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Hrt Skin Before And After

What Hormones Are Used To Treat The Symptoms Of Menopause

Transgender HRT Update – (Male to Female Hormone Replacement Therapy) *including body clips*

The hormones most commonly used to treat symptoms of menopause are estrogen and progesterone. . Often, these 2 hormones are used together, but some women are given estrogen alone. Its important to know which hormones you are talking about when looking at the risks.

Common estrogen preparations used to treat menopausal symptoms include conjugated equine estrogens and estradiol, but several forms or types of estrogen are available.

There are also many progestins available, but medroxyprogesterone acetate , is often used with an estrogen to treat menopausal symptoms. Some preparations contain both an estrogen and a progestin.

Androgens are also sometimes used to treat menopausal symptoms. This is not common, though, and because only a few studies have looked at this practice, it isnt clear how safe it is in the long run.

Tibolone is a synthetic hormone drug that can act like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in different tissues of the body. Because this drug isnt available in the US, its not discussed here.

What If You Stop Hormone Replacement Therapy For Your Skin

Hormone replacement therapy is not intended as a life-long treatment option. Most doctors recommend that you stick with a dose that works until youve achieved the desired results. After quitting, some symptoms may return, but they should disappear within a few weeks or months.

If you are on a low dose, you may be able to quit HRT as soon as you achieve those results. However, most patients require a gradual tapering-off process so they do not experience withdrawal symptoms. That process often involves taking lower doses fewer times a week until you no longer need HRT.

Thicker Moisturizers That Contain Hyaluronic Acid And Sunscreen Can Help With Dry Skin

If your skin becomes dryer, Posina suggests a routine of four key ingredients: retinols, vitamin C, sunscreen, and moisturizer.

Insider previously reported using a retinol once a day after you cleanse your face can help increase cell turnover. This process can reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne, and help your skin retain moisture more easily over time.

Following up with a vitamin C serum can minimize inflammation and irritation caused by dry skin, Dr. Howard Sobel, a dermatologic surgeon, previously told Insider.

Moisturizer is crucial to reducing dryness of the skin and helping your skin regulate oil, according to Posina. However, it’s important to watch what types of moisturizers you use.

“Moisturizing with certain ingredients becomes more important because skin tends to get drier,” Posina said. “Look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acids, ceramides, glycerin, fatty acids, cholesterol, emollients shea butter, non-fragrant plant-based oils.”

Finally, you should top off your routine with sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays and prevent premature aging.

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Other Tips For Healthier

To maximize the benefits of HRT for your skin after menopause, it is also important to focus on eating healthy, exercising regularly and taking good care of your skin and hair. Here are some more tips for maintaining healthier-looking skin after menopause:

  • Eat a nutrient- and vitamin-rich diet: Your diet plays a pivotal role in balancing your hormones and keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy. Make sure you consume lots of vitamin D, fatty acids, antioxidants, zinc, iron and vitamin C. Seafood, citrus and other types of fruit are great sources of the nutrients and vitamins you need to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.
  • Use gentle hair products: To keep your hair healthy, make sure you use gentle products that enrich your hair health. Harsh products commonly cause hair loss or damage when used over time.
  • Exercise regularly: Regular exercise ensures good blood flow, which nourishes your skin cells to keep your skin firm and full.
  • Implement a strong skincare routine: As you take HRT for anti-aging, make sure you take routine care of your skin. Keep it hydrated with a daily moisturizer and use gentle exfoliants to keep your skin smooth and fresh.
  • Avoid too much UV exposure: Part of your skincare routine should also include limiting UV exposure. Make sure you apply sunscreen when spending time outside on sunny days and wear a hat. You should also limit the amount of time you spend in tanning beds.

How To Get Access To Estrogen Hormone Therapy


If a person decides to transition, it is essential to receive estrogen hormone therapy from healthcare professionals.

Buying and taking hormones from other sources carries many risks, such as poor quality of drugs, improper doses, and possible harm.

In order to start the process, a person must discuss their options with a healthcare professional.

Transcaresite has a directory of trans-friendly medical professionals. If an individuals healthcare insurance covers the cost of transitioning, it is important to check that the healthcare professional a person chooses is in their insurance network.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health recommends healthcare professionals and individuals undergo several steps before starting estrogen hormone therapy.

These include:

  • assessing a person for and diagnosing gender dysphoria
  • educating an individual on the different treatment options available
  • assessing, diagnosing, and treating any mental health conditions
  • assessing eligibility and referring a person for hormone therapy
  • The GLMA is the national LGBTQI+ medical association that also has provider listings for trans-affirming care.

    • psychiatric, including any mental health conditions
    • social, such as social support and legal history
    • family, such as a history of psychiatric illnesses, suicides, and substance use
    • developmental, such as education level and any history of trauma
    • any instances of substance use

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    Can Increase The Risk Of Blood Clots

    Studies have shown that HRT may raise your risk of blood clots and stroke. This risk may be highest for people over 60 or who started menopause over a decade ago. The longer you take HRT, the greater the increase in your risk.

