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Best Sunscreen For Indian Skin

Dr Sheths Oat & Zinc Mineral Sunscreen Rs 750

Best Sunscreens For Oily and Acne-Prone Skin | Sunscreen Guide | Nykaa #Shorts

The sunscreen comes with SPF 50+ and gives you broad-spectrum protection against UV rays, pollution, and blue light damage. Along with having anti-pollution benefits, it is matte in texture perfect for oily skin.

It contains oat lipids, which assist in strengthening the skin barrier, and prevents photo-ageing. In addition, this sunscreen contains 25% zinc oxide and 1% ecotin, a bacterial ferment that protects the skin from irritation.

Re’equil Oxybenzone Free Sunscreen Spf 50 For Oily Acne Prone Skin

Be it the sun of winters, summers or the beaches, sunscreen is always essential for protecting your skin. To ensure maximum prevention from harmful rays and provide superior care, you can try this low penetrating sunscreen from Reequil. Free from the usual sunscreen filters such as Octinoxate and Oxybenzone, this sunscreen works perfectly on oily and acne-prone skin. This is an easy-to-apply sunscreen that blends perfectly into the skin and does not leave any white cast. Buy this paraben-free sunscreen from the official website of Rerequil for Rs. 368 and try it today.

Find Out The 10 Best Sunscreens In India In 2022

Our summer beauty routine is an absolute must-have: an excellent sunscreen lotion. Sunscreen creams not only protect us from harmful UV rays but also nourish our skin. However, before rushing to choose the best one for you, you must first determine your skin type. As a result, look for sunscreen lotions that have an SPF of at least 50 and are light, oil-free, and waterproof. Using a beauty product that doesn’t work for your skin daily could do more harm than good. It’s not always easy to match your sunscreen to your skin type, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Here’s a quick guide to selecting the best sunscreen for your skin type.

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The Key Difference Between Mineral And Chemical Sunscreens Lies Between The Way They React On The Skin Said Sushma Yadav Dermatologist Cosmetologist Hair Transplant Surgeon

Sun protection can be confusing. Simply because there is a lot of opposing information available about the various types of creams and sunscreens, leaving the consumer confused about the best choice for their skin. Should you pick mineral or chemical, or opt for a physical, chemical, or hybrid formula? Making this decision can be overwhelming and also complicated.

As such, understanding the pros and cons of chemicaland physical sunscreens is of paramount importance, said Sushma Yadav, dermatologist, cosmetologist, hair transplant surgeon, and founder of Skinology, Bangalore.

These contain organic compounds, such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, and avobenzone.

*You require only a small amount for protection as the sunscreen molecules bind together after application*These also tend to be thinner and spread more evenly on the skin*Once absorbed into the skin, it futher absorbs UV rays, converts them into heat, and releases them from the body


*Needs about 20 minutes after application before it starts to work*Increased chance of irritation and stinging due to the multiple ingredients combined in order to achieve broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection*Not suitable for all skin types*Re-application must be more frequent*May clog pores for oily skin types

Mineral sunscreens




Biotique Sun Shield Sandalwood 50+spf Uvb Sunscreen Ultra Protective Face Cream

7 Best Sunscreens For Combination Skin In India  2021 Update

Pure sandalwood, saffron, wheat germ, and honey are combined together in this nutrient-rich lotion to keep skin soft, fair, and hydrated. Broad-spectrum SPF 50 UVA/UVB sunscreen protects skin and the best part is that it is water resistant.It retains SPF even after 80 minutes in the water. This sunscreen itself acts as a moisturizer hence there is no need to apply a separate moisturizer.

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Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry Touch Sunblock Spf 50

One of the claims that caught our eye is the helioplexTM technology known for providing protection from a broad range of harmful rays. Moreover, the dry touch technology used for making this lotion gives a light effect and matte finish to the skin. If you are sensitive to the sharp fragrances carried by many products, then you are going to love the mild fragrance of this sunblock. The non-comedogenic and PABA-free formula of this sunscreen makes it a perfect pick for dry skin. You can buy the 30 ml pack of this sunscreen on Nykaa for just Rs. 225.

