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Is Waxing Better Than Shaving For Sensitive Skin

Which Is The Better Choice

How-to: wax sensitive skin

Shaving is a fine solution for quick hair removal, but waxing allows for longer-lasting results, less hair growing back over time, and smoother skin through exfoliation.

Both methods can be done at home, but if youre looking to remove hair and not worry about it for weeks at a time, waxing is the better solution.

Our team specializes in performing comfortable, high quality waxes to most areas of the body. If youre ready to try waxing, call us today at one of our three New York City locations, in Maspeth, Chelsea, or Park Slope, or book your appointment online.

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Whats The Process Like

Waxing involves a warm mixture thats applied to the skin and removed quickly once it cools. There are two different types of wax: soft and hard wax.

Soft wax requires strips to remove and is made with rosin, oils, and other additives. The wax is applied, and the strip is placed on top to remove the hair against the direction of growth.

Hard waxes firm up on their own and are made from beeswax, resin, and oils. Unlike soft waxes, hard waxes remove hair without strips.

Shaving, however, is much more simplistic in nature and only requires a razor.

There are several types of razors, mainly safety razors, straight edges, and electric shavers.

Straight edge razors were the most popular before the 20th century and look like an exposed blade.

Safety razors are typically disposable and look like the ones you might find in the grocery store.

Electric shavers are slightly more expensive, but can provide a closer shave.

Each type of razor uses the same method, where the razor scrapes the top edge of the skin to remove the hair. Some prefer to use shaving cream or gel along with the razor.

This depends on preference, but some find that shaving is much easier to perform on a day-to-day basis for the underarms, legs, and bikini area.

Others prefer the long-term effects of waxing for legs, underarms, and bikini areas.

For bikini areas, waxing is more precise and can result in less razor bumps because of the delicate skin area.

Is Waxing Longer Lasting Than Shaving

Waxing can produce far longer-lasting outcomes than shaving. Due to this fact you dont should hold utilizing razors on delicate pores and skin so typically.

In line with the Cleveland Clinic, the outcomes from waxing might last as long as 3 or 4 weeks, whereas shaving will should be repeated each few days. This could result in repeated irritation of the pores and skin.

The identical issues can happen to the pores and skin by means of waxing and shaving. Ingrown hairs, redness, irritation, bumps, and rashes can happen with each of those hair removing strategies.

Nevertheless, if one solely must be performed each 3 weeks, and the opposite each 3 days, its simple to see how one may very well be higher for delicate pores and skin. Thus, it will seem that waxing isnt simply long-lasting but in addition higher for these whose pores and skin is extra delicate.

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A Depilatory Cream For Legs

I didn’t think something as easy as applying cream and wiping it off could work for my coarse hair, but there’s a reason Nair has been around since 1940. Its Leg Mask is my favorite of all the products I tested for this guideI can now have smooth legs without itching and ingrown hairs. It’s affordable! But if you use it as your only form of leg hair remover, you’ll go through a bottle fast, as you need a generous layer to cover the hair.

I’ve tried the charcoal and shea butter masks, but there’s also a clay and seaweed version. I didn’t see a noticeable difference between themboth removed hair just as well, leaving skin softbut the charcoal didn’t have as strong a scent. These are only for legs, hence the name, and cannot be used on the bikini area.

Another favorite: Nair’s Bladeless Shave Whipped Cream is another standout, meant for more body parts. It smells a little better and removes hair just as well, but the bottles are smaller, so you’ll go through it faster.

Do You Have To Use An Expert Technician For Waxing

Waxing, shaving or laser... which is better?

If its your first remedy then having an expert carry out the waxing might be stress-free and reassuring. It could possibly additionally work wonders for somebody who has skilled pores and skin irritation with hair removing, particularly by means of shaving.

A technician will seek the advice of with the shopper about their pores and skin sort and can perceive the perfect strategy for the waxing session. They can assist to arrange the pores and skin, and clarify when to exfoliate, and what size the hair needs to be.

That is necessary as attempting to wax when the pores and skin hasnt been exfoliated could have much less fascinating outcomes. Additionally, attempting to wax when the hair is simply too lengthy, or too quick, will trigger issues comparable to ingrown hairs.

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Some Explanation Why Waxing Could Also Be Higher Than Shaving

It might be beautiful if there was a skincare routine thats appropriate for all pores and skin varieties, however some individuals want further care. Some people merely have rather more delicate pores and skin than others do.

Listed below are some explanation why waxing could also be extra preferable to shaving for delicate pores and skin

The Best Permanent Hair Removal

Imagine not ever having to worry about a shaving rash, waxing irritation or reaction ever again? The thought is what beauty dreams are made of and laser hair removal, if you’re suited to the procedure could make it a reality. Not only does the method itself avoid all those after-effects that often occur with other hair removal methods, but the fact that one course could allow you to stay fuzz-free for good makes it a great option.

