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Best Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansers

Best For Sensitive Skin: Tata Harper Softening Cleanser


Tata Harper Softening Cleanser

  • What it does:Tata Harper Softening Cleanser is a soothing, hypoallergenic cream cleanser especially made for sensitive and stressed-out skin. It can be used twice daily on damp skin, and then rinsed off with water.
  • Best for: All skin, especially sensitive.
  • Key ingredients: Calendula, shea butter, glycerin, evening primrose oil.
  • Editors notes: Like all the brands products, this cleanser is made with all-natural ingredients. But you might be surprised to learn that it is free of essential oils and fragrance . As you massage, it produces a rich, non-stripping micro-foam, which dissolves build-up and then rinses away with just water.

Face Washes For Sensitive Skin

$28 at Hyper Skin and

This cleanser gives your skin a strong cleanse without stripping away your natural skin barrier, Houston says. It has mandelic acid to help regulate oil production as well as natural botanicals to help calm inflammation.

$35 at Dr. Loretta and Dermstore

Ive been using Dr. Lorettas Gentle Hydrating Cleanser for years, and it has always kept my skin feeling clean and balanced. I particularly like it for a morning cleanse because of its gentle non-stripping formula . Ciraldo says that it is infused with a marine extract that absorbs environmental aggressors from skin surface, chamomile and ginger to calm skin, and peptides to firm skin. The dermatologist uses it on all of her sensitive-skinned, rosacea and post-procedure patients who invariably make it the number one go-to wash.

$45 at The Skin Savant or from $19 at ZO Skin Health

Good for all skin types but especially those with sensitive skin, this cleanser has a gentle, silky gel formula that leaves skin feeling refreshed, says Peterson.

This is a personal favorite of mine, Houston shares. Its also great for any skin type, including oily. Made with meadowfoam seed oil, it tones and conditions the skin and is gentle enough to use around the eye area. Its an overall great cleanser that will keep the skin balanced and moisturized, says Houston.

$74 at and Nordstrom

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

| Gentle Skin Cleanser.

Cetaphils creamy Gentle Skin Cleanser is formulated with micellar technology that gently yet effectively removes dirt, makeup and impurities, and is clinically proven to provide continuous hydration to protect against dryness. This cleanser is pure good for your skin: free of parabens, oils, and fragrance, its non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, while also being kind on your wallet!

Designed with a dermatologist-backed blend of niacinamide , panthenol and hydrating glycerin to improve the resilience of sensitive skin, this 2021 Allure Best of Beauty award winning is guaranteed to get the job done with no fuss and no frills.

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Fragrance Free Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Sebamed Face Wash for Daily Cleansing

Sebamed Fragrance Free Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

This gentle, hydrating cleanser is specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin. It effectively cleanses without irritating or drying out the skin.

This fragrance-free cleanser contains a variety of soothing ingredients that support the skin and prevent irritation. Antioxidant-rich vitamin E and panthenol both hydrate, nourish, and fight irritation while the soap-free formula cleanses.

  • May not be suitable for acne-prone skin

This gentle cleanser is suitable for a variety of skin conditions, including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and dehydrated skin.

Water , Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Citric Acid, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Panthenol , Tocopheryl Acetate ,Glyceryl Laurate, PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate, Sodium Benzoate

  • National Center for Biotechnology Information. “Skin moisturizing effects of panthenol-based formulations”

    Accessed Aug. 24, 2021.

  • Best For Sensitive Skin: Mv Skintherapy Gentle Cream Cleanser

    10 Best Facial Cleansers for Sensitive Skin 2021

    MV Skintherapy Gentle Cream Cleanser

    • What it does: MV Skintherapy Gentle Cream Cleanser is a buttery, oil-based cream cleanser that is meant to be removed with a soft cloth. It can be applied daily to dry skin massage it with wet fingertips and then drape a warm cloth over your face for a count of five. Use the cloth to gently wipe away the cleanser, and then repeat the process up to four more times.
    • Best for: All skin, especially sensitive skin.
    • Key ingredients: Camellia oil, glycerin, olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E.
    • Editors notes: This cleanser feels so good, you almost want to leave it on as moisturizer . Somehow, it is both nourishing and gentle for dry and sensitive skin, but also lightweight enough for oilier folks. To ensure no oils are left behind to clog pores, be sure to use the cloth to remove it, not just water.