    Because of this risk, health experts recommend the lowest possible HRT dose for the shortest period of time for people over 60 or who are 10 years past the onset of menopause.

    How Sex Hormones Affect The Aging Process

    Sex hormones help to chart the course of yourlife, from fetal development in utero to sexual development in puberty, toreproductive capacity as adults. However, the effects of sex hormones arentlimited to sex and reproduction. Rather, their influence is seen and felt in awide range of physical attributes, behaviors, and emotional states.

    As women approach menopause, levels of estrogen and progesterone can fluctuate significantly before plummeting to mark the end of the reproductive years. Men, on the other hand, experience a more gradual hormonal shift, with testosterone levels falling about 1-2% per year after the age of 30. But for both men and women, the hormonal changes that come with aging have a profound effect on various body tissues and systems, influencing how we look and feel. These include:

    While some people go through age-related hormonechanges with little difficulty and are unbothered by the changes to theirappearance, for others it is a highly distressing experience.

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    Types Of Studies Of Hormone Therapy And Cancer Risk

    Different types of studies can be used to look at cancer risk from menopausal hormone therapy .

    Randomized controlled trials: In this kind of study, a group of patients get the drug being studied , and another group gets a placebo . Results from this kind of study are powerful because which group a patient is in is based on chance. This helps assure that the groups are similar in all ways, such as risk for cancer, except for the drug thats being studied. This is the best way to see the effects of a drug. These types of studies can also be double-blinded, which means neither the people in the study nor their doctors know which group they are in. This lowers the chance that thoughts or opinions about treatment could affect the study results. Unfortunately, these kinds of studies are costly, which limits the number of people in the study, how long the study can continue, and the number of studies done.

    A major drawback of observational studies is that the people getting the treatment being studied may have different cancer risk factors than the people who arent. Plus, the treatment can differ between the people being studied. This makes it less clear that the differences seen are only due to the drug being studied and not other factors.

    When observational studies and randomized controlled trials have different results, most experts give more weight to the results of the randomized controlled trial.

    Jergens Weightless Wet Skin Moisturizer

    I Stopped Taking HRT (Hormone Replacement)… Here’s What Happened!

    They also recommend drinking more water and watching caffeine and alcohol intake. “Alcohol is never going to make your skin look great, especially if you overindulge it’s just going to make you dehydrated,” explains Henry. “Caffeine is the same: in moderation. It can really dehydrate you, which you want to avoid. It’s all about keeping our skin well-hydrated.”

    As you get older, you may tend to bruise more easily because the skin is thinner, and Henry recommends paying attention to wounds. Using ointments, like the Aquaphor Healing Ointment, can be helpful. “It’s not only going to keep the wound moist because everything heals better in a moist environment but because it’s occlusive it’s also going to prevent infection because it acts as a barrier,” she explains.

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    Take Care Of Your Skin In These Ways After Menopause To Retain The Texture Of Your Skin

    Reported By:| |Source: DNA Web Desk |Updated: Jan 22, 2023, 11:41 PM IST

    Menopause is such a stage in the life of women, in which there are many physical changes. Most women struggle with problems like weight gain, hot flashes, sleeplessness, and mood swings. Not only this, but menopause also has a negative effect on the hair and skin of some women. During this, the hair falls a lot, as well as the skin also looks dull, dry, and lifeless.

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    Often women focus more on the problem of weight gain, mood swings, and sleeplessness, and try remedies to cure them, but ignore hair and skin. After menopause, the effect on the skin is visible so quickly that you can look older than your real age. It is better that you take care of your skin in these ways after menopause.

    Skin care tips after menopause

    Pay attention to diet

    If you do not want your skin to look dull, lifeless, full of wrinkles after menopause, then start taking special care of your skin one or two years before the age of pre-menopause. According to a news published in OnlyMyHealth, healthy diet is very important for skin care. What you eat also has a positive effect on the skin. To maintain the glow of the skin, start consuming foods rich in antioxidants. Include both fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C in this. Include colorful foods in the diet as much as possible, because apart from being nutritious, they are also beneficial for the health of the skin.

    Mht And Premature Or Early Menopause

    Women who go through premature or early menopause will benefit from MHT.

    Premature menopause is when you have your last period before the age of 40 years.

    Early menopause is when your final period happens between the ages of 40 and 45 years.

    Premature or early menopause results in reduced levels of oestrogen. This can increase the risk of long-term health conditions such as:

    • vaginal bleeding .

    Most symptoms settle within the first 3 months of taking MHT.