Of course, laser hair removal is costly, but given how pricey razors are , it could be worth the investment. At-home devices such as the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision , £235, use professional strength diode laser technology to reduce body hair with permanent results. The built-in sensor also checks your skin tone before you begin to confirm it’s compatible with the laser, and aside from a little pinching sensation it’s fairly painless, which is more than can be said for some of my past reactions to hair removal products….

What are your favourite hair removal products and methods? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Judy_Jay

Struggling with your sensitive skin? now for 25 pages of expert advice, skin care routines, product recommendations and more

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Shaving Vs Waxing: What’s Better For Your Skin

No matter which way you look at it, waxing is better for your skin than shaving. Shaving frequently can cause red bumps, breakouts, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation from the friction made by constantly running a razor over delicate and sensitive skin, which isnt something anybody wants!

In contrast, waxing the skin actually exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from the areas of hair removal, which lessens hyperpigmentation and discoloration . Practicing pre and post-wax care will also help to keep skin not only hair-free, but also smooth and free from inflammation and irritation.

Are There Any Side Effects

Face Shaving Do’s & Don’ts | Facial Hair Removal Tips | Nykaa

As with any beauty treatment, the possibility of side effects is imminent. Shays cautions that if you are taking prescription medications such as Accutane, antibiotics, or using prescription acne or anti-aging creams, a wax might remove some of the skin, leaving what looks like a shiny area or friction burn. In rare cases, people may have an allergic reaction or break out.

Make sure that you are going to a professional who is trained in the art of waxing. If youre in the hands of somebody who is rushing or not skilled, they could bruise your skin or break your hair, she says.

“Side-effects are possible with both techniquesingrown hairs, irritated skin, and razor-burn, with shaving and burns, erosions, and irritated skin with waxing. However, neither change the size or appearance of your pores,” says Nazarian.

If you do experience irritation from either hair-removal method, Nazarian says the area can be treated with a hydrocortisone 1% cream, gentle cleansers, and effective emollients such as Vaseline.

If you notice painful red bumps after waxing or shaving that dont resolve with over-the-counter calming creams or hydrocortisone, make sure you tell your dermatologist. “This condition may represent more seriously inflamed hair follicles and skin and might need a topical antibiotic or prescription-strength anti-inflammatory steroid cream,” notes Nazarian.

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Waxing Vs Shaving: Key Differences

  • Root: Waxing pulls hair from the root. Shaving slices off hairs at the surface of the skin, leaving the root fully intact.
  • Time: Waxing can last up to 3-4 weeks but shaving will only last 1-5 days depending on how quickly your hair grows.
  • Pain: Shaving is completely pain-free whereas waxing can be painful.
  • At-home or in-salon: Shaving is a DIY job, at home with the razor. Waxing can be done by a professional in-salon or at home with a wax kit.
  • Cost: The cost of razors can vary between £5 and £50 . Waxing costs between £10 and £80
  • Skin smoothing: If you choose to shave off hair using a dermaplaning device, you can also enjoy some exfoliating benefits into the bargain
  • Length: The hair can be any length for shaving but waxing will require 6mm of growth.

Ingrown Hairs Are Less Likely To Occur With Waxing

While it is still possible to get ingrown hairs from waxing, they occur less frequently than the ingrown hairs you get from shaving. When you shave, hairs are cut in the middle of the follicle, which results in the hair growing back and getting stuck under the skin.

Waxing, on the other hand, pulls most of the follicles out entirely, right from the root. Of course, there are some hairs that might not be long enough for the wax to reach properly, but this occurs less often with waxing.

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Waxing When You Have Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, youre probably used to having to pick different products. You may know that you need different face wash, laundry detergent, lotion, and shampoo than your friends. You may even believe that your sensitive skin prevents you from doing certain things, including waxing. Good news: you can ditch the razor and sensitive shave cream today! Waxing can be perfectly safe for sensitive skin. The important part is to ensure that the quality of the wax and the skill of the waxer is up to snuff. If you have sensitive skin and want to switch to the most effective method of hair removal, book an appointment with Brazils Waxing Center. We are the waxing salon in Florida that has the high-quality wax and expert waxing technicians that can help you achieve the smooth, hairless look you desire. If you are very concerned, you can speak with your dermatologist first, and we will make sure that our waxing services are right for you by doing a patch test to ensure your skin can take the wax. Additionally, there are some extra steps you can take to protect your sensitive skin from irritation.

Waxing Has A Better Smoother Finish


One of the most annoying things with shaving is when you run your hands over where you just shaved, and you still feel stubble! After all of that work and time spent trying to get rid of those hairs, theyre still there!

With waxing, you wont have to worry about finding stubbly spots youve missed or couldnt get rid of hair. Waxing removes hair from the root, leaving your skin smooth and free of stubble.

