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Dry Rough Skin On Buttocks

Its Probably: A Fungal Infection

Keratosis Pilaris, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

If youve ever picked up athletes foot from your gyms locker room, youve seen this fungus beforeand, yeah, it can show up on your butt, too.

It thrives in hot, humid environments, so working out in the summer increases your risk, says Dr. Zeichner. He recommends treating the rash ASAP with an athletes foot cream, so it doesnt spread apply it twice a day for one to two weeks and see your doctor if it doesnt go away.

Can Intertrigo Be Prevented Or Avoided

You can help prevent intertrigo by doing these things:

  • Keep skin cool and dry.
  • Do not wear tight shoes or clothing. Wear a bra that has good support.
  • Wear clothes made with absorbent fabrics, such as cotton. Avoid nylon or other synthetic fibers.
  • If you are overweight, try to lose weight.
  • After exercising, shower and dry off completely. Use a hair dryer with a cool setting to dry areas that can trap wetness, such as under your arms or breasts.

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Dr Dadu Listed The Following Causes Of Butt Acne:

  • One of the reasons you get acne on the butt is because of hair follicles.
  • Friction, sweating and wearing too-tight clothes can cause inflammation.
  • Such inflammations are itchy, painful and can also turn into large cystic pimples.
  • The scorching heat and sweat-laden clothes can lead to body acne. During such heat, the sweat glands work more and cause acne on areas like the chest, butt and even thighs.
  • What Causes Itchy Skin

    Bumpy Patches on Skin

    Common causes of itchy skin include:

    Dry skin: Skin can become dry and itchy in hot or cold, dry weather, or from using soap. Dry skin looks flaky and rough but it is not usually very itchy or red. Sometimes the skin can crack, which can be painful.

    Insect bite: There will usually be a bump or blister around the bite. The area may be inflamed, painful and swollen.

    Hives:Hives or urticaria is a raised, bumpy red or skin coloured rash that is very itchy. The rash is often on the chest, abdomen or back, but it can appear anywhere. The rash will last from a few hours to 24 hours and then disappear with no scarring.

    Heat rash:Heat rash looks like little pink or red spots or blisters. They can appear anywhere on the skin. Heat rash, also called miliaria or prickly heat, is very common in babies.

    Eczema:Eczema causes itchy, red, scaly patches on the skin. The patches are usually on the cheeks, elbow creases and behind the knees. Eczema is common in children and often runs in families who have conditions like allergies, hay fever or asthma. Eczema is also called atopic dermatitis.

    Scabies:Scabies is an extremely itchy skin rash caused by small mites. There will be red lumps and threadlike tracks on the skin. These usually appear between the fingers and toes, on the insides of the wrists, in the armpits, around the tummy and groin or on the buttocks.

    Itchy skin can sometimes be caused by certain medications, recreational drugs or herbal supplements.

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    If You Have Singular Or Small Clusters Of Bumps You Probably Have Bug Bites

    You dont have to go skinny dipping for a bug to bite your bottom. If youve been camping, at the beach, or at an evening barbecue while wearing a skirt, the source of itchy bumps might be bug bites.

    If the bumps are raised and itchy but not especially painful, dont worry. But if you have other symptoms of an allergic reaction, like fever or difficulty breathing, see a doctor immediately.

    Most of the time, bug bites will be from harmless flies or mosquitoes, but if your symptoms get worse after a few days, its best to seek medical help.

    Also, make sure these bites arent from bed bugs. Bed bug bites vary from person to person, but they usually come in small clusters. You can find the little buggers in the seams of your mattress.

    Though the bites themselves arent dangerous, having bed bugs is a huge pain, and youll want to take care of it immediately by washing everything, deep-cleaning, potentially getting rid of your mattress, and calling your landlord .

    Reasons Your Butt Itches

    When redness and irritation shows up on or inside your butt, this poses a challenge. First, unless you have Gisele-like flexibility, it’s hard to whip your head around and fully assess the situation. Then there’s the embarrassment factor. Do you really want to drop trou and stick your cheeks out for your dermatologist? Didn’t think so. Before it comes to that , check out our guide to decoding the signs behind six common rear-end rashes.

    If the rash is: red, itchy, and has small painful blistersIt’s probably: a herpes outbreakSurprisethis STD doesn’t only strike the mucus membranes of the genitals and mouth. “It’s not uncommon for herpes to infect the skin of your bottom, and the signs would be similar to that of an oral or genital herpes outbreak, including one or more tiny blisters grouped close together,” says Sarika M. Ramachandran, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at New York University Langone Medical Center. The treatment is also the same: diagnosis by your derm or ob-gyn and then a script for antiviral meds, which will speed healing.


