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Trojan Bare Skins Vs Ultra Thin

The Pros And Cons Of Ultra Thin Condoms

Trojan Bare Skin Condoms Are Even Thinner Than Ultra Thin

As mentioned before, it is all about the pleasure. The main good thing in an ultra thin condom besides the obvious thing in it is the feeling of pleasure. Using one allows for more sensation to pass through the latex, for your pleasure as well as for your significant others.

Also, reviews left by men who have used regular condoms for a while say that, when using an ultra thin condom, they feel like they arent wearing a condom at all which is definitely something youd want to look into when having some private time with your lover.

When it comes to the cons, it gets down to personal preference. For example, some men would rather use regular condoms, instead of ultra thin, even if they provide an increased feeling of pleasure. Why? Well, because more pleasure means less playtime. Choosing a thin condom means that sometimes you will probably wont last as long as when you are using a regular condom.

So, choosing an ultra thin condom is something thats related to ones personal preference. Well, not only ones but to a couples personal preference.

With this being said, theres nothing else for you to do only the same old activity that will now get more pleasurable as you decide to get yourself one thin condom.

Now lets move on to our top products, researched, reviewed and analyzed, so youd get an idea on the best thin condoms that are out there only for your pleasure and satisfaction.

Trojan Supra Bare Skin Condoms

The Trojan Supra Bare Skin condoms are a little bit thinner than the Trojan Ultra Thin condoms hence their name. Also, they are not made out of latex, but Polyurethane, so they are perfect in case you or your partner have latex allergies.

Also, since they are not made out of latex, there is no odor. The polyurethane is strong, clear and medically safe so no worries for you.

When it comes to pricing, they are a bit expensive, but probably because they use polyurethane as material so if you dont like latex or youre allergic to it, its worth it.

Theres not much to say since it is Trojan were talking about. Their condoms are safe and good, and the Supra Bare Skin ones are ultra thin as well.

Trojan Condoms What Do All Of The Names Types And Styles Really Mean

Almost weekly, we get asked the same questions over and over here at Americas Condom Superstore. What condoms are the best? What type of condom should I use? What is the best condom for me and my partner? And Why does Trojan have so many different names and what do all the types mean?

Well, while we have tried to educate the condom masses as to how the choose the BEST condom these are not questions easily answered. There are so many variables in the condoms makeup and design and there are literally thousands of condoms on the market. To put it simply, it’s like buying a pair of shoes or buying a hat, they all fit and feel different. Although you probably wont be having sex with your shoes or hats, unless you are one of those kinky types. While the condoms fit and feel do play a major role in the condoms short lived responsibility and service, function and performance will most likely earn it the coveted gold star it is seeking in its short 3-5 year lifespan. This unique balance of desirable traits is what makes buying a condom so confusing. These many features and attributes are also the reasoning behind the Trojan Condom Companys influx of new names, types, brands, styles and designs.

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What’s Trojan Bare Skin

Trojan Bare Skin is a line of ultra-thin condoms. That alone wouldn’t be anything groundbreaking since there are many of this kind out there on the market.

What’s particular about Bare Skin is that it’s 40% thinner than other standard condoms that Trojan makes.

Do we have your attention now? Yes, this one is even thinner than their longtime favorite, the original Trojan Ultra Thin.

We also want to let you know that there are several types of Bare Skin condoms and we look at them separately a bit later.

Before we do that, let’s address what concerns many users, especially younger ones have, and that is the ever-present fear of condom breakage. That fear comes from not having enough knowledge so let’s shine some light on this concern.

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Top 7 Best Ultra Thin Condoms Pros Cons And Prices Reviews

Trojan BareSkin Condoms 10 Pack :: Sports Supports

When it comes to condoms, one of the most common complaints the users have is that they reduce the feeling of pleasure as well as the sensitivity while using them. Of course, these complaints come from men as well as from women.

So, if the issue that rises no, not that one is that of pleasure, sensitivity, mainly the general sensation caused by the condom that one feels, then you should consider using an ultra thin condom.

The land of these thin condoms comes packed with a lot of information, as well as a lot of things that will definitely help you with your search. Companies have already started to use different materials, not only latex which will probably help your experience as you will have a wider variety of choices. Still, the heartwarming information is that, at this moment, condoms come with impressive thickness, down to 0.015 mm.

So, if you search for ways of improving pleasure, an ultra thin condom is the safe choice, because of various reasons. Whats left is finding out even more about this type of product and learning which one is the best thin condom of them all.

Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we will provide you with a buying guide as well as with the reviews of seven best ultra thin condoms. So, stick with us, and lets introduce you to the world of ultra thin, where pleasure is paramount.

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Trojan Enz Vs Ultra Thin

Sex is a part of human need, but doing it is pretty risky. Aside from unwanted pregnancy, the chance of being transmitted with illness is pretty terrifying. These reason is why condoms was made. If you are seeking protection while still able to enjoy the intimate feeling you and your partner are going to have, then you should read this article, we will give you information about two kind of Trojan famous condoms, which are Trojan ENZ and Ultra Thin.