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Reasons To Wax Instead Of Shave

Many people still turn to shaving when it comes to hair removal but there are many reasons why waxing is much better for you including saving you time, caring for sensitive skin and for safety! We take a look at the 12 reasons to wax instead of shave.

  • You cant cut yourself
  • According to a survey carried out by Jama Dermatology a quarter of people who shave their intimate areas, injure themselves in the process. Thats quite a few! Not only is it particularly painful when you snick sensitive skin, but you are also susceptible to infection especially if you re-use your blades.

  • It will last a whole lot longer
  • It only takes a few days after shaving for the area to start feeling prickly with hair re-growth. If you wax instead, you could be as smooth as a babys bottom for almost three weeks. When life is busy, making time every couple of days to shave as part of your beauty regime can be difficult.

    Waxing pulls the hair out from its root so it has to completely re-grow, giving you weeks of that smooth silky feeling.

  • The hair will grow back thinner
  • Many waxing clients report that after regular waxing, hair begins to grow back thinner and sometimes lighter. If you shave, you will be breaking the hair off at the thickest part of the follicle causing it to grow back appearing thicker.

  • It wont always hurt as much as the first time
  • Many quality waxes are also developed with micro-circulation technology, which means it sets around the hair rather than pulling on the skin.

    How To Prep For Waxing Vs Shaving

    There are several steps you can take to prepare your skin for a wax or shave, especially on sensitive areas. Shays recommends exfoliating gently with a dry brush or exfoliating wash or mitt and removing any deodorant from underarms and any lotions or oils from the body.

    Waxing requires less preparation, but hair should be visible above skin level. Trim bikini hair down if it is longer than an inch. Wax will not take up hair that was shaved a few days before, says Shays. Right before your appointment, take a warm shower or bath to soften the follicles.

    Take ibuprofen 30 minutes before waxing to try to decrease inflammation and help with the pain.

    Shaving, on the other hand, is relatively painless when done correctly. Levin says if you have properly exfoliated the area, used a sharp razor and a softening shave cream, and followed up with a moisturizer, your chances of shaving nicks and razor burn are significantly decreased.

    Nazarian agrees and says shaving towards the end of your shower or bath is best. This gives your skin maximum time to soak in the warm water and allows hair to soften, making the shave closer, smoother, and less irritating. Use a gentle, unscented gel or cleanser before shaving to decrease tension on skin or hair.

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    Is It Better To Shave Or Wax

    Is it better to shave or wax? is one of the most popular questions we hear from our clients. Its a good question, too, and luckily, we have a good answer:

    Waxing, overall, is better than shaving. But if our word isnt good enough for you, consider these the reasons why it is better to wax instead of shave:

    Is Waxing Or Shaving Better For Convenience

    Hydrating Toners for Oily, Dry, Combo, Acne-Prone, & Sensitive Skin // Dermatologist @Dr Dray

    Whos got time to spend ages on hair removal? Not us. Whether youre thinking about shaving or waxing, the process should be effortless.

    Shaving is definitely the most convenient hair removal method. Its as simple as hopping in the shower when you want to de-fuzz. Our razor subscription service makes it even easier because you get premium blades delivered direct to your door.

    While waxing might last longer, youve still got to deal with that awkward growing-out phase. It often takes around 30 minutes to get a professional wax as well, whereas we spend around 10 minutes shaving in the shower. Plus, youve got to factor in time travelling to and from your wax appointment.

    Our winner: shaving

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    Does Shaving Irritate The Pores And Skin Greater Than Waxing

    As you will have learn, there are some explanation why shaving is prone to irritate the pores and skin greater than waxing. Shaving is way extra prone to be carried out at dwelling and is essentially a DIY magnificence remedy. Waxing, nonetheless, will typically contain an expert technician who will perceive delicate pores and skin varieties.

    One purpose that shaving is extra prone to irritate somebodys pores and skin, is because of the frequency it must happen.

    Is It Okay To Wax In Case Your Pores And Skin Is Delicate

    There could also be occasions when neither waxing nor shaving is really helpful. If in case you have damaged pores and skin as an illustration or sure pores and skin situations.

    However, waxing could also be preferable for delicate pores and skin for a couple of causes. There at the moment are hypo-allergenic waxes and these can comprise moisturizing properties too.

    Additionally, a wax remedy is extra prone to contain a technician than shaving would. This could result in many advantages for anybody with delicate pores and skin.

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    Waxing Results Last Longer Than Shaving Results

    With shaving, it only takes a couple of days for the hair to begin growing back, meaning youll be shaving again. Shaving cuts hair off at the thickest section of the follicle, which means itll grow back pretty quickly. It may also grow back thicker due to being shaved at the thickest section of the hair follicle.

    Because waxing pulls hairs out from their roots, it takes much longer for the hair to grow back compared to shaving. Waxing results can last nearly three weeks, and as a bonus, the hair grows back thinner and sometimes, even lighter in color.


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