Spf Aka Sun Protection Factor

SPF refers to the sun protection factor in sunscreens, which determines the sunscreens safety standards and how well they can protect your skin from sun damage such as skin cancer or sunburn.

Assuming that your skin burns after 20 minutes in the sun, an SPF 30 should cover you for 10 hours.

A sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays is the best way to get maximum protection. This means that you need sunscreen that can protect you from both suntan and sunburn.

Different SPFs have different sun protection capabilities. If you choose SPF 15, for example, your skin will not be damaged for about 150 minutes when youre outside. SPF 30 will allow you to stay for 30 minutes more before you need to reapply. So if you plan to stay in the sun for a long period, you should opt for sunscreen with a higher SPF.

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How To Choose The Right Sunscreen

The choice of sunscreen depends on various factors such as skin texture, specific concerns, lifestyle and individual preferences. Irrespective of your skin type, applying sunscreen daily is a mustfor every skin typefollowing a thorough cleansing and moisturising routine to address concerns of oiliness or dryness, says Dr. Shefali Trasi Nerurkar, M.D. in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology at La Piel, Mumbai courtesy of Cetaphil. She adds that sunscreen helps create a protective layer over ones skin and while it is typically believed that physical may be better for sensitive skin or chemical may be better for dry skin, she recommends opting for a product that is trusted by experts, and dermatologically tested and approved.

What Is Spf Or Sun Protection Factor

Best Sunscreen For Sun Protection – Neutrogena Sunblock SPF 50 – Glamrs

Well! Whenever we talk about sunscreens, we determine the efficacy with the help of a parameter which is SPF or Sun Protection Factor. This factor or index determines how long your skin would be protected from the harsh rays of the Sun. If your skin is supposed to get exposed in the sun for 2 hours or even more, then you need a sunscreen with SPF 30+. Whereas, if you are partying outside in cloudy weather, moisturizing cream with SPF 15+ would be enough to protect your skin. A higher SPF does not increase the coverage exponentially. It ensures the percentage of UV rays blocked by your sunscreen. Basically, your choice of SPF should depend upon your daily activities or the climate you live in.

  • SPF 15 > Blocks 93% UVB, SPF 30 > Blocks 97% UVB, SPF 50> Blocks 98% UVB, SPF 100 > Blocks 99% UVB

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Compare The Best Sunscreens For Sensitive Skin


Australian Sunscreen Sensitive Spf 30+

MD Uv Physical Broad Spectrum

Protection 50 Sport

SunComfort Ultra Mist Broad Spectrum Sun Care SunScreen Spray


An Effective Sunscreen for the Sensitive Skin

A Gentle Gel Sunscreen With Great Protection

Ideal for Oily and Sensitive Skin Type

Lightweight Sunscreen for Oily-Sensitive Skin

Paraben Free Sunscreen for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Ideal Sunscreen for Both Oily-Sensitive and Dry-Sensitive Skin

A Good Option for Oily-Sensitive Skin With SPF 30

Moisturising Sunscreen for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Moisturising Sunscreen for Oily-Sensitive and Dry-Sensitive Skin

One of the Best Sunscreen Spray for Sensitive Skin

Price Starts at

Popxo Glow Goals Illuminating Sunscreen Spf 30 Pa+++ 30g

A sunscreen thats got you covered from head to toe? Aye, aye. The POPxo Beach Bum Multi-Use Sunscreen Spray can be used on your face, body and even your hair. With an SPF of 50 PA+++, this sunscreen spray will protect your skin and hair without it feeling sticky or greasy. The easy spray-on feature allows you to apply and reapply it with ease. You can even spritz it on over makeup without ruining your base. It offers intense hydration and replenishes your skin, and locks it with the right kind of nourishment.

