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Best Foundation For Oily Skin 2021

Pro Tips For Oily Skin Care

TOP 5 DRUGSTORE FOUNDATIONS OILY SKIN Full Coverage Long Wearing | Best DRUGSTORE Foundation 2021

In addition to using a foundation designed for oily skin, there are several other steps you can take to combat oily skin on a routine basis.


Everyone should be moisturizing, and those of us with oily skin are no different. A quality moisturizer can help even out the skins oil production and hydrate areas of your skin that may not be getting enough oil. This leaves you with overall smoother, softer skin.

Invest in Oil-Free Products

Once you have established you have oily skin, you should try and tailor your entire routine around it. This means investing in oil-free products and products designed to help mattify and balance out oil production in your skin.

Creating an overall oil control routine can help improve the appearance of your skin and give you an easier time when it comes to applying makeup.

Try Blotting Papers

If you notice a little bit of excess oil making an appearance on your skin throughout the day, try carrying some blotting papers with you. These handy papers can help you remove any oil from your skin without disturbing any makeup that is in place or requiring you to wash your face.

And if oil breakthrough is a problem for you, a premium foundation powder like Dermablends Intense Powder Camo Mattifying Foundation can keep your skin looking matte all day.

Wash Your Face Often

Use an Astringent

Best Organic Natural Vegan Superior For Anti

Organic is always the best and this product defines this truly. This foundation from BaeBlu is 100% Vegan and is cruelty-free. So, you are not applying anything that is being extracted from animals or is harmful to your skin. If you are allergic to gluten, then there is a good news. Its totally free from gluten and harmful preservatives that fortifies your youth and make you look younger for longer.

The no Paraben and anti-clogging capabilities are something that helps your skin to breath and doesnt make it dry even after daily applications. This foundation is enriched with anti-aging formulation for blissful and flawless skin. The non greasy coverage and easy gliding makes it easy to spread and can be used anywhere.

The botanical extracts blot the oil in and make your dry spots balanced while restoring them. It also smoothes out the fine lines and the chamomile nourishes your skin with its natural composition.

Applying this foundation is just an easy task. Just use a makeup tool say a sponge or a brush, apply the desired foundation amount, spread it thoroughly and blend it with the brush. For a superiorly natural look, you can even dab it with your fingers or can use a soft sponge.

Pros: Chamomile makes skin soft and glowing No harsh chemicals Has traces of Aloe extracts

Cons: Foundation can turn in extreme liquid in hot weathers . Price is a bit on the higher side

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint

Best Serum

The Ilia Super Serum skin tint comes highly recommended by our expert Dempsey. This is a great option for those with oily skin who want lightweight coverage and a foundation that feels more like a skin-care product than heavy makeup. It also features SPF 40, so you can rest assured that your skin is being protected and looking flawless.

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Picture this: you have your favorite full-coverage foundation that does the job, having the shade number and name etched into your memory for your next stock-up. Its one of the few things you dont have to think about

But, while that whole scenario sounds like youre just a savvy shopper, its best to assess if a foundation is actually a perfect match for your mature skin, targeting concerns like fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots you know, the things that naturally come with age and acquiring more wisdom. .

Not to mention, with a Cheesecake Factory-size menu of formulas and shades to choose from, thumbing through mature skin foundations can be somewhat like anxious mayhem.

That said, we turned to a dermatologist and a makeup artist to sift through the hundreds of foundations for mature skin across all skin types that are on the market. If youre looking for a good skincare regimen to help make your skin appear more youthful, too, check out our guide to the best retinol creams and serums and the best anti-aging skincare products.

To skip the FAQ portion of this article, simply click on one of the following links to jump to our list of foundations:

Natural Skin Type And Suitable Foundations 202:

11 Best Foundations For Oily Skin In India 2021

Your skin is your bodys largest organ and is exposed to all the UV and other harmful radiations. Therefore, you need a product thats proven and enough safe for everyday use.

Before choosing a foundation you should focus on the below mentioned criterion:

Find the perfect shade: You should find the perfect shade that matches your skin and doesnt pretend that you are wearing something artificial.

Know your undertone: Unless you want to look extremely natural dont underestimate your skin undertone. So always consider a foundation that compliments your natural skin tone.

A foundation that is neither dry nor oily: As you have natural skin, you should invest in something thats perfect for you. It should neither make your skin dry nor oily. Your skin should be as it is while looking the best all the times.

If you are the one with a natural skin type, then here are some best foundations you should definitely bid for:

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Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Soft Matte Foundation

This cult-favorite liquid foundation set the trend for huge shade ranges in 2017, with 50 unique shades ranging from extremely light to very dark. The Pro Filtr Soft Matte formula is the best coverage foundation out there, with a matte finish that feels comfortable on the skin and excellent long wearability. No matter your skin tone, youre sure to find a match with this formula.

