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J Plasma Skin Tightening Reviews

What Happens During J Plasma Treatment

J-Plasma “Renuvion” Skin Tightening FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

After J Plasma treatment, the skin may be red for up to 3 weeks. Typically, redness decreases significantly within the first week after the procedure. The skin may become swollen, crusty, and may peel during the initial recovery phase, as well. After this time, makeup can be applied. Patients receive specific post-treatment care instructions to help them recover quickly and achieve the best results from their procedure.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Renuvion

Renuvion can be used on virtually any area and provides a minimally invasive way to address skin laxity. J-Plasma and Renuvion are often referred to as the facelift alternative, as they can contour, lift, and rejuvenate the face using minimally invasive surgery.

Renuvion is not appropriate for everyone, and Dr. Zeff takes your safety seriously. During your initial consultation, we will help you determine if this or another technique offers the optimal outcome based on your needs and goals. When there is significant laxity of the face, neck, abdomen, or arms, Renuvion does not replace traditional surgical removal of redundant tissue. There are conditions where Dr. Zeff may recommend face/neck lift, abdominoplasty , or arm lift. But Renuvion can often offer improvement with a much less invasive approach.

Renuvion Powered By J

Achieve amazing skin tightening without the downtime and risks of traditional cosmetic surgery. This procedure will shrink your loose, sagging, lax skin without large incisions and downtime since the procedure is subdermal.

A cool helium plasma and proprietary radiofrequency energies are employed on the underside of the skin and allows previously unattainable results in skin tightening and reshaping. This level of rejuvenation of reshaping from cold plasma energy is unrivaled in current technologies. Uhl therapy, lasers, or radiofrequency treatments alone cannot come close to achieving the results of one Renuvion® procedure for tightening and firming the skin.

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About The Renuvion J Plasma Treatment

Renuvion J Plasma Skin Tightening is delivered through the J Plasma device as helium gas is energized by radiofrequency energy. Gas and energy combine to modify molecules which tighten the skin. Renuvion is an advanced energy device that combines cold helium plasma with RF energy for greater control of tissue effect, enabling a high level of precision with virtually eliminates unintended tissue trauma. It has been shown to be safe and effective in numerous surgical procedures. This technology is used under the skin in order to produce a tighter, sculpted result and the outcome is incredible!

How Does Renuvion J Plasma Work

When Can I Wear Makeup After Facelift

The Renuvion® technology uses helium gas and radiofrequency energy to create cold helium plasma. Through a tiny incision, your doctor will use a special handpiece to apply the plasma energy to the undersurface of the skin . The ionized gas stimulates collagen production and causes the skin to contract and tighten immediately. The process is very similar to liposuction because it uses tumescent solution to numb the tissues and minimize bleeding.

For the Renuvion procedure, the doctor creates a small insertion spots for placing the device just under the skin. Once the device is in place, the specialist releases pro helium gas and radiofrequency to create a precise stream of energy . This energy generates enough heat to contract the skin while, at the same time, excess helium gas cools the treatment area. This combination of energy contracts the tissues just under the skin, which tightens it.

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Renuvion Consultation And Consultation Fee

There is a required consultation to discuss Renuvion and determine if Renuvion is right for you and your goals. The consultation appointment consists of the provider meeting with you to learn about your goals, exam the areas of concern, evaluate your medical and surgical history, review any medications, conditions, or illness that may be contraindications, discuss the procedure, aftercare, downtime and likely results, and help you decide if Renuvion and or SmartLipo is an appropriate treatment for you.

The consultation fee is $150. If you are consulting for SmartLipo and Renuvion, the one fee covers the consultation for both at the one visit.

Renuvion Skin Tightening Treatment

Loose skin on your neck, back, chest, stomach, and arms is frustrating. As we age, it is natural for our skin to lose some of its tone and elasticity. This is precisely what Renuvion J Plasma skin tightening treatment does reduce laxity and improve skin tone. Renuvion J Plasma can tighten your skin without extensive surgery and allow you to feel more confident in your more youthful tighter skin.

Renuvion treatments use cold plasma energy to reshape your body instantly. Renuvion® is a revolutionary skin tightening treatment that uses RF energy and helium plasma beneath the surface to tighten and contract loose skin. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used in conjunction with SmartLipo contouring liposuction or as a stand-alone procedure.

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How Does Plasma Pen Work

The Plasma Pen works by delivering electrostatic energy to the surface of the skin. The device essentially causes a burn to the surface of the skin as it delivers energy with the intention of tightening and resurfacing the skin. The idea is that the natural healing process will result in rejuvenated skin with improved tone, texture, and elasticity, but this is not always the case.

Plasma Pen Dangers And Alternative Treatmentsnew Jersey

Natural Results Plastic Surgery introduces NEW J-Plasma skin tightening treatment

Home | Plasma Pen | Plasma Pen Dangers and Alternative Treatments

The Plasma Pen, also called Fibroblast, is a treatment that has been in use for many years across the globe. This procedure is intended to treat loose, crepey skin and wrinkles or fine lines, but unfortunately, many patients have faced complications with Plasma Pen treatment. These complications can be severe, and for this reason, Reflections Center does not offer Plasma Pen treatment.

