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How To Make Your Skin Lighter

Skin Bleaching Vs Skin Lightening

How to Lighten Your Skin FAST Naturally – DIY

Skin bleaching and lightening are interlinked. Skin lightening means the reduction of pigmentation, blemishes, acne, and dark spots from your skin. Skin lightening can be done in many ways, bleaching being one of the options. Bleaching fades out the dark spots and blemishes. Even though it does not truly lighten your skin tone, it gives you a lighter appearance.

If you donât want to worry about which bleach is best for dark skin or which bleach is best for sensitive skin, you can simply opt for peel off skin lightening masks or opt for natural bleach options as mentioned above. Another solution to lighten your skin is a laser treatment, which can be expensive.

Best Skin Lightening Cream: 8 Skin Whitening Creams To Even Your Skin Tone & Remove Dark Spots

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Our skin is exposed to pollution, dirt, dust, sun rays and cruel climatic conditions that can take a toll on it. You may experience dark spots, blemishes and pigmentation on your face. A whitening cream is not to be used to attain a fairer complexion, these creams are actually to be used to attain blemish-free skin, to remove dark spots, pigmentation and give you even looking skin. Here we have a list of creams, choose the best skin lightening cream for you and add it to your shopping cart right away!

How To Lighten Skin On The Body

You can spot-lighten blemishes on your face or other places on your body by applying a small amount of any one of the mixtures above. For example, repeat this routine three or four times a day for three days:

  • Apply a small amount of the licorice powder-tomato paste or the turmeric paste mask to the area of your blemish.
  • Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes and wash off with warm water and pat dry.
  • Apply the aloe vera-lemon juice moisturizer mixture to the blemish and leave on.

Similarly, you can lighten large areas of hyperpigmentation other than your face, such as on your armpits, arms, hands, legs, feet, and bottom, with the same mixtures and method.

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What Is Skin Lightening

As the name suggests, skin lightening refers to using products or processes to lighten your skin color as well as acne blemishes, age spots, sun spots, and so on. The change is usually gradual and happens over a longer period. Skin lightening also involves the use of melanin-inhibiting ingredients, both natural and synthetic, to achieve a lighter skin tone.

Prevention And Maintenance Is Key

Pin on How To Make Skin Lighter

When it comes to making your skin lighter, prevention is better than a cure. Focus on sun care, exfoliation, and skin barrier protection to prevent your skin tone or blemishes from darkening. Once you have your prevention system in place, you can then turn your attention to lightening your skin tone and other pigmentation issues through using the right products and eating the right foods.

This two-pronged approach of prevention and maintenance will revamp your skincare routine and your diet to achieve lighter skin in a more natural and wholistic manner.

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Go For Chemical Peel Or Microdermabrasion

Try chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatment which are sometimes recommended by the dermatologist for the skin lightening. As these both treatment work best for the skin. Peeling or exfoliate reduce or remove the darker pigments of the skin and leave the fresh and lighter skin underneath. These treatments can help you to prevent many skin problems like acne scar, brown spots and other pigmentation problems.

A chemical peel involves having a concentrated acidic solution applied to the skin by a dermatologist. The acid will burn away the outer and pigment layers of the skin by leaving the skin lighter.

Microdermabrasion gives you the same result but in a different way. Microdermabrasion is a rotating wire brush which is used to remove the top layers of the pigment skin.

Does Sun Damage Cause Hyperpigmentation

The most important thing you want to do is to avoid sun exposure of any kind. That means wearing SPF every single day without skipping, even when the weather is partly cloudy or its winter. The suns rays still peek through even if they are not at their strongest, so dont be fooled.

Why avoid the sun? Well, its simple. The sun triggers melanin production in your skin. Melanin is a pigment that makes skin appear darker. Usually when we think of melanin, we think of getting a nice bronze tan on vacation. But for some people, melanin can be concentrated in certain areas of the skin more than others, leading to a blotchy appearance and dark spots.

The sun is also a primary cause of aging. Researchers estimate that the sun is responsible for 80 percent of all skin aging. Can you believe it? Liver spots, or age spots, can begin to develop on your face and hands, leading to a haggard appearance thats anything but youthful.

Early research has also linked age spots on the face and body to pollution. Adding antioxidants to both your skincare routine and diet can help bolster your bodys defense mechanisms to fight free radicals caused by pollution and environmental stresses. City dwellers are most at risk, having the highest likelihood of age spots. Take care to protect your skin.

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How To Maintain Fairness For A Long Term

While treatments and creams can help you get natural, fresh, and healthy skin, you should follow the below tips to maintain the desired look.

