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Cool Undertone Skin Hair Color

Figure Out How Much Maintenance You Want To Do

Finding Your Skin Undertones | Easy Personal Color Test with the Color Professional!

If you want a low-maintenance style, choose colors that are close to your natural shade. Select a color that will work with the dark roots that appear as your hair starts to grow out.

Instead of all-over color, you should also consider placement techniques like balayage or baby lights. Because these dye techniques incorporate your natural hair color, there wont be an obvious line of demarcation between your hair and the colored portions.

Brighter colors, like violet and cobalt, turn into soft pastels as they fade. Theyll only need to be touched up once a month or less, depending on how well you take care of your hair.

Although theyre stunning, blondes and pastels are considered high maintenance colors and will require more frequent touch-ups than darker shades.

What Hair Colours Suit Cool Skin Tones

So youve ticked all the boxes and youre ready to find out which are the best hair colours for cool skin tones?

Cool undertones fall into two fabulous colour season categories Winter and Summer. Warm colours are Autumn and Spring!

These are the spectrum of lush cool colours that will look best on you whether it comes to choosing clothes, make-up or hair colours. Pick Winter or Summer colours and youll never go wrong.


How To Care For Cool Tone Hair Colors

Before you commit to a cool tone hair color, you should know that youll need to upgrade your hair care routine with color-protecting products. Kim recommends kicking off your routine with the L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Resveratrol Color Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner. This system protects hair color from fading while gently removing impurities and keeping the hair soft and protected.

Since heat styling can quickly strip the color from your strands, Kim also recommends priming your hair with the L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Color 10-In-1 Multi Purpose Spray. This leave-in spray prolongs color radiance and provides 10 instant benefits like heat protection, adding shine, reducing the look of frizz, and more.

For those with dark hair, your colorist may need to use bleach to lift your current shade before creating your desired cool-toned shade. Its important to note that bleach will always cause damage, but your colorist can improve the look and feel of your strands before you leave the salon. You should also add a weekly hair mask like L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Color Mask to your routine. This formula protects, repairs, and nourishes hair while enhancing shine.

If youre ready to try a cool tone hair color for yourself, keep scrolling for 21 of our top picks.

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How Do I Find Out My Undertones

Use our checklist below to find out your undertones. This will help you to double check that cool colours are for you.

If you have cool undertones:

  • Your skin tone is pink or pale.
  • You blush easily!
  • Jewel and pastel colours are so your thing.
  • The colour yellow washes you out and does not look good on you.
  • You have blue not green veins in your wrist.
  • Pearls and silver jewellery look awesome on you.

If you have warm undertones:

  • You have red or golden tones in your natural hair.
  • Your skin tone is golden, tan or olive.
  • You might have freckles!
  • You have green not blue veins in your wrist.
  • You suit bright or rich shades better.
  • Gold jewellery looks awesome on you.

Determine The Health Of Your Hair


If you want to avoid damage or your hair is already compromised, stick to darker shades. As a general rule, darker colors are more gentle on your locks.

Additionally, bleaching your hair can cause significant damage, so only lighten your hair if it is healthy enough to handle it. For drastic color changes, go to a professional whenever possible.

If your hair is damaged but you still want color, opt for a semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair dye instead of a permanent one.

While these dyes arent able to lighten your hair, they are incredibly gentle. Their highly pigmented formulas can add a subtle hint of color to naturally dark strands.

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Blonde Hair Colors For Cool Skin Undertones

If you have a cool undertone and are looking for a hair color that will naturally suit you, check out these blonde shades:

These warm blonde hair colors feature red, orange, and golden undertones so theyll flatter those with warm skin undertones by enhancing your natural glow.. You could also opt for a cool hair color such as ash blonde or platinum to reduce some of the redness that naturally radiates from your warm skin tone.

What Makes Me Suited To Summer Colours

  • Your eye colour can be darker, but on the whole people that suit summer colours will have lighter eyes, such as a very light blue, light green, hazel or super golden brown.
  • Your skin tone is fair, usually with more of a pink or yellow undertone. Sometimes your skin can tan, more than those who suit Winter colours anyway.
  • Your natural colour will be a dark ashy blonde, light ash brown or very light icy blonde.
  • You suit clothes that are in summer colours shades of green, pink, blue, and purple.

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How To Determine Your Skin’s Undertones

Warm toned skin tends to have a yellow or golden hue. If your eyes are brown, dark brown, amber, or hazel and the veins on the inside of your wrist have a greenish tint, you have a warm skin tone. Gold jewelry will be most flattering.

On the other hand, people with a cool skin tone will have a pinkish hue. If you have blue, grey, or green eyes and the veins on the inside of your wrist have a blueish tint, you have a cool skin tone. Silver jewelry looks best on people with a cool skin tone.

