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How To Repair Sun-damaged Skin On Face

How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin Face Naturally At Home

How to reverse skin damage from the sun

Skin repairing process naturally is not a easy one and it will take some time. It consists of several very important steps.

Healthy skin comes with prevention. It is one of the steps toward repairing skin because it will keep your skin from more damage .

Also, it is going to save you money because it has been found that people spend billions of dollars annually to try to repair sun damaged skin.

First What Is Sun Damage

In simplest terms, skin damage occurs from overexposure to ultraviolet rays put out by the sun and tanning beds. As UV rays are absorbed into the skin, they damage the DNA of skin cells. A study, published in the medical journal Clinical, Cosmetic And Investigational Dermatology, of almost 300 women found that UV rays were responsible for 80.3% of skins aging, including wrinkles and skin texture changes.

One of the biggest problems with sun damage is that its cumulative, building over time from the first childhood exposures. Plus air pollution, cigarette smoke, and household chemicals add to environmental stress on the skin.

Free radicals, created through exposure to these pollutants, damage the skins structure through a process called oxidative photodamage . But you already know the sun does damage. So how to fix it? Read on.

Professional Skin Health Services

By creating and following a daily skincare routine, you should see some improvement in your face over time. This includes improvement caused by environmental damage . While these products are great, you will never fully experience a skin care professionals overall benefits.

Here at The Skin Center, we have access to professional, medical-grade products you cannot purchase from your local beauty store or even online. This includes higher intensity chemical peels that deliver heightened results. We also provide laser therapy to help remove wrinkles and sunspots. Even light treatment can help in some ways, especially if you have some scarring caused by both acne and sun exposure.

If you want to know how to best treat your sun damage, both at home and through services provided, our team here at The Skin Center can help you every step of the way. We recommend scheduling a Free Visia Skin Analysis.

If you are looking for more information on BroadBand Light Therapy, download our Guide today!

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    Lets face it. We all have been exposed to some sort of factor negatively affecting the health of our skin whether we realize it or not. The good news is, with the right plan of action, skin damage is reversible. Along with a visit to see your dermatologist, here is a list to support skin restoration of damaged skin:

    • Moisturize -A moisturizer will immediately hydrate skin and soften dry, stiff surface cells. Look for lotions with a combination of humectants, emollients and occlusive to hold water inside the skin and replenish the lipid matrix.
    • Sunscreen -Not only does daily sunscreen application prevent future UV sun damage, it can allow the skin to repair existing damage by and allowing your skin stem cells growth factors a chance to heal and repair damage.
    • Hydration Drinking plenty of water promotes the health of your skin in many ways but one key benefit is that its detoxifying agent, flushing toxins from your body.
    • Sleep While your mind is resting during sleep, your skins blood flow increases, and the skin rebuilds its collagen and repairs damage from UV exposure, reducing wrinkles and age spots.
    • Diet Make sure to include omega 3 rich food, sufficient protein, along with Vitamin C and other antioxidants.

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    Tips To Restore Damaged Skin

    Skin damage is 100% reversible. Dermatologists have compiled a wonderful list that can be used to restore damaged skin.

  • Moisturize: Apply a generous amount of moisturizing cream that is suitable for your skin type.
  • Sunscreen: An optimal sunscreen with an SPF value of 30 and above must be applied before heading out in the sun. Do remember to read the instructions on when to apply and how to re-apply for the best results.
  • Hydration: Drinking plenty of water or sugar-free liquids throughout the day will improve the circulation and maintain our bodys equilibrium. Aim for at least 3 litres of water daily as it also acts as a detoxifying agent.
  • Adequate Sleep: Proper sleep patterns will improve the quality of your skin and prevent further skin damage. Try to sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night to avoid skin damage.
  • Diet: Eat omega 3 rich food along with Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables .
  • If you have any signs of damaged skin, then visit a dermatologist immediately. Home remedies and old school treatments may aggravate the condition further. Dermatologists can help in reversing all skin issues and bring back nourished and radiant skin. It is never too late to seek cosmetic treatment under expert guidance.

    Can You Actually Reverse Sun Damage Here’s What The Dermatologists Say

    Staying in the sun for too long can do a number on your skin.


    While the idea of soaking up the sunshine with a drink in one hand and a nice tan to boot sounds amazing, prolonged exposure to sunlight can do some serious damage to your skin.

    According to 2013 research, UV exposure from the sun alone is responsible for around 80% of visible signs of aging from wrinkles and fine lines to hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture and sagging skin.

    In addition, “precancerous lesions or actinic keratosis and cancerous skin lesions may also be a long-term effect of sun damage,” says Dr. Hope Mitchell, board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist and founder of Mitchell Dermatology.

    Meanwhile, in the short-term, too much sun exposure can cause mild to severe sunburns. “They may appear as tender or painful, red, swollen areas on your skin, at times with blisters and fever,” explains Dr. Mitchell. “Multiple sunburns may increase the risk of melanomaa potentially deadly form of skin cancer,” she adds.

