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Blue Lagoon Iceland Skin Care

What About My Hair

Blue Lagoon Skincare | Luxury Skincare | Should you pay this much for skincare???

Everyone and their kitchen sink will tell you to actually wet your hair while under the shower and then drench it with conditioner . DO IT. The mineral-rich water is incredibly drying, and wetting your hair beforehand will make sure that it cant absorb that much of it later, with the help of the conditioner on top. Shower caps wont help with that, as they dont close out water altogether, proper swimming caps will. My hair needed about three washes where I used heavy-duty hair masks to go back to normal.

Popular Attractions Near The Blue Lagoon

Cast out on the Reykjanes Peninsula, theres plenty to see around the Blue Lagoon if you want to make a full day of it. Lake Kleifarvatn, sitting in the jet-black landscape, hides a legendary secret a whale-sized worm is said to drift around the deep waters, though there have been no confirmed sightings. You might not spot the whale-worm, but the black-sand shores of the lake and craggy cliffs around it are worth the stop.

At Krisuvík geothermal area, you can stroll amongst hissing steam vents and bubbling mud pots as the earth is alive with geothermal activity. Feel the rumble of the ground as you take in the dramastically colourful landscape.

The Reykjanes Peninsula is lined with small fishing villages all along the coast. Perhaps stop at Garður with its lighthouse and traditional clapboard church against the wild scenery. At the working fishing village of Grindavik, the fresh catch of the day is still landed at the quaint harbour and at Sandgerði fishing boats still bob in the water. The tip of the peninsula is where bird cliffs rustle with life and plunge down to a lavafield moonscape as the wild North Atlantic crashes against the shore. Here you might spot kittiwakes, arctic terns and razorbills. Experience all this in one day and then unwind in the Blue Lagoon afterwards on the Reykjanes & Blue Lagoon day trip.

Facts About The Blue Lagoon

History of the Blue Lagoon

When the Svartsengi geothermal power plant opened in 1976, the engineers assumed that the runoff water would simply be absorbed by the porous volcanic rock around the site. Instead, a mineral-rich bed of mud settled and heated water turned milky-blue with silica pooled to create an other-worldly lagoon.

When local people started bathing here in the 1980s, there were no changing facilities or showers and they would just change in their car or brace the open air before slipping into the geothermal water. Rumours of the healing powers of the lagoon soon spread those with psoriasis swore it healed their skin. Even people without an affliction said they emerged fresh and baby-skinned from the warm lagoon.

1992 saw the Blue Lagoon Company officially emerge and bathing here was so popular that changing facilities and showers were added. When the power plant was moved, so was the lagoon and new facilities were built, turning this place into a luxurious spa-like experience with fine-dining restaurants, research facilities and even a hotel.

Can you swim in the blue lagoon?

What temperature is the Blue Lagoon?

The geothermal water is between 37° and 40° C but can sometimes fluctuate beyond that range. It is, essentially, the temperature of a hot tub or a warm bath. Once youve sat in the lagoon for an hour or so, hydrating with a bottle of water is recommended.

Does the Blue Lagoon have healing properties?

Skincare At the Blue Lagoon

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Why Should You Put Your Trust In Bluelagoskincaresystem

Bluelagoskin is one of the leading manufacturers of skin care products in the country. They have a wide range of products that suit different needs. From anti-aging to acne, from moisturizing to lightening, from sun protection to exfoliating.

The company has been in the market for more than two decades and has been providing high-quality skin care solutions for all skin types and conditions.

My Experience With Bl+

Myndaniðurstaða fyrir blue lagoon iceland signature masks

The description is compelling. But, as a writer who covers grooming, among other topics, I’ve cycled through a lot of skincare products in my 40 years on this planet, so I’m not easily impressed. I will say that, right out of the gate, the Blue Lagoon more than lived up to its billing. The line-upwith their dark bottles and intuitive packagingare just beautifully designed. Using them feels elevated and spa-likethe closest one can come to experiencing the Blue Lagoon without a plane ticket.