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What Can I Results Can I Expect From J Plasma

In our practice, we have been using the JPlasma to produce some remarkable skin tightening with wrinkle reduction and improved complexion. The results have exceeded any that we have seen with LASER resurfacing or peels, without the pigment changes or the demarcation lines that can occur with LASERS or deep peels.

In these before and after photos of actual patients of Dr. Zweibel, you can see the dramatic difference that JPlasma skin resurfacing can provide.

Is Plasma Pen Fda Cleared

The Plasma Pen is not FDA cleared. Plasma Pens have been in use, especially overseas, for many years, and the technology is outdated compared to improved methods of rejuvenating the skin. In fact, the device has been banned in some countries, including Canada. This is because, in addition to negative results like scarring, the Plasma Pen lacks the safety monitors of modern options. In the U.S., the FDA has not yet evaluated the Plasma Pen for safety at all. Some Plasma Pens can even be purchased for at-home use online of course, this is not recommended.

In fact, you will find that physicians in the U.S. do not offer Plasma Pen. Instead, this system is usually offered by non-medical technicians with less extensive training and knowledge. At Reflections Center, our non-surgical procedures are performed by physicians, who have extensive knowledge of the treatments they offer and ensuring safety for their patients.

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J Plasma Renuvion Skin Tightening

Common names

Facelifts, tummy tucks, and body sculpting have been the most common approach to address sagging or loose skin for many years. In numerous circumstances, these procedures were the only choices available. Dr. Shahin Javaheris practice is honored to the be first in San Francisco to perform Renuvion J Plasma skin tightening. Dr. Javaheris goal is to bring the latest technology to his patients to reach their most desired aesthetic goals.

Not only can Renuvion J Plasma achieve skin resurfacing, it can also achieve skin tightening, so 2 separate procedures. Renuvion J Plasma skin tightening can be used on any part of the face or body where there is an excess of skin. Dr Javaheri often combines this with VASERlipo if patient has visible skin laxity when performing liposuction of abdomen, arms, back, thighs, etc. Skin tightening involves shrinking and sculpting lax skin through a minimally invasive procedure and with small incisions immediately after VASERlipo.

Many patients would like to turn back the clock in regards to their skin laxity and wrinkles, but would rather not have such invasive procedures. Renuvion with J Plasma Technology is the latest procedure to revolutionize our aesthetic industry.

Why Choose Renuvion Dermal Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening Santa Barbara

Patients select the Renuvion procedure for skin rejuvenation because it offers the following benefits:

Enhanced outcomes in a minimally invasive manner Comfortable in-office treatment Procedure takes only around an hour Conducted using only local anesthesia Almost no noticeable scarring or incisions

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Who Makes A Good Candidate For Renuvion

Good candidates for Renuvion have mild sagging of the cheeks, jowls, neck, or other specific areas. Ideal patients are nonsmokers in good health, who are within five to 10 pounds of their ideal weight. It’s also important to have realistic expectations for the procedure.

A Renuvion procedure can be a good way to delay surgery. I find Renuvion particularly useful for patients that dislike the appearance of their neck due to loose skin, excess fat, or both, but are not quite ready for a neck or faceliftor can’t have one due to underlying medical conditions,” says Dr. Ellen Janetzke, a plastic surgeon in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

For those with more advanced signs of aging in their faces, a surgical facelift may be better option. Likewise, for those with excessively sagging skin on the body paired with stretch marks, a body contouring surgery, such as a tummy tuck, may be better option.

What Should I Expect During The Renuvion Procedure

Your comfort is very important to us, and one of the many benefits of Renuvion treatment is the cold energy created by the helium plasma. As an added comfort measure, we will utilize local anesthetic, so you can enjoy a nearly painless experience from start to finish. To achieve tightening of collagen, the Renuvion device is placed under the skin to tighten and tone the underlying tissues directly. This approach is sometimes also used in conjunction with a facelift or neck lift for more comprehensive results. Both methods can achieve nearly instantaneous tightening, but the tightening effects of Renuvion will continue for many months.

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Is Renuvion J Plasma Procedure Safe

Yes, Renuvion is a very safe and effective procedure when performed by a doctor who is trained and certified. The flexile and blunt handpiece is specially designed to prevent penetration injuries. Bleeding is usually minimal or non-existent due to the RF energies coagulation properties. The cold helium gas provides immediate cooling of the RF energy to protect surrounding tissue. Burns injuries are extremely rare and the Renuvion technology prevents the RF energy from firing without flow of the helium gas. Helium gas is an inert gas that is safely expelled from the body with no systemic effects.

Comparing The Costs With Other Procedures

J-Plasma Renuvion Skin Tightening Technology

When compared to a plastic surgery procedure such as a facelift or neck lift, Renuvion skin tightening will prove to be more cost competitive.

The typical cost components in a plastic surgery procedure are the fee charged by the surgeon, the anesthesiologists fee, operating room expenses and pre- and post-surgical costs. Renuvion skin tightening procedure can avoid most of these costs because it can be performed in-office using only local anesthesia.

