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Home Remedy For Dog Itchy Skin

How To Make Colloidal Oatmeal

TOP 5 Ways To STOP Dog’s Itchy Skin Naturally ð?¶ Home Remedies that actually work!

To make colloidal oatmeal, simply place some oats in a coffee grinder or high-speed blender and blend them until they become the finest powder possible.

Take a small amount of purified water and add the oatmeal powder, one pinch at a time, until the water becomes milky, but does not thicken.

Dab this water onto the dogs skin in areas where its irritated to help soothe the skin.

This is an excellent treatment for human skin, as well, and is found in many soothing skincare products that contain oatmeal.

Chamomile Or Green Tea

Chamomile or Green tea is one of the best dog dry skin home remedy options, and many pet owners have it right in their kitchen cupboards.

Steep the tea bag in about 8 ounces of water and allow it to cool.

You can apply the wet bag directly to the affected area or use a cotton ball to apply the tea to the hot spot.

Apply it 3-4 times per day until the affected area has healed completely.

You can also give your Fido a bath in chamomile or green tea. Steep 6-8 tea bags in a bathtub filled with about 6 inches of warm water.

Bathe your pet following the same instructions I listed in the colloidal oatmeal section above.

Signs And Symptoms Of Itchy Skin In Dogs

Irrespective of the cause, dogs suffering from an itchy skin exhibit certain signs and symptoms. Some of these signs are:

  • Nonstop scratching
  • Rubbing against furniture or carpeting to stop the itching
  • Development of hot spots and sores

Constant itching and scratching can lead to:

  • Severe skin infections

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Coconut Oil For Itchy Dogs

If you have been asking yourself, “What can I give my dog for itchy skin if nothing else is working?” then coconut oil may just be the perfect remedy for your pup. Its high viscosity immediately soothes, while its other components help to calm the skin right away.

  • The best oils for dogs are those that offer the kind of viscous protection needed to create a natural barrier between angry skin and the environment. For this reason, coconut oil is among the best oils for canine skin, which is why so many products for pups use it as a key ingredient.
  • Many natural beauty products now contain coconut oil because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also an excellent moisturizer for canines, as the oils can penetrate fur for direct contact with the skin. Dogs who are suffering from eczema, allergies, yeast infections, and even insect bites and stings can all benefit from direct application of coconut oil.
  • Put coconut oil in the fridge or a cool, dry place so it turns completely solid. For quick relief to dry skin, massage the oil into the coat and on the skin of your dog. Over time, you’ll notice your dogs coat improving, along with relief from constant itching!

Harmful Effects Of Avoiding Medical Treatment For Your Dog

Dog Itchy Skin Home Remedy

When considering integrating herbal remedies into your dogs care, it is important to note that both herbalists and scientists understand the scarcity in research regarding treatment efficacy. In fact, certain herbs actually induce adverse effects that may harm your dog and/or cause a possible infection to proliferate.

For example, a concerned pet owner may google scholarly articles and happen upon a recently published review looking at the use of essential oils in veterinary medicine to combat bacterial and fungal infections . In this review, the authors note the antibacterial benefits of cinnamon essential oils in fighting E. coli, Salmonella enterica, and P. aeriginosa, all while inhibiting biofilm formation . On paper this sounds promising, except that further research would clarify that in dogs, cinnamon causes peripheral vasodilation, can affect blood pressure, and is an irritant .

It is worth noting that visiting a veterinarian before your dogs condition progresses to a condition like superficial pyoderma may end up being more cost-effective. Progression of a pruritic skin condition to severely pruritic pyoderma infection is also painful for your dog, and so consultation with a veterinarian is recommended.

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Adjust Your Dog’s Diet

What your dog eats has a lot to do with their overall health, as you know. Dog food can also have a direct impact on your dog’s allergy problem.