The consistency of the formulas are also a win for me. For example, The Cream and The Serum have a certain heft and velvety feel, yetthis is crucial for medon’t sit on my skin for long.

Let’s talk benefits and results. The Serum targets signs of aging and boosts skin health with the help of antioxidant-rich vitamin C, and a trio of hydration-boosting hyaluronic acids. The Cream is packed with niacinamide, squalane, and ceramides to moisturize, firm, and smooth. The Eye Serum relieves puffiness and signs of fatigue while fending off free radical damage with vitamin C, caffeine, licorice root, and that trio of hyaluronic acids. Finally, the Retinol Cream 0.3% gives cell turnover a jolt, promotes collagen production, and improves skin texture. I like to swap this with The Serum a few nights a week , and follow up with The Cream, perhaps my favorite product because it’s so soothing and nourishing.

BL+ The Cream

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How To Get To The Blue Lagoon

Reykjavik Excursions run a number of Blue Lagoon trips, where transfers from Reykjavik are included. If youve got a late flight, you can include a visit to the Blue Lagoon in your airport transfer, hopping on the bus at Reykjavik, spending a few hours soaking in the lagoon and then transferring on to the airport for your flight.

From Keflavik Airport

If youre arriving early into Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is just 25km from Keflavik Airport so a 20-minute transfer can see you at the lagoon straight from your flight. Slipping into the warm water, surrounded by moss and lava is the perfect tonic after a long flight and an ideal introduction to Icelands unique landscape. Reykjavik Excursions have a few options from Keflavik Airport, whether youre looking for an inclusive comfort or premium package with admission included, or just transfers.

Its Silica Preserves Moisture

Silica is a mineral compound found in the Blue Lagoon, and is perhaps its most buzzed-about element. Silica strengthens the skins barrier function, meaning it helps lock in moisture and keep out toxins. This, in turn, ensures a youthful, firm complexion, and also slows signs of aging.

When you visit the lagoon, youll likely do a mud mask mid-soakyouve probably seen photos of guests soaking in the blue haze with white clay smeared all over their face. You can buy a made-for-home variation of this, which is also rich in silica.

It deep cleans the skin and reduces the visibility of pores, says Brynjolfsdottir, noting the silica is hand-harvested from the Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater.

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Is The Blue Lagoon Good For The Skin

Blue Lagoon Iceland was founded in 1992 to unlock the benefits of geothermal seawater. Since then, it has evolved into a company focused on transformative spa experiences and has become renowned for the convergence of hospitality and wellness in a remarkable setting, amid an 800-year-old lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

The chance for visitors to luxuriate in the Blue Lagoons ethereal waters gains the most attention and is a visual representation of a key company mission: to unify the man made and the natural. With this in mind, sustainability is an overarching driver for the company, and research and development is undertaken to utilize all the benefits of the mineral-rich waters, especially in the field of skin care.

The healing properties of the Blue Lagoon and the companys natural treatment products were recently showcased in the Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron. Zac and his travel companion, wellness expert Darin Olien, visited Iceland to explore healthy and sustainable ways to live.

Introduction: The Blue Lagoon & Iceland A Natural Beauty Haven

Blue Lagoon Iceland Skin Care

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. This natural beauty haven is famous for its healing powers and has been used for centuries to treat skin conditions, psoriasis, and eczema.

This introduction starts by telling readers about the Blue Lagoon and how it is located in Iceland. It then talks about the benefits of being able to visit this natural beauty haven. The introduction ends by mentioning the healing powers of The Blue Lagoon, which will make readers want to visit it themselves.

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Whats The Deal About Silica

A VERY big deal is made out of the silica that turns the water a whitish turquoise and is touted to have all kinds of benefits:

One form of Blue Lagoon silica is a white mud known for strengthening the skin barrier, skin renewal, and deep cleansing. It is an important element of the treatment offered at Blue Lagoons dermatology clinic.

Blue Lagoon

If you have a look at what Silica is used for in cosmetics and skincare, its nearly always as a thickener and oil-absorbent. Its in A LOT of face powders trying to keep you as non-shiny as possible. Its often used in masks geared towards oily skin because of that. The Silica Mud Mask dries my skin out like nothing else and if youve got dry or sensitive skin, Id say stay away from it.