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Lakme Sun Expert Spf 50 Pa+++ Ultra Matte Gel

Most of us have used Lakme products and are aware of the quality and consistency. If you have oily skin and looking for good sunscreen then this sunscreen from Lakme is a perfect pick. Blocking around 97% of the harmful rays, the sunscreen is lightweight and provides a matte effect on the skin. The sunscreen is comedogenic and hypoallergenic making it perfect for oily skin even in the summers. The lightweight formula and good consistency of this sunscreen make the product ideal for oily skin. You can buy this sun expert from Lakme on the official website of Lakme India at a discounted price of 242.

Cheryls Cosmeceuticals Dermashade Spf 30 Spray Rs 575

Best Sunscreens for Oily Skin in India!

Cheryls Cosmeceuticals comes with advanced anti-ageing benefits and contains active ingredients including antioxidants like vitamin C and E to prevent free radical damage. For those looking at soothing, theres aloe vera too.

Sun rays induce sunburn and accelerated aging of the skin. Cheryls Cosmeceuticals Dermashade SPF 30 spray is formulated with the finest form of scientifically-proven actives and biotechnological components for improved sun protection and anti-ageing skincare.

While anti-oxidant components such as vitamin C and E steers clear of free radical damage, natural ingredients of the sunscreen spf such olive leaves, sunflower, aloe vera and sunflower aids in keeping your skin glowing and radiant.

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Sunscreen Is Important When Going Outdoors

We all have read about the importance of sunscreen lotion and benefits of applying it on a daily basis. However, call it our lazy selves or lack of proper time we miss out on applying the lotion on a daily basis. Further, there is also a misconception that on the cloudy days you need not put a sunscreen. However, in the day if you are going outdoor, then ensure applying sunscreen on face and all the body parts that are uncovered. Here are the top reasons why should you never miss out on sunscreen when going outdoor during the daytime.

Earth Rhythm Daily Defence Mineral Sun Fluid With Spf 30 Rs 675

An all natural mineral sunblock, the Earth Rhythm Daily Defence Mineral Sun Fluid comes with sunscreen SPF 30 and protects against sun damage such as tan, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. The non-sticky texture leaves your skin feeling clean and relaxed. In addition, it is enriched with the benefits of raspberry seed oil, coconut water, yashad bhasma, and zinc oxide.

Going by the brands promise to deliver all-natural products, this sunscreen lotion by Earth Rhythm is devoid of chemical sunscreen filters. Instead it is laden with naturally occurring minerals or physical sunscreens along with plant-based polyphenols that provide complete sun protection and fights the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

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Suitable For Daily Use

Like I said, you need to wear sunscreen every day for proper protection. A white cast isnt the only thing that might stand in the way of your daily sunscreen use.

Adding another step to your skincare routine can affect your skin in undesirable ways. With certain strong formulas, you could find your skin irritated with daily use. But its not necessary for you to experience this!

There are many sunscreens that are formulated gently with the purpose of gentle yet effective daily use. Think along the lines of formulas that are designed for sensitive skin. You will want to find a sunscreen that you can apply every day without adverse reactions.

Best Sunscreen For Oily Skin In India

ð?¬5 ACNE SAFE SUNSCREENS: The Best (Reef Safe) Sunscreen For Acne

We at Lotus Organics+, have carefully curated 100% Certified Organic Mineral Sunscreens for Safe-sunsurance.

You can choose your SPF and type from the following three variants:

Lotus Organics+ Hydrating Gel Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 PA+++ – 100 GM

Lotus Organics+ Ultra Matte Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++ – 100 GM

Lotus Organics+ Sheer Brightening Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ – 100 GM

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Mamaearth’s Best Sunscreen For Oily Skin

  • Ultra-Light Indian Sunscreen: It reduces the aftereffects of UV radiation. It reduces inflammation, redness, rashes, and hyperpigmentation besides also offering a cool and soothing touch to the skin.

  • Gel Based Sunscreen: It safeguards your skin from UVA and UVB rays, thanks to its SPF 50. Its rich aloe vera content hydrates your skin while raspberry extracts delay the signs of aging. Also, check tan removal cream that almost anyone can use.

  • Aqua Gel Sunscreen: It offers a high concentration of Himalayan Thermal Water and Hyaluronic Acid protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. This gel-based sunscreen also prevents your skin from premature aging and pigmentation.