Are Oily And Dry Foundations Suitable For Natural Skin

Most of the foundations are usually suitable for natural skin whether its a slight oily or a slight dry. But using something that is really made up for your skin is a great deal. If you have no choices then you can use an oily or dry foundation. However in the cases of multiple choices, you should go with the foundation that is neither oily nor dry.

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Milani Conceal + Perfect Smooth Finish Cream

Milani Conceal + Perfect Cream-To-Powder Foundation

This cream-to-powder formula is essential for building a full-coverage, shine-free look. The cream aspect makes for an easier application while the powder sets and covers any oils that might peek through. You can use this product alone or pile it on top of a liquid foundation for extra coverage either way, you get the best of both worlds.

Covergirl Clean Matte Foundation For Oily Skin


COVERGIRL has various things to offer that are impactful. Among the different things related to skin, this clean matte foundation is a good foundation for those with oily skin. This is formulated using the ultralight oil-absorber that helps in taking off all the excess oil. In addition to this, it also acts as a mild moisturizer, which will help in preventing the skin from getting dry. This has been tested clinically. The best thing is that it possesses no smell, which makes it use very easy.

The skin does not feel heavy after the application of foundation as it is exceptionally lightweight. Its usage imparts a shine-free face that is clean and smooth, and also it does not clog any pores. It is made non-acnegenic which prevents any breakouts. Anyone with oily skin as well as sensitive skin can use this for effective results.

Key Features

  • It is free from any fragrance
  • Extremely lightweight which makes you feel comfortable


  • Few customers have thought that the foundation consistency is very thick and doesnt come out quickly.

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Loral Paris Infallible Pro

Best Buildable Foundation for Oily Skin

Talk about staying power this pick from LOréal Paris is made to stick around for 24 hours, making it one of the best foundations for oily skin. The coverage is buildable, so you can customize it anywhere from sheer to full coverage, but itll always look smooth and matte. The formula is deeply moisturizing to make it comfortable to wear all day and night.

Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Foundation

Best Overall

When a foundation is humidity-resistant, thats music to your ears if you have an oily complexion, since its a sign its truly long-wearing. The latest foundation from Tom Ford delivers medium coverage with a flawless matte finish and comes in 40 shades. Its also a favorite of our expert Jillian Dempsey. Itll instantly elevate your complexion with light-diffusing microspheres that are essentially a filter for your face, as well as improve skin over time with skin-care ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to strengthen the moisture barrier, antioxidants, vitamins C and E and caffeine.

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Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil

Neutrogena SkinClearing Acne Fighting Liquid Foundation with Salicylic Acid

When youre breaking out, the last thing you need is a foundation that clogs your pores even more. But this one actually pulls double duty it offers natural-looking coverage and contains salicylic acid to unclog pores and ward off blemishes.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Soft Matte Longwear Powder Foundation

Top 8 Best Hydrating Foundations For Dry Skin 2021

Heres a makeup tip: If youre not oily all over, consider skipping a liquid formulation. Powder foundation is best for people with combination skin, says Sesnak. But that doesnt mean that those who are oily all over cant benefit from a powder as well, which instantly reduces shine and is easy to reapply on days you seem extra slick. The result? You always look pulled together and fresh. Since its launch, this beauty line created by Rihanna has been known for the variety of shades it offers. This foundation comes in 50, to be exact. And, because its a powder, its easy to build coverage. On days your face looks extra oily, apply a bit more. Having a less greasy day? Lucky you. Just a quick brush of this powder will do.


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Estee Lauder Doublewear Stay

Longest-Lasting Foundation for Oily Skin

Many of the foundations on our list claim to stay in place, but the Estee Lauder Doublewear really means it. Available in over 55 shades, this long-wear formula delivers up to 24 hours of continuous wear, even for those with oily skin. Its also sweat and humidity-resistant, so this is a great foundation to grab when you really need to make your look last for a long time.

Loreal Paris Infallible Pro

Your search for a perfect foundation for oily skin with full coverage has now ended with this LOreal Paris Pro-Matte Foundation. As whether you are looking for natural, medium or full coverage, the foundation works on fulfilling your makeup needs.

This foundation glides smoothly on your skin and gives you a clear looking, smooth and demi matte finish that wont fade away till 24 hours. Apart from giving you the coverage you require, it also works on hiding your skin imperfections and makes you feel lightweight.

For longer wear and a smoother matte finish, apply and blend this foundation for oily skin with your fingers or with the foundation brush.

