animal-derived Ingredients and Parabens

Green, natural source Emulsifiers, Surfactants & Thickeners

Frequent, small batch manufacturing for optimal freshness

Mineral & natural source Colorants

Preference for Wildcrafted & Fair Trade Ingredients sourced from ethical suppliers

From cleansers to eye treatments, Naturals is a complete skin care regime suitable for most skin types and conditions. This range offers a complete professional only line which ties in beautifully to treatment room applications. Clients carrying this collection have successfully applied for a number of industry certifications, which include Vegan Certification, PETA, Leaping Bunny and Natural Skincare Authentication.

  • Founded in 1997, Vitelle is the industry leader in the development and manufacture of cutting edge skin and body care products for the professional skincare market.
  • 120 8365 Ontario Street

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How Private Label Skin Care With Evora Works:

  • Product Selection:
  • This is one of the biggest choices you can make as a brand, picking which products are the right ones to meet your customers needs. Our highly knowledgable business development staff are here to make this process a breeze. They know the skin care industry and will work with you to understand the exact customers you want to reach. They can help you choose your formula from our extensive collection of options and get samples for products you are interested in.


    Skincare: a range of value to high-end formulas used for all types of skin care goals and needs. We have a range of base formulas for masks, cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and any other topical product for your line.

    OTC: as a licensed OTC manufacturer, Evora is able to provide your business with highly effective products using Menthol, Lidocaine, Benzocaine, Pramoxine HCl, and other ingredients that allow you to make FDA-approved claims on a variety of skin conditions from first aid to sun care applications.

    • Choosing Your Packaging:

    Evoras team is also on the cutting edge of the best packaging in the market, as well as packaging that will be perfect for your formulas. Your business development executive will work with you to find the ideal package that really speaks to your customers. We have access to every style of packaging in the cosmetic market to choose from, whether its glass, plastic, tubes, pumps, or any other product that fits your brand vision.

    • Create Your Labels:

    Welcome To Our Website

    Skin Care  Grafton Private Label Cosmetics

    Our clinic is located at heart of the Richmond Hill area and provides several non surgical services such as skincare, laser hair removal, laser treatments and cosmetic inject able treatments like Botox, Filler. We also offers many medical services at our Richmond Hill Medical Clinic in the same Location such as: Family physician, Pharmacy, Blood work and more.

    Our stuff are always ready to help you about either Cosmetic or Medical questions.

    Our clinic is pleased to offer a variety of health care services by Family Physicians in a welcoming environment.

    Cosmetic and Skin Care: Dr. Amir Mirkeshmiri

    Family Physician: Dr. Sogand Gholami

    Laser Technician: Mehrnaz Shirazi, Parya Masouri

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    Winter Skin Survival Guide

    As the weather continues to cool and the days continue to shorten, the start of winter marks the most challenging time of year for skincare users. Your patients skin might be feeling it already. To fight deeper wrinkles, clammy or dull texture, and dry patches, its more important than ever to keep skin hydrated, nourished, and protected. We recommend these products to help patients through the dry months ahead, both on their own and as a combined, complete winter regimen. Cleanse: Chamomile Facial Cleanser Make sure patients begin with a hydrating cleanser. We recommend our Chamomile Facial Cleanser, which contains deeply moisturizing red algae peptides. It also soothes and softens with vitamin B3 and ginger and chamomile essential oils. Did you know that pollution particulate matter levels are higher indoors than outdoors? With greater time spent indoors, this season is particularly important to cleanse and protect against pollution. Besides…

    How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Skincare Line

    The amount of money you need to start your own private label skin care product line depends on the type of products you will be producing, the size, ingredients, formulation, packaging design and number of orders you expect to receive each month as well as what your customer expects from you. This is the least expensive method for testing out a new product line and many people do it. Find out more on creating your first J-Beauty products with OEM Co., Ltd.

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    Low Minimum Order Requirements

    At first, you may not want to produce a large amount of each product in your beauty line. Especially during the piloting phase of your marketing efforts, you may not be in a position to place a large order. Some producers are more willing than others to run small batches, so look for a low-minimum or no-minimum private label cosmetics company.

    Private Label Skin Care Manufacturer Serving The Us

    BlackBird Skincare – Private Label Skincare Manufacturer

    Anthem United States of Beauty is excited to offer manufacturing services to private label skin care companies in the United States. Clients can create custom products that yield a high profit with the use of the Anthem United States of Beautys manufacturing facilities in Clifton and Miami. Contact Anthem United States of Beauty to learn more about how you can manufacture your private label skin care products by calling 779-1982 today.

