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Natural Nail Color For Dark Skin

Find The Natural Nail Color That Works With Your Skin Tone

Nude Nail Color to Match Your Skin | ipsy Nailed It

Posted on February 1, 2022

Too often do we ignore caring for our hands in favor of hair, body, or facial treatments. While hands and nails may not be the very first thing we notice about someone, theyre one of the most prominent indicators of self-care.

So why not enhance your look with a subtle shade of nude? A nude is a color that everyone needs in their nail care arsenal. For times when you just dont know what nail color to pick or when you simply want a more subtle look a more natural nail color is a great go-to.

A natural nail color goes great with every outfit and every occasion, making it low maintenance and easy for everyday. Need help finding your perfect natural nail color? Well help you break down your skin undertone, and identify which polish shades best suit your skin!

How to Determine Your Undertones

Choosing a shade that subtly complements your skin tone is only one piece of the puzzle. The next step: figuring out your undertones. This is the difference between finding your true natural nail color, and one that only kinda matches you.

Weve listed a few different ways to determine your undertones below. Choose the easiest test for you, or try out a couple if you want to be extra sure!

The White Paper Test Hold a stark white piece of paper up against your hands. Notice a yellowish hue? You probably have warm undertones. If you find pink or bluish red hues, you probably have cool undertones.

The Verdict:

Fair Skin + Yellow Undertones

Nail Colors That Make Your Hands Look Tan

No matter your skin tone we can all appreciate a bronzy glow. “Try to use colors that make your hands look a bit more bronzed, like orange, yellow, green, or opaque pastel colors,” says Choi.

Fair Skin: Try a subtle orange, like Check In To Check Out .

Medium Skin: Go for a bright yellow, like Check Your Baggage .

Olive Skin: Try another bright, rich orange, like Sweet & Gracious .

Dark Skin: A true yellow, like Bright & Focused .

Nail Colors Perfect For Medium To Deep Skin Tones

It’s all about jewel tones.

You can choose any manicure color you want. But there are certain shades that look so lovely on deeper skin tones that they deserve a special call-out. “In my opinion, bold, rich shades really pop on dark skin,” says celebrity manicurist Mimi D. She says the popularity of nail shades depends on the season, but overall she finds clients with darker skin gravitating towards Earth and jewel tones like cobalt blue, hunter green, and bright orange.

“People tend to think that warm and dark colors work best on darker skin. In my opinion, a brighter color always adds an HD contrast,” agrees celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards. “I have so many favorite shades but if I had to narrow it down I would include warm terracotta, rosy tan, navy, and deep sage greens.”

With those in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite bold nail polishes for medium and deep skin tones. If you’re looking to change up your usual go-to nail color, give these colors a try.

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The Best Natural Nail Polish Colors For Dark Skin Ideas

The Best Natural Nail Polish Colors For Dark Skin Ideas. Best nail polish colors for fair warm skin tones. Go for a bright blue like this vibrant aqua color.

Beauty trends 17 nail polish colors that look especially stunning on dark skin 1. Colors like a lighter shade of chocolate brown tend to look best too. Nail polish colors for dark brown skin.


Any light shades look great on dark skin. This nail color is literally belong to your.


Nail colors on black skin, when youre searching for your perfect nail polish, try looking at these colors: 15 best nail polishes for.


Checkout our list of the 15 best nail polishes for dark skin beauties available in india. If you are feeling spicy, recreate the above by adding a metallic ornament in the center.


She says the popularity of nail shades depends on the season, but overall she finds clients with darker skin gravitating towards earth and jewel tones like cobalt blue, hunter green,. Finding the perfect nude nail polish for your skin tone is like finding a good house or apartment difficult, but not impossible.


If you are feeling spicy, recreate the above by adding a metallic ornament in the center. The most popular color for darker skin is red.


Natural nail color for dark skin. Fair warms need to avoid harsh strong colors and opt for a delicate palette.

Source: Source: Source: www.essie.comSource: Source: Source: jiji-blog.comSource: Source: Source:

Nail Colors That Flatter Dark Skin

54 best Nail Polish on Beautiful Dark Skin images on Pinterest

Dark skin women nail inspiration images are hard to come by.

Before you head to the nail salon or purchase a nail polish color, often times you want to see how it would look like completely on your skin tone. Obviously, you cannot uncap a sealed bottle and paint your nails in advance. Therefore, you either have to guess and hope it comes out fine or, alternatively, you search online for images of women with similar complexion that you have in the colors in the nail polish youre interested in purchasing.