Cost $12 approx.

Pro Tip: Oily skin can be a result of dead skin cells too which makes our skin look terrible, if you want to get rid of dead skin cells on your skin, I recommend you to use the best toner for oily skin, toners are the best way to it.

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Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Foundation

Mineral Fusion pride itself on its formula which doesnt set into fine lines. Lets face it, anyone over the age of 30 has lines.

They may not be noticeable or deep, but they are there! This is especially true for those who have suffered from acne and have scarring left, and those with oily skin who have a lot of open pores.

Being able to use a foundation that wont accentuate imperfections is gold! This foundation does exactly that- it airbrushes pores and marks to give your skin a beautiful flawless finish.

The foundation is made with natural ingredients that target ageing. Formulated with Pomegranate, White Tea, Red Tea, and Sea Kelp to help promote radiance while banishing free radical damage. It also has Vitamin C& E which are both antioxidants.

To finish it off, it has soothing Licorice Root with Aloe Root and Cucumber to keep the skin cool. The foundation doesnt only help with anti-ageing, but its also ideal for sensitive skin.

This good-for-you foundation comes in an impressive shade range of 24 shades. It has buildable coverage, so you can decide how much you want. One of the common complaints with powder foundation, especially mineral powder foundation is that it gets chalky and breaks up.

You wont have that problem with the Mineral Fusion. It applies smoothly and lasts beautifully throughout the day. No oxidising, no breaking apart, no caking I can go on but I think you get the idea!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation


With this product Maybelline proved that the best foundation for oily skin does not have to cost more than $10. The formula is very similar to more high-end mattifying foundations, with buildable medium coverage. The formula is totally free of comedogenic ingredients, and the shade range is large enough to cover everyone. It is sold at Ulta.

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Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Powder Foundation

Maybelline Superstay® Full Coverage Powder Foundation

If your skin is extra oily, it may be best to skip the liquid foundation and go straight for a powdered one. This powdered foundation from Maybelline is creamy, glides on easily, and will make your pores seem as if they’ve fully disappeared.

What Should I Look For In A Foundation For Acne

With acne-prone skin comes a whole field of dos and donts to avoid flare-ups. Specifically, avoiding foundations with added fragrance is especially important as it can irritate the existing acne or cause more breakouts, Stephen notes. Formulas containing salicylic acid will also be very beneficial as that ingredient helps with fighting acne.

The golden mistake? Using an oil-based, thick foundation as a cover-up that leads to future breakouts, Peredo explains. Like Stephen, she recommends looking for lightweight products with salicylic acid, along with alpha hydroxy acid and SPF.

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Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick Awesome For Flawless And Natural Finish

This best non comedogenic foundation can provision you with a skin like feel. If you are wearing this foundation, its hard to recognize that you are actually using a cosmetic product. This skin foundation stick from Bobbi Brown has full coverage on your face, so theres no scar or blemish left unjacketed.

The extremely innovative formulae has a smart technology for best-in-class moisturization that keeps your skin hydrated and makes you feel comfortable all day long. Bobbi Brown claims that this product is suitable for all skin types. But as per beauticians this works best with natural skin.

The weightlessness and seamlessness in this foundation is a thing thats hard to find. The olive extracts nourish your skin with all the required minerals and make a natural glazing look that lasts for the whole day.

From being extreme light to resistant to sweat and humidity, this foundation can cult any weather. And thats the only reason most of the people are sticking to this product. Bobbi Brown foundation stick is totally sulfate free, phthalate free and gluten free, so there are no chances of getting allergies.

Whenever your skin is turning dry, the inner moisturizer in this foundation works and cures the dry thing into smooth and mushy.

Pros: Stick format makes it easy to apply Non greasy formula that lasts long Contains Shea butter for soft and touchable skin

Cons: Stick can break if used vigorously .

Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation For Oily Skin

13 Best Foundations for Oily Skin 2021: Matte &  Oil

Smashbox comes up with a formulation that provides cover up for up to 15 hours. It is filled with hydration in abundance that keeps the skin hydrated for 15 long hours. It is made to cover up any imperfection like uneven skin, pigmentation, blemishes. Light-diffusing beads are used for achieving the flawless look. Helpful in keeping skin free from oil yet moisturized. Its application can resist exercise, sweat, and heat.

The best thing is that it gets blended very perfectly and effortlessly. It is capable of providing the medium to full coverage that comes in a very natural matte look. Moreover, it does not leave a cakey or a layering effect on the skin. The company provides the product in 20 shades hence, there is something for everyone. This product has not been tested on any animal, and so it is cruelty-free.

Key Features

  • Does not impart much glow to the skin

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