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Garlic Red Skin Mashed Potatoes

Tips For The Best Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Red Skin Garlic Mashed Potatoes Easy
  • These are intended to be slightly lumpy which is why no beater or potato ricer is is used and they are simply mashed by hand and stirred with a spoon. With that said just be sure you cook the potatoes through until they are soft.
  • A fork should glide right through them when they are done and some will even fall apart. Since they are lumpy you dont want stiff lumps. No thanks. Lumpy, textural potatoes are a good thing here as long as those little lumps are soft.
  • I dont recommend serving these with chives. I know a lot of potato recipes can benefit from some chives but here it will just compete with that incredible roasted garlic flavor so leave them off.
  • And lastly, this isnt intended to be a healthy recipe, we all need to splurge a little sometimes so dont hesitate to add a some extra butter over the top. MMMMM buttery, garlicky, extra delicious mashed potatoes. My kind of comfort food!

Tips For Making The Best Garlic Red Skin Mashed Potatoes

  • Never use cold butter or cold cream
  • Always salt the boiling water as the potato chunks are cooking
  • Never over-mash the potatoes or they will become like glue
  • Also, its Ok, for these potatoes to have a few chunks, lumpy is not only ok but wanted with Rustic Mashed Red Potatoes.
  • Its always better to use a hand potato masher, not a mixer
  • Leave the peel on the potatoes
  • Season with plenty of salt and black pepper to your taste

While Yukon golds or russets will be creamier, these red potatoes produce a chunkier rustic dish. And these garlic mashed red potatoes will hold their own to any hearty main dishes, such as a prime rib, a pot roast or baked ham.

So you need to make a bowl of these comfort mashed potatoes to fill in all your food groups each and every day!

Do I Have To Use Red Potatoes

This recipe for garlic mashed red potatoes works best with small red potatoes. BUT, if for some reason you are unable to find them at the grocery store or want to try a different potato, Yukon gold potatoes are a great substitute!

You can also use russet potatoes, but be sure that you peel them before boiling them. Generally, the russet potato skins do not taste good in the mashed potatoes.

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Rustic Garlic Mashed Potatoes

These are the ultimate Garlic Mashed Potatoes, made with both whole garlic cloves and garlic powder in a rustic mash of red potatoes with their skin on no peeling required! Rich, creamy, and absolutely irresistible, they are the perfect side dish for any meal.

Can you have a mashed potato recipe that requires no peeling potatoes? One thats loaded with garlic, is ultimately creamy, rich, and so easy to make? Why, yes, yes you can. This rustic mashed potato recipe is here to make all your potato side dish wishes come true!

And while I absolutely love a variety of vegetable side dishes, potatoes just might be my favorite of them all. And I bet you can guess why if youve been around here for any time at all they are the most carb-y veggie side dish of all, and you know I love my carbs.

So while yes I cant get enough of stacked potatoes, or roasted potatoes, or scalloped potatoes, theres something about a rustic mashed potato that brings the ultimate comfort. Theyre nostalgic, cozy, and whether theyre served at holiday dinners, Sunday family supper, or even a quick weeknight meal, they always feel special.

Making Garlic Parmesan Red Mashed Potatoes Is Easy:

25 Restaurant Copycat Recipes That Are Better Than the Real Thing ...

1- Add rinsed potatoes and garlic cloves to a pot of water.

2- Boil, then simmer until potatoes are tender.

3- Drain, add butter, milk, salt, and pepper.

4. Mash until desired consistency.

5. Stir in Parmesan cheese. Top with parsley if desired.

6. Time to enjoy!

I took this picture just after mashing it with a hand mixer so its still pretty chunky. But just keep mashing it and it gets smoother or you can use a hand mixer to get a smooth texture.

Heres a picture of these Garlic Parmesan Red Mashed Potatoes with the texture smoother. Its delicious either way!

This recipe is seriously amazing! You will love it!