If you think you are somewhere in between, you likely have a neutral undertone which means you have a wider array of shades to choose from.

When researching colors, play the name game. Whether youre looking to color your hair at home or go to a salon, check the labels and boxes, or speak to your stylist about color keywords. Cool hair colors will usually include words or names like ash, platinum, or champagne whereas warm colors have names such as golden, bronze, or copper. As their names suggest, warm colors add color and warmth to the skin, whereas cool colors can have a calming, cooling effect.

Colors For Very Dark Cool Skin And Dark Eyes

Cool Undertones Explained

If you have very dark skin, you probably have cool tones. These tones will be more blue or purple than pink. This means your hair color choices fall within the “cool” range as well. Normally, if your skin is this dark, your hair and eyes are also on the dark side. While it’s certainly doable, it’s damaging to your hair and might not be flattering for you to color your hair super light. It can definitely make a statement, though, if that’s what you’re going for!

Instead, you should be looking at cherry reds, deep burgundies and blue-blacks. These are all rich, enticing colors and will look great next to your skin. Stay away from golden browns, coppery reds and auburns. They will clash and will not be flattering.

If you want to go for a black shade, you can definitely try out a soft black or natural black but it could be more fun to go for a black with blue tones or purple tones. Along with the standard natural and soft blacks, here are some fun options to try:

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Fair Skin With Peach Undertones

Seen on: Ali Larter

Shades include: true red, dark auburn, burgundy

Who it’s best for: It may sound counterintuitive, but red is actually a very flattering option for those with ruddy undertones. “If you have pale skin with red in it, it makes you have a glow rather than trying to fight it,” says Hazan. Pickthorn agrees, adding that those with warm, peachy complexions will also see their skin pop with cooler, auburn reds.

On the other hand, Hazan cautions those with olive undertones against going red, as it can make skin look very green in contrast.

Your must-have product:

How To Choose The Right Undertone If You Have Black Hair

Black hair is most often mistaken as a solid color, but the undertones can range from blue to red. The beauty of black is its ability to be a statement color for women with a vast array of skin tones.

Black shades for cool undertones include:

  • Icy/Platinum Black

As a statement color, Jet Black can work on light and fair skin tones, but only if the skin has more of a rosy undertone rather than blue or green. If your skin has a blue undertone, Jet Black could make you look sickly. Jet Black is also stunning on dark, deep, and olive skin tones, meaning it can also support warmer undertones.

Our Jet Black hair extensions have a slight blue undertone for maximum shine, making them a perfect pairing for a range of skin tones.

Black shades for warm undertones include:

Like the name suggests our Off Black hair extensions are a natural, rich option for black hair with warm undertones. The versatility that black offers may inspire you to try a color you may have once dismissed as one dimensional and flat.

Cool toned Jet Black vs. warm toned Off Black Luxy Hair extensions

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Figuring Out Your Skin Tone

Before you test your skin’s undertones, make sure you’re using natural light, as artificial light can change how your skin looks depending on the slight color shift caused by different types of light bulbs. This guide gives several great options to determine your skin’s true undertone. For a quick check, we recommend flipping your palm face up and taking a look at the veins in your hand and wrist. If your veins have a blue or purple hue, then you have cool undertones. If the veins have a greenish cast, you have warm undertones. If you can’t really say that they favor one shade over the other, then you likely have neutral undertones. If you’ve got neutral undertones, congratulations any of the colors we describe below should look great on you. If you’re cool or warm, keep reading to find out which shades work best for you, and why.

Hair Color For Dark Skin Tones

Colors for skin tone, Skin tone hair color, Eyeshadow for green eyes

Striking the right contrast between your complexion and hair color is key. What you dont want is your hair color to perfectly match your skinyour features will disappear. If your skin is warm or golden, beautiful shades of mahogany or copper bring out the sunniness in your skin. For cooler skin tones, accent your pinky-blue undertones with cool red browns or icy dark browns, and rich blacks.

Your perfect is only a few steps away, but the key is figuring out your skin tone first, so the hues you choose complement and highlight your best assets.

