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Loose Skin On Inner Thighs

How To Tighten Loose Skin On The Inner Thighs

Thigh Gap Creation with Thigh Liposuction / Thigh Lift at Chennai Plastic Surgery

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Loose skin on the inner thighs can occur through rapid weight loss, excess weight and lack of exercise. There are some exercises that you can do at home and in the gym that can help to tighten and tone your inner thighs, giving you a healthier appearance while building muscle. When doing these exercises, you can pick a few to stick with as part of your basic regimen or alternate between exercises based on your results. When doing the exercises, perform eight to 12 repetitions with enough weight or resistance to cause fatigue without overtaxing your muscles.

Perform barbell step-up exercises at the gym to tighten and build muscle on your thighs. Start by facing the side of a sturdy bench, and position a barbell on the back of your shoulders, grasping the barbell at the sides. Put your first foot on the bench. Stand on the bench by extending your hip or knee, then place your second foot on the bench. Step down with your second leg by flexing your hip or knee of your first leg. Return to the starting position, and repeat, as desired, alternating legs.

Add the hip adductor exercise to your gym workout. Start by sitting in the machine with your thighs placed against each pad. Slowly move each thigh toward the center of your body, and then slowly move your thighs away from your body as far as possible to complete one repetition. Repeat the exercise for the desired amount of repetitions.


How Long Before You See Results

In general, youll need several weeks to recover from thigh lift surgery, so you should plan your work schedule accordingly. Youll also need to refrain from any heavy lifting and strenuous exercises for at least 6 weeks after your procedure.

Youll want to elevate your legs as much as possible during this time, and you may be able to go outside after a few days. Its normal for the ankles to swell as you gradually move around more.

Once healed, there may be scars from where your surgeon made incisions to remove excess skin around your thighs. However, when done by an experienced surgeon, the scars shouldnt be very noticeable to others, especially if theyre placed in inconspicuous areas.

My Thighs Look Terrible With Cellulite & Loose Skin

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Loose, sagging skin coupled with dimpled fat on your thighs can make even the most confident person ashamed to expose their legs. Weight loss might seem like the best answer, but cellulite impacts people of all shapes and sizes and you can create more loose skin by dropping even more weight. Permanent, realistic solutions include dietary changes and exercises to target the thigh muscles.

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Can You Tighten Saggy Skin

If you are a victim of any of the aforementioned causes of loose skin and you are deep in thoughts as to whether there is a solution to tighten your skin, the answer is yes. There is not only one way, there are several ways. However, there are some natural and quick ways to tighten saggy skin on various parts of the body without surgeries.

Whats The Procedure Like

Do Stretch Marks Fade Away When You Lose Weight

Before thigh lift surgery, youll be instructed to stop taking medications that increase bleeding. These include aspirin, certain supplements, and anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. Your surgeon may also ask for a medical evaluation to ensure youre a good candidate for surgery.

Youll be put under general anesthesia during the procedure. Your surgeon will make the appropriate incisions based on the type of thigh lift youve chosen. Then, theyll cut out excess skin and fat cells before inserting sutures to close up your wounds.

On average, the entire procedure takes 2 hours to complete. Since youll also spend several hours in both pre-op and post-op, you should expect the entire process to take up most of the day.

Its a good idea to have someone drive you to and from your operation and to stay with you overnight in case complications arise.

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Answer: Inner And Outer Thighs Liposuction

Thank you for your question, if you have a conventional liposuction in those areas with the skin tightening treatment we can avoid sagging skin on those areas. I would suggest to be treated by board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this procedure, to get the best desired results.Respectfully,Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

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Before Your Thigh Lift

Your plastic surgeon will do a complete exam of your thighs, including any range-of-motion issues. They’ll also ask you about any prior thigh injuries or surgeries.

Your surgeon will assess your overall health and look for any signs that could cause complications, such as:

  • Bleeding or blood clotting disorders.
  • Blood pressure.
  • History of adverse scars from prior surgeries.

You and your plastic surgeon will also talk about:

  • Your concerns about excess skin on your thighs.
  • Other options to remove skin, such as liposuction.
  • Your goals and what you expect from surgery.
  • The length and position of the scar on your thigh. Your surgeon can use a medical marker and draw it on your skin, so you know what to expect.
  • The risks and benefits of thigh lifts.

To help get ready for your thigh lift, your surgeon will talk to you about:

  • Medicine to avoid and when to take your prescribed meds.
  • Proper washing of your incision.
  • Any eating or drinking restrictions the night before surgery
  • Quitting smoking.

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Benefits Of A Thigh Lift

Loose, hanging skin on the thighs can make men and women feel self-conscious about their appearance. It can also be uncomfortable, as the hanging skin can chafe, develop rashes and cause problems while walking or running. Although muscle tone can be tightened with targeted exercises, surgery is the only solution to remove excess skin.

Surgical removal of excess skin and tissue with a thigh lift can slim the lines of the inner and outer thighs. After healing, men and women find that physical activities can once again be enjoyed without discomfort. Most of our patients also notice a boost in their self-esteem after surgery.