  • Pigmentation Cream: Known as Bye Bye Blemishes, this cream is known for its rich Daisy Flower and Mulberry Extracts. These constituents treat dark spots, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and aging spots.

  • Under Eye Cream: Mamaearths premium eye cream is your smart way to treat puffy eyes, dark circles, and wrinkles. It features extracts of cucumber, white lily, and coffee that together improve your appearance.

  • Dark Spot Removal Cream: Get that peerless and spotless skin with Mamaearths Dark Spot Removal Cream. Known for its enhanced spot correction features, this cream comes with a non-greasy formula to reduce pigmentation and to even out skin tone.

  • The Best Sunscreen Cream In India Is Available At Mamaearth

    Alternatively known as a sunblock or suntan lotion, sunscreen cream is your first line of defense against the suns harmful UV radiation and other harmful polluting substances. It can help you iron out several wellness issues like sunburns, pigmentation, uneven tan profile, premature aging, or sensitivity to certain allergens. Usually, a Sunscreen cream with SPF 50 rating is the best among the pack because of its top-of-the-line benefits. Most people think using suntan lotion is optional, and they could not be more incorrect. The quality of your skin matters a lot because it is the first thing about your appearance that gives away your age. Thats why it makes perfect sense to buy the Best Sunscreen for Face. You may make your choice as per your skin type by opting for either the one for Oily Skin or the best sunscreen for dry skin. These creams or best sunscreen lotion do not cause any greasiness or oily or sticky feeling even after prolonged use and help you stay safe from the harmful effects of your environment. The higher the value of SPF , the better it usually is. We recommend going ahead with an Mamaearth SPF 30 Sunscreen at the very least.

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    Best No White Cast Sunscreen In India

    1. SunScoop Invisible Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++

    It is a transparent gel sunscreen that leaves velvety finish because this one is silicone based. SunScoop Invisible Sunscreen contains SPF 40 PA+++ with blue light protection and is a chemical sunscreen. However, it doesnt contain harmful UV filters like benzophenone and oxybenzone. Due to the transparent formula, it does not leave white cast, hence adaptable for all skin colors. Additionally, this can be also applied as a daily makeup primer under BB and CC creams. Beige a lightweight formula, it is also water/sweat resistant and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. Furthermore, this product is non-comedogenic and free of fragrance, alcohol, paraben, sulfate, homosalate, DMDM hydantoin and formaldehyde.

    2. Reequil Ultra Matte Dry-Touch Sunscreen

    Reequil Ultra Matte Dry-Touch Sunscreen is formulated with SPF 50 PA++++ and it is silicone-based sunscreen that feels like a primer which can be use under makeup too. It settles into a matte finish without leaving a white cast. In addition to this, the formula is also water-resistant and non-comedogenic. Overall, this sunscreen is more suited to oily and combination skin.

    3. Reequil Sheer Zinc Tinted Sunscreen

    4. La Sheild Anti-Tanning Sunscreen

    5. Bioderma Photoderm MAX Aquafluide SPF 50+

    6. Rovectin Skin Essentials Aqua Soothing UV Protector SPF 50

    7. Bello Photostable Sunscreen Gel

    8. Brinton UV Doux Silicone Sunscreen Gel

    Ponds Sun Protect Non

    15 Best Sunscreens In India For All Type Of Skin (Review) 2020

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    Himalaya Herbals Protective Sunscreen Lotion

    Protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays with the Himalaya Herbals Protective Sunscreen Lotion, which has an SPF of 15. This is proven to be the best sunscreen for hyperpigmentation in 2022 in India.Apply a large amount of Himalaya Protective Sunscreen Lotion to all areas exposed to the sun, especially the face, before going out. This sunscreen cream should be used daily. It’s solely for use on the face, and both men and women can use it. It’s a two-in-one solution that also nourishes your skin. Protective Sunscreen Lotion protects skin from the damaging effects of the sun, such as tanning and premature ageing, with a blend of organically derived ingredients like Spiked Ginger Lily, Aloe Vera, Greater Galangal, and Crab Apple.

    • Price: 160


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