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    Six Strategies To Increase Sales This Holiday

    According to the National Retail Foundation, the winter holiday season alone brings in at least 20% of a small retail business annual revenue. Its time to bring your A-game, so we put together these quick tips to help you end the year strong with an extraordinary holiday turnout. #1. Procedure Packages Procedures always spike around the holidays because patients want to look their best during the upcoming gatherings and festivities. Make sure your offices schedule is ready to accommodate them. We also recommend automatically upselling with procedure packages by including take-home products in the price of the treatment package. For example, since our Post Procedure Kit is the perfect regimen for patients after any treatment, package it with their procedure and send patients home with it to get the best results possible. For more ideas, visit our training manual protocols or simply ask your Account Executive for strategies personalized…

    Contact Our Project Consultants To Place Your Order

    Once you have all the elements of your order finalized, get in touch with one of our Project Consultants to place your order. The following details will be required:

    Products: The products youd like to order

    Fragrance: If you would like any of your products scented

    Sizes: The unit size of each product you would like us to produce

    Packaging: The containers and closures you would like to use

    Quantity: How many of each unit you would like to order

    Labels: If you need any assistance with label design and/or label printing

    Finishing Touches: If you require any exterior elements, such as boxes or seals

    Shipping Details: Where you will want your products shipped once complete.

    Additional Services: If you would like to use any of our additional services, such as photography or documentation preparations

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    Some Benefits Of Self

    • No Competition Never lose a sale to an online distributor again! As a matter of fact, you know have the opportunity to also sell your products through an online distribution site increasing your brands exposure, your product sales, and your bottom line!
    • Brand Elevation– Offering self-branded products elevates your companys status in the eyes of your customers. Youve tailored your offerings to the specific wants and needs of your clients and if you are a spa or medical clinic, your customers will appreciate how you have developed a line that is in-line with the services that you already offer and that they know and love.
    • Higher Profit Margins You determine your expenses when you choose your laboratory, packaging, and labels and you also determine your retail sales price. That means you have control over your profit margins. No more MSRP that you need to adhere to you can increase prices or put products on sale at your own discretion.
    • No Large Opening Orders or Yearly Minimums With branded lines, there is often a very large opening order, and many times that order includes items that you dont even want. And if you dont buy a certain dollar amount every year, you could lose your account. Set your own pace of purchase by private labeling and stocking the products that you need when you need them!

    Private Label Skin Care Products

    Private Label Skin Care Companies / Max Private Label

    We specialize in making it easy for sellers to take high-quality skin care products to market. You may choose from our successful Stock Formulas , or we can make Custom Formulas to your specifications.

    Urist Cosmetics focuses on manufacturing naturally-derived skin and hair care products that really work. We strive to be one of the best skin and hair care manufacturers by using key ingredients backed by reliable, scientific studies. Our products suit the requirements of the modern consumer: paraben-free, gluten-free, petroleum-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and no animal testing.

    Our in-house team of experienced chemists do constant R& D, and keep up to date with market trends, to help you sell whats popular.

    Feature products include categories in anti-aging, skin brightening, eye firming, super green, body care, beard care, thinning hair, and our new, Dropper Age-Defying Serum line. We use popular ingredients such as retinol, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptides, niacinamide, bakuchiol, fermented rice water, and certified organic extracts. Our offerings are in high demand and result in repeat sales.

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    The Difference Between Private Label And White Label Manufacturing

    Private label manufacturing is one of two main types of manufacturing available to skin care product creators. The other is known as white label manufacturing, and it differs from private label manufacturing in its ability to customize products. It is important for people that are interested in private label manufacturing to know the difference between the two.

    Private label manufacturing means that products are made for exclusive sale by a particular retailer. The retailer submits specifications for the product to the manufacturer, who then produces it and gives it to the retailer to be branded and sold.

    White label manufacturing means that a manufacturer will make a product and then sell it to numerous retailers, each of whom will brand the same product their own way. While each type of manufacturing has its own advantages for retailers, manufacturers, and consumers, private label manufacturing is advantageous because it offers more freedom to customize products according to a brands unique specifications.

    Are You Ready To Start Your Own Skin Care Business

    Is today the day that you take the first step towards creating your own brand? We can help.

    For almost a quarter of a century Vitelle Labs have been the manufacturing partner used and recommended by National Skincare Brands, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Esthetic Professionals.