In this article we will give you information about: What is Trojan ENZ and Trojan Ultra Thin How Trojan ENZ and Ultra Thin is different Trojan ENZ vs Ultra Thin

About Trojan CondomsTrojan condoms are manufactured by a company named Church and Dwight. This brand is very famous in the U.S. A survey has been done in 2006 resulting that 69% condoms that purchased in the United States is from Trojan. The Trojan condoms was first manufactured in 1916 by Merle Leland Youngs, through his company Fay and Youngs. The company then change its name into Youngs Rubber Corporation in 1919. They named their condoms Trojan in reference of Trojan helmet, which the product physically resemble.

The best thing about Trojan ENZ is their texture. They are really soft, many people said that it has the same sensation with Lifestyle SKYN, you can read our article on Trojan Bareskinvs Lifestyles SKYN here.

Trojan ENZ Vs Ultra Thin


Trojan Bareskin Vs Ultra Thin Condoms

What Are Condoms?

Today, condoms prevent STDs and pregnancy. And theyâre a good birth control option because theyre cheap, easy to get, and you dont have to plan ahead to use them.

What are Trojan Bareskin Condoms?

Trojan Bareskin Condoms are the thinnest latex condoms TROJAN brand makes. Theyre 50% thinner than the Trojan standard latex condom, so they feel more natural and give you more sensitivity. So you can get closer and experience enhanced intimacy, whenever the mood hits. Plus, our premium silky smooth lubricant adds comfort so that you and your partner get a night to remember every time. Theyâre made from premium quality latex and are electronically tested to help ensure reliability. These condoms reduce the risk.

What are Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms?

Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms are over 25% thinner than standard Trojan condoms â giving both partners a more natural sensation. This design allows you and your partner to get closer and experience enhanced intimacy, whenever the mood hits. The premium lubricant adds comfort and intimacy. Theyâre made from premium quality latex and are electronically tested to help ensure reliability. These condoms reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections while you play. For extra safety, there is a special reservoir end.

Trojan Bareskin Vs Ultra Thin Condoms

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The Ultra Fit Collection

Form meets function. Trojan Ultra Fit Bare Feel condoms feature a unique shape to give you a feeling like nothing else. This condom is designed to feel natural, like its not even there, so you can have a nearly skin-to-skin experience. Spacious around the head and shaft, all youre left with is a barely there sensation.

Additional Features

  • Silky smooth lubricant for elevated comfort and sensation
  • Premium latex helps reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs
  • Each condom is electronically tested to help ensure reliability


Available in a 10-count pack

The Best Condoms Will Keep You Safer Without Getting In The Way

Ultra thin or Bareskin?

All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Even the best condoms don’t have a great reputation. They’re sometimes seen as unsexy or just in the way, right? It’s time we laid this idea to rest. Condoms are key to having safer sex with anyone you’re not fluid-bonded with. And safer sex is good sex. There is nothing hotter than a guy who has a plan to get wrapped up when it gets hot and heavy. It says: I care about my sexual health. And I care about your sexual health, too. Let’s have some fun!

But not all condoms are created equal. Fit matters, and some are smaller or larger. Others are eco-friendly or latex-free. And some brands are so thin, you can barely tell they’re there at all.

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Trojan Bare Skin: Better Than Standard Condoms

by CondomJungle Team

Are you familiar with Trojan Bare Skin condoms? We know that not everyone is on a first name basis with his condoms, so let us back up a bit.

When it comes to naming a condom, brands get creative. For a product as personal as condoms are, the product name should evoke a feeling. Aside from that, its great when the moniker also describes what’s inside the box or the wrapper.

Trojan hit it on the head with the name Bare Skin. It makes you feel what everybody demands from a condom. The name actually gives the feeling of being close to your partner. So close it feels like there would be no condom at all.

When Trojan Bare Skin first came out, you might have heard about it through ads running on television and the Internet.

The products video ad goes something like this. It’s dark outside, and a young couple’s car pulls into a supermarket parking lot to buy more condoms. They both race inside the store because they just had amazing sex using a condom that blew their minds.

From a shelf stocked top to bottom with only Trojan Condoms, they grab the retail box and go to the counter. Pointing to their box, they ask the cashier, “What is this you sold us?”

The cashier responds: “Condoms.”

The guy: “No, condoms don’t feel like this.”

The cashier: “Well, it’s Trojan BareSkin.”

The ad continues about how it’s 40% thinner… We talk about the individual specifications later in the article, and you can watch the Trojan Bare Skin video ad below.

So The Question Of The Day Is Why Do Trojan Condoms Have So Many Different Names And What Do They All Mean

I have been in the condom industry for over 20 years and have seen many condoms come and go. While I personally am not a fan of the Trojan Brand for business reasons, I must give credit to Trojan and the Trojan Company as a whole for their continued dominance with around 70% percent of the condom market share in the US.