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    What Is Sun Damage

    Your skin absorbs UV light from the sun, tanning beds, and even through windows. If you are overexposed to UV light, it can begin to damage the DNA in the skins cells. And that damage is cumulative throughout life, starting with childhood sun exposure.

    As the skin is continually exposed throughout the years, it can damage the structure of the skin in a process known as oxidative photodamage. This damage appears as:

    • Sagging or drooping skin and a loss of elasticity
    • Growth of blood vessels and broken capillaries

    The end result of sun damage is lines, wrinkles, dullness, uneven skin tone, and dwindling firmness .3

    According to one study, UV rays were to blame for 80.3% of skin aging in a group of white women from the ages of 30 to 78 years old. 4 If you are blessed with more melanin , that doesnt mean you arent at risk for sun damage, though. Melanin does help protect against UV damage, as it absorbs broadband UV, and it also has antioxidant and free-radical-scavenging properties, so its generally believed to be perfect protection against UV-induced skin damage. 5 Yet people with darker skin can still experience sun damage, including sunburns and common skin cancers.

    No matter where you fall on the color spectrum, sun damage can occur. Dont fall for the magic of melanin from either a darker natural skin tone or a deep tan and think sun protection isnt warranted.

    Make Use Of Antioxidants And Vitamin C

    DIY Sun Damaged Skin Repair | How to naturally heal and repair your skin

    If your skin is developing dark spots due to sun exposure, you can use Vitamin C to diminish its visibility. Vitamin C inhibits melanin production, which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots.

    Vitamin C is also known to slow the skins degeneration due to the production of free radicals that causes visible signs of sun damage. Antioxidants slow down signs of aging, reduce UV damage, and help reduce the breakdown of collagen. Best of all, Vitamin C helps repair sun-damaged skin by encouraging cell turnover and regeneration.

    We suggest you try out the following Vitamin C products from Zo Skin Health:

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    How To Repair Sun

    Once sun-damaged skin reaches this point, the damage is done. But that doesnt mean sun-damaged skin treatments dont exist.

    You can potentially remove sun spots and plump up wrinkles through products and procedures like injectable fillers, lasers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion or ultrasound.

    Those treatment options for how to get rid of sunspots on face can be quite invasive or expensive, however, so many dermatologists recommend at-home options like exfoliation, prescription retinoids, night wrinkle creams and other serums as a first course of action.

    From removing skin spots to smoothing out wrinkles, dermatologist-formulated hims Anti-Aging Cream is an excellent multi-pronged plan of attack and it starts at $10 per month.

    Apply this along with SPF every day and your 10-years-from-now skin will be singing your praises.

    How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin

    All that good summer fun, BBQs, beach days, hiking trips, and pool time leave your skin baking in the suns direct rays, fighting the effects of chlorine, and struggling to keep up with record-high humidity.

    UV radiation from the sun can cause molecular damage to cellular DNA. As a result, both the surface epidermal layer and the deeper dermal layer suffer damage over time. Sun damage to the skin is called , and Photoaging because it can cause premature skin aging.

    UVA rays cause the following skin damage:

    • Skin that is thinner and more translucent
    • Burst capillaries
    • Liver spots or age spots
    • Skin that is dry, rough, and leathery.

    UVA is the biggest source of radiation that makes it to the Earths surface and your skin, cloudy skies or glass do not affect these beams.

    Prevention is better than reversal when it comes to sun damage

    • Are you avoiding the hottest hours of the day?
    • Are you wearing hats, sunglasses, and appropriate clothing to cover up any exposed skin?
    • Do you apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF every day?

    When dealing with sun-damaged skin, prevention is the best thing you can do, you should add sunscreen to your skincare routine. Cover yourself with sunscreen even while indoors and every time you go out.

    The best solutions for treating sun damage are below:

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    Seven Ways To Undo Sun Damage Discoloration And Other Sins Of Summer

    • Kaitlin Clark | Freelance Writer
    • Friday, October 15, 2021

    In the summertime when the living’s easy, it’s also easy to brush off that second application of sunscreen, or to not think twice about a peeling sunburn. Yet, these seemingly innocent choices can accumulate into serious trouble for your skin for years to come.

    “One of the things that we see, particularly this time of year, is the repentance of a full summer of no sunscreen and no physical protection of the skin, so we see a lot of sun damage,” says Washington D.C. plastic surgeon Troy Pittman, MD. “We see a lot of dyschromias, which are different reds and browns of the skin, the skin tends to be a little under-moisturized, pores are a little stretched out, so there’s that summer complexion that we see, and right around now, once summer vacations are over, people come in.”

    With the amount of sun damage that can occur in the summer months, it’s no surprise that according to the 2020 annual procedure report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, multiple procedures such as IPLs and Chemical Peels, which can help replenish damaged skin, were two of the top five minimally invasive procedures in 2020.