  • Follow Proper Skincare Routine: Establish a proper skincare routine and ensure that you follow it diligently. To maintain a healthy complexion, you need to understand your skin type and identify products that suit it. Practice the four-step process to get perfect skin.
  • Cleansing: Start by using a facial cleanser to remove all the dirt, dust, and makeup. Repeat this step twice daily in the morning and evening.
  • Moisturising: Use a good moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. Make sure that you use water-based moisturisers if you have an oily skin type.
  • Exfoliating: Use a gentle scrub once or twice a week to deep clean the pores.
  • Applying Sunscreen: Always apply sunscreen above SPF 30 even when the weather is cloudy. It would be best to use it 15-20 minutes before you step outdoors.
  • Eat A Healthy Diet: Eating a balanced diet is the best way to get naturally glowing skin. Try to include fruits, green vegetables, fish, and whole grains in your daily diet. Steer away from consuming alcohol and foods that are deep-fried or having high sugar content to maintain a radiant complexion.
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    Common Questions

    Ingredients Used In Skin Bleach

    You Can Whiten Your Skin In Less Than 10 Minutes!

    Skin bleach is made of various chemical substances, the chief component being hydrogen peroxide . It decreases the melanin creation in your skin, lightens your facial hair and removes tan. Another known bleaching agent used in skin bleaching is sodium hypochlorite . The interactions between sodium hypochlorite and human skin is a complex method and not fully understood. But it has a similar effect as hydrogen peroxide.

    Skin lightening agent Hydroquinone is also used in skin bleach. It cures various types of hyperpigmentation . These bleaching components make your skin appear brighter. It is important to understand that bleaching does not make your skin fair.

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    What Food Make Your Skin Lighter The Top 11 You Should Eat

    What foods make your skin lighter? Check out my article as I list down the different healthy food you should add to your diet for lighter skin.

    Who doesnt want to have glowing and lighter skin with minimal to no blemishes? There are many ways you can achieve that glowing, fair skin, and it doesnt start with medication and the like. It starts with what you eat!

    After all, what you consume will affect not just your weight, but your skin, hair, organs, and basically your entire mind and body! What you eat can help lighten your skin naturally and even improve your overall health.

    So what foods make the skin lighter, exactly? Read on as I list down the top foods you should start incorporating to your diet!

    What Is Skin Whitening

    Skin whitening is a more aggressive method compared to skin lightening. It can be used interchangeably with skin bleaching, and often involves drastically changing your natural skin tone to a much whiter complexion. To do this, whitening creams that contain bleaching agents like hydroquinone and mercury are often used to inhibit melanin production. Given that these ingredients are potentially toxic for the skin and can give rise to other health complications, skin whitening is viewed as more dangerous than skin lightening.

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    Home Remedies To Lighten Your Skin Naturally Right Now

    There are a lot of skin whitening products available in the market, but over half of them are made from chemicals which are harmful to your skin if used for a long time.

    How to lighten the skin is a hot issue among the women at every age these days.

    Among them, many people may have an imbalanced skin tone like the darker skin on the neck but the lighter skin on the face, while others may experience the pigmentation problems related to sunburn. By and large, contacting with sunshine for a long time can make your skin dry, dull and dark. Whats more, using some specific chemical skin care products in a long time can lead to the same problems.

    There are a lot of skin whitening products available in the market, but over half of them are made from chemicals which are harmful to your skin if used for a long time. Also, these chemicals may cause many side effects to your skin, such as dullness, uneven skin tone or acne breakout. But, dont worry because there are many natural home remedies to lighten your skin that you can use right now!

    Today article is going to give to top 10 home remedies to lighten your skin safely, naturally, effectively and simply.

    Using Proven Products And Treatments

    A banana can make your skin 2 Shades brighter in just 20 minutes, Here ...
  • 1Try a skin-lightening cream. There is an abundance of skin-lightening creams available over-the-counter. They all work by reducing melanin in the skin. Look for products containing effective skin-lightening ingredients such as kojic acid, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C or arbutin.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Academy of DermatologyProfessional organization made of over 20,000 certified dermatologistsGo to source
  • These products tend to be pretty safe to use, but be sure to follow the directions on the packaging and to stop immediately if your skin has a bad reaction.
  • Never use a skin-lightening cream that contains mercury as the active ingredient. Mercury-based skin creams are banned in the US but are still available in other parts of the world.
  • 2Use retinoids. Retinoid creams are made from an acidic form of Vitamin A and can effectively lighten skin by exfoliating the skin and speeding up cell turnover.
  • Not only do retinoid creams lighten skin and clear discoloration, but they are also highly effective at smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, plumping up the skin, and making it look brighter and younger. In higher concentrations, it can also help to clear acne.
  • Retinoid creams can cause dryness, redness, and flakiness at first, but these symptoms should subside once your skin gets used to the product. Retinoids also make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so you should only apply them at night and be sure to wear sunscreen during the day.
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    Avoid Picking Your Skin

    Its never a good idea to pick at your skin. It can cause unnecessary scratching, bruising, bleeding, scarring, and irritation, all of which can lead to an uneven skin tone and unhappy skin. Do your best to never pick at your face, even when you have scabs or blemishes that are bothering you. Once they heal, youll be thankful you resisted the urge to pick.

    Natural Ways To Lighten Skin Tone

    Beauty has no specific color or tone. If, however, you would like to lighten your skin tone, the method you use to lighten your skin tone matters.

