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Red Hair Color For Cool Skin Tones

Hair Colors For Cool Fair Skin

Red Hair – Warm or Cool Undertones? Where do you fit?

If you have cool fair skin, you may find that many hair colors are too warm and brassy against your face. The key to the perfect color for your skin is sticking red, blue or ash based tones that will compliment your naturally fair and cool skin. Whether you want blonde, brown or red hair, there is a shade that is perfect for your skin tone. Check out these celebrity colors for inspiration.

Abigail Breslin looks fantastic in this dark red-brown color hairstyle because it harmonizes with her pink-based skin tone. This rich color brings out her rosy cheeks and highlights her blue eyes.

Dita Von Teese has created her signature look by pairing her fair cool skin with jet black locks. This is a dramatic look, but it can be pulled off if you are dedicated to glamming yourself up everyday – this color combo doesn’t work so well for the natural look.

Olivia Wilde has chosen a gorgeous shade of brown to offset her blue eyes and porcelain skin. This neutral shade of brown works well because it is not too golden or brassy for her skin.

Patricia Arquette shows us how good blonde can look with cool fair skin. Her icy blonde shade looks fantastic with her skin tone and brings out her light blue eyes.

I Know My Skin Tone What Hair Color Will Look Best On Me

As a general rule of thumb, the key to finding a hair color that flatters you is to pick one that has opposite undertones from your skin.

Confused? Well explain.

If you pick a hair color with the same undertones as your skin, your face will look washed out and one note. Thats why women with warm undertones look good with cool toned hair colors, like ashy browns or platinum blondes, and women with cool undertones look good with rich, warm hair colors, like coppery reds or mocha browns.

Women with neutral skin, congrats! Youre one of the lucky few who will look good with any hair color.

But, as with any rule, there are exceptions.

Consult the list below before settling on a color.

For Fair Skin With Warm Undertones

According to Jasmin Rainieri, a senior colorist at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa in New York City, if you have fair skin with warm undertones, a la Emma Stone and Emma Roberts, copper red, butterscotch, rust, golden blond, strawberry, and caramel tones will bring out the warmth in your skin. Remember the copper red on Stone? The warm golden copper tone beautifully complemented by her very fair but also warm skin tone, says Hill. Conversely, with warmer undertones on fair skin, you want to avoid the overly blue and violet-based colors. I actually wouldnt suggest anything in the black family at all for someone with this complexion, as it could appear too harsh against their skin tone, says King. Here are another 13 secrets colorists usually dont tell you for free.

If youre seeking to recreate Stones fiery red hair at home, look no further than LOreal Paris Superior Preference Color in Intense Red Copper. The fade-defying formula is designed to give you intense shine and smoothness that is long-lasting.

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Red Hair Dye For Cool Skin Tones

copper hair for cool skin tone

Red hair dye: Orange-y reds, copper tones, cinnamon tones

If your skin is fair to medium, it usually appears with a peach looking or beige undertone. On deeper skin, you have a blueish undertone. On both, your veins appear to be on bluer side. Orange reds, and rich cinnamon hues would contrast nicely against your cool skin tone as it brightens up your features. If your skin is on the fairer end of the spectrum stick to medium auburn reds, which doesnt wash you out. Darker skin toneswhether youre olive or dark brown can highlight their complexions with copper reds.

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Determine The Health Of Your Hair

If you want to avoid damage or your hair is already compromised, stick to darker shades. As a general rule, darker colors are more gentle on your locks.

Additionally, bleaching your hair can cause significant damage, so only lighten your hair if it is healthy enough to handle it. For drastic color changes, go to a professional whenever possible.

If your hair is damaged but you still want color, opt for a semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair dye instead of a permanent one.

While these dyes arent able to lighten your hair, they are incredibly gentle. Their highly pigmented formulas can add a subtle hint of color to naturally dark strands.

For Fair Skin Tones: Try Peachy Coppers And Strawberry Blondes

If your clients skin is very fair with pinky or peachy undertones, a strawberry blonde or peachy copper mane will really sparkle against their complexion. You can make these shades as light and bright or deep and autumnal as your client pleases, and you could even shift the tone as the seasons change, so their color always feels fresh and modern.

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For Deep Skin With Warm Undertones

The richness of a deep, warm skin tonelike Beyoncés and Halle Berrysis something that you can play up with simple color tricks, says King. Considering a blond hue? He suggests staying in the caramel and toffee family. Brunettes should favor maple and mahogany tones, which help enhance skins natural radiance. Similarly, if youre going dark, warm blacks are best. For redheads: As contradictory as it may sound, a blue-red works best with this skin tone. It will help to appropriately balance underlying tones while enhancing the warmth that you want to see.

This Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color formula in Caramel Chocolate is perfect for a complete transformation. Plus, its loaded with shea, avocado, and olive oil, so its deeply conditioning, and its color-boost technology makes sure the shine stays. If dullness or dryness are a concern, check out the super-moisturizing hair masks that can revive even the most damaged strands.

General Hair Colors To Avoid For Cool Undertones

The Best Hair Color for Cool Skin Tones : Great Hair Styling Tips

If you clash your hair color choice, you will end up looking drawn, sallow and exhausted. There are bad hair color choices for cool skin-toned people. Mostly, warm hair colors are not really the best for you. Try to avoid dying your hair with these colors, or simply avoid these tones and shades:

  • Bronze undertones
  • Gold tones

Try to stick to the hair colors in the general categories that we have advised above and more specific ones that we have listed below in order to enhance your complexion, eye color and general youthful look. So, lets start with red. Which red hair dye looks good on cool skin tones?


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Fair Skin With Warm Undertones

Fair-skinned girls are often naturally blonde, and if this description applies to you, we recommend looking at honey and golden blonde hair colors to match your warm skin. Dont dye your hair more than half a tone darker it will make you look washed out.

Instagram /

Those with naturally darker hair and fair skin with warm undertones can choose between cool brown and warm brown hair colors. Warm brunette tones, like milk chocolate, caramel or golden brown will complement warm tones in your skin and emphasize hazel and green eyes.

Instagram /

The cool ashy brown color will create a contrast with warm skin tone and accentuate blue or gray eye color. Cooler tones are normally fading quicker, so you might consider using a silver shampoo to upkeep the shade.

Best Hair Color For Cool Skin Tones And Blue Eyes Green Eyes

When it comes to hair colors for different eye colors, there might be a few changes you will make. People with cool skin tones like Amy Adams, according to InStyle, naturally have blue eyes, green eyes gray eyes or green hazel. A few of them will have dark brown eyes or hazel with brown to golden flecks in them.

We have already discussed the best hair color ideas for blue eyes and cool skin tones and you can follow the link to see our suggestions. In a nutshell, here are the best hair dyes to try on in order to make blue eyes pop.

  • Dark chocolate
  • Black hair colors and
  • Intense brown shades

What about the best hair color for cool skin tones and green eyes? Similarly, we have done a comprehensive listing of the best ideas you can get if you have green eyes.

  • Go for intense shades as well, such as blonde, red and brown to complement your skin.
  • Never forget to do highlights to take your hair to the next level of gorgeous. Recommended highlights are taupe, ash and wheat. Another tip is to contrast these highlights with the base hair color in order to make your green eyes pop or shine.

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How To Determine Your Skin Tone

Follow these six steps to determine whether you have cool or warm skin tone:

Step #1 Determine the specific colors that are predominant in your skin.

Wash your face thoroughly to clear up previous makeup. Get a mirror and position yourself so that your face is not against the light. Observe your skin color. What color is more pronounced?

If gold and yellow undertones are prominent, your skin tone is warm. If pink is noticeable, your skin tone is cool.

Step #2 Check other indicators of your skin tone.

Look at the veins in your wrists and arms what color do they reflect? If theyre green or have hues of green, your skin tone is warm. When they reflect blue or purple shades, your skin tone is cool.

Step #3 Observe the shades of color in your eyes.

When you see shades of gold in your eyes, your skin tone is usually warm. If green and blue hues are dominant, it signifies that you have a cool skin tone.

Step #4 Determine what blends well with your skingold or silver?

This simple step is also useful in finding out whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. If you look good in gold, you have a warm skin tone, but if you look good in silver, you have a cool skin tone.

Step #5 Match your skin color with white or off-white.

You can use pieces of paper or individual colored shirts. If your skin blends well with the white color, it indicates you have a warm skin tone. If your skin goes well with off-white, you have a cool skin tone.

Step #6 Choose a model to follow.

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Understand Hair Color Levels

Level refers to the relative darkness or lightness of hair. Each hair color has a level, whether its your virgin hair color or a completely new one. Standard hair color levels are set on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being blackest color, and 10 an extremely light blond. This scale is well understood among colorists and is used in different brands and formulations.

The following are the standard hair color levels:

  • Level 1: Black

As for platinum blond, the lightest shades are typically referred to as 11, 12 or 13.

How To Find Your Best Shade Of Red Hair

No matter how many times you hear the word ginger used in a derogatory way, its impossible to deny that red hair is having its moment in the spotlight in a good way. Right now red is the it color to try. For those who want to give the hue a go, first find the right shade for your skin tone and eye color.