Post-op recovery costs such as medical tests, prescription medications, and appointments with the surgeon will also be significantly lower.

The patient may also choose to compare Renuvion treatment costs with the costs of other non-surgical skin tightening treatment options such as laser or RF techniques. Some of the alternative treatments may be more or less expensive, but may not provide the same results at Renuvion .

The patient should finalize their decision in consultation with the surgeon after evaluating their skin condition, personal cosmetic goals and budget.

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How Does Renuvion Help

This is the most advanced and result driven type of our Arizona skin resurfacing and tightening procedures. This is literally true as the procedure effectively removes the current surface of the face and exposes a new surfaceone that is tighter, more even, and more youthful. This procedure can help the confidence of men and women who are suffering from all types of conditions. The Renuvion Skin Resurfacing Procedure can be a reasonable alternative to a minimal face lift, which addresses loosening and sagging skin on and around the face. It is also a popular alternative to eyelid surgery, although Dr. McCoy will refer patients if a more surgical approach is more appropriate. Renuvion has other applications, including treating: acne scars, wrinkles, upper lip lines, and body/abdominal laxity. Renuvion provides a solution that unique and more advanced than traditional methods, but not nearly as invasive. This means less overall risk, post treatment discomfort, and downtime.

It is a significant decision to elect for resurfacing and tightening with the Renuvion. It is recommended to get a consultation at Contour Medical, in Gilbert, AZ, to assess if you are a good candidate for the treatment and to individualize your treatment plan with Dr. McCoy. Contact us today to learn more about Renuvion Skin Resurfacing Cost, benefits, and more!

What Is J Plasma

J Plasma is a controlled helium plasma technology that is used for nonsurgical body contouring and skin rejuvenation. The device takes a helium gas and ionizes it with radiofrequency energy, resulting in cold helium plasma. The cold plasma is delivered through the applicator as a stream of controlled energy.

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J Plasma For The Body

My doctor has recommended J Plasma for my back, side of my breasts and upper chest area. I had a breast reduction less than a year ago, but my skin has poor elasticity and needs tightening around my breasts.What are the risks involved and the recovery time? I am very active and swim and run. Also, how would it work in combination with liposuction for the breasts to reduce the volume of breasts? I’m still a bit larger then I wanted. Thanks

About The Renuvion Procedure

Dr Buddy Paul Beaini on Instagram: Renuvion J

Through the Renuvion Skin Resurfacing procedure, the ionized energy is delivered to the top layer of your skin. The skin peels, leaving a fresh layer of skin exposed underneath it. This newly exposed layer is literally more youthful, providing for a tighter and fresher look. This reduces skin discoloration, improves texture, reduces pores, reduces fine and deeper lines, and tightens. When used subdermally , the Renuvion is a pure tightening machine. Helium gas, coupled with electrical energy, is applied , allowing for very controlled delivery of cool plasma. This treats the skin from the outside or when under the skin it purely tightens. This is all done without major surgery under only a local anesthetic. Oral medication and other techniques to reduce discomfort are used, in addition to numbing the area of treatment . Typically, the entire area is treated and then an additional pass is performed to enhance tightening. Our Arizona Renuvion Procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours, depending on each individual case. Patients will have significant post treatment redness, swelling, tightness and generalized discomfort. Dr. McCoy suggests a window of 14 days to heal when treating the face/resurfacing and at least 48 hours if doing pure tightening .

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How Long Does Renuvion Last

Renuvion results can last for years, thanks to the stimulation of new collagen. Doctors on RealSelf are reluctant to give an exact duration for results or describe it as permanent, primarily because the forces of sun, time, gravity, and weight fluctuations will affect your skin after treatment exactly as they did before, weakening connective tissue and invariably causing stretching and sagging. Everyone ages differently, too.

The best things you can do to maintain your results are to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and adopt a medical-grade skincare regimen .

Interested in Renuvion?

J Plasma Renuvion Skin Tightening Procedure

In most cases this procedure is combined with VASERLipo and would be performed under general anesthesia. But, for smaller areas such as the neck, the doctor will use local anesthetic or general anesthetia to numb the area of treatment. During the procedure patients should not feel any pain, but may experience some mild discomfort. The procedure duration depends on each individual patients treatment area but can typically last between one to three hours.

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Why Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa

  • ABoard Certified Medical Doctor or one of his trusted professional assistants performs all our injections and Medical services.
  • Trust: 5-star Rating with hundreds of reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Realself, thanks to our fabulous customers.
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  • What Could I Expect From Treatment

    Renuvion (J Plasma) Skin Tightening with Dr. Leo Baccaro

    A J-Plasma facial resurfacing treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure in the comfort of our Colorado office. While treatment is relatively painless, local anesthesia is available for your additional comfort. Treatment takes less than an hour usually less than 45 minutes and you can go home following treatment!

    While you can go home following treatment, it is important for you to know you will not necessarily be able to return right to your regular activities. You will need to take some time to recover following treatment, and the recovery period can take up to two weeks. Experiencing some redness and swelling after treatment is common. Our team will help you understand everything you need to know about proper pre and post-care!

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