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Directions For Mashed Potatoes

5. Scrub potatoes and remove any spoiled spots and large eyes . Cut potatoes into approximately 1-inch chunks.

6. Rinse potato chunks well with running water to reduce starch.

7. Place potatoes in a large pot with 1 teaspoon salt and enough water to cover potatoes. Bring water to boil. Cook 12-15 minutes until potatoes are fork tender.

8. Drain potatoes well and rinse with running water to reduce starch. Place potatoes back in warm pot for a few minutes to remove moisture.

9. Place dry potatoes in a medium-large bowl.

10. Squeeze soft garlic from head right into bowl. Be careful not to let any garlic skins fall in. Use a masher to gently mash all ingredients in bowl together. Chop green onions and sprinkle them over potatoesently mash potatoes a bit.

11. Cut butter and cream cheese in pieces and add to bowl. Gently mash them into potatoes.

12. Sprinkle Tonys seasoning over half and half and heat in microwave to warm. Add liquid to potato mixture and continue mashing until everything is melted, combined, and potatoes are roughly mashed.

Note: When you’re finished mashing the potatoes they will be little rough. Please note roasted garlic redskin mashed potatoes are not a smooth, whipped mashed potato recipe. Place potatoes in a serving bowl and garnish your redskin mashed potatoes with remaining chopped green onion and 1 tablespoon butter.

Garlic Red Skin Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Use this red skin mashed potato recipe to make the best garlic red skin mashed potatoes. These garlic mashed red potatoes are made with little red bliss potatoes.

Is your family a potato loving family? Is there not a day that goes by without seeing a potato on your menu? Yep, thats us too, we love those spuds! Potatoes just have to be the most versatile food group. Yeah, we consider them a food group all to themselves. And our go-to potato dish is usually mashed potatoes, we have several ways to make the best-mashed potatoes depending on our mood for the day and of course, what we have on hand. See, versatility is the name of the game.

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But we are here today to talk about garlic red skin mashed potatoes that use red bliss potatoes and are seasoned with roasted garlic. One of the life-changing ingredients for these garlic mashed red potatoes is roasted garlic. Its amazing and it really rocks that comfort dial. And we used red bliss potatoes that have the most amazing flavor.

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Storage And Reheating Instructions:

Mashed potatoes are best when fresh. However, you can store any leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Reheat single serving-size portions in the microwave in 30 second increments until warmed through.

If you like this recipe, you may be interested in these other delicious potato side dish recipes:

Steakhouse Style Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Garlic Mashed Potato ( with red skin ) – Episode 716

Perfect Steakhouse Style Garlic Mashed Potatoes is a classic side dish. They are perfectly creamy with a punch of garlic flavor. This recipe will make you feel like you are eating in a restaurant!

Perfect Steakhouse Style Garlic Mashed Potatoes is a classic side dish. They are perfectly creamy with a punch of garlic flavor. This recipe will make you feel like you are eating in a restaurant!

Looking for steakhouse-style garlic mashed potatoes with those beautiful lumps full of garlic flavor? Weve got you covered! This mashed potato recipe takes things over the top to pack in as much flavor as possible. We use red potatoes with the skin on to give you that true steakhouse-style experience, without the noise and crowd of people and long wait for a table. Dont get us wrong, we love a good steak and mashed potatoes at a traditional steakhouse, but sometimes we want the food without everything else that comes with it, including the bill! These mashed potatoes will make you so glad you ate at home.

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Dishes To Enjoy With Red Skin Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes go with everything. These are some of our favorite entrées to enjoy alongside:

And dont forget to include these in your holiday menu lineup! Perfect side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

If you make these Red Skin Mashed Potatoes, please let us know by leaving a review and rating below!

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Can I Make This Mashed Red Potatoes Recipe Dairy

Yes! Its actually really easy. Swap out the butter and milk for vegan versions. For the sour cream, you have three options. You can:

  • Just leave it out.
  • Substitute it with full-fat coconut milk.
  • Use a vegan sour cream.