    If the rash is: red with tender, pimple-like bumpsIt’s probably: buttne, which is medically known as folliculitisThis happens when dead skin cells and bacteria clog the hair follicles on your cheeks and upper thighs. It’s unsightly, but it’s nothing serious: Ease it by applying an OTC benzoyl peroxide product, and prevent it from returning by showering after a gym session and wearing fabrics that let your butt skin breathe.

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    Treatment & Skin Care Routine For Rough Dry Skin

    Dry skin is a primary cause of rough spots, and skincare products that moisturize and provide gentle exfoliation can be an effective way to help smooth and soften rough bumpy skin associated with dryness. Hyaluronic acid is a beneficial hydrating ingredient because it helps draw moisture from the environment into the skin.15 In addition, lotions and creams with ceramides help restore the skins barrier to lock in moisture.16Salicylic acid and lactic acid exfoliate the skin by encouraging the shedding of dead skin cells, in turn helping to improve the texture of rough bumpy skin.17, 18 Finally, skincare products formulated with a soothing ingredient like niacinamide can help keep the skin comfortable.19

    If exfoliating and hydrating skincare products dont help improve the appearance of dry, rough bumpy skin, or you think your rough skin may be a symptom of another skin condition, its best to seek the help of a dermatologist who can diagnose the cause and suggest additional treatment options.

    It’s Probably: An Allergic Reaction

    Management of rashes near buttocks – Dr. Aruna Prasad

    Unlike a heat rash , other rashes are sparked by allergic reactions, like contact dermatitis . This itchy rash is caused by direct contact with a substance that you’re allergic to. The body has an immune response that can cause discomfort and intense itching, explains Sumayah Jamal, MD, the director of the Skin of Color Specialty Clinic at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City.

    Irritant rashes are often itchy and they hurt like crazy, Dr. Friedman says. The bumps will appear raised and tend to be a darker pink to red color on light skin and hyperpigmented on dark skin. Rashes caused by an allergic reaction are often more swollen, pink in light skin or hyperpigmented in dark skin, and maybe even watery.

    The first step is to identify what’s causing your reaction. If you can avoid it, contact dermatitis usually clears up in two to four weeks on its own. While you’re waiting for it to go away, you can try using an anti-itch cream and a cool compress. Dr. Jamal also recommends antihistamines, oral steroids, or topical steroids.

    Head to your doctor’s office if you’re unsure of what you’re dealing with so they can provide the proper treatment or medication.

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    What Are The Symptoms

    The main feature of keratosis pilaris that youll notice is patches of tiny, rough, discolored bumps on your skin that resemble the dotted skin of a strawberry. You may notice the appearance of the bumps but dont have any other symptoms. If you do experience symptoms, they may include:

    • Itchy or dry skin, especially on the backs of your upper arms, legs or buttocks .
    • Irritation of the bumps that causes them to become more discolored and noticeable. This is frictional lichenoid dermatitis.
    • Rough, sandpaper-like skin where the bumps appear.
    • Worsening of the bumps when the air is drier, like in the winter months.

    Other conditions can sometimes cause these symptoms, such as itchy, dry skin. Eczema, psoriasis, allergies and fungal infections cause similar symptoms. If youre concerned about your symptoms, or if they linger, its a good idea to contact your healthcare provider.

    Fungal Rash Or Jock Itch On Buttocks

    Fungal rash or jock itch is another common cause of rash on the buttocks. Fungal rash on the buttocks generally occur between both the cheeks before eventually concentrating on the bottom of each cheek and within the skin folds. Youre likely to be affected with fungal rash if you are on long term course of antibiotics, having obesity or diabetics. The rash can also affect people who perspire heavily or using skin care products that irritates the skin.

    The causal factor of fungal infection is primarily jock itch. It is caused by dermatophytes and common during summer months, wet or in warm climates. It is type of infection of ringworm infection thus the name ringworm or the groin or tinea cruris.

    Jock itch tend to affect the outer layers of the skin including the buttocks, inner thigh and genitals. These areas have warm and moist environment. The symptoms include:

    • blister-like bumps
    • itching, pain and a burning sensation
    • peeling or flaking of the skin around the buttock and groin area

    How is fungal rash or jock itch treated? Ringworm infections of the skin are generally not a serious concern. You can treat at home with antifungal creams and powders. Use antifungal creams or powders that contain terbinafine, miconazole or clotrimazole. Have the doctor look at the infection that doesnt go away, comes back or is severe.

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    Butt Rashes: Causes Diagnosis And Treatment

    Rashes are uncomfortable, no matter where they occur. But there can be something incredibly upsetting about discovering a new butt rash.

    Its common to put off treating rashes that appear on your bottom due to embarrassment. Fortunately, there are plenty of common reasons and simple treatments for skin rashes that appear on the buttocks.