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    Best Face Washes For Sensitive Skin

    People with sensitive skin are all too familiar with the fact that they need to be extra careful about the skincare products they use in their daily routine. In an instant, a single product can make healthy and calm skin aggravated, uncomfortable, and difficult to deal with.

    One of the essential products that everyone needs in their skincare routine is an effective face wash, so weve created a guide specifically for people with sensitive skin. Below, youll find our recommendations for the absolute best face washes for sensitive skin. With these face washes, you can feel confident that you are using a product that will gently yet thoroughly cleanse, without causing irritation, dryness, or other issues.

    Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

    If youre looking for a product thats more clinical than brand-name, CeraVe may be the right choice for you. Their hydrating facial cleanser gently removes dirt, makeup, and other debris without disrupting the skins natural protective barrier, or stripping it of its moisture. This is a non-irritating, non-comedogenic, and fragrance free – yet very effective – cleanser, accepted by the National Eczema Association as suitable for those with extremely sensitive skin.

    A formulation of hyaluronic acid and three essential ceramides work together to lock in moisture and ensure that healing ingredients are efficiently delivered and released slowly over time within the skins barrier. This means that CeraVes hydrating facial cleanser will support the protection of your skin long after youve finished applying it, making this product an excellent way to start off any skincare regimen.

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    First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser

    First Aid Beauty is a great skin care brand for people with sensitive skin to have on their radar. This clean beauty company specializes in creating products that are suitable for sensitive skin and is dedicated to prohibiting any potentially harmful ingredients from its formulas. This includes sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances and dyes.

    The First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanserwhich is suitable for all skin typesis packed with antioxidants, and the creamy formula hydrates the skin as it gently yet effectively cleanses. This dermatologist-tested and pH-balanced cleanser is made without oils or fragrances and is vegan and cruelty-free. One of the key ingredients in this cleanser is allantoin, an ingredient known for calming and soothing the skin. Anti-inflammatory aloe leaf juice further calms irritation and nourishes the skin, while glycerin helps keep the skin hydrated.

    This cleanser also contains the companys FAB antioxidant booster which is a blend of licorice root, feverfew, and white tea extracts. These antioxidant-rich extracts help protect the skin against environmental aggressors that can cause irritation.

    It Cosmetics Confidence In A Cleanser

    Which is the best cerave cleanser for you?

    | Confidence in a Cleanser.

    If your confidence is taking a hit from blemishes or fine lines on your face, It Cosmetics has the sensitive-skin-friendly solution for you. Confidence in a Cleanser is a skin-loving cleanser that combines the cleansing power of a foam wash with the hydration of a serum. Developed alongside plastic surgeons and dermatologists, this product gently removes makeup, oil, SPF and traces of pollution while supporting and revitalising your skins protective barrier.

    Ceramides and hyaluronic acid form the foundation of this cleanser, helping to attract and retain moisture, support skin elasticity, reinforce the skin barrier, and plump out the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It is gentle enough for twice daily use without drying or stripping your skin and delivers immediate and lasting hydration, making it the perfect facial cleanser for even the most sensitive skin types.

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    Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser

    | Gentle Facial Cleanser.

    The final recommendation on our list of 27 best face washes for sensitive skin, is Vanicreams Gentle Face Cleanser. This is Vanicreams mildest cleanser, specially formulated for daily facial use by those with sensitive skin. It helps remove makeup and excess skin oils without drying, and leaves the skin feeling clean and soft.

    This cream contains no harsh cleansing agents – no soap, dyes, fragrance, lanolin, paraben, formaldehyde, cocamidopropyl betaine, botanical extract, sulfates, or gluten – is dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic, and pH balanced. Furthermore, its been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, so is ideal for use by even those with the most sensitive of skin.