If your dog is suffering from a food allergy, changing the diet will be essential. Pet allergies are often caused by ingredients like beef, chicken, soy, lamb, dairy, or wheat found in your dog’s food. Working closely with a vet, you’ll be able to pinpoint the ingredient that bothers your dog and avoid including it in the diet moving forward.

Adjusting the diet can also be helpful for environmental allergies, like allergies to pollen, dust, or dirt. Bolstering your dog’s immune system by giving them a diet full of ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties can make a big difference.

Remember to ask your vet before changing your dog’s diet in any way. It’s always best to play it safe.

What To Consider When Shopping For Dog Shampoos

Dana Youngker, a groomer at Petworking & Co in Cumming, Georgia, outside of Atlanta, looks for natural ingredients in her shampoos, choosing organic when possible. When shampooing, she says get your dog nice and wet first, then start from the head and work your way down, being sure to get everywhere including paw pads and private areas, rinsing from the head down so all the dirty water doesnt flow into clean areas.

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Prepare Your Dog For The Bath

Brush your dog out before you start the bath. Be sure to remove any tangles or mats as these are harder to deal with once your dog is wet. Then apply a strip of artificial tears ointment or a few drops of mineral oil to each eye. This will help protect the eyes from shampoo.

The Spruce / Almar Creative

How To Stop Dog Itchy Skin Caused By Fleas

My 5 Favorite Itchy Dog Home Remedy Options (Cheap, Safe and Effective)

When you notice your dog is itching a certain spot, investigate immediately by parting the fur and inspecting the skin. You may see tiny black fleas crawling or jumping around near the skin.

You may also see tiny spots of blood where your dog has been bitten. These bites are what causes the itching and inflammation on your dogs skin.

Have your dog lay on his back and inspect his belly, especially in the warm groin areas for fleas or flea dirt which is black specks of flea waste.

If you see signs of fleas, bathe your dog immediately with a flea shampoo. This will help to eliminate many of the pests that are causing the itching. Follow all directions on the bottle of flea shampoo.

For preventative care, purchase a flea preventative that can be given to your dog to stop flea invasion from occurring. Talk to your vet about the right product for your dog.

You can help soothe flea bites with a dab of extra-virgin coconut oil or some colloidal oatmeal which you can make at home.

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Best Waterless: The Spruce Waterless Pet Wash In Oatmeal


Size: 17 ounces | Scent: Fresh fruity scent | Usage: Adult dogs

  • Plant-based with no parabens, phthalates, or dyes

  • Three scents from natural oils

  • No unscented option

  • Wont help with very dirty dogs

Sometimes you dont have time to give your dog the full spa experience or your pup just needs a little freshening up. Our waterless pet wash makes the whole experience so much easier on you and your pup.

Featuring a plant-based, pH-balanced formula, The Spruce Waterless Pet Wash has no parabens, phthalates, or dyes, and its Leaping Bunny certified. To use, shake the bottle, spray your dogs coat well, wait for one minute, and then use a soft, clean cloth to wipe them down. It cleans, conditions, and moisturizes, while removing dirt and other debris.

It comes in three scentslavender , oatmeal , and fresh made with natural essential oils.

Should I Go To The Veterinarian For My Dogs Itching

Yes. If you think your dog is suffering from itchy skin, please consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible. As has been previously mentioned, the potentially multifaceted nature of your dogs itchy skin results in a complex diagnostics/treatment process that is only further complicated by delaying care. Consequently, having a solid understanding of the potential bacterial presentations in your pup is crucial.

Increasing contemporary evidence has begun to acknowledge the shortcomings of culture-based diagnostic testing, as the microbiome is much more complex than has been identified with previous culture-based studies . Several studies have revealed unculturable bacteria have been underestimated, while bacteria with high proliferation rates are possibly overestimated . Recent advances in next-generation sequencing technologies allow metagenomics analysis and have provided exciting and practical opportunities for dysbiotic skin interventions.