The Blue Lagoon Experience Worth It

Because we live in weird times, my experience will be slightly different to those before and after 2020 . Therere less tourists in Iceland right now and theres a limit on how many people may enter the lagoon. There was a short line at the entrance, but many counters were staffed and everything proceeded smoothly. Explanations for first-time visitors are lengthy, though.

But generally, you had ample room for yourself. I spent a fun two hours lazing around in the hot water while it rained, either floating on my back or kinda hovering over the ground and feeling the squishy silica mud and the occasional algae under my feet.

The general advice is to not stay in the water for more than three hours. Make sure to hydrate at one of the water fountains dotted throughout the area.

Also, dont try to swim: the hot water and the exercise will make you feel dizzy.

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The Lagoons Algae Has Anti

Clinical studies have proven the Blue Lagoons algae stimulates collagen renewal in the skin. Furthermore, it helps defend against sun damage by preventing the breakdown of said collagen. If youre ever lucky enough to visit the Blue Lagoon Research & Development center , youll see they raise their own algae in evenly lit, gently circulating tubes of water.

algae is cultivated through the geothermal seawatera natural occurring resource originating from 2,000 meters within the volcanic earth, says Brynjolfsdottir. And it contains no external additives.

That makes it an ideal ingredient to apply anywhere on the bodybut especially on the face. The brands Algae Mask is nourishing and moisturizing. You can use it after a deep-cleaning mud mask, if you want to reinvigorate cleansed, dried skin with these pro-collagen, anti-aging benefits. However, its also a good standalone mask if you have overly dry or sensitive skin, since itll hydrate and smooth while preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

How To Address The 7 Biggest Skincare Concerns With Blue Lagoon Iceland Products

Blue Lagoon Iceland Rejuvenating Essentials

The Blue Lagoon Iceland products are designed to address the 7 biggest skincare concerns.

-Exfoliation: The Blue Lagoon Iceland products contain a blend of natural ingredients that are exfoliating and gentle on the skin.

-Tightening: The Blue Lagoon Iceland products contain ingredients that tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

-Moisturizing: The Blue Lagoon Iceland products hydrate, moisturize, and protect the skin from environmental damage.

-Anti-Aging: The Blue Lagoon Iceland products provide anti-aging benefits for a younger looking appearance.

-Pigmentation: The Blue Lagoon Iceland products lighten dark spots and discolorations for an even complexion.

-Sensitive Skin/Dry Skin: The Blue

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The Skincare Line That Melds Science Sustainability And Luxury

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon bottled its skin-healing geothermal water. Here’s why I love itand you will, too.

Some people marvel at the mysteries of outer space. Not meI’m still awestruck by things closer afield, like the magic lurking beneath the surface of the bodies of water here on earth. Take the Blue Lagoon, the geothermal wonder in southwestern Iceland known for its otherworldly turquoise glow. Located at the border of two tectonic plates, the steamy Blue Lagoon is an alchemical mix of freshwater and seawater, forged in extreme heat and pressure, and infused with mineral-rich compounds. I’m not the only one fascinated by this body of water people travel the world to submerge themselves in its healing elixir, emerging reinvigorated.

In the early ’80s, “bathers discovered that this extraordinary water made their skin smoother, calmer, and less irritated,” says Asa Brynjólfsdóttir, director of research and development at the Blue Lagoon. “Most notably, the water alleviated chronic skin ailments, like psoriasis,” she notes. “Word of the lagoon’s beneficial abilities spread across Iceland, and, in 1987, the first scientists arrived to execute formal research on the water.” Their findings formed the foundation of Blue Lagoon Skincare, which launched in 1995.

The Blue Lagoon Worth It

No, a Blue Lagoon visit isnt worth it at all, but Id go back in a heartbeat.