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    Face Washes For Oily Skin

    $16.50 at and Beautybeez

    This cleanser is great for all skin types, but I really like recommending it to my clients who want to control their oil production, Houston says. It has a gel-to-foam formula with zinc gluconate, which helps with excess oil and unclogging pores.

    $28 at The Skin Savant or $30.50 at

    This pH-balanced cleanser features a blend of amino acids and enzymes that loosen oil and impurities on the skin and in the pores, Peterson shares.

    From $14 at and

    Peterson likes this face wash for its ingredients that exfoliate, remove oils and refine large pores, such as lactic acid, glycolic acid and willow bark extract.

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    Top 10 Best Facial Cleanser To Remove Makeup For Sensitive Skin: The List

    Finding the right facial cleanser to remove makeup for sensitive skin doesn’t have to be a pain. One of the first steps toward making it less frustrating is finding the right facial cleanser to remove makeup for sensitive skin.

    We looked at tens of facial cleanser to remove makeup for sensitive skin to find the product that can help you take the guesswork and make your task easier.

    No products found.

    Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser With Pump Dispenser

    Eucerin Sensitive Skin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser in 2020
    • Gentle cleansing: Effective, yet gentle to sensitive skin, this face cleanser helps remove dirt, oil and makeup without drying the skin ideal for daily use
    • Soothing formula: Free of sulfates, dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens and formaldehyde releasers
    • Please note: There are no fragrances or masking fragrances in Vanicream products, but there may be a slightly different aroma to each batch packaging may vary
    • Dermatologist tested: This non-comedogenic cleanser wont clog pores awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association
    • Ingredients for sensitive skin: Formulated to avoid common chemical irritants and harsh cleansing agents betaine-free, gluten-free, soap-free, and botanical extract-free

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    The Benefits Of Face Exfoliators

    Exfoliators play an important role in helping to slough away dirt and dead skin cells, which helps promote cell turnover . Because of this, exfoliators help unclog pores and prevent breakouts, even out skin tone, and transform dull skin. Exfoliating regularly can also help prevent fine lines and make it easier for other skin-care products to penetrate the surface of your skin. Avoiding exfoliation can cause clogged pores and decrease the efficiency of your other facial products.

    As SELF previously reported, exfoliants can be broken down into two categories: Physical ones that physically remove dead skin cells and dirt from your face) and chemical ones that work by dissolving bonds between skin cells. Some products, like many containing salicylic acid, can combine both physical and chemical exfoliants.

    If You’re Looking For A Soy

    Key ingredients: Soy, cucumber, rosewater, borage seed oil

    The Fresh Soy Makeup Removing Face Wash is one of the most remarkable in this list because of its makeup remover functionality and pH-balancing properties. According to a 2018 article published in Karger, balanced pH in skincare can minimize skin irritation from contaminants like allergens, bacteria, and pollutants.

    It’s recommended for all skin types and is rich in soy amino acids to help maintain skin elasticity. Calming cucumber extract and borage seed oil help soothe the skin, while the rosewater helps to balance and calm the skin.

    If this cleanser doesn’t already sound like a dream, you’ll appreciate that it was clinically tested for four weeks, with all 29 participants reported it thoroughly removed makeup, with more than 90% saying their skin was more soft and supple.

    The Fresh wash doesn’t strip your skin either and is formulated vegan and void of gluten and parabens. And, with it targeting dull, dry, and uneven textures, you’ll notice vivacious skin before you know it.

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    What Ingredients To Look For And Avoid

    When it comes to choosing the best ingredients and formulas for sensitive skin, keeping things simple without compromising effectiveness is key. Avoid complex formulas with ingredients that you arent familiar with. There should only be one to three hero ingredients included and the rest should be basics like glycerin, water, etc., says Joshua Ross, a celebrity aesthetician at SkinLab in Los Angeles. However, it doesnt stop at figuring out which ingredients work best for your skin its also just as important to consider the quality and purity of these ingredients and products. You dont just want hyaluronic acidyou want to make sure it is high-quality hyaluronic acid, Ross adds.

