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Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin

Grizzly Mountain Natural Organic Hair Dye

Grooming Your Beard for Sensitive Skin | 5 Tips and Tricks

Grizzly Mountain is probably the most highly rated brand for beard dye on the market. With several different colors , Grizzly Mountain also sets itself apart by using a non-toxic, all-natural formula. Their product uses an herbal powder thats hypoallergenic and safe to use for most skin types.

Some other reasons we like this dye:

  • Its a long-lasting permanent dye
  • Adapts to the texture of your beard so you dont get chunks of color here and there
  • Wont expire as long as its stored properly
  • Beard dye kits include everything you need, including a great applicator brush
  • Uses all organic and natural ingredients

You do have to wait quite a bit to get this beard dye to set. Some had to wait as long as 40 to 60 minutes according to customer reviews, but the package states it starts to set in at 30 minutes. We think this time probably depends on your hair texture and the color that you choose, so be prepared to wait.

Ultimately, this beard dye results in a fantastically naturally colored beard that looks absolutely thick and luscious. We suggest trying a darker color if you want to thicken your beard, such as the natural or dark brown.

Can I Use Hair Dye To Dye My Beard

While some of the same chemicals are used in beard dye and hair dye, most facial hair dye is semi permanent. This means that the hair color will wash out faster.

With each shampoo, your beard color will fade a bit more, which is why you may need to practice rinsing out your beard instead of washing with any kind of soap.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Temporary hair dye may seem like a good dye, but it can be quite runny and leak into your clothes. In addition, the skin on your face is more sensitive.
  • Harsh hair dyes can irritate the skin under your beard, causing redness and flaking. Before using a beard dye, you can check a small drop on your arm or neck to see if it will be a skin irritant.

Overall, if youre looking to upgrade your beard style, then you want to use a high-quality beard dye and stay away from ones with harsh ingredients.

What We Do Not Like About Refectocil Cream Hair Dye

1. You need to buy the developer separately. If you purchase the hair dye kit, you will receive the hair dye and the crème oxidant. However, if you just purchase the cream hair dye, you will need to buy the appropriate developer or peroxide to use the dye. This is not convenient if you want to color your beard urgently.

2. This product has a limited shade range. The people who can enjoy this product are people with brown and black hair. While you can add tints to alter the color of the dye, you will be unable to create colors like blonde or auburn easily.

3. The RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye needs to be mixed with developer or hydrogen peroxide. Both of these things can be drying and damaging to the hair. Also, they can irritate people with sensitive skin. It is important to note that while developers or hydrogen peroxide is being added in small quantities, it can still irritate the skin.

4. The RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye is very Small. A tube of this hair dye holds only 15ml of the product. If you have a long beard, you will use a lot of this dye. It may end up being an expensive purchase if you have to use this product often.

If you have brown or black hair, this is a great beard dye for you. If you have a short beard, one tube of hair dye may be enough for multiple applications.

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Best Color Enhancer: Just For Men Mustache And Beard Dye

Staving away those pesky gray hairs requires a bit of follow-through, but if you want beard dye that doesnt cut into your morning routine, this is the perfect product for you. Be sure to apply some of this wonder brew on your beard every time you hop in the shower, and youre guaranteed to see results within a matter of days.

While it doesnt completely get rid of the silver in your facial hair, the real selling point here is the ease of application. If you want to get an extra bit of camouflage, you can always opt for one of the lighter shades for that extra concealment, especially if you have a thinner, yet fast-growing, beard or mustache.

Active Ingredients: Biotin, Coconut Oil, Aloe | Type: Permanent | Colors: 3 | Cruelty-Free: Yes

Home Remedies For Grey Beard

Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin (5 Gentle Choices For Color)

Along with beard dyes and colors, you might have success with these home remedies.


Henna is known to check greying if used regularly. But it will not turn hair that has already greyed to its original color.

Henna can give the best results when the greying isnt too much, as the grey hair will be dyed brown and blended with the rest of the dark hair.


It gives a blue color to the greyed facial hair.

You can mix it with henna to make what is referred to as the Persian dye. The obtained color varies according to the ratios of the two ingredients.

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Removing Dye From Your Skin

If excess beard dye gets on your skin, you can wipe it off before it dries. But Abdullah recommends applying Vaseline to the skin around your beard prior to starting a dye job to help prevent staining and irritation.

Not a fan of petroleum jelly? Try a thick moisturizer or body cream as a barrier instead.

To remove dye stains from the skin, Abdullah suggests washing them with soap and water. If the stains persist, try applying coconut oil. Leave the oil on overnight and rinse it off in the morning.

If the stain is still there, its time for a drastic measure: rubbing alcohol, she says.

