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How To Get Clear Skin Men

Do: Clean Your Phone And Stop Touching Your Face


The bacteria on your cell phone could make you break out, which may explain the zits on your cheek. Dont rest your phone against your face, use earbuds instead! says Dr. Jaliman. We used to treat our phones gingerly now we know we can clean them with a disinfecting wipe or cotton pad dampened with rubbing alcohol. Whether youre on the phone or not, its also important to be mindful of how often your hands touch your face and, if you can, avoid touching altogether. Your hands also pick up dirt and bacteria and transferring this to the skin on your face could cause further breakouts.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Some men believe that they can clear up their skin by laying off the moisturizer. Here is why that isnt a good idea:

  • Any acne products you use may be drying to the skin. To counteract these effects, your skin needs to be properly moisturized.
  • Your skin needs hydration to loosen sebum buildup that clogs pores.
  • Drying out your skin can result in excess sebum production, resulting in additional breakouts.

To achieve clear skin, look for a mens moisturizer that will protect your skin without making it feel greasy or dry.

The best mens face moisturizers contain a light SPF to shield your face from UV rays without making it feel oily.

Do Not Use Harsh Scrubs Or Any Other Products That Contain Harsh Chemicals

Scrubs are suitable for the body, but we have a different story to tell you about how they affect our skin.

Scrubs can cause damage and irritation if they do not suit your skin type, resulting in redness and flushing of the face due to increased blood flow towards the surface of the epidermis. If you already experience problems like this with even subtle changes in temperature , avoid using them at all costs because no scrub will help improve these symptoms! On the contrary, it might worsen by irritating your skin further instead and causing permanent scarring.

So how should men exfoliate their skin?

The best way to get clear skin for men is by using an exfoliating cleanser instead that is good for different skin types. Do not buy any product until you try it out first- this applies even if the seller says its suitable for your skin type! Find out your skin type and then find the best product for you.

These products contain chemicals that may cause irritation or other symptoms like itching and peel on the face, especially near sensitive areas like around the eye area, where excessive scratching can lead to infection or scarring. In addition, some people might think that gentle scrubbing will take care of dead skin cells, but this could be harmful too because rubbing has been known to damage healthy tissues.

So how should we remove those dirt particles without causing further harm?

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Dont: Use Just Any Face Wash

Despite the common urge to blast away zits, Dr. Jaliman suggests a mild cleanser specifically designed for acne-prone skin. It seems counterintuitive, but any cleanser that strips the skin of its natural oils can kick up oil production, which often results in, yes, more breakouts. In other words, its the boomerang effect right there on your chin. Additionally, it is best to wash your face twice a day morning and night to rinse away dirt, debris, and sweat. And, if you participate in a particularly intense workout, using a gentle cleanser post sweating is always a good idea.

Try: Murad Clarifying Cleanser Jumbo

Here Is A List Of Some Of The Most Affordable Mens Skincare Range

How Men Can Get Clear Skin, Fast

1.Neutrogena Men age fighter moisturizer

This is a moisturizer that helps you protect the skin from sun damage. It helps with anti-aging elements and re-generates the skin.

The best one to keep the skin hydrated because that is very important. It can be used on a daily basis and is not at all expensive.

2. Coconut Eye Balm

While you do your skincare, do not forget to be extra gentle with your eyes.Eyes actually require special attention because they are sensitive.

This eye balm has extra virgin coconut oil and argan oil mixed which are essential oils.

The presence of shea butter in it gives hydration to that area. Apply this before going to bed for best results.

3. No7 mens intense anti-age serum

If you are searching for an affordable serum, then this is the one. It goes deep into the skin, hydrates it, and also nourishes. A serum that is clinically tested for giving results of anti-aging. It is important to keep the skin moisturized daily and it can be used anytime.

4. The man company skincare range

This actually is a complete skin range with all the required products. It has a hydrating cleanser, a nice charcoal face wash along with a scrub.

To top it up, it also has a moisturizing cream also. This is the best for your mens skincare routine and is also affordable.

If you are looking for a gift to someone, then this can be a really good one.

In short, mens skincare routine is as important. Everyone should follow one to slow down aging and get rid of acne issues.

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Do: Say Hello To Retinoids

A topical retinoid can prevent clogged pores and help acne treatments work better and faster, says Dr. Jeremy Brauer, Director of Clinical Research at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York. These products can be harsh, though, so start by applying only a pea-size amount to your face and do it just once every three days. As your skin adjusts, you can increase to a nightly application and revel in the knowledge that your face is now after picture material.

Try:PCA SKIN Intensive Clarity Treatment 0.5 Pure Retinol Night

Change Your Mindset About Skin Care

Before anything else, there is one important thing that men should do and that is to change their mindset about skin care. A well-groomed man will ensure that his skin is taken care of and will take the proper amount of time to treat his skin and look his very best. It doesnt mean that one should only take care of it for vanity, but it is for overall skin health. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and is our protective layer. In order to achieve healthier and clearer skin, the first step to anything is to change our mindset about it and start thinking about better ways to improve our skin health.