See: This is Icelands Vegas/Disneyland/Eiffel Tower. And all those experiences can be fun. Theyre also expensive. If you want to spend the bucks, AND like a spa experience, go for it! BUT: for a much quieter experience, spend a night at the Silica Hotel and use their private lagoon, which I found much more relaxing, and not as aggressively professional as the Blue Lagoon.

all Blue Lagoon products smell and feel nice, and if thats the thing you want, yay. I cant help but feel that theyre outrageously priced for mediocre formulas.

What I want to say is: your glowy skin is likely more attributed to the fact that you spent a few relaxing hours, concentrating on your wellbeing, rather than to silica products and algae.

Also, while I really liked the experience, the Blue Lagoon isnt even in my top five experiences in Iceland.

Please note that this post is not sponsored in any way. We buy products ourselves, with our own money, and dont accept exchanging goods or money for reviews. We are completely independent, and our reviews reflect that.

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Does Blue Lagoon Offer Psoriasis Treatment

Blue Lagoon is an exceptional location for healing, comfort, and relaxation, and we have offered psoriasis treatment since 1994. Decades of research confirms the efficacy of Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater for treating psoriasis.

Our treatment is one of the few completely natural remedies available for psoriasis patients. After an initial visit to Blue Lagoon, the benefits can be maintained with home treatment, without any side effects.

Blue Lagoons pioneering psoriasis treatment is based on three elements:regular bathing in the mineral-rich Blue Lagoon geothermal seawaterthe application of Blue Lagoon skin care products, developed for the treatment of psoriasisUV light therapy

A dermatologist is onsite for guests who visit our psoriasis treatment clinic. Their medical expertise guides treatment and evaluates results. Nurses provide daily care and monitor the progress.

Are Skin Treatment Products Available

Icelands Blue Lagoon Has A Popular Skincare Routine

Blue Lagoons treatment products are 100% natural. Researchers, dermatologists, and nurses have spent their professional careers focusing on the therapeutic properties of the Blue Lagoon, especially for treatment of psoriasis and other atopic skin disorders. Treatment products are available through our online store, and our clinic nurse offers guidance on specific skin issues via email.

Talks about

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Top 10 Best Bluelagoonskincaresystem Products Of 2018

Blue Lagoon Skincare System is a skincare line that has been around for over 25 years. It has been popular among celebrities and beauty experts alike.

The Blue Lagoon Skincare System is a range of products that have all been created to work with each other to deliver the best results. The products are formulated with natural ingredients and they are both gentle and effective on the skin. They can be used by people of all skin types, including sensitive skin, oily skin or combination skin.

The system starts off with the Cleanser, which cleanses and purifies your complexion for an even base to apply makeup on top of or just to give your face a good cleanse in preparation for bedtime. The next step is the Toner which refreshes your face, removes

What Is The Blue Lagoon

Catching a glimpse of the milky-blue water against the black-rock lava fields, it may not come as a complete surprise that the Blue Lagoon is man-made. Runoff water from the nearby Svartsengi geothermal power plant trickles into the lava fields and a blanket of mineral-rich mud lines the foundations of the Blue Lagoon. This creates a heavenly bathing experience with water at a consistently pleasant temperature said to rejuvenate body, soul and skin.

You can find the Blue Lagoon a forty-five-minute drive from Reykjavik, close to Keflavik Airport on the Reykjanes Peninsula. There are plenty of activities and amenities to keep you occupied for hours restaurants, shops, spa experiences, steam rooms and, of course, soaking in the lagoon itself.

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All Of The Blue Lagoons Ingredients And Products Are Made Sustainably

Because Iceland sits on a volcano field, it runs entirely on geothermal energy. This gives the country a huge advantage in sustainable production. The Blue Lagoon leads the way not just in skincare innovation.

Sustainability is echoed through every dimension of our companys ongoing evolution, says Brynjolfsdottir.

They rely on renewable electrical energy to fuel Blue Lagoon facilities, including LAVA Restaurant, Silica Hotel, the R& D Center, and the Retreat at Blue Lagoon. They even recycle the CO2 that pumps out of their production center. This means that green methods have been employed to create any of those products you apply to your body, all the way down to the algae, silica, and minerals within.


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