To tackle a very stubborn dye stain:

  • Soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol.
  • Dab at the stained skin until the stain is gone.
  • Wash the area with soap and water.
  • Apply coconut oil to moisturize your skin and reduce irritation.
  • Is It Time To Get A New Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin

    Youâre looking for a new best beard dye for sensitive skin. Think about it. It’s impossible to foresee pricing fluctuations in the future. The sooner you buy, the better off you’ll be if manufacturing doesn’t slow down. If, on the other hand, production is falling and prices are expected to climb, you might want to hold off on making a decision until the hype has calmed down.

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    Plants And Herbs Ayurveda Powder Hair Dye

    Get rid of grays on your beard with the help of Plants and Herbs Ayurveda Powder Hair Dye.

    This product is made of 100 percent pure herbal ingredients, which means it doesnt contain harsh chemicals or any other form of cruelty. So, it is a very safe product to use on sensitive skin.

    It is an ideal choice for dark bearded men who are looking to remove gray hair or give the existing beard color more prominence.

    Generally, it gives the best results for African, Indian, or Asian facial hair.

    You can mix this indigo dye with pure henna powder to give your thick beard a super dark brown to rich black tint, depending on your starting color.

    The application process is the usual one.

    Mix the powder with warm water, allow time for the dye to be activated, apply the paste to your beard using a comb or a brush, wait for five to ten minutes, then rinse.

    But a patch test may not be necessary when using this product.

    Hair Color For All Natural Hair Dye For Men & Women I 100% Natural & Chemical

    Why Men Are Using This Hair And Beard Dye
    • Chemical-Free Permanent Hair Color – For people with sensitive skin, our hair dye creates natural, translucent color that lasts wash after wash. Our henna hair dye doesn’t contain peroxide, bleach, or other hair lighteners that you find in boxed hair dyes.
    • Rich Color Options – Discovery Naturals offers 12 mixable color shades that create an infinite range of colors to dye with. Please note – Henna does not lighten hair, so for best results, choose a shade that matches or is darker than your natural hair.
    • Henna Hair Color For All – We have recently rebranded from Henna King’s Manly Guy and Henna Maiden. New look, but same high-quality recipe!
    • Easy to Use – Our hair color kit contains 100g of super fine, triple sifted organic natural henna powder, one pair of gloves, a hair cap and an application instruction sheet. No complicated mixing of multiple powders and herbs. We have done the work for you. Simply mix, apply and rinse!
    • Natural Hair Dye – Discovery Naturals’ vegan, organic, all-natural hair dye skips the harsh chemicals. Our special blend of natural henna, herbs and botanicals will give you rich, shiny, and luscious color.

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    Crme Of Nature Hair Dye For Hair And Beard

    Ill not beat around the bush: Crème of Nature offer an incredibly easy, shampoo-in hair colour that I really like. It gives a rich, natural looking colouring, full bodied, well shined and nicely toned, whilst conditioning the hair and skin. All this, and you can simply lather up and rub it in in the shower.

    The colour is uniform, though variegated naturally it will give even coverage without making your hair look two dimensional, so that your beard looks natural. You get two bottles in each pack, which should last you quite some time, and its one of the easiest products on this list to use by far.

    There is a chance that you will dye your skin, though this is slim and wont look too bad. The dye itself doesnt last too long, so you will need to reapply every week or so. The main negative for Crème of Nature is the smell. On a list packed with products using natural ingredients like henna and indigo, this one really clangs. The stench of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia is excruciating.

    Its easy, it looks good, but you will have to learn to live with the smell come dyeing night .

    Just For Men Mustache & Beard Coloring


    Sure, its got its naysayers, but if you want great, fast, easy results at a reasonable price, theres no competition for Just For Men Mustache & Beard Coloring. Not only is it easy to apply, but its also designed to work on thick, coarse facial hair and has a creamy formula with biotin, aloe and coconut oil to condition your beard and keep it healthy. All you have to do is mix the color and the developer in the tray, dip the brush in and start painting your mug. Let it sit for about five minutes and then wash.

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    Just For Men Touch Of Gray

    There is nothing that women find sexier than a man with salt and pepper facial hair. Unfortunately, achieving this very look can be quite difficult, or at least that was until you discovered the Just For Men Touch Of Gray.

    This very product was specifically designed to add just enough subtle black hair to your gray beard. When you combine this with the fact that the product lasts until the gray hair grows back, you are truly looking at one amazing product that will enhance your overall confidence and appearance.

    Works in Five Minutes And Easy Application

    Have you ever dyed your hair before? If so, you know that the process is messy and lengthy. This is not to even mention the hassle that it takes.

    Fortunately, this is something that you dont have to deal with when you invest in the Just For Men Touch Of Gray.