Trojan is obviously doing something right and most of their success, in my opinion, is due to brilliant marketing and advertising. Trojan continues to evolve as a brand and this evolution has incorporated countless trials and errors in design, packaging and advertising as well. It is true that growth involves risk and mistakes, and like any great company they have had their share of challenges which brings me to the many faces of Trojan Brand Condoms.

Below is an attempt to help categorize, educate and explain the differences of the Trojan Line of condoms as it stands today, August 2015. This is not a Review of the Trojan Brand Condoms, only an attempt to help people understand their names.

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Choosing The Right Size

When it comes to condoms, there is no one-size-fits-all.

Getting the right size condom will not only help improve your sexual experience for both you and your partner, but it will also reduce the chance of breaking or slipping off.

The right condom should fit like a glove and feel secure and comfortable.

If the condom feels loose, tight, or uncomfortable, its most likely youre using the wrong size.

  • Too roomy: if theres a bit of wiggle room, you need a size S condom

With this knowledge, you should feel confident about what size you are for when you next go shopping for condoms.

The Difference Between Ultra Thin And Regular Condoms

Trojan Bareskin Premium Thin Lubricated Condoms

Well, the first answer is no meaning that no, if they are ultra hin, that doesnt mean there is an increased chance of them breaking. They are as safe as the regular condoms, so you shouldnt cancel your pleasure increasing plans just because you think they are less safe.

Also, if youre still not sure, remember that some of the ultra thin condoms, after undergoing the tests to determine quality and safety, have been given high ratings when it comes to strength and reliability.

Now that weve got that out of the way and decided that there is not much of a difference between ultra thin and regular condoms, just the one regarding pleasure, we can now move to the pros and cons of using a thin condom.

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Trojan Bareskin Vs Ultra Thin

Love it or hate it, condoms are now very beneficial if not mandatory to prevent unwanted pregnancy as well as catching Sexually Transmitted Infections . You must wear a condom for a safe sex. You may never know whether you or your partner has an infection or disease. HIV infections take months before showing noticeable symptoms. Now, if you are looking for the best condom that can give you safety and protection, at the same time allowing you to have real sex sensations, Trojan offers Bareskin and Ultra Thin condoms. Both Trojan Bareskin and Trojan Ultra Thin have claimed to be very thin yet durable. So, which is the one that you should choose?

Take a look : Trojan Bareskin Vs Ecstasy.

Trojan Ultra ThinOn the other hand, just like what the name implies, Trojan Ultra Thin is also a very thin latex condom. It is indeed thinner than most Trojan latex condoms, but it is not as thin as Trojan Bareskin. Nevertheless, it also gives natural feeling and excellent physical sensations. It also contains a premium lubricant that enhances the comfort and sensitivity of the wearer. In many ways, it has been designed similarly to Trojan Bareskin, only thicker. It is also made from premium quality latex that is strong and durable, and it also comes with a special reservoir tip for extra safety to prevent spillage.

Trojan Bareskin Vs Ultra Thin


Which Brands Are The Best

Before starting our top of thin condoms, we should take a moment to talk about the brands that are behind these products.

Of course, the first ones to pop in your mind are Trojan and Durex because they are the most popular brands and are known for having the safest condoms out there.

But, theres also Lifestyles, Royal, Crown, ONE, Unique Pull which is the thinnest condom in the world and Sagami with a 0.018 mm thick condom, ready to compete with the Unique Pull. Of course, there are even more brands, but these do their job the best and have the highest rating from the buyers as well.

So, if you want to rule out Trojan or Durex for any reason , youve come to the right place as well begin showcasing seven of the best thin condoms.

Therefore, last for a bit longer get informed on the efficiency, quality and price rapport and the pros and cons of each of the following thin condoms.

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May 6, 2022

Trojan Ultra Fit Vs Bare Skin. First thing i noticed was the missing latex odor i had become used to. Is bare skin better than ultra thin?

Magnum bareskin is the thinnest trojan magnum condom specially designed to provide heightened sensitivity. Magnum bareskin has a more spacious, contoured shape for extra comfort, and added smooth lubricant gives more sensitivity. 53 mm / 2.09 circumference:


First, we look at the original bare skin condom that wowed users by being thinner than other standard trojan condoms. This brand is very popular in the u.s.

If theres a bit of. Also, since they are not made out of latex, there is no odor.

According to wikipedia ,trojan condoms are manufactured by the church and dwight company. They have even thinner than their longtime favorite, the original trojan ultra thin, which is their most popular.


Tapered at the base for a secure fit First, we look at the original bare skin condom that wowed users by being thinner than other standard trojan condoms.


To create the list of the trojan bareskin vs ultra thin we have analyzed exactly 890 reviews. Which trojans are the thinnest?


Which trojans are the thinnest? Trojan condoms are often described as being one of the best as many.

Source: venturebeat.comSource: www.condomjungle.comSource:


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