As such, I decided to curate some photos and feature myself in the nail color in consideration of other women out there like me who similarly struggle in this arena.

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Metallic Nail On Dark Skins

Dont think that you are going to miss the shine of nail art. These metallic nails are proof that dark skin tones are not an obstacle to get extra shine.

If you can paint your nails in well-organized and well-designed ways, that will help a dark skin tone look even more beautiful. Y

ou have already read what the experts have to say about nail polish for dark skin tones.

Now its your turn to be your own skin tones advocate and design your nails in the best ways possible to enhance its beauty.

Creme De La ‘mel By People Of Color Beauty

The name says it all founder Jacqueline Carrington created a five-color collection with the intention to “help women of color find nudes that complement their various skin tones rather than having to typically use pink-leaning nudes.”

People of Color Beauty nail polish in Creme de la ‘Mel, $12, People of Color Beauty

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Our Favorite Nail Polish Colors For Dark Skin Tones

Favorite Essie Nail Polishes | Swatches on the Natural Nails | Perfect Nails At Home

Has your mani-pedi routine become a bit humdrum lately?

Have you been obsessively reaching out for the same nail polish color?

Relax. Were not here to judge you.

Like everything else in life, its easy to get stuck in a nail polish color rut. Most people tend to reach out for shades in the same family because why fix whats not broken, right?

That said, almost every nail color perfectly pairs with dark skin tones, and theres not one shade that doesnt look sexy on melanin-rich skin.

Rainbow colors pop against dark skin, while sultry shades look effortless .

So, if you usually stick with the same nudes and browns , here are some fun, sexy options you can play with this season.

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Nail Polish For Dark Skin With Olive Undertones

1. Deborah Lipmans Beachin Gel Lab Pro Color: This creamy, taupe brown will perfectly complement olive undertones, creating a subtle and flattering contrast. Like most neutral colors, it would be hard to go wrong with this shadealthough, as its name suggests, it would be a gorgeous pick for a summer beach day. Best of all, one or two coats of this polish are enough to create a deep, even color.

2. Diors Incognito Vernis Couture Colour Gel Polish: If sophistication had a color, it would be this medium, neutral pink. The perfect color to create a delicate contrast with olive skin undertones, this shade manages to be flirty, subtle, and queenly all at once.

Know Your Undertones So You Can Play Them Up

“A way to pick the right nail color is to look at your skins undertone. Are you cool or warm or olive ? Any color that is the opposite of your natural undertone on a color wheel will exaggerate your natural tone. For example, violet is the opposite of yellow. If you go for a violet nail polish, your yellow undertone will look even more yellow,” Lippman advises.

As a rule of thumb stick to warmer shades and skip cool grays.”Warmer complexions should avoid ashy gray shades as they could make skin appear washed out or dull. While those with deeper brown complexions look great in milky browns that lighten up the nail and give slight contrast,” she adds. “A medium-dark olive skin undertone like Eva Mendez would look best in Deborah Lippmann Beachin and

, while a medium-dark warm skin undertone like that of Beyoncé would look most flattering in Deborah Lippmann Natural Woman and Modern Love.”

If you are someone with a deeper complexion, the same rules apply. “If youre on the darker skin tone like Lupita for instance, you want to avoid something thats on the taupe gray end because that will turn white and fall very flat,” says manicurist Elle. “Essie Topless & Barefoot works well on a variety of shades and is great for Lupita if you want something on the lighter end. You can even go into those really dark browns which would actually accentuate her skin tone as well.”

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The Best Nail Polish Colors For Dark Skin Feet In 2022

  • Gel vs. regular pedicure: Which one is better?
  • *Disclosure* This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links at no cost to you. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

    If youre looking for the perfect nail color to complement your dark skin tones, look no further! Weve put together a list of the best nail polish colors for dark skin feet. From nude shades to bold and vibrant colors, theres something for everyone. So get ready to give your feet some TLC with these amazing polishes!

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    Get Out Of Your Nail Comfort Zone

    Essie " Seeing Stars"  on dark skin. Nail polish on dark skin.

    Out of all the decisions you have to make in a day, choosing your nail color probably isn’t the hardest. But with so many shade options, it can take quite some time. Thankfully, widely inclusive color options make finding shades that suit your skin tone fun. Practically every day, another new nail shade launches. And brown-skinned beauties, there are so many shades made with you in mind. The best nail colors for dark skin tones span, well, pretty much all hues of the rainbow. It’s truethere’s not one shade that doesn’t look good on your melanin-rich skin. High-impact shades pop against dark skin tones, and deep, sultry shades look seamless. Rejoice: We lucked out in this category .

