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Best Mac Lipsticks For Medium Skin

Mac Matte Lipsticks In Velvet Teddy

Best Mac Lipsticks For Medium to Dark Skin Tone

The best of the nude MAC lipsticks for olive skin is without a doubt, Velvet Teddy, available online on Nordstrom and The color is pale but still slightly darker than the general natural color of lips. The final effect is a more defined pout that is not overwhelming or underwhelming this is the visual definition of just right.

Mac Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick

This is a deep-tone beige shade with a no-shine matte finish. Velvet Teddy is a medium tone, rosy brown having warm undertones. It has an opaque pigmentation and has a smooth, velvety consistency. The shade can last for long hours and is a perfect nude color. It is suitable for medium skin tones when paired with a smoky eye for a natural look. It is a little drying, so lips should be prepped before using it.

Mac Cremesheen Lipstick In Crme Dnude

This is one of those vibrant pink-toned MAC nude lipsticks that are popular with a lot of MUAs. The formula is creamy and smooth thanks to this shade being a part of the Cremesheen lipstick collection. The finish is semi-glossy for a little bit of extra visual appeal over the very bright pink color. It is available for purchase on MACs website and at Nordstrom.

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Mac Matte Lipstick In Yash

One of the best MAC nude lipsticks, Yash is matte perfection on the neutral color scale. As neutrals go, Yash is considered deep neutral, meaning that it is on the darker end of neutral. This particular nude lipstick provides a serious color deposit with an ultra creamy matte finish.

This is one of the indisputably perfect MAC nude lipsticks for all skin tones. Even when it looks different, it is still incredibly flattering and comfortable to wear. Get yours on the MAC website or at Nordstrom!

Mac Lipsticks That Work Best On Asian Skin Tones

Best MAC Lipsticks for Medium Skin Beauties!

MAC Cosmetics is one of the more iconic and classic brands out there. Even those who arenât familiar with makeup tend to at least know of the brand.

Standing for Makeup Art Cosmetics, this Canadian-founded company been in the makeup game since 1984. It is a go-to brand for professional makeup products.

While they have many makeup products available, MAC lipsticks are a classic and are pretty much a must-have in any vanity.

But where to start with MAC lipsticks? There are a hundred shades in traditional lipsticks alone, so let us help you cut through the clutter so you can find the MAC lipstick for yourself.

Plus, well go the extra mile and suggest shades that work best on our warm-toned Asian complexions.

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Mac Cremesheen Lipstick In Pure Zen

MACs Pure Zen cremesheen lipstick is formulated to provide a medium to full coverage deposit of color in a creamy, comforting formula. This MAC nude lipstick lives up to the Pure Zen name by offering a really comforting feel on the lips and lightly shining with a semi-glossy finish. Described as a frosted warm nude, you can grab one to try for yourself at MAC Cosmetics or at Nordstrom.

Mac Frost Lipstick In Icon

This MAC nude lipstick features a pearl finish that is semi-lustrous. The initial coverage is medium but easily builds up to full coverage without having to apply very much. The frosted finish on top of the beige is a great option for those looking for the most natural look possible for a frosted lipstick. Get yours on MACs website or on Nordstrom!

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Mac Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick

This classic red lipstick is what made MAC famous after its debut in 1999. It is one of the best-selling MAC lipsticks for medium skin and is worn by Rihanna too. It has no shine, matte finish, and is richly pigmented, making it suitable for medium skin tones. Every woman who wears lipstick must have this shade in her vanity box. It doesnt transfer easily, and you can wear it for long hours. However, its a little dry, so applying lip balm before using this can help.

Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon In Trust Your Gut

TOP 5 MAC UNIVERSAL LIPSTICK SHADES 2016 | Try On Medium/ Olive Skin Tone

“This Maybelline Ink Crayon in Trust Your Gut is beautiful and never comes off. It won’t peel or dry out your lips,” says Maderich. “Tons of makeup artists talk about it. I use it a lot at weddings and every single bride has loved it.”

I’ve used drying lip crayons in the past that turned me off of ever trying others, but when I reluctantly tried this, it felt so comfortable I nearly forgot I had it on. This pink is unique in that it has a brown undertone, so it’s perfect for neutralizing pigmentation on the lips.

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Why Should I Choose Red Apple Lipstick

Because youve never worn a lipstick this good before. It glides on smooth and is ultra creamy and moisturizing thousands of five star reviews, waiting for you to read. For 10 years, Red Apple has specialized in clean, vegan, cruelty free & gluten free makeup for lips, eyes, and cheeks.

