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Good Primers For Oily Skin

Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Redness Control Primer

Best Foundations For Oily Skin – Budget & High End Foundations

We could all do with a helping hand when it comes to concealing redness or inflamed skin on face. Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Redness Control Primer with its anti-redness formula refines the look and feel of skin to improve overall complexion. Lightweight and water-based , it helps balance and conceal signs of redness to even out skin tone. Apart from containing neutralizing pigments, it includes active ingredients so your makeup can last all day.

Best For Combination Skin: Bareminerals Escentuals Combo Control Milky Face Primer


What We Like: This primer absorbs shine in oily spots while keeping dry spots hydrated.

What We Don’t Like: It doesn’t spread as well as others.

Finding a primer that soaks up oil without drying out your skin is key if some parts of your face aren’t as shiny as others. bareMinerals Combo Control Primer’s smooth formula transforms combination skin with its multitasking magic, according to experts and shoppers alike. “This primer is two-fold,” says Carly Giglio, a professional makeup artist and beauty educator for bareMinerals. “It absorbs oils where needed but maintains the skin’s moisture as needed. It’s a milky consistency that lays onto the skin evenly but dries down to a powder texture, giving a natural finish.” Silica and African tree bark work together to keep you matte all day. The formula is cruelty-free as well as free of parabens, mineral oil and phthalates.

Good For: Combination Skin | Size: 1 oz | Tinted: No

Best Vegan Primer: Ren Perfect Canvas Clean Primer

If you’re vegan through and through , Ren’s silicone and cruelty-free primer is a crowd-tested favorite for oily skin. Shoppers report transformative results, the lightweight juice morphing their oily T-zones into smooth, blurred, and mattified skin. It absorbs quickly, controls oil like a non-nonsense bouncer, keeps makeup in place, and smells great to boot.

Shop now: $45

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Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Good quality primer

Our Review

One of the best make-up bases, the smashbox primer is a favourite amongst youtubers and makeup gurus across the globe for its light and blurring formula.

  • Best Matte finish primer
  • Smoothens skin and blurs flaws.
  • Non comedogenic.
  • Allergy tested and user friendly.
  • Helps makeup go on flawlessly.
  • Makeup stays easily on skin for atleast 8 hours.
Pros :
Does not cover very large pores.
Absorbs makeup very quickly.
Skin becomes very supple after application.
Provides velvety matte finish.
Minimises blackheads and large pores.

Do Silicone Primers Cause Acne

Best Primer for Oily Skin

Many people wonder if silicone primers can clog pores. According to Healthline, silicone is not pore-clogging, but it may act as a barrier to keep other comedogenic substances from causing acne.

The Dangers Of Silicone In Primers For Acne-prone Skin

Why is it that silicone dries your skin out? Silicones properties can dehydrate your skin and keep moisture out of your skin, which can have a negative impact on the pH level and barrier between your skin and the outside world. Because of this, you may notice that your skin becomes dull. Should I use a primer to prevent acne? If the primer contains silicones, it may be harmful for people with acne-prone skin. Without silicones, primers can help cover and blur acne scars, which is why they can be beneficial to those suffering from acne. For acne-prone skin, use primer that is specifically designed to do so.

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Can I Use Moisturizer As Primer

Moisturizer and primer are two different products so using a moisturizer as primer won’t give the same effect as a real primer. Depending on your skin type, you can skip primer and use moisturizer. If you have uneven texture or big pores, you need a pore-minimizing or smoothing primer like this affordable one.

Why Is Primer An Absolute Must

People with oily skin need a solution to the excess sebum secretion from the large pores on the face. A primer ensures that the sebum production is in control as it mattifies the surface and blurs out the pores.

This basically reduces the chance of oil secretion, thereby preventing fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, or acne. Apart from all this, a hydrating primer also doubles up as a moisturizer providing that extra radiance and a fresh no-makeup look.

So, never miss out on your primer routine, whether you like that minimal look or a full face extravagant contour!

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Best For Dewy Makeup: Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer

What We Like: You can still have the dewy look with none of the grease with this primer.

What We Don’t Like: It can feel a little sticky.

Finding the balance between dewy and greasy is a struggle when you’re oily. Well, at least it was before the Hydro Grip Primer. The gel-based formula uses blue agave extract to blur the look of imperfections, hemp-derived cannabis seed extract to smooth away texture, and hyaluronic acid to create a dewy glow. “This primer feels super moisturizing when you put it on the skin, yet it completely dries down and works so well with water-based makeup,” says Medhin. “It really helps your makeup stay put but keeps you looking hydrated.” With niacinamide and aloe, the primer also has a soothing effect on sensitive skin. According to shoppers, this formula offers the perfect amount of slip without breaking down your favorite foundation or leaving a streaky finish.

Good For: Dry, Sensitive Skin | Size: 0.33-1.52 oz | Tinted: No

Lotus Makeup Ecostay Perfecting Primer

Sweat Proof Summer Makeup For Oily Skin l Christen Dominique

Lotus rimer is a non-comedogenic formula that can be use on sensitive skin. This gel-based primer glides smoothly on to the skin to even out skin tone and offers a smooth base for your makeup. It also reduces pores and fine lines. Enriched with vitamin E antioxidant properties, it protects your skin from sun damage.