If you would like to read the full study, please follow this link:

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Home Remedies For Cleaning Dogs Ears

Apple cider vinegar has another impressive use as an ear cleaner for your dog, provided you mix it with water first. For owners with canines that boast long, floppy ears this is an especially helpful trick. Just make sure you ask your vet first and check out our helpful guide for more tips on how to take care of your dogs ears.

Recurrent Episodes Of Itch Dog Constantly Itching

Best 25+ Dry skin dogs remedies ideas on Pinterest

The problem with most allergies is that your dog will keep itching until the trigger for the allergic response is found and eliminated. In some cases, eliminating that allergen is impossible.

In many cases, it becomes a matter of managing the symptoms and doing all you can to keep your dogs immune system, skin and coat healthy.

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Licorice Root For Itchiness

No, this is not the same as the licorice candy you eat. Licorice root is actually a form of cortisone, and cortisone relieves skin irritation and reduces the urge to scratch, says Osborne, who practices in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

You may see bottles of licorice root in stores that sell health products. Pet supply stores also offer licorice products formulated for dogs. Some dog-specific products designed to treat allergy symptoms in dogs may also include licorice root.

If youve given your dog a flea bath and dip and shes still itchy, Osborne suggests the following herbal, home remedy: Take five drops of licorice root, five drops of dandelion root, and five drops of cats claw. Mix all three together and give five drops of the final solution to your canine by mouth, once daily for 14 days in a row.

Since cortisone is a type of steroid, its important to talk to your veterinarian before giving these products to your dog to prevent any potential cross reactions and/or side effects with any other medications your pet may be taking, Osborne advises. Also, some licorice root formulations have been associated with low blood potassium levels, muscle breakdown, and kidney damage. Make sure you are working with a veterinarian who is well-trained in holistic medicine before you reach for any herbal remedy.

Changing Your Dogs Diet

While many dogs with food allergies will require a prescription diet, sometimes feeding your dog an over-the-counter sensitive skin,limited ingredient, or hypoallergenic diet can be help reduce itching. Beware of grain-free diets, though, as they may be linked to dilated cardiomyopathy, a potentially fatal heart condition.

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The Best Home Remedies For Dogs With Skin Issues Allergies Or Itchy Skin

Nali Macklin – September 25th, 2019

Accuracy Review& Edit: Nicole Wanner, DVM – August 3rd 2021

Unfortunately, itchy skin can make your dog’s life miserable, and the medicine either prescribed by your vet or over the counter can be expensive.It’s no surprise dog owners are hunting for a natural remedy to treat their dog’s itchy skin that they can make at home.Luckily, there are quite a few natural remedies for itchy skin. We have put together this list of some natural, inexpensive home remedies that you can try.

When Should I Call The Vet For My Dogs Itchy Skin

Dog Skin Allergy Home Remedies – Cure their Itch!

Most of the time your dogs itching problems will diminish with the easy fixes we outlined above.

However, if the itching is making your dog irritable, causing bleeding or open wounds, or doesnt go away, call the vet.

Itching can be a sign of a deeper illness that cant be fixed with skin-deep remedies.

Your dog may also need treatment for a bacterial skin infection or need a steroid cream to soothe and heal the skin.

If you notice your dog licking woundsor infection caused by scratching, read our related article, Why Do Dogs Lick Pus? to learn more about the behavior and how and why you should stop it.

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Home Remedies For Dogs With Itchy Skin

Anyone whos been bitten by a mosquito, or suffered from chickenpox, knows that feeling itchy is far from pleasant! We all want the best for our furry friends, and its natural that you want to help soothe their itch. You may wish to try a home remedy for your dogs itchy skin if the problem is occasional or mild. Or your dog may suffer from a skin condition and youre looking for some home remedies, to use alongside their treatment. Lets explore some safe home remedies for dogs with itchy skin.