Its completely up to you!

For the parmesan cheese, there is a variety of vegan parmesan choices at a few health grocery stores. Just know that it wont fully melt like the dairy kind.

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Freezing And Reheating Mashed Potatoes

I always make big batches of these red skin mashed potatoes and freeze them for later. Mashed potatoes freeze really well, so its great to have them handy.

This is helpful especially during busy weeknights I can make quick grilled chicken breasts and serve with a side of mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes to the rescue!

To freeze mashed potatoes:

  • Make the mashed potatoes as directed in the recipe.
  • Let the mashed potatoes cool completely.
  • Portion out the mashed potatoes: You can use freezer bags or freezer-friendly containers. Just be sure to portion them in servings of 1-2 to make it easier to thaw and reheat later. Freeze for up to 1 month.
  • To reheat frozen mashed potatoes:

    • Stovetop: Use a small or medium pot and reheat over low to medium-low heat, stirring occasionally until heated through.
    • Oven: Reheat at 350 degrees F in a covered baking pan for about 30-45 minutes. Baking time will depend on the size of the mashed potatoes.
    • Microwave oven: Reheat frozen mashed potatoes in a covered microwave-safe container for about 5 minutes.

    You can also thaw the mashed potatoes in the fridge overnight until no longer frozen and reheat for a few minutes.

    Im seriously obsessed with these amazing red skin mashed potatoes. I especially love the rustic look and feel. Plus, they are creamy and buttery, just how a good bowl of mashed potatoes should be.

    Serve this side dish with:

    Now, go to the kitchen and make a batch of this beauty! You will absolutely love it.

    Can You Make Mashed Red Potatoes Ahead Of Time

    Red Skin Mashed Potatoes

    Yes, you can make them a day before. But I strongly advise you to make this on the day youre going to serve them. Because freshly cooked garlic mashed red potatoes is tastier, creamier, and more flavorful compared to day-old mashed potatoes.

    They tend to lose flavor and the consistency changes once refrigerated and we dont want to that one serve our guests, right?

    But if you dont want to get caught up with all the cooking, you can prepare the boiled potatoes a few hours early.

    • Hold them in a heat-proof bowl covered with a plastic wrap and over on a simmering pot of water for up to 2 hours.
    • Place them in a slow cooker with a warm setting. You can place them in there before you mash em up!

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    Are Red Potatoes Good For Mashing

    Most people would agree that peeled Russet or Yukon potatoes make the best mashed potatoes just like this Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes recipe as they are buttery and tasty.

    But if you want to take the skin-on version, the best choice for that would be red potatoes as they have slightly higher starch content than compensate for their slightly tougher skin. And its visually appealing, too, with that specks of red in a creamy white mashed potato.

    PLUS, potato skins also contain vitamins C and B6, minerals, fiber, and iron which is a great immune booster.

    Is It Ok To Leave Skin On Mashed Potatoes

    Yes! Depending on the potato though, you may want to peel them first.

    Russet potatoes have a tougher skin that can be hard to chew, so I recommend peeling them before boiling and mashing. Any other potato, you can leave the skin on!

    Red skin potatoes don’t require any peeling prior to boiling or after boiling! Red skin potatoes have a thin, tender skin, so you can mash the whole potato, skin and all!

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    Red Skin Mashed Potatoes And Why We Love Em

    There is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of homemade mashed potatoes. Heres why these red skin mashed potatoes keep making an appearance on our plate:

    • Texture! There is a time and a place for silky smooth potatoes , and then sometimes you want a good ol smashed potato. Leaving the skin on not only looks beautiful, but it adds nutrients and contributes to the overall texture of the dish.
    • Its quicker! No need to spend time peeling potatoes, just chop, boil, and mash easy!
    • Infused butter. If youre not infusing your butter with garlic before adding it to mashed potatoes, youre doing it alllll wrong. Trust us!