    If you usually stick to the same nail shades for your dark skin, rest assured that you can’t go wrong with having a little fun. We’re all guilty of being creatures of habit with our favorite nail shades, but allow yourself to experiment more with vivid, brighter shades that’ll pop against your deep complexion or neutral shades that suit your skin just right. Feast your eyes on these 44 fun nail colors that look amazing on dark skin tones.

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    Gel Vs Regular Pedicure: Which One Is Better

    When it comes to nail polish, there are two main types: gel and regular. So, which one is better? It really depends on your own preferences and needs.

    Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, so its important to choose the type thats right for you.

    A gel is the way to go if youre looking for a long-lasting manicure. Gel polish can last up to two weeks without chipping or peeling, whereas regular polish will only last a few days. Gel pedicures also tend to be more durable, so theyre a good choice if youre hard on your nails.

    On the other hand, gel pedicures can be more expensive than regular pedicures, and they require more time to remove. If youre not careful, gel polish can also damage your nails. Gel nail polish is more durable than regular polish and doesnt require as much upkeep. However, removing it can be more difficult and may require special tools and techniques.

    Regular nail polish is easier to remove and doesnt require any special tools or techniques. However, it isnt as durable as gel polish and may need to be reapplied more often. Another bonus is traditional nail polish is cheaper compared to gel nail polish, that usually requires a light to cure it.

    So, gel or regular? Its up to you! Choose the type of pedicure that best suits your needs and preferences.

    So here are the best nail polish colors for dark skin feet. Which nail polish color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

    Nail Colors That Make Your Hands Look Younger

    When looking for your next shade, look for colors that accentuate your hands without coming off too bright. “Choose colors that are not too immature or too neon-like,” says Choi. “They should be more elegant and have sharp color pigmentation to make your skin look vivid.”

    Fair Skin: Try a soft, blush-y pink, like Bubble Bath .

    Medium Skin: Look for a bright coral orange, like Enflammee .

    Olive Skin: Look for a peachy pink, like Got Myself Into a Jam-balaya .

    Dark Skin: Look for a vibrant violet, like Bold & Unshaken .

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    What Is The Best Nail Color For My Skin Tone

    My Essie Nailpolish Collection + SWATCH | Winter Trends Collection | Nailpolish Colours Dark Skin

    When looking for nail polish, most people mostly consider whether the color they are about to pick will match with the outfits that they have. However, it is important to note that your skin tone should also play a big role when you are selecting a nail color.

    Why is this? Knowing your skin tone will help you pick a color that will make your complexion stand out more.

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    The Perfect Nude For Every Skin Tone

    For years, there has been a debate on how to choose the right nude nail color for your skin tone. Some say its going a shade darker or lighter than your skin, while others say it should mirror your fingertips. While we dont believe there are rules when it comes to wearing color, we do believe in helping you find your most flattering personal shade of nude. To help you, we created a guide with light, medium, and deeper skin tones in mind so you can find the best nude nail polish color to compliment you all year round.

    Before you begin, youll need to know if you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. To find out, take a look at your veins. If theyre green to olive, you have warm undertones, which often look best with gold accessories. If theyre blue-green, you are neutral which pairs well with rose gold, and if they err on the side of blue-purple, youre cool, which looks great with silver. Read on to see our nude nail color picks for your skin tone, as well as what types of accessories flatter you best.

  • Nude Nail Colors for Light Medium Skin TonesNude Nail Colors for Light Medium Skin Tones

    Light medium-toned skin with cool undertones not only look great with silver jewelry and nail shades like Taupe-less Beach, a soft gray with subtle hints of lavender. Blue-green undertones can go cool with Dont Bossa Nova Me Around or warm with Somewhere over the Rainbow Mountains, while shades like Coconuts Over OPI will look flawless on olive-green undertones.

    Shop Cool Shades:

  • Summer Nail Polish Colors For Brown Skin

    If you are looking for the perfect summer shade for your brown skin tone, you could try out:

    • Deep red coral shades like: Jessica Nail Color in Confident Coral, Chanel Holiday, and Avon Gel Finish in Fire Cracker
    • Mustard Yellows and Toffee like Sally Hansens Butterscotch, Butter London Cheeky Chops, and China Glaze Solar Power
    • Navy and Royal Blues like: Maybelline Color Show in Marinho, Max factor Gloss Finity in Royal Blue, and Opis Russian Navy.

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