LightStrawberry blonde hues like Bella Thornes look best on those with naturally medium to dark blonde hair and pink undertones in the skin. A rose gold like Connie Brittons is warmer, with tones of copper and gold, so it pairs nicely with a tanner complexion. For a more subtle take on the red trend, try a muted strawberry blonde like Amy Adams. The color has only a hint of red.

MediumNow here come our copper hues. Emma Stones red hair, pictured above, is a golden copper that works best with skin that has warm undertones. Both Jessica Chastain and Isla Fisher have bright coppers that pair nicely with light to medium skin tones with cool undertones.

Darks cinnamon shade is more of a true red, as is Christina Hendricks, whose brighter hue brings out her her bright blue eyes. . Also, because red is such a rich hue, there isnt much highlighting. You want the same color from root to tip. For darker eye colors and medium skin tones, like , the red needs to be a bit muted and the hair darker. Her auburn has soft highlights in the front to frame the face.

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How Do You Change Your Makeup Routine After Going Red

1. Avoid dark, smoky eyes. They compete with your attention-grabbing tresses, says Paula Dorf, a celebrity makeup artist.

2. Do think pink. Pink lip color and blush look gorgeous on redheads, despite outdated advice to the contrary, says Dorf.

3. Don’t match your brows and hair it looks bizarre, says Danilo, a celeb colorist.

1. John Frieda Radiant Red Color Protecting Shampoo, from $5 .

2. Aveda Madder Root Color Conditioner, $21 .

3. Hamadi Shea Hair Mask, $24 .

4. L’Oréal Paris Vitamino Color Express Care System Gel Masque, from $33 .

Hair Color : How To Take Your Skin Tone Into Consideration


If you have lighter hair, you likely have cooler undertones, whereas darker hair is often accompanied by warmer undertones. Its these undertones that determine which type of hair color looks best on you. The best hair colors for warm skin tones are those with warm undertones. If you have a cool skin tone, your hair color match will have cool undertones. How can you tell if you have warm or cool undertones, though? We have a quick tip! Simply flip your wrists. If your veins appear green, you have warm undertones if they appear blue, you have cool ones.

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Black Skin Tone: Purple

Another red hue inspired by a classic drink, Christine shares that Black skin tones would look great in a Cherry Coke colorthink Rihanna red.

Purple-red tones, such as Cherry Coke, also work on darker skin tones, she says. It creates deep wine and plum tones that compliment the skin and deeper eye colors.

Are you still on the fence about dyeing your strands red? Maybe THESE nine celebs who look better with red locks will help make a case for the color?

Copper To Magenta Color Melt

As it turns out, copper and magenta can be a good team! Obviously, the secret of making these colors match lies in ombre. Let the deeper shade sit on the roots and apply the bright one to the ends. It will not only help you to create a harmonic look but will also save your hair from damage. Since brighter colors require bleaching, its better to apply them to the ends, as its harder to restore damaged roots.

When such coloring technique as ombre broke through, it screamed with vivid and dramatic contrasts. Then, it started to change, evolving and becoming more and more diverse. Today, you can come across anything from subtle and airy to saturated and glaring. At the same time, you can find the middle ground of them, as this technique is versatile enough to be customized. Here, you can see gorgeous luster produced by various warm shades of red applied vertically. Well, thats only one of the endless ways to make ombre play by your rules. As for the color, its a fabulous mix for light and warm complexions.

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Olive Skin Tone: Rose Gold

Looking to stay light in your color? Christine says a rose gold will look great on anyone with an olive complexion. If youre staying on the lighter side, the best red shade that will avoid feeling washed out will be a rose gold tone, she notes. Olive skin tones suit reds with a blue-violet under, such as auburn, burgundy, and mahogany.

But, Christine makes it clear there is an undertone to avoid. It is recommended to stay away from reds with orange undertones, she states.

Flattering Blonde Hair Colors For Cool Skin Tones

Red warm

As much as we champion that every Southern woman can do whatever she so pleases , there’s no denying that certain things flatter more than others. Just as some haircuts are more suited to your face shape, certain hair colors work well with your skin tone. To figure out your skin tone, if the veins on your wrist look more greenish, you’re most likely warm-toned. If they look more true blue or purple, you’re most likely cool-toned. All skin tones can have cool or warm undertones, so it’s about more than just skin color. A cool skin tone will have blue, purple, or pinky undertones, and generally gets along best with cool-toned hair colors. Going too warmthink caramel, gold, and coppermight not be your most flattering option. If you’re a cool-toned gal trying to go blonde, cool tones like platinum, pearl, and ash blonde will complement your complexion like nobody’s business and look most natural. That’s the goal, right? Here are the 11 most flattering blonde hair colors for cool skin tones.

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