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How To Find Your Skin Tone

Before taking your pick of hair colors, you need to ID your skin’s undertones. Most people fall into one of three categories: warm, cool, and neutral. Figuring out where your complexion lies can seem confusing, but there are a few tricks:

  • Look for specific colors. “Cool-toned skin has blue and olive undertones while warm-toned skin has yellow and gold,” says Rachel Bodt, senior colorist at Red Door Spa in New York City.
  • Match yourself with a celeb. When you’re looking for A-list color inspiration, try to pick out people with similar skin and eye coloring to your own. It’ll give you a much better idea of how the hue will actually look on you.
  • Check your wrist “You’ll see the pinks, reds, blues, greens, and yellows there,” says Darling. This includes your veins, which are a great indicator of tone. “If your veins are blue or purple, you’re likely cool-toned,” notes Bodt. “If they are green, you are warm.”
  • or your eyes. “If you have a lot of gold specks in your eyes, usually your undertones are warm,” says George Papanikolas, celebrity hairstylist. “If you have a lot of blues and greens, then you are usually cool.”
  • Meet the Expert

    • George Papanikolas is a hairstylist, colorist, and Matrix Brand Ambassador.
    • Rita Hazan is a New York-based celebrity hairstylist and colorist with an eponymous salon in New York city.

    Now that you’re well-versed on your skin coloring, it’s time to get schooled on different hair colors.

    How To Choose The Right Undertone If You Have Brown Hair

    Similar to cool blonde tones, these brown shades have more blue-ish, green, and violet undertones that balance out any redness in medium and fair skin tones. A lot of these tones also serve as a great base color for blonde or lighter highlights. In contrast, dark brown colors such as Walnut Brown or Dark Brown can also have a striking impact on lighter skin tones that can make a statement look and play up eye color.

    Looking to add length and volume to your cool brown hair? Our Dark Brown hair extensions are a multi-dimensional shade that pairs well with mid-tone brown hair colors.

    Brown shades for warm undertones include:

    These versatile warm colors have golden, copper undertones and add a nice candlelit warmth to the skin. Shay Mitchell is a great example of a golden, medium skin tone who can play with colors from Butterscotch to Chocolate Brown. The deeper hues such as Mocha Brown also look especially beautiful on women with medium or darker skin tones like Zendaya or supermodel Joan Smalls. Beyonce is another good example of a skin tone with warm, golden undertones that can easily pull off dark and golden shades for an expensive brunette hair look.

    Our Chocolate Brown or Ombre Chestnut shades are a great option for medium, olive, and golden skin tones.

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    Best Dark Hair Colors For Cool Skin Tones

    We all know just how shiny hair looks on almost any woman. It simply screams healthy hair and that is the reason why dark hair has been a trend for ages. The contrast that is created with dark hair on cook skin tones is spectacular.

    We have already seen dark browns and most shades of brown that are suitable for cool skin tone. Now the golden part you want to know is that if you have cool undertones, black hair will look best on you. In fact, hair expert Marcy Cona recommends this as the perfect hair color for girls with pink and blue hints in their complexion. It comes out as the most dramatic of black hair color, she says.

    When It Comes To Creating The Right Custom

    Find the Best Hair Colour for your Skin Undertone and Skin Tone | Kelly MacPepple

    When it comes to choosing the right , your skin tone is a major factor when figuring which hue is right for you. Since your hair is right next to your face, picking the right shade can make your skin glow, and make you look years younger. To help make deciphering your skin tone a breeze and get you a custom hair color that brings out the best in your complexion- follow our guide to your most flattering hair color!

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    What Skin Tone Am I

    The three main categories for skin tones are Light, Medium and Deep. These are then further subdivided into undertones Cool, Neutral and Warm, which are a key factor in finding the right shade for your hair.

    If youre not sure what your skin undertones are, its very easy to do yourself. First, take a look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they look greenish, then youre likely to have warm skin undertones. People with blue or purplish-looking veins usually have cooler skin undertones. Neutral skin undertones can make your veins appear colourless or a combination of greens and blues.

    Next, think about the kind of jewellery you prefer to wear. Warmer skin tones tend to gravitate towards traditional yellow gold jewellery, because they like the way it looks against their skin, just as cooler skin tones will wear silver and platinum. If you tend to look good in both silver and gold, then you may have neutral skin undertones.

    If your skin appears more ashen or grey, then you could have a natural olive skin tone. This isnt as common as warm, cool, or neutral skin tones, but is instead a combination of undertones. Olive skin has both natural and warm undertones along with green, an undertone that is considered unique to olive skin only. What hair colours suit olive skin tone? If you have olive skin, then you might find that certain hair colours in all three undertones suit your skin.

    How to find the right hair colour for your skin tone

    Consider Your Skin Color

    While weve spent a lot of time talking about undertones, your overall skin complexion also affects which hair colors look best on you.

    While we firmly believe that people of all colors can rock whatever hair color they want, working with your skin color increases the chances that the color will enhance your natural beauty.

    Dark colors stand out more on pale skin and may make you look paler by comparison.

    Similarly, hair colors that are too light can wash out deeper complexions and make them appear ashy. Try on makeup or clothing in whatever hair color you want to see firsthand how it works with your unique skin tone.

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