    Most of the commercially available skins lightening products are harmful. They can worsen your skin and end up making the situation worse. What this means is that you are supposed to look for safer natural ways of making your skin lighter and attractive.

    In this article, I am going to discuss some of the most popular and highly functional natural ways of lightening your skin.

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    Which Bleach Is Best For Your Skin Type

    Now it’s time to answer the most asked question. You may want to know which bleach is good for sensitive skin. Well, if you have sensitive and dry skin, it is recommended that you use an ammonia-free, Vitamin C enriched bleach cream or natural alternatives. People with normal skin can choose any bleaching cream which is low on chemical content.

    SkinKraft Tip:

    Bleaching rashes can be resolved with Lavender oil application on your skin. Your rashes will recover soon without leaving any scar behind!

    Take Bath And Clean Face

    How To Lighten Foundation | The Easy Way!!

    You are busy with your everyday work. You have to go to office, shops or other workplaces. After returning home, you notice that our skin is less or dirtier. If you continue the rest time of the day with dirty skin, bacteria will get time to grow and your skin will be dull and pale.

    So, you need to take a bath after returning home with warm water. At the same time, a regular bath keeps your body fresh. You can use soft soap and shampoo for bath.

    Image:BathImage Credit:

    Moreover, cleaning face with sprinkling water removes dead cells and gives you a fresh look. For an effective clean up you can use naturally made facewash.

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    Skin Bleaching Has Roots In Prejudice

    A deeply negative side to skin lightening creams is that they can be used to promote or perpetuate colorism. Colorism refers to the belief that lighter skin is better and more beautiful than darker skin.

    Women around the globe have felt pressure to use these sometimes-dangerous products in order to avoid prejudice and gain privilege in certain cultures.

    Glycerin With Rose Water

    In a small bowl, mix a tsp of fresh lemon juice, 2 tsp of glycerin and 1 tsp of rose water. Use this lotion to moisturize your skin at night before going to bed. Apply it all over your face and neck and other body areas. Wash it in the morning, your skin looks fresh, soft and glowing. Lemon juice is packed with amazing skin nutrients and acids that help discover a clearer and radiant complexion. The citric acid in lemon has a mild bleaching property also.

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    What Foods Make Your Skin Lighter

    The secret to whitening your skin begins with an active lifestyle and a healthy, colorful diet filled with nutritious foods. Without a good diet, you cant improve your skin tone and health.

    This is because fresh fruits and vegetables have most of the nutrients our body needs. It can help reverse and prevent various health problems, also improving your skin tone.

    Here are the top 11 foods you should start eating more for better skin:

    Finally Easy Ways To Get Lighter Skin

    Pin on How To Make Skin Lighter

    When it comes to improving your skin tone, wishing on a star wont get you anywhere. If you struggle with blotchy, uneven skin, freckles, dark spots, old acne scars and discoloration anywhere on your face and body, it can seem like an uphill battle to get your skin nice and even looking.

    In winter time as your skin lightens, you may have noticed that this helps your complexion look more even toned. Aha! So, how do we lighten our skin even more? There are good and bad ways to go about it.

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    Safe Skin Lightening Solutions

    Your dermatologist may suggest the following as a standalone or combination treatment to help restore the natural colour and glow of your skin:

    • Laser Toning: This skin lightening treatment uses cutting edge laser technology to reduce the deeper pigmentation and maintain a youthful look. For this procedure, your dermatologist will use Q-switched Nd:YAG laser beam to break down the excess melanin in your skin, which later gets removed by the immune cells.
    • Microdermabrasion: A dermatologist will remove all the dead skin cells using aluminium oxide crystals or diamond-tipped abrasive devices during the procedure, leaving you with a blemish-free and brighter complexion.
    • Chemical Peels: This treatment involves the application of a peeling solution containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids to the skin. The chemical peel helps in controlled exfoliation of the top layers of dead cells followed by skin rejuvenation. It helps remove blemishes, light wrinkles, and pigmentation.
    • Arbutin: Arbutin is an extract of the bearberry plant. This natural ingredient helps lighten your skin pigmentation.
    • Retinol: A natural form of vitamin A, dermatologists prescribe retinol to help exfoliate the skin as well as increase collagen production.
    • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is abundantly available in vegetables and fruits. Alternately, doctors recommend using it topically in the form of creams and lotions for skin lightening.

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    How To Make Your Skin Lighter In Few Days

    With natural recipes, you need to keep patience and follow the recipes regularly. However there are some recipes which provide instant glow and enhance to the complexion in few days. One of the recipes is the use of turmeric and plain yoghurt. Mix these two well, wash or cleanse your face and apply the mask. Let it stay on the face for half an hour. Wash it off and you will notice the amazing glow on the skin.

    The bottom line:

    How to get lighter skin? The products available in market contain some harsh chemicals which can damage the skin texture. It is better to rely on the natural products as they are free from side effects. Yogurt, tomatoes, honey, lemons, milk, Aloe Vera gel are some of the proven remedies to improve the skin tone and complexion.

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