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Zesty Paws Skin And Coat

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Zesty Paws: 5 Zesty Facts About Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
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Duraseal Quick Coat Stain + Streetshoe

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DuraSeal Quick Coat Stain + StreetShoe Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:37 pm
New User


I am having new red oak floors installed in a remodel and our flooring guy preferred StreetShoe over Traffic, which is the product I’m familiar with. I’m the type of person who obsesses over details and reads probably way too much, as you’ll see from my question. Anyway, he’s applied a DuraSeal Quick Coat Stain and then, after 24 hours of drying, appears to have applied StreetShoe directly. I read the StreetShoe guidelines and Basic seems to prefer applying *two* sealer coats before the urethane finishes. He is going to give us three coats of StreetShoe ultimately, and we are through two of them. I don’t think my flooring guy did this and I don’t want to make it seem like I’m telling him how to do his job. Will I get a substandard result, or am I worrying too much? Thank you for your responses.



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