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Clean Your Skin Twice A Day Or After Sweating

While its important to wash your face, overdoing it can lead to irritated, dry skin and leave you more prone to acne.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing your skin twice a day, as well as after doing anything that causes you to sweat. This helps prevent sweat from building up on your skin, contributing to acne breakouts.

When you wash your face, apply products carefully using your fingertips, and move them across your skin in gentle, circular motions.

Avoid using a sponge, cloth or brush, as these can harm your skin and contribute to irritation.

How Often Should Black Men Cleanse Their Face

How To Get Clear Skin & Prevent Acne – Skincare Tips for Men

Cleansing is even more important for black men with oily skin. In most cases its enough to cleanse your skin once in the morning and once in the evening, but people with oily skin may need to add a midday cleanse as well. Additionally, black men should seek and use a face wash that caters to their normal, oily, or combination skin type.

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Moisturize Twice A Day

While your skin is still a little damp after cleansing, you lock that water in with a moisturizer. The idea here is to replenish that lipid barrier your skin has by maintaining its moisture, says Dr. Wu. By restoring your skin barrier, you help defend yourself against chemicals and irritants in the environment.

Improve Your Sleeping Schedule

To keep your skin looking tight and fresh, you want to make sure you get between seven and eight hours of sleep every night. Its the ideal way to prevent bags from forming under your eyes.

For extra benefits, you should make sure your pillowcase is clean. Debris accumulates on your pillowcase without you even knowing, and it can make you wake up with less-than-fresh pores.


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How To Get Clear Skin For Men

  • How to get clear skin for men
  • Men’s skin is 20 times thicker than women’s and has larger skin. It is important to understand the trick behind clear skin for men. It’s easy, trust us!


    Compared to women, men barely spend time on looking after their skin. In fact, when it comes to skincare, men spend less than one-fourth of the time of what women would. But that doesnt mean men dont need to take care of their skin.

    Almost everyone suffers from skin related problems, but surprisingly few people care about it. Skin is the most important factor in your overall personality. And, in order to get an even complexion, it is essential to pamper your skin quite often. A blemish-free skin not only helps you look good but also shows hygiene consciousness towards your skin.

    Do: Use A Cleansing Brush

    #Tip for MEN  For Smooth &  Glowing skin... (Image copyrights belong to ...

    A cleansing device takes off more dirt, bacteria and makeup from your skin, says Dr. Debra Jaliman, a board-certified dermatologist and author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist. Cleansing brushes also exfoliate the skins surface, leaving it looking and feeling softer and smoother. Just be sure to use a device thats designed for acne. Some bristles can be too rough, causing redness and sensitivity.

    Try:FOREO Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin

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    Having A Proper Skincare Routine

    As everyone has a different skin type, having a personalized skincare routine is important. Men must select cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, masks, and exfoliators according to their skin type. Following a regular skincare routine can improve not only the health but also the appearance of the skin.

    Avoiding Touching The Skin

    Touching the face continuously can transfer dirt, bacteria, and oil from the hands to the face. This can lead to clogging of pores and breakout of acne. Another thing that must be avoided is pimple popping. Pimple popping is very harmful, as it exposes the pore to the bacteria on the hand, which can cause permanent facial scarring.

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    Triggered: Why Guys Get Acne

    A part of putting acne in its place is understanding where it comes from to begin with. Zits pop up due to a bunch of different triggers, but it pretty much all comes down to one thing, whether youre a guy or a girl clogged pores. But dudes get dirty pores for a whole bunch of different reasons than the ladies do, including:

    • A Surge in Testosterone Testosterone can be a good thing and a bad thing throughout life. Its responsible for regulating our sex drive and helping us build muscle mass and strength. On the flipside, too much testosterone can cause excessive production of sebum , which equals acne. Testosterone is at its peak from adolescence to early adulthood, so it could be to blame for your flare-up if youre in that age range.
    • Too Much Sweat This one is pretty simple. Guys sweat more than girls, and sweat causes acne. Thats why we tend to get breakouts all over the body, not just the face, and why it often gets worse when its hot out. Excessive sweat in and of itself isnt a bad thing, but when you let it sit for too long, it can sink into the pores and bring dirt and bacteria along with it. Thats why its so important to shower soon after working out.

    Clear Skin Tips For The Guys

    SKIN SECRETS FOR MEN | How to Have Clear Skin | Alex Costa

    Youve got your products, youve got your routine and youre good to go. But there are a couple of great tips you can toss in the mix to make sure you reach peak skin. Here are a few of our skin care secret weapons to keep in your back pocket when youre aiming for a sexy complexion.