Its important to understand that a thigh lift is not a weight loss procedure. Although some fatty tissue may be removed during surgery, the focus is on removing loose skin rather than fat deposits. The best candidates for a thigh lift will be in good health. They should have already reached their target weight, and have maintained it steadily for several months.

What The Press Says

Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs

We have two decades of continuous presence in the national press. Over the last few years we have been featured more than 100 times in top press publications, including Harpers Bazaar, the Daily Mail, Glamour, Evening Standard, Metro, The Express, The Mirror, The Telegraph, The Times, Top Santé, Grazia, Aesthetic Medicine and many more:

  • “There appeared to be hardly any cellulite at all. I honestly thought I was stuck with my cellulite for life, but my skin is much firmer and the dimples are obviously reduced

  • “Amazing, I haven’t seen my body looking this smooth and toned in years!”

  • “Of all the things Ive tried over 13 years as a health, wellbeing and beauty journalist, this is one Id do again”

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Answer: Can Coolsculpt Done On Inner Thighs Leave Saggy Or Crepey Skin

Thank you for your question. It is difficult to tell without examining you. CoolSculpting usually does not result in loose skin. However, I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. This way, youcan explain your concerns, learn more about the procedure, and determine if youare a good candidate. An in-person assessment is always best. Regards,

What Is The Recovery Like For An Inner Thigh Lift

Following surgery, you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home, and you may want to have them also help you around your home for the first few days. This is because you will likely feel tired and sore for a few days after the operation. Dr Beldholm can prescribe medication to cope with any pain or discomfort.Expect to take at least one week off from work to rest. In some cases, patients may need to take three. Patients will also need to avoid any heavy lifting, vigorous exercises and strenuous sports until advised otherwise by Dr Beldholm.Most of the swelling and discoloration experienced from the procedure will usually go away after one to two months. After 6 to 12 months, your scars should start to fade to a fine, thin line.During follow-up visits, Dr Beldholm and his staff will monitor your progress to ensure that your body is healing properly so that you go on to ultimately enjoy satisfying, long-term results.

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Is It Possible To Tighten Up The Loose Skin On My Inner Thighs With Exercise

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When working out, itâs common to focus your efforts on areas of the body that seem especially saggy. However, the inner thighs can be a rather troublesome spot, since many exercises donât target these muscles. If you are overweight, loose skin may form in this area, causing your legs to appear anything but svelte. Specific exercises can aid you in your efforts toward tighter thigh skin, but might not remedy the situation completely.

Thigh Lift Video Presentation

Shape Challenged Thighs

HomeBlog-Thigh Lift Video Presentation

Thigh Lift Surgery is frequently performed after weight loss, especially after massive weight loss, as is seen after bariatric surgery. When loose skin folds upon itself, there are really no other treatment options. Thigh lifts alleviate the discomfort and challenges associated with extra skin in the thigh area.

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The Skin Tightening And Cellulite Experts

At LipoTherapeia we specialise only in skin tightening and cellulite – and nothing else. So you are in good hands.

We have spent the last 21 years studying, researching and hands-on practising cellulite removal and skin tightening and have provided 20,000+ treatments.

Have just one session and experience the depth of knowledge and the intensity, quality and safety of the LipoTherapeia® treatment. Compare to any cellulite/skin tightening treatment you are currently having or have had in the past and see/feel/touch the difference.

What Is A Thigh Lift

Thigh lift or thighplasty”:

  • Is surgery to remove excess skin from the inner thigh.
  • Is common in people who have lost a large amount of weight and have loose sagging skin on the inner thighs.
  • Can involve a scar that runs down the full length of the thigh when removing extensive amounts of skin. Surgeons can’t predict the appearance of thigh scars, but they tend to fade with time.

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Answer: Stubborn Skin On Inner Thighs

Hi there, and thanks for your question. Although 17 is ayoung age to experience significant skin laxity, it is possible, especiallyafter a major weight loss. It’s difficult to tell from your photos whether anycosmetic treatments would be appropriate for you. Keep in mind that CoolSculpting®reduces excess fat. It is not intended for tightening skin, although somepatients do notice this as an occasional pleasant side effect. Everyone’sanatomy is different, and it’s possible that your thighs are more naturallyprone to this shape. If the skin of your thighs is causing you significantdistress, consulting with a qualified doctor is the best way to determine whichtreatments, if any, may help you. You may be a candidate for truSculpt orThermage® treatments. Good luck!

Can A Thigh Lift Help Sagging Thighs

Thigh Workout for Losing Fat | Slim Inner Thigh Workout (No Jumping)

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your thighs?

Do you have stubborn fat in your thigh region that doesnt respond to regular diet and exercise?

Are you suffering from skin irritation, pain, or chaffing due to excessive friction and moisture in your thighs?

If youre experiencing these conditions, you may benefit from a procedure called a thigh lift. This surgical procedure removes excess skin and fat in your thighs, resulting in smoother, firmer, and younger-looking skin. You might benefit from an inner thigh lift, a medial thigh lift or an outer thigh lift.