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    Side Effects Of P Mirifica

    Not much is known of the safety of P. Mirifica in the long-term. But, since the plant is similar to estrogen, it contains the same characteristics and side effects, like:

    P. Mirifica is also not advisable for use among:

    • Those who are sensitive to estrogen
    • With conditions, like breast cancer, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids
    • Used with caution for women with liver condition

    Estrogens And Skin Biology

    Pin on Transgender transition

    A number of studies have shown that estrogens have many important beneficial and protective roles in skin physiology . They have been shown to accelerate cutaneous wound healing , while a significant number of women notice an improvement in inflammatory skin disorders such as psoriasis during pregnancy . Estrogens also offer some degree of protection against skin photoaging and epidemiological studies indicate that the mortality rates from both non-melanoma skin cancers and melanoma are significantly lower in women.

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    Take It From Individuals Whove Gone Through It

    In order to get a real sense of what its actually like to experience the skin issues that may come along with transitioning, we sought insight from three individuals whove been there.


    I think probably within the first three to six months of taking testosterone, I noticed my skin changed the most, said Oliver Whitney, a former HuffPost employee whos been taking testosterone for a year and a half.

    Whitney, who uses they/them pronouns, said the most noticeable change was that they were getting acne breakouts.

    It was kind of different than the breakouts I would get in high school, which is probably the last time I had acne in a way that was noticeable and annoying, they said, adding that their skin also became oilier on testosterone.

    When it came to treating their acne, Whitney said they didnt really know what to do, because I didnt have a really good skincare regimen. However, they did say theyd been aware of the potential of HRT-related breakouts from speaking to other trans people and reading blogs. Still, they said, the whole experience was kind of like being in high school again and having breakouts and feeling really insecure and awful about it, as you feel when youre a teenager.

    Whitney also had to get used to shaving their facial hair while also dealing with acne, something they found challenging. Figuring out what products to buy to treat acne while youre also having to shave is a whole other world, they said.

    Hgh Results Before And After

    First of all, it is very important to consider the peculiarities of every persons body and health state. Some may see slight positive changes in 2-6 days while others may experience the desired changes only after a month.

    Do not get disappointed if the effect does not come as soon as you would like. After all, it is ok that your body has changed under the influence of natural aging processes, especially when its been affected by the HGH deficiency. And all you need to do is to stay calm and be patient until you are able to recover.

    Lets take a look at the closest changes in the before/after format.

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    The Hidden Signs Of Ageing

    We mentioned that low estrogen levels in women can cause a decrease in collagen, but this does not just affect the complexion. The muscles all over our body are linked by connective tissue which is rich in collagen, providing support and protection. Low estrogen impacts collagen production across the muscular system, which can decrease function and performance, make you feel stiff and achy, increase the chance of injury and contribute to an untoned appearance. Meanwhile, when testosterone is present within the body, androgen receptors signal to muscle cells to increase protein synthesis, thereby increasing muscle mass.

    Estrogen regulates bone mineral density in both men and women by inhibiting the activity of osteoclasts. These cells break down bone before it is absorbed into the body and new bone is formed, and they are crucial in the repair and remodelling of bones. A decline in estrogen increases osteoclast activity, meaning that bones begin to break down faster than they can regenerate. In addition, free testosterone in the bloodstream is converted into estradiol which contributes to bone mineral density preservation.

    A Holistic Defense Against The Effects Of Aging

    I Drank Spearmint Tea For 30 Days To Heal Hormonal Acne| Before and After

    While HRT can be a critical piece of the puzzle,it is not the only strategy for those who want to look and feel their best asthey age. Many actions, including lifestyle changes, can help you counteractthe effects of aging and hormonal decline. These include:

    • Emphasize weight-bearing and resistance exercise: Exercise takes on extra importance as you age, as it can help to counteract the bone loss that leads to osteoporosis. Weight-bearing exercise utilizes the bodys effort against gravity to build muscles and strengthen bones. Likewise, resistance training with weights or bands can promote muscle strength and help build bone density. These activities can also help you maintain a healthy weight and minimize unwanted changes to body composition.
    • Focus on a healthy diet: The importance of a healthy diet cannot be underestimated at any stage of life. A well-balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle can have both curative and protective effects while also helping you look the way you want.
    • Consider nutritional supplements: Certain vitamin and mineral supplements may have a significant impact on your overall health, energy level, and appearance as you age. Additionally, if not adequately provided in the diet, nutritional supplements can help to compensate for lacking essential nutrients.

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    What Is Menopausal Hormone Therapy

    Menopausal symptoms are caused by lower levels of oestrogen that occur during this time. MHT is medication that contains oestrogen, progesterone and sometimes testosterone. It is used to manage the symptoms of menopause when they interfere with your daily life.

    MHT is available in different dosages and forms, for example, pills, patches, gels, vaginal creams and intrauterine devices .

    Topicals Faded Serum For Dark Spots & Discoloration

    Your daily routine is critical, which means using the right cleanser, one formulated to exfoliate dead skin cells away and cleanse gently without stripping valuable moisture from the skin. Women of color might look for ingredients such as glycolic acid to help trap moisture while exfoliating and brightening dark spots options abound from brands like and Vichy.

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