    • Turn down the heat. Cold showers are good for more than you might think. Turn down the temp when you hop in the shower because hot water can irritate and dry out skin.
    • Wear more breathable fabrics. We know youve got a lot to think about, but be conscious of what your clothes are made of, especially when you work out. Aim for breathable, natural fabrics that wont trap sweat.
    • Leave the cleansing for last. We always recommend leaving your anti-acne routine for last in the shower because your shaving cream, shampoo and conditioner could leave behind pore-clogging ingredients.
    • Restore hydration post-shave. Make sure you hydrate after you shave your face and use our Soothing Razor Bump Cream if you tend to experience breakouts or discomfort post-shave.
    • Skip the heavy fragrances. Anything too heavy on the fragrance should not go near your face or any problem areas, and that goes for cologne. Keep your cologne dabs to the neck and wrists to prevent them from clogging pores.

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    Use A Moisturizer Twice Daily After You Wash Your Face

    An important tip for getting clear skin is to use a light or medium weight face cream that will help their facial hair grow thicker while also providing nourishment to maintain healthy-looking skin at the same time!

    Its best if you choose an unscented moisturizer because scented ones might irritate your sensitive skin even more than usual, which may cause redness or flushing too. Using heavy creams can make your pores look more prominent as well.

    Check out our blog on the best face moisturizers for men to help you choose the right one! We have also discussed how moisturizing works in the above blog, and it will be good to know that.

    How To Get Clear Skin For Men: Get A Good Night’s Sleep

    Another one of our top tips for men to get clear skin is to get some decent rest. Late nights can wreak havoc on our skin as they mean we are not giving our body the rest time it needs to repair and regenerate.Whilst we sleep our skin begins it’s natural renewal and regeneration process which is critical for skin healing. Not getting enough sleep can worsen the appearance of blemishes, as well as contribute to tired looking skin and dark circles under the eyes. As well as these negative effects on your appearance a lack of beauty sleep can increase the likelihood of acne breakouts by increasing your cortisol levels. Increased cortisol levels can trigger the sebaceous glands to release more oil, which in turn can trigger breakouts.Upon answering how to get clear skin for men and how to improve skin, there is nothing that requires less effort than simply going to sleep.

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    A Cooling And Calming Foam Wash


    Key ingredients: Citric acid, aloe vera, peppermint | Skin type: Combination, normal, oily, sensitive, acne-prone | Benefits: Balances oil, preserves moisture, soothes

    The citric acid in this gentle foaming wash balances oil production with moisture preservation as its primary pursuit, while smoothing skins surface as it breaks down dead cells. And like most of our other picks, Snow Foxs formula contains calming aloe vera.

    Here Are Some Natural Tips That Men Can Use To Get Clear Skin

    GulliverGirl: Younique For Men

    The best thanks to getting clean skin is by using natural homemade remedies. It not only ensures that there arent any dangerous side effects on your skin but is additionally proven and tested over decades.

    TURMERIC BENEFITS FOR SKIN: Turmeric or Haldi is one of the foremost recommended remedies in India. Many artificial products use turmeric together with the ingredients because it is rich in antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory components.

    Turmeric is understood for reviving your skin by bringing out your natural glow and providing lustre to the skin. it might be best if you tried applying turmeric mixed with curd or water on your skin.

    JATAMANSI BENEFITS FOR SKIN: Jatamansi is another documented ayurvedic herb want to cure skin diseases. Jatamansi springs from a Sanskrit word called Kantiprada, which suggests improving the complexion and lustre of skin. By applying Jatamansi oil to your skin, youll manage to stop skin infections and early ageing due to its antifungal and antioxidant components.

    ASHWAGANDHA BENEFITS FOR SKIN: The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Ashwagandha roots protects your skin from infections and acne. By drinking, Ashwagandha powder during a hot cup of water will boost the collagen within the skin and stop it from ageing.

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    Ways To Get Clear Skin For Men

    The first and foremost rule of achieving clear skin is to evaluate your current skin condition. Once you know your skin type, texture and problems, it becomes a lot easier to build a perfect skincare routine that would cater to your skin needs.

    While analysing your skin condition, take into account your daily lifestyle, sleeping patterns, food habits, etc. No matter how trivial it sounds, these tiny aspects of your life affect your skin to a large extent. Your regular food intake should be filled with a sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, minerals etc. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep a day is recommended to have flawless skin. The more you take care of your skin internally, the better it will get.

    Along with improving your lifestyle, adding a well-built skincare routine is also important. Our senior product development executive, Abhisikta Hati says, Exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing are the most important steps to include in any skincare routine. To achieve healthy and glowing skin, men must use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to avoid sun damage. Harmful UV rays can severely damage your skin and cause umpteen number of skin problems.

    Here we are listing ways in which men can get clear skin.


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