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Swiss Beauty Real Make

A primer that moonlights like a highlighter? Yes, please. Swiss Beauty Real Make-Up Base Highlighting Primer infused with Pearl powders imparts radiance while creating a soft, velvety base. This hydrating formula evens out skin tone while minimizing pores and fine lines. Effortlessly glowy, it keeps excess grease at bay while giving you the glow you have been striving for. Plus, it comes in a pump bottle which makes it easier for controlled usage.

The Holy Grail Of Makeup Primers

Oily skin types are the ideal candidates for Tatchas fan-favorite Silk Canvas Primer, which has over 1,100 five-star reviews. The balms pressed silk smooths and blurs pores for even foundation application that stays in place all day, while the formulas botanicals prevent makeup from clogging pores and causing breakouts. Pro tip: Use the round spatula instead of sticking your fingertips into the balm to keep it clean.

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How Do I Choose A Primer

Look for primers with words like hydrating, soothing, or replenishing. Pick a mattifying primer if you have oily skin. If you struggle with excess oil and shine, you want to combat this with your primer. To do so, your best bet is a great mattifying primer that will reduce your skin’s oil production.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Makeup Primer

Best Primers For Oily Skin: 11 Affordable Primers With Reviews (2020)

Long lasting primer

Our Review

A super matte, super long stay primer for oily skin beauties. This primer will soak excess sebum off of the face and give you a matte base all day

  • Best Long stay primer
  • Smoothens and moisturises the skin.
  • Can be worn alone,under or on top of makeup.
  • Ultra-lightweight formula.
  • Controls oil well and is easy to use.
  • Suitable even for sensitive skin.
Pros :
Never gives a greasy or heavy feel. Takes a few minutes to dry after usage.
Controls shine for up to 8 hours a day.
Provides a perfect skin for makeup.
Perfect product for oily skin.
Reduces the appearance of pores.

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Elf Hydrating Face Primer

Great makeup doesnt have to come with a hefty price tag. From moisturizers with SPF to the best makeup brushes, there are plenty of affordable products out thereand the same is true when it comes to finding the best primer. Enter Elf Hydrating Face Primer. This hydrating option has over 12,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Verified reviewer, Lacy, says she likes that when you apply your foundation over it, you can see how much smoother is. As an added bonus, the primer contains vitamins A, C, and E.

Best Primer To Help Makeup Last: Elf Matte Putty Primer

If you don’t have $52 on hand for primer right now, shoppers say e.l.f.’s budget version is a solid competitor, especially when it comes to keeping makeup on for the long haul. The oil-free putty is infused with kaolin clay and white charcoal to maintain a matte finish, and it pays off. Shoppers call the primer a game-changer for oily skin, that preserves makeup for hours through problematic T-zones and long-term masking.

Shop now: $8

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Smashbox Photo Finish Control Mattifying Face Primer

Whether your skin has a tendency to get greasy as the day goes on or you prefer a more velvety complexion, Smashboxs Photo Finish Control Mattifying Primer is definitely worth your consideration. It contains zinc and salicylic acid to mop up oil and has over 250 five-star reviews on Sephora. One reviewer even noted she wears it on days she doesnt put on foundation to give her bare skin a matte look.


What we like about the Smashbox Photo Finish Control Mattifying Face Primer

  • Gives skin a matte finish

Maybelline New Master Primer

Convert your OILY SKIN to NORMAL SKIN! | How to care for oily skin

Formulated with a water-soluble base, Maybelline Primer diminishes skin tone imperfections. The active ingredients rejuvenate and prepare the skin for even makeup application. This non-oily formula helps prevent clogging of pores and allows you to wear makeup for longer. The weightless primer makes the skin feel light and radiant. It is dermatologically tested to suit every skin type.

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Is Silicone Primer Good For Oily Skin

Image Source:

There is no one definitive answer to this question as each persons skin type and needs vary. However, many people with oily skin find that silicone primer helps to create a smooth, matte finish that lasts all day. If you are prone to breakouts, look for a primer that is non-comedogenic and oil-free to help keep your pores clear.

Makeup is almost entirely determined by preparation. Many people regard silicone primers as an effective way to reduce shine and imperfections. Which ones are effective? Is one of them worth the money? Here are 5 things you should know about my top 5. I have purchased the Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer many times. The product dries to a velvety, semi-matte finish after being lightly applied and feels light on the skin.

Its a little difficult to find common ground on this issue, but I dont mind the odor. Instead of the NYX Shine Killer Primer, I highly recommend using the Pore Filler Primer Stick. You can choose where you apply the primer and how much you apply it with an application like this. With its invisi pink formula, it evens out texture, absorbs shine, and conceals pores.

Which Type Primer Is Best For Oily Skin

Image Source:

To begin, you should use a mattifying primer that will keep shine, grease, and excess buildup at bay before applying your makeup.