If youre like us, youve been searching for makeup with just the right blend of high performance + quality ingredients + non-toxic + cruelty free. It can be tough to find so we created it. Then, we made sure it was free of animal bits and allergens for all our vegan & sensitive skin friends.

So, if youre new here welcome! We love helping you find the perfect lipstick shades for your medium skin tone and if you want more suggestions for lipsticks that are great for your skin tone or makeup for your eyes & cheeks just email our beauty advisors, theyre standing by!

Youve found high performance, clean makeup that wont irritate your skin or make you sick . If youre in one of those categories, we support you and are glad youre here!

We source the highest quality clean ingredients for our makeup and ensure that our suppliers do not test the raw ingredients on animals. We are Leaping Bunny certified, GMO free, Paraben Free & Gluten Free, to name a few. We exclude all toxic practices and ingredients from our company and products.

Youve found makeup that glides on smooth, nourishes your skin, lashes and lips and is truly enjoyable to wear.

Mac Satin Lipstick In Rebel

Rebel provides buildable coverage that starts at medium opacity and builds up to a rich, full-on opaque mid-toned plum. The finish is satiny rather than full gloss or matte, so it is perfectly between the two popular finishes. Because the color is bright yet deep, it has a lot of contrast on olive skin but is still bright enough not to be considered too much. Rightly considered as one of the best MAC lipsticks for olive skin tones, this one is available online at Nordstrom and

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Mac Lustre Lipstick In Syrup

Syrup is a weightless, lip-nourishing MAC lipstick that looks beautiful on pale skin. The color pops without being too red or pink and has just the right touch of pearlized shine for pale skin. This MAC lipstick shade looks warm against the palest of complexions. Its available online at Nordstrom and MAC Cosmetics.

The Best Mac Lipsticks For Indian Skin: Top 5

Best MAC Lipsticks for Medium Skin Beauties!

Lets face it. Most of the international makeup brands seem to love all their pale pinks and purples which make us look like the ghost from one of Ram Gopal Vermas gazillion horror movies. But i have a list of lipsticks from Mac that will make you look your superstar best straight out of the Desi Girl video on an everyday basis! These are my list of the Best Mac Lipsticks for Indian Skin tones . These are all mostly pinky browns, or peachy browns or any other color that looks like a great neutral color for your face.

TheBest Natural looking Mac lipsticks for Indian Skin are:

1. Mac Glamour Era Mineralize Rich Lipstick: One of my all time favourite lipsticks EVER from Mac and one that looks super fab on just about everyone. The color is a soft peachy brown, with a nice glossy finish and it works great with everyday office wear and even with heavier eyes- this is a super shade even for very dusky girls!

2. Mac Cosmo: No points for guessing this made it to the list. This one is a dusty pink that works best with medium skin tones.

3. Mac Taupe Lipstick: Perfect for dusky girls, and one lipstick that every Indian girl needs to test out atleast once in the mac store. A color my sister swears by this is like the color of earthy, terracotta tiles and looks like the perfect peach on Indian skin tones. See full review here

See full review here

Follow peachesandblush on .

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Best Mac Lipsticks For Fair Skin

Most of the best MAC lipsticks for fair skin are chosen through two means stunning contrast and impeccable color payoff that does not wash the wearer out. Like the greatest gift, your lipstick can make an indescribable difference in more than just your aesthetic.

Fair-skinned people still have to deal with undertones that run neutral, cool or warm even if they are obviously pinkish, the lightest of light coppery or pale. Find your undertones and work with them, and most of all, do not be afraid to swatch! Here are 6 great options for the best MAC lipsticks for fair toned skin.

Mac Lustre Lipstick In Hug Me

Hug Me is the perfect nude lipstick for a fair skinned person for a natural look pout with the perfect amount of shine. The formula nourishes lips and feels weightless, which means wearing this MAC nude lipstick will feel as natural as the color looks. This is the perfect lipstick to look and feel like an enhanced version of your naturally beautiful self. Pick up your nude MAC lipstick from Nordstrom or!

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Best Mac Nude Lipsticks For Every Skin Tone

The Glowsly editors independently test and choose the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from the affiliate links.

For many, MAC nude lipsticks often provide the Holy Grail of nude lipstick options for a wide array of skin tones. Most of the formulas improve the health of your lips regardless of the finish, but there are plenty of options to choose from when youre in the mood to wear a nude lipstick.