Only a veterinarian can diagnose your dogs skin complaint and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Dog Diarrhoea Home Remedy

Dont let an upset stomach ruin you or your dogs day. Fortunately, there are a few cupboard cures or at least temporary solutions for diarrhoea that you can try until you can book an appointment at the vet. Offering them rice water , pumpkin seeds or a dollop of yoghurt may help alleviate diarrhoea in dogs. But monitor your dog closely if you decide to go the home-remedy route, especially when it comes to yoghurt. Its also best to check with your vet before administering these home remedies.

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Directly Apply A Natural Skin Tonic

This natural skin tonic is lemon-based, which is great for repelling fleas. It will also act as a gentle, yet powerful skin toner to bring balance back to your dogs irritated skin.

Required Ingredients:

  • Slice the lemon into thin pieces.
  • Add the slices, with the rinds, to a pot of water.
  • Bring the water to a boil and allow the lemon to steep in the boiled water overnight.
  • Once the water has cooled in the morning, you can dip the sponge in the water.
  • Directly apply the sponge to your dog and allow the lemon-infused water to air dry.
  • Repeat once per day until your dog no longer has fleas or is itchy.

Home Remedies For Dogs Should Never Replace A Visit To The Vet

Homemade Allergy Relief Itchy Dog Natural Remedy Spray

If your dog is poorly, you should call your vet straight away. Even mild symptoms can hide big problems, so its better to rule out any serious concerns as soon as possible. Many teas, oils and tinctures have built a reputation over the years as being beneficial to our furry friends, but its always best to check with the vet before using them.

They could prove to be the solution youve been looking for or they could do more harm than good. Your vet will be able to point you in the right direction.

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Oatmeal For Itchy Skin

If youve had the chicken pox, you may have taken an oatmeal bath to soothe your itchy skin. Oatmeal contains chemicals called avenanthramides and phenols, which have anti-inflammatory properties, Morgan explains.

Pets with skin allergies and superficial infections get immediate relief from oatmeal, says Khuly, who is a general veterinary practitioner. Its especially helpful for dogs with really itchy feet. Plus, its 100 percent non-toxic and delicious, too.

To create your own remedy, Morgan suggests grinding the oatmeal to a fine powder and mixing it with water to apply as a poultice on hot spots or inflamed areas. If your dog tolerates baths, you can add the oatmeal formula to warm water, and let your dog soak for five to 10 minutes.

How Is A Yeast Infection Diagnosed

Your veterinarian will diagnose your dog with a yeast infection after collecting a sample and examining it under the microscope. Samples are usually taken on a cotton swab or by pressing some tape or a microscope slide onto the affected skin. All samples are stained with a dye to highlight the yeast and/or other organisms so that they can be identified.

Yeast looks different from bacteria and other causes of infection and requires different treatment. Because of this, it is important for your veterinarian to diagnose the specific type of infection present. Some dogs may develop multiple kinds of infections at the same time.

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Home Remedies To Deal With Itchy Skin In Dogs

If you find your furry friend scratching constantly, it is not a good sign! In fact, itchy skin, medically known as pruritus, is one of the most common reasons dogs are taken to the vet.

People generally assume that nonstop scratching is a sign that their pet has fleas. Although this is often the case, there are several other reasons that may cause constant itching in dogs.


Give Your Dog Probiotics To Soothe Itchy Skin

6 Best Home Remedies for Dog Skin Allergies (All-natural)

You may be surprised to learn that your dogs skin problems may start in his gut. Those with celiac disease know very well how something in the gut can cause severe eczema.

The same can happen to your dog.

If your dog is struggling with a bacterial imbalance in the GI tract, probiotics may help to heal the gut and soothe skin inflammation over time.

Look for a refrigerated dog probiotic and give it according to the label directions.

Some probiotics are pills that need to be given in a pill pocket , and some are sprinkle-on or a paste that is mixed with food.

It can take several months to see improvement from the inside out, but if your dog is suffering from other signs of GI distress like diarrhea, constipation, or frequent vomiting, then a probiotic may be in order.

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