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Weight Loss Skin Removal Surgery

Body Contouring After Significant Weight Loss

My 260lbs Weight Loss Left Me With 20lbs Of Loose Skin | BRAND NEW ME

Losing a substantial amount of weight through bariatric surgery, diet and exercise is an accomplishment that deserves celebration. Unfortunately, this achievement is often overshadowed by excess skin and tissue. These tissues may have lost elasticity and no longer conform to your body’s smaller size. The only way to effectively treat this problem is to remove excess skin through loose skin surgery.

Our plastic surgeons have helped countless people achieve a more attractive body shape with body contouring after substantial weight loss. Combining superb surgical training and skill, these surgeons know how to refine your unique body contours. The result lets you enjoy your post-weight loss results to the fullest.

Who Should Get A Panniculectomy

Your healthcare provider may recommend a panniculectomy if you have excess skin and fat on the lower abdomen that hangs over your thighs.

Excess skin can be caused by weight loss through gastric bypass surgery or lifestyle changes. It may also be caused by aging, prior surgery, pregnancy, or heredity.

It can cause sores and rashes and interfere with daily activities like walking or personal hygiene. A panniculectomy can help prevent recurring skin irritations and infections underneath the skinfold.

Excess Skin After Bariatric Surgery

The most common bariatric procedure in Norway today is the gastric bypass. Although average weight loss 12 years after a gastric bypass is approximately 30 % , most patients will still have a body mass index 30 kg/m² after successful treatment .

Skin that has been stretched over long periods shows reduced elasticity , and massive weight loss is often accompanied by a corresponding amount of excess skin. Many patients who undergo bariatric surgery develop such severe physical impairments that they require corrective plastic surgery . Indeed, most patients express a wish for plastic surgery after weight-loss surgery .

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How Does A Body Lift Work

A body lift addresses multiple areas of the lower body to improve the overall shape and tone of your natural contours. Your plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin and fatty tissue that has remained after weight loss. In some cases, your surgeon may also use liposuction to remove localized fat deposits. However, liposuction alone cant improve the appearance of drooping or saggy skin.

A body lift can be performed in a single surgery, or scheduled as multiple separate procedures. Your plastic surgeon will talk with you about which approach is right for you.

The Bottom Line On Body Contouring

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Many of our patients lose 100 pounds or more through safe and effective bariatric surgery techniques or our medically managed weight loss program. Their weight loss gives them a new lease on life. For some, however, the transformation isnt complete until they shed the excess skin the loose-fitting dress that continues to remind them of how they used to feel.

Our body contouring techniques can help patients shed that stigma, but we are quick to remind them that these procedures are major surgeries that require motivation to achieve successful outcomes.

If you are ready to take the next step after massive weight loss, our body contouring experts will help you set reasonable, personally satisfying milestones.

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Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

The Cosmetic Reality of Dramatic Weight LossExcess skin can be a harsh reminder of dramatic weight loss, multiple pregnancies, or the aging process. It occurs when skin and fatty tissue have lost their elasticity after being stretched for a long time, and hang from your abdomen, arms, breasts, buttocks, or face. From a cosmetic perspective, the excess skin can prevent you from feeling your best. However, it can also limit your mobility, inhibit your clothing options, and cause medical issues including painful rashes, sores, and infections. The only way to remove excess skin after dramatic weight loss is through plastic surgery.

Risks and BenefitsBody contouring surgery can improve the quality of your skin, smooth the bodys natural contours, and improve your self-esteem. However, it is not without risks. As with any surgery, the risks include bleeding, infection, wound healing concerns, scarring, and the possibility of unsatisfactory results. Choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who routinely performs these procedures in an accredited facility will minimize the risks and maximize the benefits associated with skin removal procedures.

What Causes Loose Skin

The major cause for loose skin is usually a loss of excessive weight, which could either be through a weight loss surgery or through dieting and exercising. The amount of loose skin left after weight loss will depend on a persons age and how much weight they lost. Age matters because as the skin ages, it loses collagen and elasticity. This means that once stretched, the skin will not have the ability to return to its original size.

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What Is A Body Lift

Body lift surgery is an extensive surgical procedure to remove excess skin from the lower body, which cannot be improved by either diet or exercise. A body lift can be performed after massive weight loss to improve both comfort and hygiene. Its common to get body lift surgery once weight has stabilized following bariatric weight loss surgery.

We offer a variety of appointment types. Learn more or call to schedule now.

Who Is A Candidate For Excess Skin Removal Surgery

My 300lbs Weight Loss Left Me With 13lbs Of Loose Skin

Plastic surgeons perform excess skin removal procedures. Your doctor will conduct a physical exam and other assessments to determine if surgery is right for you.