    Vitelle is one of a handful of North American manufacturers who offer premium private label and contract manufacturing services to the professional skincare market. Vitelle works with clients of varying sizes to create unique, effective products sold in premium packaging and finely finished.Let us help you bring your brand to life!

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    Create Your Own Unique Collection

    Product quality, efficacy and packaging play a key role in launch and growth of your private label skin and body care collection. We understand that clients have varied tastes and therefore offer an extensive variety of in-stock packaging which is regularly updated to keep in step with current trends.

    Our wide range of in-stock packaging allows clients to identify and evaluate cosmetic containers which meet their needs. Whether its a preference for glass, acrylic or aluminum we thoroughly review your options and help you select containers which most closely align with your label design and brand vision.

    From cleansers to serums to moisturizers you can mix and match between our signature collections to create a completely unique look or if you already have packaging of your own well custom fill our exquisite formulas into those containers for you. It couldnt be easier.

    All you need to do is choose the packaging and products that is right for you and leave the rest to us. As a private label customer you will receive your products fully labeled and ready to use or sell. We integrate your unique label design, logo and custom label content into an all-inclusive design which is digitally sent to you for final approval. Once you begin ordering your products all youll need to do is unpack your order and start selling.

    Your Order Will Begin Production

    What is PRIVATE LABEL cosmetics

    Now that your labels are finalized & ready for print, all of the puzzle pieces have come together and your order will go into the final stage of its production process. Our team will manufacture your order per the specifications of your approved production quote. Our standard lead time for opening orders is 8 weeks, once the labels have been finalized, however, these lead times are not guaranteed and can fluctuate to be both shorter and longer depending on a number of factors including component sourcing & seasonality.

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    Place Your Order & Start Selling

    A custom order form will be provided listing all the details unique to your company which makes it easy to order and reorder as your products sell. You should expect to receive your first shipment 2-3 weeks after you have approved your labels and placed your opening order. Typical reorders are 2 weeks plus transit time.

    Staff Training Marketing Resources & Integration

    From staff training and online marketing tools to printable assets, we’ve got everything you need to integrate Private Label into your spa and help you make more money!

    Private Label User Guide

    This skin care guide contains product knowledge, ingredient information, usage instructions, protocols, and safety data documents to support you while youre building your brand.

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    So What Can Your Company Do

    You could start your own beauty brand with private label skin care supplies from OEM Co., Ltd. OEM Co., Ltd has been in this industry for years and we have perfected the process of making quality cosmetic ingredients at wholesale prices. That means you can turn your brand into a leader in the market quickly and affordably.

    What Is The Unique Opportunity For Business Growth

    Private Label Branding

    When you private label, not only do you have the opportunity to sell to your clients and your online fan base, but there is a unique opportunity to sell to other businesses! Many private label skincare entrepreneurs pitch to and get picked up by sole proprietors, small companies, and even large retail chains that then resell their products to a diverse and large audience. Your one-of-a-kind product line means the skys the limit when it comes to retailing opportunities.

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    Product Development Is A Priority

    Whether clients are developing products that are entirely new or improvements upon products that already exist, Anthem United States of Beauty has the capacity to offer exciting solutions. With an eye toward customers needs and expectations, the industry experts and chemists that work with Anthem can help clients create products that can perfectly target any problem that a customer may have.

    Begin Your Design Process With Our Graphics Team Or Share Your Designs With Us

    If you’ve chosen to use our graphic design services to design your labels and/or logo, the design process will begin now, after the order has been placed. You’ll be matched up with a designer and they will walk you through the process of the design. Otherwise, if you will be designing your own labels, we will provide your team with our templates at this time so they can set them up to ensure they will work with our printing presses. It is important to note that we always will need final approval on your order to proceed with any graphic design initiatives.

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    Your Perfect Partner For Your Brand

    Our team of the top innovators in the skincare industry approaches every project with the goal of helping you elevate your brand. Everyone at Evora from our manufacturing line to our R& D chemists prides ourselves on innovating and being an extension of your brand.

    Whether youre an established brand looking to fill white space with our cutting-edge formulas with unique brand stories or starting a brand fresh, Evora is the right choice for private label skincare, personal care product development, and manufacturing, inspired label and packaging design, to turnkey fulfillment services, we promise you an unparalleled customer experience.


    Lead the market with cost-effective private label skin care and personal care products. Formulated by our world-class in-house chemists, we use innovative, high performance ingredients that get results. Find out how were leading the industry in research and development.


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