Nothing says light and summery like a nude lip, and its perfect for the no-makeup makeup look. Whether you prefer a hint of brown or a rosy tint or even if you want to change from day to day, MAC nude lipsticks have you covered!

The interesting thing about the nude lipstick trend is the variance of tones and shades that still manage to be considered a nude lipstick. Nude lipstick, even in the most natural and close to natural shades, helps to define and enhance your lips.

Taupes and golden honeys complete the range that often starts with startlingly vivid shades of pink that are considered to be on the livelier end of the nude lipstick spectrum. Below you will find options from one end of the spectrum to the other, each designed to flatter your pucker and pout.

Check out our picks for the top 23 MAC nude lipsticks that look great on every skin tone.

Pat Mcgrath Labs Matte Trance Lipstick In Omi

MAC Lipsticks for Medium/Tan/Dark Skin

Maderich known how difficult it can be for those with medium skin tones to find a nude matte shade, especially because matte lipsticks are often dehydrating and cause the lips to peel and crack.

This is the perfect pink shade with brown undertones that aren’t too brown. When I want a bold, matte finish to pair with a more dramatic eye or contoured face, I’ll reach for this, and it lasts on my lips all day.

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Mac Satin Lipstick In Spirit

The softer nudes with the right amount of brown look great on darker skin. For light, soft looks that have a sparkling sheen to them, Spirit is the ideal shade of MACs best selling lipsticks with a satin finish. The color looks lighter on dark skin than on other skin tones, giving Spirit a bit of levity on darker skin. Get this perfect nude MAC lipstick for dark skin tones from MACs online store or Nordstrom!

Mac Satin Lipstick In Mocha

One of the best MAC nude lipsticks, Mocha is an iconic neutral with a soft satin finish that creates a semi-matte finish. The pigment is smoothly deposited across the lips with a formula that allows for smooth, soft, creamy application and excellent coverage. This MAC nude lipstick is available at MAC Cosmetics and Nordstrom.

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Mac Matte Lipstick In Antique Velvet

Antique Velvet is one of the best selling MAC lipsticks for the rich, deep brown color and the smooth matte finish. The texture is as smooth, soft and rich as any velvety matte lipstick should be with long, moisturizing wear and incredible color deposit. The color is unmistakably flattering on dark skin and a beautiful addition that can work in any instance. So pick up your velvet bullet from MACs online store or Nordstrom here!

Apply Concealer For A Neat Look

Best Mac Lipsticks For Medium Skin

After applying your lipstick, pick up a brush and put some concealer on it. Now, slowly outline your lips with it, and it will take away any microscopic imperfections, making your lips look plumper and neater. It is advisable if the lipstick has a rich and dark pigment. And lastly, be mindful of your lipstick while eating and drinking!

Bottom Line

One should be careful while selecting a cosmetic for your skin, even lipstick. The market also has many products which are just copies, and it is almost impossible to differentiate between the original and the fake products. Many people buy fake products considering that the prices are low and they think that the quality is just the same. However, this is not the case.

It is always suggested to buy the products from official stores to avoid any fake products. The same should be noted for the mentioned MAC lipsticks.

These were the best-selling MAC lipsticks for medium skin tones. These shades are versatile and of good quality. There is something for everyone here. You can choose from reds, nudes, purples and so on. Choosing one of these lipsticks and adding them to your vanity box will help you look prettier than ever!

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This ones a classic and is somewhere between a red and a pink. It is a long-wearing formula that gives off an intense colour payoff, and comes with a pigmented matte finish that doesnt require any touch ups. It could get a little dry but it works beautifully once you layer your lips with a balm.

A little history: Mickey Contractor, popular Indian MAC makeup artiste, created Mehr for his wife. The blue undertones are visible as M.A.C calls it matte dirty blue pink. Its the truest nude matte lipstick and suits all Indian skin tones.

This one was voted the most popular M.A.C shade by Kaushal Beauty, an influential beauty blogger, and its formula is just so comfortable on the lips with only one swipe. It doesnt dry out the lips like any other super matte lipstick but gives out a great pigment. The brand offers dusky pink hue suits darker skin tones beautifully.

Say hello to the award-winning, luscious red Ruby Woo shade from MAC. With a complete matte finish, this lip shade will stick to you for 8 hours straight. It accentuates every complexion from wheatish to dusky. Get your hands on MAC Retro Matte Lipstick and radiate your lips with instant flair.

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