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How Is A Thigh Lift Procedure Performed

The thigh lift procedure usually lasts between 2 to 4 hours, and the surgeon will perform the surgery under general anaesthetic. The procedure can be carried out as a day case or requiring a 1-2 nights stay in the hospital. This will depend on the type of procedure you are having and will be discussed with you during the consultation. Before patients come in for the surgery, the surgeon will offer instructions on what to eat and drink and advice regarding any regular medication.

Consent form

Firstly, patients will meet with the surgeon and anaesthetist before the operation. The surgeon will go through the details of the surgery, including risks, with you again. If you are happy to proceed with the surgery, you can then sign the consent form. This will happen on the day of the surgery or at the preoperative assessment. Once the patient has signed this, the surgeon will make some surgical markings to plan the surgery.


Once in the operating theatre, the anaesthetist will put the patient to sleep. The anaesthetist will likely give a general anaesthetic for the thigh lift surgery.


Surgeons commonly use four different incisions. These include:

Medial/inner incision

This technique involves a small incision from where the pubic bone meets the thigh and extends to the crease of the buttock.

Minimal incision

Vertical incision

Outer/ lateral incision

Closing of incisions

Return to the ward

The Consultation

Candidates For A Thigh Lift

If thigh lift surgery sounds like something youd be interested in, heres how to tell if youre a good candidate for this procedure:

  • Youve recently lost a significant amount of weight and youve experienced sagging skin around the thighs as a result, or your thigh skin has been getting saggier as youve aged.
  • You follow a healthy lifestyle and are willing to commit to your recovery plan.
  • You are a nonsmoker with normal blood pressure.

The best way to find out of youre a candidate for a thigh lift is to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rudy Coscia. Hell work with you to determine if a thigh lift is the right surgical procedure for you, as well as what you can expect from it.

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Answer: Have You Tried Vaser Shape

Vaser Shape is a non-surgical treatment to smooth, firm and shape those troublesome problems areas to give you the body you desire. It gives you visible results in just an hour. It is very effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. This technology is ultrasound. Its a warm, soothing and comfortable treatment.

Thigh Gap / How To Lift/tighten Skin And Reduce Cellulite In The Inner Thigh Area

Pin on Lazar Angelov

The best SAFE technology to tighten/lift the inner thigh area, without resorting to intrusive thigh lift surgery and the large scars and fibrosis that it entails, is high-power, deep-acting radiofrequency .

This is the technology we offer and in addition we combine it with high-power, deep-acting ultrasound cavitation, for maximum results with cellulite reduction .

In addition to cellulite reduction and tightening loose skin, LipoTherapeia® also has a beneficial effect on stretch marks, so you get a combined benefit by the use of this technology.

Of course, adductor muscle exercises will also help in this process from inside, in combination with healthy nutrition .

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How To Improve Skin Elasticity

If you feel like exercise is not for you, and you would like to find some other methods of tightening your loose skin, then today is your lucky day!

The following are some of the ways that may help you fight saggy skin without surgical intervention or exercise, but keep in mind, that the sole usage of these methods may not be as effective as a combination of all methods, including specific training. So, without further ado, here are the alternative methods of how to tighten your loose skin on thighs :

Why Do These Changes Develop

As we get older, our skin loses elasticity, becomes looser, and then starts to sag. Significant weight loss can bring on these changes much earlier as can excessive liposuction.

The bad news is that no amount of thigh exercises can tighten the loose skin nor can any non-surgical treatments ever replicate the tightening from a surgical Thigh Lift.

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Body Contouring Procedures For Loose Skin

Some surgeries are specifically designed to treat loose and sagging skin. This is important because excess skin folds can cause problems, like chafing and irritation. If you are worried about loose skin after liposuction, Dr. Rao can recommend a tummy tuck, body contouring surgery, or a similar procedure to be performed at the same time as liposuction. Patients love this option since it saves them the time and resources from scheduling two separate surgeries.

Rapid Weight Loss: That Is Important

How To Tighten Saggy Body Skin | Eminence Organics

Excessively rapid weight loss can also cause skin relaxation. Rapid weight loss causes collagen to lose its structure, likely to result in a slimmer body but flaccid skin on the abdomen, arms, and thighs. So stay away from extreme diets and have a specialist nutritionist supervise your progress to ensure you lose weight without sagging skin.

It takes time and effort to lose weight, but the results are well worth it. However, it may be followed by negative side effects in some instances. Even if you achieve your goal weight by losing a large number of pounds or slimming down fairly fast, you might be dissatisfied with the outcome due to the loose skin that has evolved all through your body during the process. It happens when you burn a lot of fat and when you stop exercising and lose lean muscle, as previously stated. The situation of your skin after you lose weight is determined by your age, genetics, and the length of time you were overweight in the first place. The longer your skin can maintain its weight loss, the less likely it is that it will simply return to its previous weight after you have lost a few pounds.In addition to the two things described above, the following are some other factors that contribute to loose skin:

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