If your skin is oily, avoid heavy primers and oil-based primers. It is said to help skin balance and regulate oil production. Salicylic acid can be used to clean up oily skin and clear pores. If youre feeling burned out after wearing shiny primer, look for a primer with a matte finish. Mattifying primers are frequently useful for oily skin because they help to remove excess buildup and shine. A dermatologist recommends Charlotte Tilburys Invisible UV Flawless Primer and Paulas Choices Shine Stopper Oil Control Primer as anti-inflammatory oils. NITACICINamide and charcoal have been shown to aid in skin balance and help to reduce oil production.

Pick a primer labeled non-comedogenic to keep your pores clean. Alesandra Dubin, a digital lifestyle and travel journalist based in Los Angeles, is the editor of Travel + Style magazine. She has appeared in Good Housekeeping, Prevention, Insider, Glamour, AFAR, Parents, TODAY, and a number of other publications online and in print.

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Colorbar New Perfect Match Primer

The New Perfect Match Primer from Colorbar is an amazing product for people who have oily skin and want to hide or mask the redness or blemishes on their faces.

It has a paraben-free formula that is completely safe and can be used on all skin types. Once applied, it fills up the pores on your skin and gives you a satin-like finish. This product is compatible and easy to use with almost all types of foundation.

The product is filled with the goodness of Vitamin E, which hydrates your skin and does not let it go dry. It also has antioxidants, which help eliminate dead skin and make your skin healthier and softer.

This is an amazing alternative for those people who have oily skin and want something light for their skin. Lastly, the product is inexpensive and is highly recommended for people who want a hassle-free makeup routine.

Key Components

Is Maybelline Primer Good For Oily Skin

The 9 Best Primers For Oily Skin

BEST FACE PRIMER FOR OILY SKIN: FIT ME MATTE + PORELESS MATTIFYING PRIMER. Lock-in that matte and never look back. Worn with or without foundationporeless, flawless-looking skin is yours in an instant. … Lasting up to 16 long hours and with the power of SPF 20, our Fit Me Matte + Poreless Primer is your new skin savior.

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Nyx Professional Makeup Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer

This is a super silky and lightweight formula from NYX that helps you take care of your skin, and makeup. The product creates a comfortable cushion on your skin that helps to enhance the makeup when you apply it. The formula creates a smooth uniform layer, and minimises any shine that there maybe. You get a quite a flawless application with it, and it leaves your skin feeling quite fresh.

Price: Rs 1,200

Buy it here.

Elf Poreless Putty Primer

An Internet favorite, Elf Poreless Putty Primer wins for its affordable price point and full coverage protection. It boasts an impressive 26,000 ratings on Amazon, so we put this primer to the test to see how it holds up to sweat, wind, and all-day wear. Upon first use, were impressed with how smoothly it glides onto skin and mixes with full-coverage foundation, bronzer, and blush. But what keeps us coming back is the long-lasting formula that protects makeup from becoming an oily mess due to sweat and all-day wear. Plus, it contains squalene, making it feel more like skin care than makeup.

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Shiseido Waso Poreless Matte Primer

When this primer says ‘poreless’, it means it. Inspired by Japanese wasabi, it recruits three hero ingredients to tick off its goals: wasabi-inspired complex to soak up sebum and minimise pores, whole loquat cells to balance overall oil levels, and peony root extract to help camouflage and prevent skin imperfections in the tone and texture departments. The green-tinged shade also works wonders for reducing redness!$37 at MECCA

Best Primer For Large Pores: Dr Brandt Skincare Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer

$52 Face Primer VS $15 Primer | Jackie Aina

This tube of wonder-working goo comes highly recommended from dozens of shoppers with “super oily” skin, lauded for the way it fills in pores and eliminates grease. According to one intrepid shopper who wore it through a corn maze in 90 degree heat, the primer kept their makeup at the end looked fresh and oil-free â a sharp contrast to the normal puddle of oil they say typically accumulates, even in an office climate. Others add that makeup glides on “like a miracle,” and it’s so worth the price, they’ve bought it five times.

Shop now: $45

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Touch In Sol No Pore Blem Primer

If your skin has an uneven texture with big pores, you need to worry no more. Touch in Sol No Pore Blem Primer perfects your pores leaving a skin that is flawless and ready for makeup. This lightweight formula offers seamless coverage for all pores, wrinkles, and imperfections.

The Primer is formulated using green tea extracts that protect and energize the skin for long-lasting makeup wear. It is also infused with soluble collagen that increases the moisture level in your skin and its elasticity.

Key Features:

  • The solution to your pores problems
  • Infused with soluble collagen
  • Increases moisture level in your skin
  • Light and silky texture

Best Brightening Primer: Touch In Sol No Pore Blem Primer Base

K-beauty brand Touch in Sol’s primer has earned almost 5,000 five-star Amazon ratings for its adeptness at besting oil and leaving bright, poreless skin in its wake . Shoppers with oily skin write that they’re thrilled to find the “lifesaver” after years of searching for a primer that keeps oil at bay. It handily does so, and the balancing tint translates to skin that looks bright and well-rested.

Shop now: $12

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