In general, you may be a good candidate for excess skin removal surgery if you:

  • Maintain your goal weight for at least six months following major weight loss.
  • Commit to a healthy lifestyle to help keep off the lost pounds.
  • Dont smoke or use other tobacco products. Smoking slows wound healing and can increase the risk of surgical complications.
  • Are in generally good health, without any significant medical problems that might make surgery too risky.
  • Have realistic expectations about what the procedures can accomplish.

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Is Body Contouring Surgery Right For Me

Depending on the patients specific needs, several recontouring procedures may be needed. Often, these procedures can be performed separately over time, or commonly, multiple procedures are done together. Scars resulting from body contouring are often positioned to lie below the underwear. In addition to removing skin, residual fat can be attacked with precision liposuction to smooth out uneven areas that arise after drastic weight loss, providing a more even, natural look. Dr. Wagner can let you know if you are a good candidate for body contouring surgery in Indianapolis during your consultation at Wagner and Associates Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Who Does Excess Skin Affect

People with obesity may lose weight with bariatric surgery or diet and exercise. Significant weight loss can leave you with excess, sagging skin.

When you carry extra weight, skin and tissue stretch to accommodate the bodys larger size. This stretching causes skin and tissue to lose elasticity. When you lose weight, the stretched skin cant conform to your new shape and may be saggy and hang loosely from your body.

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Side Effects Of A Panniculectomy

Its common to experience pain for the first few days post-surgery. Your skin may also be numb, and the numbness can last for several weeks. The numbness is from the two areas of skin being sutured together after removing the excess skin between them during surgery.

Fluid retention is another possible side effect that may be minimized with drains inserted into the stomach after surgery.

Additionally, you may not be able to stand up straight for a week or two due to the healing process.

The following side effects are rare, and may require emergency medical attention:

Who Is A Good Candidate

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You may be a better fit for one procedure over another. Both panniculectomies and tummy tucks are intended for adults and for women who arent pregnant, as well as for those who dont smoke and are at a stable body weight.

Its important to remember that while both surgeries target excess lower belly skin, these arent weight loss procedures.

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Will There Be A Scar

The extent of scars varies from patient to patient based on the surgical technique used and the way the patient’s body responds to the healing process. You will have scars from incisions, but a good plastic surgeon will make incisions in strategic places that are covered or in natural creases for less visibility.

Each of these excess skin removal procedures addresses a different area of the body, which means scars will also vary. The most common excess skin removal procedure, a tummy tuck, involves an incision along the lower abdomen. Modern tummy tuck scars are often very thin, and low enough to be hidden by most undergarments. When the skin is pulled taut over the abdomen, the surgeon will also need to create a new belly button, which is a much smaller and less noticeable scar.

Arm and thigh lift scars are very similar, long scars that run along the inside of the limb where the most excess skin often collects. These surgeries are not typically recommended for patients with minimal excess skin because the size of the scars may not be worth it in comparison. The largest scar is for the lower body lift procedure. This incision runs all along the torso, similar to a belt. While scars can be a deterrent for some patients, it is important to remember that they fade over time. Following post operative care instructions, and using a scar improvement gel as you heal can also greatly improve the look of these scars.

Your Desired Results Are Achievable

Once you have achieved freedom from obesity, 90% of the battle is already won. Now all you need is a full or partial excess skin removal surgery to attain the dream body you have worked so hard to build. As long as you work with the best excess skin removal surgeon, you can achieve the desired results in a safe and affordable way. Book an appointment with a reliable treatment provider and get ready for a lifetime of health and beauty.

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When To Get Excess Skin Removal Surgery

Excess skin removal procedure is ideally suited for individuals who have undergone a major weight loss and developed significantly sagging skin as a result of it. However, bariatric surgery is not the only reason to undergo this procedure. An experienced plastic surgeon can guide you when to get skin removal surgery and whether it will meet your personal aesthetic goals.

  • Weight loss: Excess skin removal after weight loss surgery may be performed when your body weight has stabilized after the bariatric procedure. In some cases, it is possible to lose substantial weight even with diet and exercise, which may necessitate a skin removal surgery if the tissue has lost elasticity.
  • Pregnancy: Some women may experience deflated breasts or large amounts of loose skin in the abdominal area, upper arms, thighs, or buttocks following pregnancy and breastfeeding. Ask your surgeon when to get skin removal surgery safely after childbirth to restore a pre-pregnancy figure.
  • Aging: Many people develop heaving sagging skin in certain areas of the body simply due to the effects of aging, gravitational forces, illness, or medications. You should explore how to qualify for skin removal surgery if you wish to regain a firmer and more youthful looking body appearance.