    This product actually takes effect after just five minutes of being applied. The included easy brush-in applicator even makes the process so much easier.

    Just simply apply the gel to facial hair and before you know it, you will have completely transformed your entire look.

    Gentle Formula With No Ammonia

    Unfortunately, some men out there suffer from gentle skin or skin irritations. This can make dying the beard even all that more difficult.

    This is especially true when some of those products contain harmful and hazardous chemicals like ammonia. This is why Just For Men Touch Of Gray was specifically formulated without ammonia and other harmful chemicals.



    Godefroy Professional Beard Color Tint Kit

    Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin  Refined Shave

    Godefroy is another beard dye choice that doesnt include any ammonia or PPD. Their Professional Tint Kit is a powerful beard dye that allows you to color your mustache and beard evenly and naturally. We like that it doesnt use the harsh stuff and achieves the same results as a high-quality permanent hair color.

    We like this beard dye because:

    • It includes 20 applications
    • Color doesnt fade quickly
    • Uses gentle, hypoallergenic ingredients

    This facial hair dye really retains dark color for longer than we thought it would. It lasted about 6 weeks before we needed to color again, so its definitely one of the more valuable brands if you want long-lasting color that you dont have to frequently maintain.

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    How Much Is Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin

    Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Itâs difficult to predict product costs nowadays.Because the price range is so wide, you don’t know how much something costs. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as best beard dye for sensitive skin.

    Should I Dye My Beard

    You absolutely should, if you want to. These days, its hardly any stranger or harder than dying your head hair, which is pretty ubiquitous and very straightforward to do. There should be no stigma attached, and there should be no inconvenience involved.

    If you want to change the colour of your beard, go for it. There are some great benefits to be found from doing so. If however you happen to have skin that is sensitive then choosing a beard dye that is kind to sensitive skin is a must.

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    Beard Dye For Thick Beards

    Beard dye works for anyone, but its especially beneficial if you have a patchy or thin beard. By painting your beard with the right color, you can thicken up your facial hair in just a few seconds.

    Standard beard dye colors include brown, blonde, black, and red, but there are many tints and shades that you can choose. We go over those below.

    For those with light beard hair See our blonde beard guide.

    Zenia Indigo Powder Hair/beard Dye

    How to Grow a Beard with Sensitive Skin

    Considered a masterpiece of the Zenia brand, this beard dye proves to be another worthy organic beard dye

    Not only has this beard dye been promoted many times over for its all-natural color shades, but its also being praised for its conditioning ability!

    Yes! You heard it

    Besides the fact that its a certified side-effect-free dye, it also revitalizes and conditions your beard hair. So, its got to be more than friendly on the skin, right?


    You see, the product is an open solution. Mixing other hair-treating stuff on it is actually a highly encouraged procedure.

    More so, this Indigo powder-based dye reacts positively with natural solutions like essential oils, natural fragrances, etc.

    Personally enhancing the dyes mix activates its chemical bonding abilities, encouraging it to smoothly integrate with the substrate.

    However, you cannot always do this with other products due to either high concentration of chemicals or low presence of lake pigment in the structure. Now, the lake pigment can only be further peaked up with salt.

    Fortunately, the product, because of its organic source, prevails with the highest lake pigment presence.

    If youre planning to go for a 3, instead of 2-step process on the product, pour sea salt, coconut milk and at least 1 type of essential oil in a bowl.

    Lastly, the product promises a perfect deep black match on your beard. You ought to believe it when it says match because it actually means its got it all matched for you!


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    Grizzly Mountain Organic & Natural Brown Beard Dye

    Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye: Like women, men do not want to show their age. One way they prevent their age from showing is to keep their beard dyed.

    When it comes to dying the beard, many men find it difficult to access quality dye. Well, that is until Grizzly Mountain introduced its organic beard dye to the market. This particular brand has outdone itself with its 100 percent natural, organic brown beard dye.

    The dye is specifically designed for the male beard. So, you no longer need to rely on womens hair dye or other types of dyes to get rid of the gray in your beard.

    Chemical-Free Formula

    Most men do not want to expose their wonderful beards or skin to harsh chemicals. And, why should they have to, just because they want to dye their beard? Well, they do not need to if they invest in the Grizzly Mountain Organic Beard Dye.

    The formula is 100 percent organic, so it does not contain chemicals that are notable for causing irritation and allergic reactions.

    Does Not Alter Coarseness of the Beard

    The beard is naturally coarse, which is just how men want to keep it. If you have ever tried a beard dye that is not natural or organic, you have probably experienced some changes in the texture of your beard.

    This change is related to the chemicals in the dye, which is very harmful to the hair follicles. Well, this will never be an issue when utilizing the Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye. In fact, this dye will respect the natural coarseness of your beard.

    Permanent Dye



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