    So if youre on the hunt for a Thanksgiving mashed potato recipe, this is the side dish your turkey has been waiting for!

    Classic mashed potato ingredients, but were offering a few suggestions below to jazz em up, if youre into that!

    The Ingredients Are Simple But Amazing:

    How to Make Top Secret Garlic Mashed Potatoes |
    • Red Potatoes- These are the best potatoes for keeping the skin on because of the flavor and great texture.
    • Garlic- The recipe calls for 2 garlic cloves but feel free to use 1 less or more depending on how much garlic flavor you like. You could even just add garlic salt if you want less garlic flavor.
    • Butter Adds delicious flavor to mashed potatoes. You surprisingly dont need to add very much to this recipe and it still tastes amazing.
    • Milk- Makes the mashed potatoes creamier. Just dont use skim milk.
    • Salt- A must for mashed potatoes!
    • Parmesan- The perfect addition to this recipe to up the flavor even more!

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    How To Reheat Mashed Potatoes

    The easiest way to reheat mashed potatoes and prevent them from becoming a gloppy mess is in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Portion out the amount of mashed potatoes you want to reheat, then pop the lid onto the saucepan and turn the heat to low. Let the mashed potatoes warm up for a good 10-15 minutes. If the mashed potatoes are a little too thick, add in a splash of milk to loosen them up.

    You can also reheat mashed potatoes in the oven, but this works better if youre reheating mashed potatoes for a crowd. To reheat mashed potatoes in the oven, cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and let the potatoes cook for 20-30 minutes in a 350ºF oven. Again, you may need to add a splash of milk to the potatoes, but give them some time in the oven first to see if its needed!

    How To Keep Mashed Potatoes Warm

    Cover. If you’re serving the potatoes within 30-45 minutes, simply cover the potatoes with a lid or tinfoil. The potatoes will stay warm for at least 30 minutes.

    Slow cooker. Transfer the potatoes to a slow cooker and set to warm. The potatoes will keep for at least a few hours, just give them an occasional stir so they heat evenly.

    Oven. Transfer the potatoes to an oven safe dish and cover with a lid. Place in the oven and heat to the lowest temperature. The potatoes will keep for at least a few hours, just give them an occasional stir so they heat evenly.

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    Tips To Improve Your Mashed Potatoes

    • Rinse potatoes before cooking to help remove excess starch, which can lead to gumminess.
    • Want a super luscious, creamy texture? Run the cooked potatoes through a ricer to get them silky smooth.
    • Infuse flavor into melted butter! Instead of adding herbs or garlic directly into mashed potatoes, slowly infuse butter as it melts with any flavorings. This could be smashed garlic cloves, chopped fresh herbs , chili flakes, basically anything that wont melt! This will ensure your potatoes get all the flavor without sacrificing on that wonderful texture by biting into a garlic clove or herb stem.
    • Adding salt to the potatoes as they cook will help season them from the get go! Dont skip this step!
    • Return the cooked potatoes to the warm pot, then mash immediately. The steam from pan will help dry excess moisture on the potatoes.

    How To Make Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes

    Red Skin Mashed Potatoes
  • Wash red potatoes and chop into 1 1/2 pieces. Quarter red potatoes at a minimum so the pieces of skin arent too big.
  • Boil potatoes until tender and they fall off a fork when pierced. Use a colander to drain well.
  • In a large mixing bowl mash potatoes with an electric mixer. Potatoes should be fairly smooth, but using skin on potatoes will never be as smooth as peeled potatoes.
  • Mix in butter, minced fresh garlic, olive oil, sour cream, milk, salt and pepper.
  • If potatoes are too stiff add a little more milk. Add pats of butter on top of red mashed potatoes before reheating.
  • Garnish with paprika, more freshly ground pepper, chives, green onions or bacon bits if desired.
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