Body Contouring Surgery After Bariatric Surgery

Skin removal after weight loss surgery. Panniculectomy

Bariatric plastic surgery is often the critical endpoint of an amazing return to health and confidence. U.S. plastic surgeons perform thousands of post-operative body-contouring procedures each year for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. Patients looking for a cosmetic surgeon should keep in mind that most surgeons will recommend a patient achieve a stable weight for at least three to six months before they undergo surgical contouring procedures.

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The Mental Impact Of Skin Removal

Adans reaction to the excess skin isnt unusual.

Patients will tell you they feel like they are living in someone elses body and they havent completed their journey, Dr. Alan Matarasso, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and clinical professor of surgery at Hofstra University, Northwell School of Medicine, told TODAY.

Lexi Reed, known as Fat Girl Fed Up on Instagram, lost 312 pounds and also coped with loose skin. It made exercising tough, but she had no idea how much pain it caused her until her husband, Danny, lifted it, and she felt immediate relief.

I would be in tears. I would be in so much pain that I thought something was happening to me or I was dying, the 28-year-old from Indiana told TODAY.

Last Halloween she had a 360-bottom lift. Her doctor removed seven pounds of skin from her stomach and back while lifting her butt and reconstructing her abs. She also had the sides of her legs lifted.

Recovery was challenging. The first time she sat up she sobbed. She had drains hanging off her and wore compression garments for weeks, all common during recovery from skin removal. But the pain was worth it.

I felt all the emotions. For once in my life I could see my toes. For once in my life I could see my belly button. I didnt even recognize myself in the mirror, she said.

In September shes undergoing a 360 top-lift and admitted shes nervous but excited.

Sometimes they get fluid collection under the skin, Matarasso explained.

Will I Have Scars After Skin Removal Surgery

Scars are an inevitable part of having cosmetic surgery, but not all scars are the same. Depending on whether you focus on the upper or lower region of your body, incisions will be in a different location. VIDA surgeons plan your procedure strategically, including where to place incisions. The priority is to make them as invisible as possible, so you might be left with a scar on the lower part of your abdomen or your groin area, areas that can be hidden by underwear or regular swimsuits. If you combine this with good care of your incisions, such as not scratching them and avoiding direct sun exposure, theyll fade considerably.

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After Skin Removal Surgery

PDO Thread Lifting

Following excess skin surgery, the recovery process will vary from one person to the other usually depending on the amount of skin removed and the area of treatment. Light walking and standing are recommended as soon as you can to ensure proper blood circulation and speedy healing.

Patients should expect a degree of swelling, numbness, and soreness, but these usually subside within a few weeks. Your Phoenix skin removal surgeon will prescribe pain medication and provide precise instructions that you should follow to ensure proper healing. Patients should expect to take at least two weeks off work and should refrain from any form of strenuous activity for 8 weeks.

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What Are The Types Of Excess Skin Removal Procedures

There are several different procedures for removing excess skin. Most people need a combination of surgeries to get the look they seek. Your doctor can help determine which procedures will benefit you the most.

Excess skin removal procedures include:

  • Arm lift to remove excess skin that hangs down from your upper arm.
  • Breast lift to firm up breasts by tightening tissue and removing excess skin.
  • Facelift to give your face a smoother, younger appearance and get rid of excess skin around your neck.
  • Lower body lift to remove excess skin and fat from your stomach, butt and outer thighs.
  • Panniculectomy to remove the apron of excess skin that hangs below your belly button.
  • Thigh lift to give your inner thighs a sleeker appearance.
  • Tummy tuck to remove excess skin and tighten weak or separated abdominal muscles.

What Is Body Mass Index And How Can I Determine If I’m A Candidate For Cosmetic Surgery

During your consultation, Dr. Thornton will calculate your Body Mass Index or BMI to help determine if you are a candidate to undergo elective cosmetic surgery. Calculating your BMI will help Dr. Thornton gauge areas of your health you may need to improve prior to pursuing elective cosmetic surgery procedures. Use the provided BMI calculator to determine your health category.

  • Normal weight: If your BMI falls in the normal weight range, you are considered an ideal candidate for elective cosmetic surgery.
  • Overweight: If your BMI falls in the “overweight” range, you are likely considered a good candidate for elective cosmetic surgery but dietary restrictions and an increase in physical activity may be recommended.
  • Obese: If your BMI falls in the obese range or BMI > 30, Dr. Thornton may recommend you reduce your BMI to a healthier category before undergoing elective cosmetic surgery, although individual recommendations are made at the time of consultation.

Generally speaking, an elevated BMI increases surgical risks and complications, including problems with wound healing, infections, and need for revision surgery. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight can dramatically decrease any potential problems that may arise during or after your elective cosmetic surgery.

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