    On the other hand, sensitive skin types should steer clear of ingredients that can often be harsh on skin such as fragrances, parabens, alcohol, sulfates and phthalates. Some active ingredients that are typically tolerated by other skin types must also be avoided if you have highly reactive skin. These include retinol, hydroquinone and certain exfoliating acids.

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Cleanser

    The BEST Drugstore Facial Cleansers

    | Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Cleanser.

    Neutrogenas Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Cleanser is an oil-free makeup remover and cleanser with hyaluronic acid that boosts hydration for soft and supple skin. The lightweight gel formula transforms into a silky lather when combined with water on your skin, effectively removing makeup and impurities.

    This cleanser is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and free of soap, oil, and parabens. Its core ingredient – hyaluronic acid – is clinically proven to increase skin hydration, and keep it hydrated, leaving skin feeling clean and supple every time you cleanse.

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    What To Look For In A Face Wash For Sensitive Skin

    In general, it is best to avoid harsh scrubs, benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, and dyes as well as any other ingredients that you know dont work well with your skin. Since everyones skin is different, its important to keep track of what specific ingredients irritate your skin so that you can avoid products that contain them.

    Many prefer to also avoid cleansers containing sulfates. These types of surfactants are known to trigger irritation and dryness and typically arent suitable for skin that commonly experiences flare-ups.

    Well-formulated face washes that are suitable for sensitive skin will also contain hydrating ingredients , which will help support the skin barrier. A healthy and strong skin barrier will be better equipped to defend itself against irritants that can aggravate sensitive skin. Soothing ingredients-like aloe vera, allantoin, colloidal oats, panthenol, and anti-inflammatory oilsare also incredibly helpful for ensuring sensitive skin stays calm and comfortable.

    Best Facial Cleansers For Aging And/or Sensitive Skin

    1. Glo Skin Beauty Phyto-Active Cream Cleanser, $48

    Looking for a face wash that doesnt strip your skin? Then you are going to love Glo Skin Beauty Phyto-Active Cream Cleanser. It works into a lovely lather that cleans while softening and it reverses the signs of aging. Papaya enzymes exfoliate which allow the antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, peptides and plant stem cells to penetrate deep to promote cell turnover and collagen production. So after continued use, youll notice firmer, smoother, softer skin. Its also clean and certified cruelty-free.

    2. Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare Purify Enzyme Cleanser, $39

    Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare Purify Enzyme Cleanser is ideal for those of us with aging skin who still get some breakouts. It refines and removes dirt, oil, makeup and dead skin cells to refresh skin. Lemon oil acts as a natural astringent to tone and tighten for a smoother complexion while grapefruit oil helps dry out excess oil that can clog pores and cause blemishes.

    3. DermAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Antioxidant Enhanced Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser, $32

    4. Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleansing Gel, $47

    5. Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam, $38

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    Sponsored: If Youre Someone With Sensitive Skin Though Your Experience Of Facial Cleansers May Be Far From This Ideal Picture

    | 27 Best Face Washes for Sensitive Skin to Buy.

    Cleansing your face is a pretty essential part of the daily routine: it clears away the sweat and grime that builds up over the course of a day, hydrates and fortifies the skin, removes and prevents blemishes, and leaves you with a radiant and healthy complexion. At least, thats what its supposed to do. If youre someone with sensitive skin, though, your experience of facial cleansers may be far from this ideal picture.

    The more likely scenario might involve angry and reddened skin, a burning or stinging feeling, even more blemishes than before, and an overall worse complexion. This is because the wrong skincare products can easily disrupt the skin barrier in people with sensitive skin, leading to microscopic cracks, loss of hydration, and inflammation, ouch!

    When you have sensitive skin it can be a real struggle finding skincare products that, well, actually care for your skin. Effective products may only leave you with irritation, while gentle products can often have underwhelming results. The supermarket aisle can feel like a minefield, with experts recommending that you avoid soaps, exfoliators, scented products, anything that claims it is brightening, or contains nasties like parabens and sulfates, or has active ingredients like glycolic acid.


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