    Skin irritation or infection can lead to an itchy rash, and scratching the itch can worsen the irritation. However, you can safely treat many butt rashes at home with over-the-counter medications or home remedies. And if you do need to see your healthcare provider, try not to worry they have seen it all before.

    This article explains the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of butt rashes.

    Rattankun Thongbun / Getty Images

    Why Is My Skin Rough

    What is Keratosis Pilaris

    Skin that feels rough to the touch, especially on the hands and feet is often caused by dryness and a build-up of dead skin cells. The skin naturally renews itself however, this process can slow down with age.5 Certain skin conditions can also accelerate the accumulation of dead cells and lead to rough bumpy skin. In most cases, using a specially-formulated rough and bumpy skin lotion daily can help restore smooth, soft skin.

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    Common Causes Of Keratosis Pilaris

    Rough and bumpy skin texture is often caused by a build-up of dead skin cells that eventually clog up your pores . In the case of keratosis pilaris, dry patches and pimple-like bumps are caused by a build-up of the skin protein known as keratin. When this happens, the opening of the hair follicle becomes blocked, and these plugs can lead to areas of uneven skin texture.

    Its not yet clear why certain people are more predisposed to this keratin build-up than others, but many dermatologists believe that these bumps may be genetic. For teenagers, its also possible for hormones to spark keratosis pilaris flare-ups around the time of puberty. Most cases of keratosis pilaris will clear up on their own with age.

    Itchy Red Rash On Buttocks

    Itchy red rash on your buttocks is a symptom of an underlying condition. A rash is generally an irritation or inflammation on the skin surface. There are number of reason why the area on the buttocks is red and itchy. The above discussed causes may all be linked to having an itchy or burning feeling on the butt cracks.

    Red itchy rash may be due to allergic reaction, heat rash, fungal rash, eczema, hives or psoriasis. Most of the conditions discussed above have similar symptoms including the affected skin becoming red and itchy.

    Treatment include medications to relieve the itchiness and reduce inflammation on the affected skin. The itch can be stopped with over the counter drugs such as creams, ointments and antihistamines.

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    When Should I See My Doctor

    See your doctor if you are very itchy and there is no rash. It is very important to let them know about the medications/supplements, drugs or herbal medicines you may have taken.

    • the lips or tongue are swollen
    • you or your child have trouble breathing
    • you are unwell or have a fever
    • the symptoms keep coming back
    • the itching is so bad you cannot sleep
    • the rash is bleeding, scabs or has pus
    • you develop severe itching while you are pregnant

    It is always a good idea to see a doctor if your baby develops a rash.

    Who Can Diagnose Keratosis Pilaris


    Keratosis pilaris should always be diagnosed by a dermatologist or medical professional who can accurately assess your symptoms. Your doctor will likely perform a physical examination of the affected area, and discuss the main concerns surrounding your symptoms. Additional points of discussion may also include your medical history, family history, and any possible skin conditions or environmental facts that may be behind your keratosis pilaris. If your dermatologist requires additional information for a proper diagnosis, they may request a follow-up visit for additional testing.

    When it comes to diagnosing keratosis pilaris, the location and appearance of the bumps may also play an important role. Since these bumps characteristically appear on certain parts of the bodyespecially the upper armsthe location may help your dermatologist decide if your skin concerns are indeed keratosis pilaris. If the bumps are rough to the touch, painless, and dry, those may also be other key indicators.

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    Rough Skin By Location

    Face: If facial moisturizer doesnt help improve dry rough patches on skin in spots like around the nose and eyebrows as well as on the hairline, ears and neck, a skin condition may be to blame. Persistent, irritated rough skin with thick scales may be due to psoriasis,2 while red, rough skin on the cheeks may be caused eczema.2

    Hands: Rough hands are usually caused by dry skin. The hands are especially prone to dryness because they have fewer oil glands5 and are exposed to a variety of harsh environmental factors. Frequent hand-washing, contact with chemicals and extreme weather conditions all deplete moisture from the skin and can lead to rough skin.7

    Feet: Similar to the hands, the feet have a limited number of oil glandswhich means this skin can become thick and dry.4 Rough skin on feet can be accompanied by calluses due to friction caused by wearing shoes, and cracked heels that result from the feet supporting the bodys weight.

    Arms: There can be several causes of rough skin on arms, including dry skin,4 eczema,3 psoriasis,2keratosis pilaris8 and sun exposure.9

    Elbows: Rough bumpy skin due to dryness is common on the elbows, although redness covered with white rough patches on skin of the elbows may be psoriasis.10 Red rough patches on skin inside the elbows can be caused by eczema.3

    Neck: Frequently seen in men who shave regularly, rough skin on the neck may be due to folliculitis,11 razor burn or ingrown hairs.


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