    And what are they asking for? Read on to hear from two plastic surgeons, Dr. Pittman and New York City-based Lesley Rabach, MD, for their go-to treatments to help patients erase the sins of summer.

    Contact Apt Medical Aesthetics To Treat Your Sun

    Rodan and Fields Reverse regimen before and after results. Reverse ...

    If you are suffering from the effects of sun-damaged skin, we can help find the right treatment for you. Contact APT Medical Aesthetics today and get a free consultation on which sun-damaged skin treatments are ideal for your skin type. Aside from giving you professional advice on how to protect your skin, we also offer a wide range of products to help you maintain your results. Dont let sun-damaged skin rain on your summer plans!

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    A Towel Soaked With Green Tea

    Sunburn is very painful. So here is a remedy to ease that pain.Green tea is great for soothing sunburn. To get that effect you have to make enough green tea in the bowl so you can soak a medium towel.

    After soaking put the towel into the freezer, but dont let it freeze. You should be able to spread a towel over your face.Or you can put your bowl with green tea into the fridge to cool it, then soak a towel and put it over your face.

    Green tea is great for relieving pain when applied topically because it contains tannic acid and theobromine. It works in a very interesting way. Green tea can interrupt inflammation pathways in the body and it is not just topical, it also works from the inside out.

    You can drink green tea or take decaffeinated extract for anti-aging effects.

    For Severe Cases Please Visit A Dermatologist And Remember The 3 Rules On How To Repair Sun

    • Be sure to always wear UV Protection creams all year-round to block out those unwanted rays. Try to cover up as best you can with hats and clothing during the most intense times of the day, typically from 10 am- 2 pm.
    • Be sure to suitably protect your skin from the sun as best you can to reduce the chances of acne hyper-pigmentation which are darker spots left by acne blemishes.
    • Be sure to always check the ingredients of your sunscreen and creams to ensure they do not contain anything that will cause your skin to become more sensitive when exposed to the sun.

    Explore our blog section to read more about topics such as Skin care routine for acne, different Home Remedies for Pimple, Winter Skin Care Routine and so on to get rid of skin problems naturally at home.

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    Vtamin E Oil Vitamin C And Aloevera Mixture

    You can also use a face pack of vitamin C, vitamin E oil, and aloevera on your face to reduce skin damage.

    Vitamin C can be simply extracted from citrus fruits like lemon, lime, pomelo.

    You can use a teaspoon of lemon extract and some powder of vitamin A capsules and some aloevera gel and mix the mixture very well.

    Scoop the paste with your hands, apply it all over your face and wash your face after some minutes.

    Exfoliate Once Or Twice A Week

    7 ways to FADE SUN DAMAGE on the face & body| Dr Dray

    It is crucial to get those dead cells moving. One of the things that makes uneven skin texture and brown spots look even worse is the backup of dead cells on the surface that interfere with light reflection, says Zeichner. Not only does this contribute to dull, lackluster skin, but it prevents serums and creams from penetrating and doing their best work. Mature skin is thin and often sensitive, so buff gently just enough to expose the fresher skin beneath. Zeichner suggests a chemical exfoliator cleanser with glycolic acid to dissolve the glue-like connections between surface cells so they can be shed more easily. Try a product like Mario Badescu Foaming Glycolic Cleanser . If youre sensitive to AHAs like glycolic acid, opt for a cleanser with mild microfine particles like Cetaphil Extra Gentle Facial Scrub or one that contains fruit enzymes like Kopari Beauty California Glow Enzyme Face Scrub to do the job.

    Boots Ingredients Hyaluronic Sleep Mask Truly Goodnight Moon Chest/Neck Sleep Mask E.l.f. Holy Hydration! Sleeping Mask

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    Sun Protection Is Also Essential

    Although treatment can reduce signs of aging on your skin, youll also need to start protecting your skin from the sun. If you use tanning beds, youll have to stop.

    Without protection from harmful UV rays, you may:

    • Develop side effects from treatment

    • Fail to get the results you seek

    • Continue to damage your skin

    Sun protection can also help prevent, slow down, and even reverse signs of sun damage. To be effective, you must use sun protection every day even when its overcast or cold outside.

    Youll find out how to protect your skin from the sun at, How to prevent skin cancer.

    Steam Clean Your Face

    For a deep-cleansing and detoxing, start with a citrus steam facial. The steam opens pores , increases circulation, softens dead skin cells, and helps alleviate clogged pores.

    Pour hot water into a small bowl and add a few drops of citrus essential oil or peels from lime, lemon, or orange. Drape a towel over your head and place your clean face over the bowl. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply, and allow the steam to penetrate for 5-10 minutes. Note that citrus is a natural mood booster and contains powerful antioxidants and reduces inflammation.

    Rinse with lots of cold water when youve finished, since it acts as an astringent, closing pores to help prevent pollutants from reentering skin.

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